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3.5 of 5 stars 3.50  ·  rating details  ·  1,050 ratings  ·  85 reviews
The supermarket shouldn't have been shut. It wasn't normal for Elsie to quit early, or for the guard dog to end up like hamburger meat, or for Elsie herself to feature on the butcher's slab, neatly wrapped and jointed. Residents of Oasis, like hotshot reporter Lacey Allen had better beware!
279 pages
Published (first published September 30th 1985)
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When life is at its most hectic, death is a funny thing to read about. Not in the sense of pain and personal loss found in literary fiction, but in the cartoonishly violent, crazy world of horror paperbacks. We get to approach death, shake hands, but do it on terms that seem more fantastic than real. And if you're bent, you can find some great comedy in it too. Since seeing Twilight Zone: The Movie at the tender age of nine and witnessing the horror that was that thing on the wing of the pl
Adam Light
Beware is a decent early Laymon novel which was not easy to put down. There was absolutely no filler at all. Some of Laymon's best books suffer from that middle of the book sag, but this one was a perfect example of a quick and easy read.
A warning to sensitive folks: this book was filled with rape scenes. A lot more than his books usually have.
Kasia S.
This was one of the craziest books I have ever read, the sheer magnitude of fantasy driven plot and violet scenarios mixed with black magic and the usual Laymonesque inappropriate behavior made it for an entertaining read but it was the weakest from all his works so far. I am a huge fan so I will not pass up a chance to read anything by this gentle man who wrote crazy stories, my favorite so far has to be "Island" which I read when on a trip to Poland years ago, I left it there and had to get an ...more
Janie Johnson
So this is classic Laymon. Disgusting, twisted, action packed semi horror. All of Laymon's books to me, are very fluid easy to read novels. This one is no different. Once you get past the orgy scene at the beginning, the book turns out to be pretty good.

Although I never seem to be able to connect to any of the characters in Laymon's books, it doesn't seem to take away from the story. They are always filled with plenty of twisted action. The premise of this book is pretty awesome and I think it i
Carl Alves
In Beware, the story starts off with Lacey Allen, a small town reporter, who is covering attacks by a mysterious assailant making attacks at a local market. Lacey is stalked and attacked by this assailant, who turns out to be invisible. After she escapes, she is on the run. In a separate story line, Dukane, a combination of James Bond and GI Joe, is extracting a rich girl from a VooDoo cult. This cult is your stereotypical, not remotely believable all powerful, omnipresent group that can accompl ...more
I love Richard Laymon novels, and have noticed a tendency by diehard fans to promote his books based on the author's reputation as opposed to the substance of the individual book.

Unfortunately, Beware is not one of Laymon's better books, though it is still a page-turner. The back of the book misleads readers about the substance of the plot, which follows the "trail of carnage" left by the Invisible Man, an amoral psycho-rapist named Hoffman whose invisibility is the result of a voodoo ritual go
Well, that was...quite rapey. Lots and lots of it in fact. Lots. Marquis de Sade would probably think, jeez, that's quite a bit of sexual assault, lovingly described, isn't it? Not in a smart way, either, definitely leaning toward the more titillating end of the explotaation section. think SyFy channel over AMC show. So....yes, bit of an 1980s oddity, bizarre invisibility voodoo and a thoroughly despicable bad guy and back and forth banter that will make your toes cringe in on themselves til you ...more
Good story line. Original plot. Certainly a page turner. Don't know why Mr. Laymon felt compelled to have a rape scene occur at least once (sometimes several times) every 30 pages or so. Pretty much every character in the novel was obsessed with sex to the point that it made me just roll my eyes eventually and wonder what was compelling Laymon to dwell on sex so much. Laymon also has only two types of women in this book: helpless rape victims or homicidal nymphomaniacs. I gave it three stars bec ...more
Ever read a book and wish there were just one more page? That's how i felt at the end of this one,it certainly didn't make me dislike the book. It was the same fast paced nasty lovelyness that we know R.L so well for. I also thought the plot was inventive and enteresting, and man oh man was it scary,as far as scaryness,this is probably the scariest laymon book i've read yet. My heart was racing at many points,that being said it wasn't my fave laymon book,just didn't seem as sparky as the others ...more
This was my first Laymon book. People are right when they say that some of his books play out like an 80's B movie. With "Beware" it was so much so that I imagined the resourceful cracker-jack mercernary "Dukane" to be played by none other than Marc Singer of "Beastmaster." It was a perfect fit. There was one part in here about magic beans growing from the eye-sockets of a decapitated head that I really enjoyed. All in all I would not recommend this. I'm reading another Laymon book now called "I ...more
Ahh well...nobody's perfect. I was starting to think everything Laymon wrote was 4 or 5 star worthy. I still believed this 2/3 into the book. But the book finishes horribly. We get introduced to the "hero" of the novel not until the halfway point and his background never really gets established. We get the background of the "invisible man" in the final 50 pages and most of that is just a rehash of what we already knew in the beginning of the book. We get a sex scene in the end that happens durin ...more
From my blog Rediscovering Horror Fiction

I’m always a bit behind when it comes to latching onto popular trends. I didn’t develop a taste for grunge music until long after the form had died out, and I didn’t start watching Battlestar Galactica until the show had been off the air for a few years. I’m only now getting into the novels of Richard Laymon, who unfortunately passed away in 2001, (and I’m just now realizing that I’m writing this review on the 10th anniversary of his death) so once again
When you pick up a book by Richard Laymon, you know you are in for some really graphic, gruesome stuff. This one was particularly intense. I think there was a rape about every five pages or so. Laymon's use of sexual torture was a bit excessive. But the story itself was suspenseful, as all his stories are. This one was a bit below par for him.

