The Venetian Betrayal (Cotton Malone, #3)
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The Venetian Betrayal (Cotton Malone #3)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  12,658 ratings  ·  565 reviews
In 323 B.C.E, having conquered Persia, Alexander the Great set his sights on Arabia, then suddenly succumbed to a strange fever. Locating his final resting place–unknown to this day–remains a tantalizing goal for both archaeologists and treasure hunters. Now the quest for this coveted prize is about to heat up. And Cotton Malone–former U.S. Justice Department agent turned...more
Paperback, 576 pages
Published November 18th 2008 by Ballantine Books (first published January 1st 2007)
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Dan Darragh
Got this one for Christmas. I'd never read Steve Berry before. He is of the Dan Browne-Robert Ludlum ilk -- international thriller. It's good escape and the fact I've been to Venice made it even more enjoyable. High body count, interesting characters,a nasty lesbian villain and short chapters ... what more can you ask? Many of the chapters are subdivided as they change scene from one group of protagonists to the other. As the book nears the end, these changes come quicker and quicker and it all...more
I'd give "The Venetian Betrayal" 2 1/2 stars if it were an option. It's definitely my least favorite of Berry's books that I've read, largely because the plot didn't maintain my interest. The characters lacked human-ness; if I had not read Berry's previous books, I wouldn't have felt I knew them at all. Still, I was pulled into the Alexander the Great storyline, and the imaginative portrayal of the Central Asian Federation, so I'll round this one up to three stars.
Yet another Cotton Malone book, this time with an all star cast reunion. Not only do the faithful readers of Steve Berry's books get to see Henrik, Casseiopa and Stephanie again, but even Colin Michener makes a guest appearance.

Unfortunately we already know much of the depths of these characters so there was no real character development, hence less emotional involvement for the reader. The book had no surprise twists waiting to catch the reader off guard, just the usual trying to figure out whi...more
This is my fourth Steve Berry book and I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with Cotton Malone and the other characters. While the book was slow at times, I found that I could not put it down. I enjoyed the Alexander the Great story and the fictional Central Asia Federation. Not to give away the plot, but the book definitely makes you consider the potential of certain things happening (e.g. with the former Soviet republics in Central Asia) and of certain things existing. I am looking forward to pic...more
Mark O'Neill
This book initially took a bit of getting into and I feared that I wouldn't be able to finish it. But the more I kept reading, the more I became more and more engrossed in it. So don't be put off if the start feels a bit hard or unwieldy. Keep going![return][return]In this book, the historical subject and subject of the conspiracy is Alexander The Great. As usual, Berry introduces a secret society into the story - the Venetian League - which makes me feel as if I am surrounded on all sides by se...more
Paul Pessolano
Steve Berry may be the best at mixing mystery with history. If you have read "The Amber Room", "The Romanov Prophecy", "The Third Secret", "The Templar Legacy", and "The Alexandria Link" you know what I mean. He is once again in true form with his latest book, "The Venetian Betrayal".

This book is based around the life and death of Alexander the Great. A woman despot, Zovastina, has brought together several former Russian territories and formed the Central Asian Foundation. She is infatuated with...more
This is so odd because normally I love Steve Berry but I just hated this book. First off, I thought that there were story lines that were unnecessary and superfluous to the plot at hand that didn't add to the story as a whole, such as Naomi John. Second, I know that James Rollins and Steve Berry are friends and the distinguishing factor that I appreciate most about the two authors is that Steve Berry is much more historically driven with no scientific involvement. This is what attracted me to hi...more
Lady K
Cotton Malone, notre héros, va avoir du boulot. Sauver ses amis et le monde, rien que ça, tout en résolvant une énigme de plus de 2000 ans ! Heureusement qu’il ne sera pas tout seul et qu’il est super fort (c’est à souligner quand même !). Plus rien à voir avec les Templiers. Vous allez (ré)apprendre l’histoire d’Alexandre Le Grand. Les cours sur cette période sont loin, et j’avoue avoir appris et réappris beaucoup de choses !

