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Agatha Christie
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Miss Marple y Trece Problemas (Miss Marple #2 - 13 stories)

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Para pasar una entretenida velada, los amigos de Miss Marple deciden que cada uno de ellos cuente un caso misterioso.Todos quedan asombrados por la sagacidad de que se hace gala la entranable anciana, quien, sin dejar de tejer a lo largo de toda la velada, encuentra la solucion exacta de cada uno de los enigmaticos problemas que se van planteando.
Paperback, 192 pages
Published March 28th 2002 by Planeta (first published 1932)
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Nandakishore Varma
When one utters the word "detective" or "sleuth", what is the image that comes to mind? A studious gentleman with monocle wandering about with a magnifying glass? A trench-coated, lantern-jawed, hard-boiled individual prowling the back alleys of dark America? Or... a little, pink old lady sitting in the corner, trying to catch up on her knitting?

For fans of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, the third image is as valid as the first two.

This unlikely detective relies on her intimate knowledge of huma...more
mark monday
Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are a book club and you specialize in mystery and murder. It is a grand old time. There is also a quasi-member of the club, an Angela Lansbury type, a dotty biddy from the old school. You try to include her but you also find yourself talking around her. It is hard not to be condescending: there is so little she knows of the modern world. Still, her archaic point of view is at times quaintly charming. At times you are shocked by her preposterous conclusions, but you...more
Laurel Young
I'm probably a bit more than halfway through (re)reading Dame Agatha's canon. I admit that I've been disagreeably surprised by the number of adventure novels mixed in with the mysteries; she actually wrote a great many of the former, but there is a reason her reputation rests exclusively on the latter! After plodding through one too many of her "random adventurer in exotic locale with vague political intrigue" novels, I found myself starting to feel a bit soured on my Year of Agatha and decided...more
I like Miss Marple, I really do.

She has sparkling blue eyes, a demure smile, a friendly disposition, an inquisitive mind. She has a simple country charm and a prolific knowledge of poisons. She makes us yearn for tea, good company, good conversation, cozy quilted chairs and warm fires.

However, when Miss Marple is taken in concentrated doses ..rapidly told ..back to back? Lets say, the tea becomes a bit sweet, the fire too warm and the conversation condescending. Yes, Miss Marple, the old biddy...more
Agatha Christie's compilation of Miss Marple stories, The Thirteen Problems, was published in 1932. It marks the second appearance in book form of Christie's beloved spinster sleuth, Miss Jane Marple, whose debut in The Murder at the Vicarage had occurred only two years earlier.

Miss Marple is my favorite Christie character. I love the contradiction of the wooly-headed old dear, who despite living in a quaint English village, has an uncanny, some might say ruthless, awareness of the absolute wor...more
أَحْمَـدُ أَشْـرَفَ

" قال ريموند وست : والآن جاء دورك يا خالة جين.

وقالت جويس : نعم يا خالة جين، نحن ننتظر منك قصة مثيرة حقاً.

قالت الآنسة ماربل ببساطة : أنتم تضحكون في سرّكم مني يا أعزائي. تظنون أنني -وقد عشت كل حياتي في بقعة معزولة- لا يُرجَّح أن تكون لدي أي تجارب مثيرة.

أجابها ريموند متحمساً : لا يسعني أن أعتبر حياة القرية هادئة تخلو من الأحداث؛ ليس بعد كل الإكتشافات الفظيعة التي سمعناها منك! إن مجتمع المدينة يبدو مكاناً هادئاً مسالماً إذا ما قورن بقري سانت ميري ميد.

الآنسة ماربل : يا عزيزي، إن الطبيعة البشرية واحد...more
the first book i ever bought for Agatha, that was a long long time ago ... just smelling that book makes me feel younger
Ursula Florene
I was never really into Agatha Christie before. One day, I got nothing to read, and asked my sister to lend me some of her novels. She was a hardcore fan of Agatha Christie, so she gave me this book.

When I started reading, I didn't expect really much from this book. But it did exceed my expectations, I got captivated. Enough said.

Jane Marple is a sweet old lady who lives in St. Petersburg village, and goes out rarely. All she does is doing her daily activities while listening to whatever happene...more
Andrea Ika
Alternate title: The Tuesday Club Murders
Miss Marple puts her deductive skills to use in thirteen of her most fiendish cases in this short story collection from the reigning matriarch of mystery.
Miss Marple is having a visit from her nephew, the novelist Raymond West; as a game the group each tells a ‘mystery’ and the others try to guess the solution. The game is then played later with a different group at the home of Colonel and Mrs Bantry. It kind of works like a bunch of short stories, each p...more
The Thirteen Problems (Miss Marple #2), Original Publication Year 1932
Characters: Miss Jane Marple, Sir Henry Clithering last Commissioner of Scotland Yard, nephew writer Raymond West, artist Joyce Lemprière, elderly clergyman Dr Pender, and dried-up little bespectacled solicitor Mr Petherick.
Abstract: While genial gentle soft white-haired Jane, in black lace cap and mittens of the time, knits, her Tuesday week visitors present early experiences, recently solved usually by confession of particip...more
Miriam was looking for something to read the other night, and I ran across some Agatha Christie novels. She ended up not reading them (she wanted Murder on the Orient Express, so I bought her that, and she really liked it, but didn't feel a need to read other Christie novels), so since I had them piled up, I picked this up and read it.