It was about a man who wreaks havoc in a small town, killing people left and right with impunity. The police can't catch him. No one even sees him

It turns
Ok after reading a couple reviews here for this and other Laymon books, and also on Amazon, I feel compelled to warn / explain to people about his books. If you are a woman, there is a 75% chance you will be offended by his works and not even be able to finish the first one you try. Unless you go into these with the mindset that you will be reading the book equivalent of a sleazy slasher flick from the 1970's you won't like them at all. I keep reading reviews from women that his female character ...more
Kathy Jackson
Mar 05, 2012 Kathy Jackson rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: horror fans
This is a book I started last night and finished tonight at work - I was too tired to finish the 40 pages today so wrapped it up a few minutes ago.

Goodreads describes it as:

An invisible killer is chasing reporter Lacey Allen across Arizona, and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Rather brief, isn't it? Let me add a few things. Lacey is a young woman living in a small town in Arizona. She has gone about her business without incident for years but all of that changes one night when a harried wo
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
I gave this book 3/10 on my blog: Book Chick City but Goodreads doesn't offer half stars!

I haven't read that many Richard Laymon, probably about three or four scattered over years. Luckily though, I knew what to expect - just thirty pages in and I'd already been confronted with two murders, one chopped up and prepared nicely for the freezer, a detailed satanic orgy and repetitive rape.

"Beware!" is not for the faint hearted, if you are easily offended then this book is not for you. It's a brutal
Apr 21, 2014 Alex rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fat middle aged men who get their rocks off to forcible violation imagery
BEWARE of this book.
I have read some rubbish in my life, and this book really does rank quite highly amongst them for the title of biggest waste of 3 hours of my life. A deeply unpleasant sociopathic invisible killer is one thing, and the book starts almost promisingly, with a strange haunting in the local corner shop. Of course it all goes down hill from there. Our heroine is one of those wonderful weak women, though she has no qualms sticking a knife in people, for the most part, she cries, h
I've read quite a few Laymon books and enjoyed most of them. I had a hard time finding this one, but I was always intrigued by the synopsis and the cover art of the floating axe and the seemingly empty shirtsleeve.

And then I read it.

"Beware!" is tied with "The Lake" as my least favorite Laymon novel. The plot is utterly ridiculous (and if you've read anything by him, you'll know I'm forgiving a lot with that statement) as are the characters and their descisions (ditto). It was a real struggle j
I usualy love a good Richard Laymon book. He writes brilliantly imaginative horrors, and will have you hooked after only one page. This book however i found completely sick from beginning to end. As previously commented, WAY too much rape and to be honest just too much sex and nudity thatn was required. I felt actually embaressed to read this.

Not one of his good ones!
Laymon is definitely not for casual horror readers - you have to know that there's going to be a lot of, um, horrible content - but the fears he taps into are so primal and you can't help but get sucked in to the horror - if that's your thing!
There is such a thing as too much rape in a book (I know, its hard to believe), but this book proves it. Laymon can be good or almost unbelievably bad, and this would go in the unbelievably bad category.
Of the three Laymon novels i've read to date this is probably the best one. I enjoyed BEWARE. BEWARE was a quick read and entertaining. Decent plot and some godo characters.
I love Laymon, but this book was a bit boring. I'm not surprised though - an author can't always write only good books :)) I'll keep reading Laymon's books nonetheless.
Supremely sick, superbly satisfying. Hoffman ranks as one of Laymon's most repulsive, repugnant bad guys.
I wish that Goodreads had half stars because I would give this a 2.5. It was a decent read, nothing outstanding. It got a bit cheesy in a few places but the basic plotline was pretty danged interesting and a little out of the ordinary. Very graphic in violence and in sexual assault. I did not care for the ending. It just stopped. I was also confused by the last 2 or 3 chapters and had to read and re-read because I knew what had happened but not how it had happened.

If you want a horror book that
Jamal Sinclair
I bought this from a local charity shop for 50p, basically because I liked the cover! lol. Had never heard of Laymon before.. and I'm so glad I picked it up! What a fun, scary ride! Read it in one sitting this afternoon. Non-stop action, gritty thrills and gore, easy and enjoyable to read :) I normally read King so this seemed quite light.. a nice change! Would def recommend to any horror fans who normally read giant, deep tomes and fancy something a little different :) Will def be checking out ...more
Adam Hall
This is the third book by Richard Laymon that I've read. The first was The Woods are Dark which wasn't very good, the second was The Cellar which is one of the best books I've read in the last five years. This books falls somewhere in the middle. The plot is completely absurd. It's about an invisible killer that was turned invisible by this freakish cult, and he uses his newfound powers to stalk and rape his old high school crushes. He also murders people. Laymon finds a way to keep it interesti ...more
From my blog Rediscovering Horror Fiction.

I’m always a bit behind when it comes to latching onto popular trends. I didn’t develop a taste for grunge music until long after the form had died out, and I didn’t start watching Battlestar Galactica until the show had been off the air for a few years. I’m only now getting into the novels of Richard Laymon, who unfortunately passed away in 2001, (and I’m just now realizing that I’m writing this review on the 10th anniversary of his death) so once again
The late great Richard Laymon's BEWARE is a brutal, violent, graphic, gore-soaked tale. In other words, everything you expect from Richard Laymon. Though this is only the second story I've read of his extensive library, it is already clear to me no one writes like him. He was a living legend who is cited by today's great horror writers as a major influence and with good reason. Richard Laymon is not one to hold back.

Laymon has a way with describing cringe inducing brutality. Always, you will fin
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Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California. He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles. He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of more than thirty acclaimed novels.

He also published more than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen,
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