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Ira Sleeps Over Book & CD (Read Along Book & CD)
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Ira Sleeps Over Book & CD (Read Along Book & CD)

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  3,268 ratings  ·  200 reviews
Ira is thrilled to spend the night at Reggie’s, until his sister raises the question of whether he should take his teddy bear.What would Reggie think? Of course Ira’s big enough to sleep without his beloved bear . . . isn’t he?

Book Details: Format: Book+CD Publication Date: 11/10/2008 Reading Level: Age 7 and Up
Paperback, 48 pages
Published November 10th 2008 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published 1975)
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I loved, loved, LOVED, this book as a kid! I recently found a copy at a library sale and read it again and, guess what? I still love, love, LOVE it! Even now my mom could recite the book almost word for word, which I think proves how much it was requested when I was growing up.

Ira has been invited over to his best friend Reggie's house for a sleep over. Ira's first ever!
Everything is great until Ira's sister asks him if he's going to take his teddy. Ira says that of course he's not taking his te
Lisa Vegan
Nov 04, 2012 Lisa Vegan rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: kids nervous about a sleepover or concerned about peer pressure in any way; teddy bear fans
Recommended to Lisa by: Chandra
This story and its pictures work in wonderful concert together. I loved them both. This book is utterly charming, funny, and sweet. It really gets parent-child, sibling, and child friendship relationships. It’s just adorable. And I think it’s wonderful to read one to one or to groups, for independent readers too, just for fun or when there is any issue of peer pressure, and it’s an ideal book to read before a first or any fraught with anxiety sleepover. It’s also a wonderful book for fans of ted ...more
I remember my grandmother reading Ira Sleeps Over to me as a child and I wanted to read it again because I had honestly forgotten what it was about. After reading this book again today I remember why she liked it so much. Although this book seems just a little outdated by today’s standards, it’s still a fun story with a cute message. I think this book would be appropriate to read to any child who may be nervous about attending their first sleepover. I think a lot of children reach a point in mid ...more
My daughter and I read this book last night (we've read it a few times before, too), and I read it years ago as an older child. My parents actually gave the book to my brother when he turned three, and there, inside the front cover, is a very sweet inscription. This book is about -- among other things -- the teasing that big sisters can inflict on little brothers (which neither I nor my brother know anything about), and the struggles between growing up and holding on to childhood comforts. As an ...more
"Ira Sleeps Over" is a cute book about a little boy who is excited to sleep over at his friend, Reggie's, house for the very first time. His only problem is, he's not sure if he should bring his teddy bear because he doesn't know how Reggie will feel about it. His sister of course is being hard on him and saying that Reggie will make fun and call him a baby, while his parents are saying the opposite. In the end, Ira goes over without his bear, but later after telling scary stories Reggie gets ou ...more
On a whim, I pulled this book off the shelf to read to 2nd grade. I hadn't read it in years and years, and I'm not even sure why it came to mind, but I am happy to say that I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it. They paid close attention, got a little exasperated at the way Ira kept changing his mind about taking his teddy bear to Reggie's house (I kept hearing little sighs and comments like, "Just take it!"), and openly shared about the stuffed animal(s) they sleep with. I had a lot o ...more
Bianca Arias
In Ira Sleeps Over, Bernard Waber takes readers on the adventure of Ira's very first sleep over. Ira was very excited to spend the night at her friend Reggie's house until his sister brought up a very important issue: whether or not to bring his teddy bear. Ira had never slept without it before and did not know what it would be like to sleep without it. He wanted to bring his teddy bear and his parents encouraged him to, but his sister said that Reggie would tease him for it. Ira was with Reggie ...more
Caitlin Lawler