Wow, I totally love the Miss Marple stories! This is a collection of very short mysteries, most of which are related after the fact as a puzzle for others, either...more
I finished right at midnight last night. I had read this or had it on audio book prior since i recognized alot of the stories. Was fun to read again. several stood out in my mind. The four suspects. maybe I am dense, but which one actually did it? I got confused by Miss Marple lol. I like the Blue Geranium and remembered it had been a favorite prior. The first story I recalled best and knew exactly the outcome.(Which is probably how it is with first of books-most likely.)the Blood Stained Paveme...more
At our family cabin there is a small collection of Agatha Christie novels. Last time I went to the cabin I forgot to bring a book to read. So picked up this one just to pass the time. I only read two or three stories last time and this time I read atleast six. There are 13 short stories and the main character is Miss Marple, an observer of human behavior in the small town of St. Mary Mead. Miss Marple has never been anywhere which has given her the unique opportunity to observe others in a fish...more
مجموعة من الأشخاص يجتمعوا بمكان ما ليذكر كل منهم لغزا قديما لو حديثا لم يستطع الشرطة ان تحله بسهولة
وتطرح القضية بكل ابعادها وأحداثها ويعطى وقت قصير للحاضرين ليعطوا رأيهم من القاتل من بين الأشخاص المشكوك بهم في لغز ما
وبكل الألغاز استطاعت الأنسة ماربل ان تحل جميعها أحيانا كانت تطابق ما جاء في اللغز بقضية حدثت في مدينتها ولأنه كما تقول هي أن الطبيعة البشرية تتشابه كثيرا فاستطاعت ان تحل الألغاز نظرا لذلك وبالإضافة لخبرتها في الحياة

رواية رائعه جدا

حين تقرا روايات أغاثا تشعر بحاجة ملحة للتفكير معهم...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Este livro é constituído por treze contos, mistérios contados por diferentes participantes num convívio dinamizado pela sempre perspicaz, sempre atenta, Miss Marple. Ninguém melhor do que ela para analisar diferentes estórias e, com o seu conhecimento sobre a natureza humana, desvendar o que jaz por trás dos mistérios aparentemente insolúveis.

Todos os contos encontram-se bem desenvolvidos, intrigantes e sempre com reviravoltas que me deixa...more
Thirteen short stories were bundled in this volume. As a group of friends fond of detective stories gather to tell each other solved mysteries in order to test their deductive reasoning. Among the cases, the intelligence of a single woman will stand out: she is a quiet a rural ancient lady whose name is Miss Marple.

A book really easy to read: the stories and short and provide all the elements to solve the problems. Some of them even show an outstanding quality, which is a delightful surprise the...more
Apr 30, 2011 Zoë rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: readers who love mysteries
Agatha Christie is an absolute genius at plotting mysteries. I love the idea in this book of short stories of the Tuesday Club: a group of people who meet up (including Miss Marple) to discuss mysteries. It's great to have these stories collected together too because in the course of their telling, we begin to learn quite a bit about the characters tellings the stories and listening, including one who considers committing a crime herself. Miss Marple is a wonderful character, as the appearance o...more
An Odd1
While genial gentle soft white-haired Jane, in black lace cap and mittens of the time, knits, her Tuesday week visitors present early experiences, recently solved usually by confession of participants, for consideration by their club: Sir Henry Clithering last Commissioner of Scotland Yard, nephew writer Raymond West, artist Joyce Lemprière, elderly clergyman Dr Pender, dried-up little bespectacled solicitor Mr Petherick. All 13 tales are contained in "Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories" se...more
Some of the enigmas were of easy resolution, but what I liked most was the narrative aspect of this book. A group of people, that gathers to spend a good evening, try to solve crimes. Every element of the group tells a story, in which was involved or have the knowledge of, being the only one who knows the end of it. The others have to discover the truth. It was a different but interesting way of using the little grey cells and put to practice what everyone knows about human's nature. I'm startin...more
Agatha Christie’s collection of superb short stories, in the form of a ‘Tuesday Night Club’, wherein each week a different member of the group will propound a problem or mystery, of which he / she has personal knowledge. Some know the answers, while some are given the answer, by none other than the inimitable Miss Marple.

If you listen to her explanation, one would assume her village to be a hotbed of criminal elements, since each time she solves a mystery, she refers to somebody from her villag...more
BrokenTune [Disclaimer: My opinion is not paid for by Amazon.]
Thirteen stories told in a circle of friends and neighbours, and amidst them Miss Marple. I can hardly think of a better setting and a more elegant way to connect a series of short stories.

The stories themselves are just what you expect from Christie: full of suspense, red herrings and Miss Marple's insights into human nature.

