Kissing Doorknobs
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Kissing Doorknobs

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During her preschool years, Tara Sullivan lived in terror that something bad would happen to her mother while they were apart. In grade school, she panicked during the practice fire drills. Practice for what?, Tara asked. For the upcoming disaster that was bound to happen?

Then, at the age of 11, it happened. Tara heard the phrase that changed her life: Step on a crack, bre...more
Paperback, 149 pages
Published March 10th 1998 by Laurel Leaf (first published 1998)
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What an interesting story. Tara is a young girl with undiagnosed OCD she feels crazy and her family thinks she’s crazy and her behavior is causing them to go crazy.
This was a fascinating look into the mind of someone with OCD how awful it must be to have these compulsions .
When Tara first hears ‘Step on a crack and break your mothers back’ it gets stuck in head and she cannot ever step on another crack and starts counting them.
The journey she goes on from there is so sad , her parents take her...more
This book is about a girl named Tara. She has always been on the nervous side-but around 10 years old she starts developing some strange habits. These habits include counting cracks, kissing her fingers before she can touch the front door knob, and crossing herself. This takes place before OCD was a commonly known disorder, and the story betrays the emotions and feeling Tara had to live through.

This book was very good. It was short, (I read it within one school day), and the characters were very...more
Kissing Doorknobs by terry Spencer Hesser
The book is a fiction book and it’s about a girl named Tara who has obsessive-compulsive disorder also known as OCD and how her illness gets in the way of her loved ones.
The book is how Tara copes with OCD and things she overcomes in the process. Tara has had OCD since she was ten years old, but she never knew or heard of OCD so she thought that she was going crazy when she always walk home by herself counting the cracks on the sidewalk, making her food...more
I do like books that show the effects of various psychological disorders in a way that young adults can understand. I think it's important that teens and children understand that they're not alone, that there are people out there like them, and that there are ways to find treatment for problems if they so wish.

I liked this book in that it showed a young girl struggling to come to terms with her OCD, and how her family reacted to it. Hesser also explained some of the compulsions Tara goes through...more
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Vanessa Ornelas
Well I thought overall this was a great book, i loved reading it. It seriously blew my mind how much this poor girl had to suffer. No one understood what she went threw suffering with OCD.
I liked this book in that it showed a young girl struggling to come to terms with her OCD, and how her family reacted to it. It made me really sad to see how the mom reacted though. She took things to the extreme even threatening to kill her if she did not stop with this kind of behavior. Tara has a OCD with c...more
711Isabel B
There all kinds of stories about kids that are struiggling in the world....And they usually are kids that seem fairly average.
But KISSING DOORKNOBS, by Terry Spencer Hesser opened up a whole new world.

I felt like the writing in KISSING DOORKNOBS was very similar to MYTHIRTEENTH WINTER, by Samantha Abeel. Both characters were dealing with things inside of their heads, things that other people couldn't understand, and things that they couldn't control. It took over their lives, turned everything...more
This is an amazingly descriptive book that firmly and realisticly describes a teens lifr in the hands of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.
I know this since I have been personally affected with this torchering mental illness.
I strongly recommend the reading of this novel since I have not read any other that shows as much truthfulness and personality as any other book of this genre.¸

NOTE: OCD comes in many different and specific forms. This book, nor any other book could possibly describe ALL types a...more
Daniel B
To begin,Terry Spencer Hesser's Kissing Doorknobs weirded me out by its main character.“doubt that I’d ever win the war for my freedom.” This book is about the life Tara Sullivan and her battle against her OCD. In the book we follow the up and downs of her life and how hard OCD is to live with. In my opinion of this book it was excellent but it just didn't appeal to me so it just made me feel uncomfortable reading this. I just don't like reading things that make me depressed.

Furthermore, the t...more
This book is about obsessive compulsive disorder. One day a small girls starts realizing that if she steps on a crack in the sidewalk, the she will literally break her mothers back. And the story progresses from there. It shows how obsessions can become so ritualistic that people can't cope without them. And the fear of leaving those rituals was palpable. Interesting read but kind of disturbing.
Meghan Yardas
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David Schaafsma
You know, I don't love this book. There's in my opinion some very bad and wooden writing in it.... but having said this, when I teach my YA class, ANYONE who has OCD LOVES it because they can relate to it... so I usually have it on my list of "choice" books to read... and inevitably, someone does a project about OCD... so is this is really a very good book, is my rating low?
Priscila Cervantes
Kissing doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser is a interesting book based on a young girl who has a disorder, OCD. She has to struggle with her school,friends, and family because of her disorder. Her disorder makes her do strange things which is what bothers her parents and friends. Some of the things she does is at first count cracks on the sidewalk and if she loses count she has to start all over again. Tessa, the main character with OCD starts getting worst and worst until one day she gets help b...more
Alex Niemi
Terry Spencer Hesser writes a story about an emotional behavioral disorder that affects a fourteen-year-old girl. The main character’s relationships with her family and friends start to struggle from her obsessiveness. Although the beginning was a little slow for my taste and the writing wasn’t my favorite, the story has a lot of good information about OCD and how it can change a person’s life. This book is written for children and allows them to make connections and not feel like “the only one....more
Lost  (break what wont bend)
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Tara is fighting tyrants in her head and no one understands. Her mother does not know what to do or how to help her daughter and doctor after doctor has a different diagnosis for her. She is loosing her friends and can't control the pull to do certain things. Her quirks start not only to effect her lives but the lives of her friends and her family.