Encore une fois, j’ai beaucoup aimé cette suite. Toujours le même prin...more
I wasn't sure I was ever going to read another Steve Berry novel after "The Alexandria Link" because I felt that book was incredibly anti-Semitic. I had felt that Berry had gone overboard with many of his attacks on Israel and Jews. Waiting two years before reading this book allowed me to calm down and give that last book some distance. After finishing this book, I feel Berry is an exciting writer who is able to write exciting action scenes and infuse his stories with detailed historical fact an...more
I really enjoyed this book, actually reading it in little over one day. I have read the first book with Cotton Malone, the Templar Legacy, and I actually liked this one better. This is the 3rd book with Cotton. I havent been able to find the second one but from the sound of it, it had something to do with the LIbrary of Alexandria. In this one, the search is on for Alexander the Greats remains.. that through out history have appeared, dissappeared, reappeared...etc. And with a power hungry leade...more
Randy Christopher
I highly enjoy and recommend all Steve Berry books and this is no exception. Alexander the Great really intrigues me and this book helps build some more intrigue and information about him. I love the idea of secret groups and the Asian Federation is great in its secrecy and dastardly deeds. The villainess in this book is one of the more ruthless and cutthroat I have read, and a scene where she kills a man she thinks is a spy really shows this side of her. As always with Berry, the history of the...more
Alex is The Romance Fox
2nd reread.
I am enjoying this series a lot. Mystery mixed with history, espionage and what if???

Th 3rd book in the series and we meet up again with Cotton Malone, at his bookshop in Copenhagen and characters we have become familiar Henrik, Casseiopa and Stephanie Nelle, and a bunch of rather nasty and evil villains.

The plot surrounds the mystery of Alexander the Great's death and we get to see a bit of life in those times.
There are two intriguing storylines that intertwine with each o...more
as the rating suggests: i enjoyed it. it had the usual stereotypic characters, wooden dialogue and invincible protagonists (unless you didn't have a name). the world is saved, maniacs killed, a cure for an uncurable disease found, lots of action, interesting premise sprinkled with sufficiently exciting historical topic, what could you want more from a mystery historical action novel.
one of the better examples of the genre. i read it without knowing the first two and it worked ok.
One of the reasons why I love to read these types of novels is that it helps me get interested in a different part of history that I have never truly been fascinated with before. Alexander the Great was something I never really was interested in and because of this book I am more than willing to look more into his life and death.
The book also deals with the huge "what if" question in regards to what would happen if someone discovered the cure for HIV. Would someone right away tell the world of...more
Another trip with another plane ride means another book read. This was a great plane read - it was easy to follow, and a fast read. This was another book about Cotton Malone, and if you haven't read Steve Berry before, his books remind me some of Dan Brown books. The plot and intrigue in this book were fun, although I did think at times it dragged a bit.
Kaye Gambles
It is a good book. As I told you at the beginning it starts off very disjointed flitting as it does between the history of Alexander the Great in the Prologue. Then the chapters go from Copenhagen, to Venice, to Samarkand and back again with what appears to be 3 subplots going on.

I did enjoy the book but there are several things that would stop me reading anymore.

1. It's political and set in the modern day backdrop of Europe and the Central Asian Federation.

2. There are references to Afghanista...more
Fun, fast read. Berry always develops an intriguing link to a historical event in his novels. The idea of a unified central Asia is interesting, considering one the borrowers I work with frequently owns hotels in Uzbekistan.
Kelsey Hanson
You're killing me Steve Berry. This book really dragged for me. I found myself zoning out quite a bit which is surprising considering the amount of explosions that occurred. I liked seeing Stephanie and Cassiopeia again but UGH this story seemed to never end... and not in a good way. A problem that I see in many of Steve Berry's novels is that he practically drowns his story in historical facts until it's hard to find the plot. That much info, while informative, makes it feel like you're reading...more
Kinan Arous
رواية رائعة جدا تربط بين المعلومات التاريخية الممتعة و الحبكة و الاثارة.
Kirstin Morris
It was an entertaining story, and I particularly liked the historical aspect, but 2 of the 3 female characters were frustratingly written. They each were strong, intelligent, powerful, resourceful, and driven, but throughout the story they kept making decisions that were completely illogical and seemed to go against their personalities. For example, a show-fight broke out near the end of the book, and I couldn't figure out why the one female character would risk everything just to prove a point,...more
Beth Johnson
So many plot twists and unknowns. The mystery in here was kinda neat (although not generally in my history wheelhouse), but I was getting tired of all the various subplots and lack of information. If people would just freaking tell each other what was going on (on the side of the good guys... I get the "bad" guys plotting), that would have been better. I'm hoping for a bit more character development, although some nice revelations came about.