Although I prefer the novels to the short stories, The Thirteen Problems makes for a cozy read - as long as you don't expect them to be extraordinary or memorable.
Rehab suliman
قرأتها قبل عام من الآن ،، لم تعجبني جداً لأنني قرأت رائعتها ( واختفى كل شيء )التي حازت على اعجاب الكثير من النقاد وقتها
هذه الروايه أظنها من التي تقرأها مره واحده ،، عباره عن ثلاثه عشر لغزاً يجتمع على حله كل ثلاثاء السيده العجوز ماربل و بعض الأصدقاء و تتفوق السيده ماربل على الجميع في وصولها
للحل الصحيح للغز آو الجريمه بالرغم من خلفيتها المثقفه البسيطه إلا أنها كما تردد دائماً تملك خبره حياه طويله و تأملاً يأهلها لتتفوق على الجميع
اجاثا دائما مبهره ولكن هنا لم تكن بالمستوى المعتاد
Also published under the title The Tuesday Club Murders this book consists of thirteen short stories featuring Miss Marple. In the foreword Agatha Christie expresses her view that the short story medium is best suited to the talents of Miss Marple whilst Poirot is best showcased in the full-length novel format. I have to disagree with that after reading this collection.
Each story is 'presented' by a different character and involves a case of suspected or unsolved murder and the rest of the part...more
أحب هذا الكتاب ...

أُهدي لأخي الأصغر مني ونظراً لحبي للقراءة أخذته لنفسي ... ولم يمانع :)

أعتز به ولقد أمتعني ...

رغم كثرة قراءتي للكتب الإلكترونيةإلّاأن للكتب الورقية رونقاً خاصّا ... فهي ما أستطيع أخذها معي أينما شقت و القراءة منها كيفما شئت :) ...

أحب كتابات أغاثا كريستي ... وأحببتُ أفكارها ...

كم أتمنى أن أصبح ذات علم بالطبيعة البشرية ... مع إنني أخاف من هذا أيضاً !
Thaer Dieb
كانت ممتعة جدا بوقتها
قرأتها من طبعة المكتبة الثقافية وأعتقد أنها كانت مختصرة وغير كاملة
لأن الطبعة الأصل بعنوان ثلاثة عشر لغزا كانت من 13 فصلا بينما هذه الطبعة 11 فصلا فقط
قرات الكتاب باللغة العربية، خفيف يدعوك للتابعة والاستمرار في القراءة دون ملل،مجموعة منكونة من 6 اشخاص ،يجتمعون في بيت الانسة ماربل،ثم يترح كل منهم جريمة او لغز حيره، وينتظر الحلول من الاخرينـ،والعجيب في الامر ان الانسة ماربل التي لم تغادر قريتها هي التي تحل جل الالغاز،وذلك باسقاط الاحداث على مواقف مشابهة تحدث في قريتها الصغيرة.
ادعو الجميع لللاستمتاع بقراءة هذا الكتاب
Matteo Pellegrini
Una sera, dopo cena, lo scrittore Raymond West, ospite della zia Miss Marple, rivolgendosi agli altri chiede loro di raccontare storie di delitti irrisolti. Ogni membro del "Club del martedì sera", il nome è stato scelto per il giorno in cui si è svolto il primo incontro, propone agli altri alcune esperienze misteriose personali o di amici, e inutile dire che tutti sembrano scordarsi della mite Miss Marple, soprattutto il nipote. Ben presto dovranno ricredersi, in quanto sarà sempre lei a forni...more
Overall, it was a decently good set of short detective stories. The work is a collection of 13 short stories, the first twelve taking place as after-dinner discussion among a group of armchair detectives, and the last as a race to catch a killer, where the detective (aided by Miss Marple's deductions, of course) knows the killer but has to figure out how to prove it.

Even with barely 15 pages per story, Agatha Christie finds more than enough time to drop a bucket of red herrings everywhere, keepi...more
Bruce Gargoyle
Full review at http://thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpress...

Ten Second Synopsis:
A group of St Mary Mead locals (and smug git Raymond West) gather to regale each other with tales of the mysterious and macabre.

The stories here run the gamut from your standard, quite-easy-to-guess puzzle, to the complex, “well-I-never-saw-that-coming”, in-depth examination of motives and opportunities. Some of the stories are typical of Christie’s ability to seamlessly weave in complex character backstories in the face...more
Matthew Gray
a delightful mix of short stories, focussing around a small group of people who meet up at Miss Marple's home to discuss a 'problem' to which only the teller knows the denouement of. 'The Thumb mark of St Peter' and 'The Blue Geranium' stand out at personal favourites, but each story is told coherently in that magical way Christie had. When the problem is solved, the reader is left satisfied every time. I think short story collections work best when presented this way, orbiting around a constant...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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“Sitting here with one's knitting, one just sees the facts.

-"The Blood-Stained Pavement”
“Everybody is very much alike, really. But fortunately, perhaps, they don’t realize it.” 5 likes
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