Having never been to a sleepover before Ira was invited to his friend Reggie's house for just that. Ira had one problem that his sister brought up, whether or not to bring the teddy bear along because he had never had a night without it. He tried hard at first not to worry about it but like any child who slept with a teddy bear he was having conflicting ideas about leaving it behind. Both of Ira’s parents insisted he take the teddy bear but Ira was worried what his friend would think of him. And ...more
Ira Sleep Over by Bernard Waber is an adorable story about a young boy who just got invited to his first sleepover. He is very excited until his sister brings up his teddy bear. "Don't you think Reggie will laugh?" his sister taunts. This really got Ira thinking. Would his friend laugh at him? Ira goes back and forth throughout the first half of the book, debating on whether or not to take his teddy bear to his very first sleepover. He ends up leaving him at home and heads right next door to Reg ...more
No matter our age, human beings have a want and need to be accepted by their peers. Often questioning if something is too childish or “uncool” for that age group or social level, we change to ourselves to better fit in with our friends/peers. Packing childhood into boxes hidden in the backs of closets as adults, we leave childhood intact at home in our journey to college, hiding our action figures and dolls in adolescence and as children young we question whether or not to bring out teddy bear. ...more
Katie Hanrahan
In Ira Sleeps Over, Bernard Waber takes readers on the adventure of Ira's first sleep over. Ira was very excited to spend the night at Reggie's house until his sister brought up a very important issue: whether or not to bring his teddy bear. Ira had never slept without it before and did not know what it would be like to sleep without it. He wanted to bring his teddy bear and his parents encouraged him to, but his sister said that Reggie would tease him for it. Ira was with Reggie, discussing the ...more
Paige Cook
Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber is about a little boy going to his first sleepover! He gets to stay at his friend Reggie’s! Ira sleeps with a teddy bear every night, but this night he’s not going to. His parents tell him he should bring it, but his sister thinks his friend, Reggie, will laugh at him. He debates back and forth whether he should bring it and finally decides he’s not bringing it. That night he went to Reggie’s and before long it was bedtime. Reggie was telling ghost stories and th ...more
Cindy Sa
Ira Sleeps Over
This is a funny stroy about two little boys. They are Ira and Reggie. Both of them were very afraid of the laughing. Because they have a habit about sleeping with the teddy bear. Maybe in their mind, they were old enough to sleep without teddy bear. If one of them is still sleeping with teddy bear, another of them will laugh him. I think it is a strange thought for these two little boys. They are so young, but their minds like adults.
In this book, it mainly described Ira’s mental
Emily Farnschlader
This story is about a little boy who gets invited to his first sleepover. Ira cannot decide if he should take his teddy bear with him to the sleepover or not. His parent tell him to take the bear with him, but his sister said that his friend will make fun of him. Ira decides not to take his teddy bear with him. At the sleep over, the boys were having a fun time playing. Once it was time to go to bed, the other boy pulled out a teddy bear to sleep with. Ira decided to walk home to grab his teddy ...more
Oct 19, 2009 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is a great story to prepare youngsters for their first sleepover. Although our girls are still too young for it, I like that Ira's first sleepover is just next door, so he is able to go home if need arises. I also like the sibling angst between Ira and his sister; it provides a good opportunity to start a conversation about peer pressure and bossy older siblings. Overall, it's a great story to read aloud to children, especially at bedtime.
A perfect read-aloud that will be completely understood by every child who has ever slept over at a friend's house. I love the family interactions shown here. Poor Ira has quite the sister! In the beginning, I didn't like the illustrations, but as I continued reading, I felt that they fit really well with the story. I love how Ira's friend Reggie refuses to talk about teddy bears - until he absolutely has to!
I am now a grandma so I decided to pare down my children's books to the ones I really like reading to my grandchildren. This one stayed!