Also, the medical storyline left me feeling kind of "...more
Toni Osborne
Book 3 in the Cotton Malone series

This is another historical thriller in the Cotton Malone saga. Mr Berry’s protagonist simply can’t stay retired. His colorful past as a clandestine agent for the U.S. government will once again drag him back into action.

“The Venetian Betrayal” has Malone on his toes. The action starts with Cotton narrowly escaping the inferno that consumed a well known Danish museum. Cassiopeia Vitt informs him that this catastrophe is no accident but is part of a massive campai...more
Predictable but Gooey Fun (3.5 stars out of 5)

At the public library, I had a pile of books and audio books haphazardly balancing in my arms, when I came across Steve Berry’s The Venetian Betrayal. I never read his works, but it looked interesting, so I picked it up. I’m glad I did! Undercover agents, secret plots, archaeology, biological warfare, Greek fire . . . I’m surprised it isn’t a movie, yet.

The novel begins during the time of Alexander the Great, who just experienced the loss of his frie...more
Alice Rubio
Steve Berry mixes history and fiction so well. I find his books fun to read and interesting as well. His characters are relatively believable and the historical facts well researched. Of course, it's fiction but few authors can mix art history, history, current international politics and the human element so well. There's always spies, intrigue, interesting people and interesting possibilities in his books. These are not for the serious reader. Generally, he's described as a better author than D...more
Jessica Workman Holland (Tales Between the Pages)
Read the full review at Tales Between the Pages

I have a love/hate relationship with Steve Berry. As you can tell from my previous reviews of Berry’s work, sometimes I love his stories and sometimes I don’t. In fact, I was so ambivalent about The Alexandria Link that I wasn’t sure I’d pick up the next book in the Cotton Malone series. But here’s the thing about me: I always finish a series. So when I found ‘The Venetian Betrayal’ at the library, I knew I had to get it. What’s the verdict? It’s hi...more
I found this book very agreeable and extremely interesting in terms of history, as you learn lots of thing about Alexander's life and conquests. Still, in the middle it had some slower parts when the only reason for you to keep reading was wanting to know how the book was going to end.

Also I found the balance between historical content and story/action development quite good as the quantities of each one were fine, letting the story develop at a nice and kind of regular pace (excluding some brea...more
Ik had nog nooit van Steve Berry gehoord en thrillers lees ik ook al niet vaak. Ik zag Het Venetiaans Bedrog op het boekenfestijn in Kortrijk (april 2013) en na het lezen van de tekst op de achterkant vond ik het interessant genoeg om het boek te kopen.

Thuis ontdekte ik dan dat het deel uitmaakt van een reeks (Cotton Malone als terugkerend hoofdpersonage), maar gelukkig staat elk boek op zich. Hoewel het wellicht helpt om de voorgaande boeken in de reeks te lezen om wat achtergrond te hebben ove...more
I just finished The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry. This is the perfect audiobook when you want a thriller that is fun and exciting with a bit of background history thrown in. A great listen with Scott Brick as the narrator. The book travels all over Europe and Asia and features characters from Russia (can't have a spy novel without a Russian!), the U.S. and Europe. Brick does a fantastic job with the Russian accents. But I think what really made me enjoy this book is one of the main character...more
وسام الدين محمد
A former U.S. Justice Department agent; Cotton Malone helps his old friend Cassiopeia Vitt in her Crusade to revenge for her boyfriend who was murdered in the fictional Central Asian Federation by the Prime Minister Zovastina.
An amazing adventure where the theater is Copenhagen, Vince, and the wild Steppes of central Asia.
A mysterious riddle may lead to the tomb of Alexander the great and the corpse of St. Marc is a historical fake, but the Greek fire may destroy everything.....
Very good plot...more
Jill Holmes
Having read three or four of Steve Berry's spy thrillers in the past, I was delighted to get a copy of "The Venetian Betrayal" as a gift. Berry has an interesting 'take' on thrillers; he finds a mystery in history and weaves it into the plot and character motivations in his stories. In this case, fire consumes a museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, where former U.S. Justice Department operative Cotton Malone works as a rare-book dealer. The fire is not simple arson; its heat consumes everything, even...more
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Steve Berry is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of The Lincoln Myth, The King's Deception, The Columbus Affair, The Jefferson Key, The Emperor's Tomb, The Paris Vendetta, The Charlemagne Pursuit, The Venetian Betrayal, The Alexandria Link, The Templar Legacy, The Third Secret, The Ro...more
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