This book took you into a life of a young girl with OCD. I was amazed that it took four years for anyone to figure out what was wrong with
Kissing Doorknobs, was about a girl, Tara, who was obsessed with rituals. In this book, Tara goes through many problems of teens at her age, but then Tara begins to feel that she is being forced to follow strange rituals in order to deal with the worries that threatens her life. The rituals to me seemed so dumb but to her it seemed as a matter of life or death. The rituals that she was cautious of were not only avoiding stepping on any cracks in the sidewalk but also endlessly counting them, so...more
I thought that this book was interesting, but I did not like the style that it was written in. It wasn't very narrative, meaning that it had a lot of it was written like "Then this happened. After that, this happened," which made it a little boring. Sort of like a list. But, the plot was good. At one point, I was considering abandoning it. The book was basically a summary of the main character, Tara's life.

I think that if there was more details and dialogue in the chapters, it would have been mo...more
Let’s start with what I like: I like that this is a book about OCD, written for children. I think it’s important that they have a way of getting acquainted with mental illness and there is no better way than books.

There is, however, a better way than this book.

Tara, our main character, is an 11-year old girl who’s always scared and uses rituals and prayers to deal with her fears. Aside from her OCD as a reader you don’t learn a lot about her personality, which made it hard to get invested in h...more
Kissing Door Knobs
Terry Spencer Hesser

Tara Has OCD but doesn’t know it. She has strange habits that she performs, like when her mother curses (which was often) she would say a prayer, then make a cross over her chest. She performed it many times but didn’t know why. Tara’s mom was sick of it and so were her friends. She would make up excuses not to walk with her friends from school because she was embarrassed that she counted the side walk cracks (another habit of hers). Although...more
Heather (hungrycookiemonster)
Confessions review? Oh yeah.

I give Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser 5/5 stars for being life changing and teaching me that I wasn't the only one suffering from this disease.

Kissing Doorknobs review:

Throughout my teenage years, I suffered from severe OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I cannot even go into details the rituals I performed daily from this disease. I remember being in 8th grade and picking this novel at the library. I read the synopsis and immediately knew I neede...more
Elena C
“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” Tara Sullivan, the main character of Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Heffer has been saying that rhyme ever since she could remember. Tara grew up having OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) meaning you have no real control of what you are doing, just have a need to do it. I give this novel a rating of 5 stars for three main reasons, the author’s descriptive detail and how she puts a picture in your mind, how Tara’s OCD shows the affects it has on...more
Sarah C
This book is about a girl named Tara who has obsessive compulsive disorder but no one knows it. I wanted to read this book because it was Tara narrating the book and you go through all of her every day struggles that we would find easy to go through. I’m giving this book 5 stars and recommending it for two reasons. The first one is because the book kept you on the edge of your seat and second is how Tara’s disorder affected her whole family.
The author did a great job keeping you on the edge of...more
Kiara Quintero
“Kissing Doorknobs” is a book about a girl named Tara whose mother had a disease called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Tara’s mother also has a drinking problem which caused conflicts with her daughter Tara. Tara is like any girl, she goes to school, has friends which are Emily, Wendy, Keesha, Kristin, Anna, and Donna. In this story there is also a phrase that changed Tara’s life, the phrase is “steps on a crack, break your mother’s back.” While, the story moves on Tara has nightmares abou...more
Mar 20, 2013 Lo rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
I have never had any encounters with people with OCD or have known very much about this condition so my opinion may be inaccurate, but I felt I needed to write it out anyways.

Kissing Doorknobs is essentially about a young girl named Tara who one day hears a phrase that changes her life forever. Suddenly she can't seem to stop counting the cracks in the ground or praying at every moment or stop worrying ruthlessly about everything. In the way it told the life of someone with OCD, it was spot-on a...more
Arianna Frazier (:
Its a really good book actually. I didnt expect to find that much interest in it when i first started reading it, i thought it would be just one more book that i read a few pages of and would get bored and put it down. But when i began reading it i couldnt put it down. I was hooked. Honestly i wish i could forget about it so i could come across it again and read it all over again like a completely new expirience. Probably my all time favorite book.
Libby K.
Although I didn't think this was exactly the best book I've ever read, I definitely thought it was thoroughly interesting and it really opened up some new perspectives and new reading experiences to me, which I think is really important. This book was about a 12 year old girl suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a serious disease that interrupts passages in the brain. The book is told from the main character, Tara's, perspective, and so the book really provides a lot of detail into wha...more
Tara is eleven when she experiences the first symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). As the phrase, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back," repeats in her head, Tara becomes convinced that she must count every crack between her house and her school or something terrible will happen. As Tara's symptoms escalate, her relationships with family and friends fall apart and her parents grow ever more worried about her inexplicable behavior. After being diagnosed with a variety of random...more
Flesheating D-Ray
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“My friends tried to ignore my quirks since they didn't have a clue what to do about them. It didn't seem hard on them though. They were already trained to ignore their parents' alcohol abuse, constant bickering, serial marriages, and nonsensical advice.” 5 likes
“Keesha looked at me for a long time. "I did leave you alone. We all did. But you didn't get better. You didn't stop. You're still doin' all your weird shit. And I think it's time to stop."
"You think it's time to stop!" I exploded, and lunged at her with my hands outstretched. I pushed her real hard. She almost fell down. "I don't care what time you think it is!" I screamed. "Do you think I want to do this! Do you think I like it?"
"You pushed me!"
"Yeah. So what?"
"You're so afraid of being interrupted that you pushed me!"
"I'm not scared of being interrupted, you jerk! I'm . . . I'm scared . . . I'm scared of being." I crumpled into a ball and sat down where I was standing. I sat on a crack. Unevenly.
"Who are you anymore, Tara?"
Tears spilled over my frozen lashes and disappeared across my cheekbones. I had never felt so defeated. "I don't know.”
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