Ira gets invited to sleep at his friend, Reggie's house. He's excited about the sleepover until he remembers that he can't sleep without a teddy bear. Will Reggie laugh?

"He won't laugh," says my father.
"He won't laugh," says my mother.
"He'll laugh," says my sister. He decides not to take his teddy bear.

It is a great read aloud with his teasing sister, matter of
Kaylie Faucette
This book deals with the real problems of big sisters and bringing a teddy bear to a sleep over. It is so cute and funny and will make you laugh out loud. Students will be engaged while reading or listening to this book.
This is an old favorite from when I was in grade school. Ira's sister convinces him that his friend Reggie will tease him if he brings his teddy bear (Tah Tah) to their very first sleepover. I love the supportive parents and the way Ira makes up his own mind at the end. If it were up to me, no one would ever have to feel embarrassed for bringing their teddy bear (or other comfort object) with them to sleepovers. Some people just need something to love, okay?!

(Yes, it's possible that I do indeed
Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber is story about a boy’s serious predicament…he is delighted to have his first sleep over at his friend Reggie’s house, yet he is embarrassed and reluctant to take his teddy bear along, worried that Reggie will think he’s a baby. I remember really liking this story as a child, especially Reggie’s ludicrous ghost story! The illustrations seem a little old school, just shades of red, green, yellow and black. However, the timelessness of the story completely makes up ...more
Madison Hays
In this story a young boy named Ira is faced with a dilemma. Does he bring his teddy bear to his sleepover or not? Throughout the story he is debating on whether or not his friend will laugh at him. He is too old to have a teddy bear (so his sister thinks). He finally decides that he won't bring it, for fear of being made fun of. During the sleepover, they begin telling spooky ghost stories. When suddenly, his friend gets scared and grabs his teddy bear. Ira is shocked, he thought he was the onl ...more
Ira has an older sibling who really knows how to turn the screws on him. Thanks to his big sister's taunts he's decided to leave behind his beloved bear Tah Tah while sleeping over at a friends house. Maybe. He can't make up his mind. His parents tell him not to worry and he tries to gauge Reggie's feelings about it, but he can't shake the feeling that he will be laughed at. Especially not with his sister reminding him that they will. Ira is still not sure he made the right decision when Reggie ...more
Robin Gaphni
Sleeping over at a friend's house for the first time is a major milestone in childhood that is often marked by a little anxiety. In Ira Sleeps Over, Bernard Waber manages to capture that anxiety with a lot of humor and very real family interactions (supportive mom and dad, not so supportive older sister).

The book opens when Ira is invited to his best friend Reggie's house for a sleepover. It's the first time he's slept away from his parents, and he's thrilled. That is until his sister asks him i
Eh, this book was cute, I suppose. I don't really see any educational purposes behind this book. As a teacher, I don't think I would read this book to my class, but as a parent I may read it to my children.
I think that it has a good moral of listening to your parents before listening to your peers (in Ira's case, his sister).

Also, it talks about the universal-ness of having a comfort item. We all have our "security blankets" and Ira is no different... save for the fact that his is a teddy bear
Oh the excitement of staying over your best friend's house. Both of you have you guys whole day/night planned out; so you just can't wait. But wait there is just one twist, this is your very firt time away from home. As you are packing your overnight bag, you are trying to decide what and what not to take. Suddenly, you come across your favorite toy or blanket, or may be you want to take your night light (just in case), and you are wondering, "will my friend think I'm baby if I bring this along? ...more
Sleeping over for the first time represents a major milestone. Even if it's just a matter of going next door to spend the night with your best friend, it can, as Ira discovers, present some unexpected dilemmas. What if you take your teddy bear and your best friend decides you're a baby? Should you follow the advice of your parents or your older sibling, or your own feelings?

Ira's parents encourage him to do what he wants to do. But, perhaps more relevant for preschoolers, the story acknowledges
Ira Sleeps Over starts out with full bleed images and playful text. The images soon began to get borders instead of full bleeds. In this book Ira has a conflict. Her conflict is whether she should take her teddy bear to her sleep over or leave it home. Ira always sleeps with her bear but she is afraid she will get made fun of if she takes it to the sleep over. I think that the theme of this book is do what feels right to you even if others disagree.
I love this book. There's such a great build-up in anticipation of Ira's first sleepover. He worries about whether to take his teddy and asks everyone for advice. His parents are calmly and casually supportive, but his older sister plants doubts in his mind. This is a good story of family dynamics and the anxious child in a style similar to the Family Circus comic strip. I wish there was a bit more of a firm grounding of Ira's own decision-making ability or trust in himself by the end, but maybe ...more
Ira is excited to sleep over at Reggie’s house until his sister asks him if he will be taking his teddy bear. Ira has never slept without his teddy bear before. Ira worries that Reggie will tease him, so he decides not to take his bear. When Ira finds out that Reggie also has a bear, Ira goes home to retrieve his bear.

Like "Owen," "Ira Sleeps Over" depicts the difficulty and anxiety involved in giving up a treasured item that offers so much security and comfort. However, poor Ira also has to de
Jessica Wenninger
This book made me think of friends with whom I have had sleepovers because that is the main focus of this book. This book will definitely show children who are afraid to leave home without a teddy bear or other childish seeming item that other children are just they are. Friends often learn about each at sleep over because they get to talking about their similarities and differences.
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Bernard Waber was the youngest in a creative family. At age 8, he ushered in a movie theater after school, so he often saw only the last ten minutes of a movie. He made a game of inventing beginnings and middles. When he returned from a tour of duty in World War II, he entered the Philadelphia College of Art. With a diploma and a new wife, he traveled to New York City, where he began working for t ...more
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