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Jack is a teenager who wants nothing more than to be normal - even if being normal means having divorced parents and a rather strange best friend. But when Jack's father takes him out in a rowboat on Lake Watchmayoyo and tells his son that he's gay, nothing will ever be normal again.
Paperback, 221 pages
Published 2004 by Granta (first published 1989)
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Sono arrivato al quarto romanzo di AM Homes ed è la prima volta che la trovo usare il registro della leggerezza e dell’ironia: qui ci sono situazioni comiche, divertenti, perfino esilaranti. Siccome è l’opera dell’esordio, mi viene da pensare che Homes abbia poi preferito abbandonare il tono leggero.
Comunque, il risultato non migliora granché: continuo a trovarla scrittrice che non riesce mai a raggiungere il risultato (alto) che si propone. E continuo a trovarla scrittri...more
Mircalla64 (free Liu Xiaobo)
"che razza di imbecille è uno che si alza in piedi nella palestra di una scuola superiore e dice a venti ragazzi che se non uccidono sono finocchi? E poi ci si domanda com'è che uno cresce e va in giro a sparare alla gente e roba simile"

Jack ha una famiglia diversa da quella del suo migliore amico, intanto i suoi sono divorziati e poi, come se non bastasse, suo padre a un certo punto gli confessa la sua omosessualità

ora, che un padre faccia una cosa del genere ci può anche stare, ma che poi dec...more
Mar 20, 2008 Mary added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: all readers
Title&auther: Jack by A.M. HOMES
ISBN #: 9780679732211

*this need grammer corrections. still need to talk to Nourok: JUST A NOTE TO ALL =D

In the beginng, i thought think book was going to be a biography of this kid name Jack, but as i started to read this phenomenal book, my thought has utterly changed my thought to it. I just can't let go of this book.
The protangonist, Jack, learned to accept peoples differences. The meaning of being gay. He faces the fact that his parents are d...more
This is one of those books to which, if it were possible to give more than 5 stars on GR, I'd definitely give more than 5 stars. There wasn't a single thing about this book that I didn't like. From the narrator, to the writing style, to the exceptional humor and family drama, it was spectacularly executed and I can see this novel becoming a topic of discussion in high school English classes once being prejudiced towards people who are gay is just as socially unacceptable as being racist is today...more
I read Jack for my book club this month, and I read it after I just finished The Chocolate War. So, adolescence is on the brain.

A.M. Homes created such a real and honest character in Jack. I loved growing with him through this book, but those hard learned lessons of growing up still ached while reading it through Jack's perspective.

Jack by A.M Homes is about at 15 year old boy going on 16 who has a wierd best friend and he finds out his dad is gay. Jack is very shocked about this information that he finds out and he tries to keep it a secret. This book also is a coming-of-age story that talks about the many different changes in Jack's life.

I think the message of this book is that you should accept everyone especially your parents if they have hurt you in some ways because when Jack first found out his dad was gay he was ve...more
Different qualities make up each different person. Qualities include stuff that others do not appreciate. People that discriminates another race will not go well with the protagonist, Jack in the book.

Jack's father is gay, and he has to accept taunts and teases from people at school. Jack also experiences attacks that he witnesses himself of people beating up others who are not straight. Jack also goes out with a girl whose father is gay which led to the connection between the families. If I wer...more
Ariel Uppstrom
This book was wonderful! It was so reminiscent of "Cather in the Rye" and real life situations that I immediately fell in love and read it in one day.

The story follows a young adult named Jack whose parents divorced when he was young. His mother is now primarily involved with one man, and his father doesn't seem to settle down. Then one day, his father takes him on a rowboat ride and in the middle of the lake, tells Jack that he's gay (the father, not Jack). Jack is thrown for a loop and has to...more
This is a book that makes me have a really strong feeling. “Jack”, written by A.M. Homes is a fantastic book to read. It is about a boy who is around 15 to 16 years old, who studies in high school, and who is an unlucky boy needs to face a huge problem in his life. His parents are divorce, but that’s a very common event that we will see in the modern day. However, that’s not the end, Jack’s father told him that he is gay, which makes Jack feels impossible, and does not know what to do. He needs...more

A.M. Homes's first novel Jack is the third book I've read by the author. I've added her to my "favorite authors" list after the second one, and I'm very excited to read the rest of her work. She's brave and very crafty with her use of language and emotions. She focuses on characters that are trying to discover themselves as well as those around them. She's very skilled in observing and analyzing human behavior, which is very obvious in her catching the little thing...more
Anthony Guo
Jack, by A.M. Homes, is a great book about the protagonist, Jack, who realizes his father was gay. And this is actually really serious because it changed Jack's life. In his society, having a father that was not straight results into immediate taunting and teasing in Jack's school.
This is a serious cause in our society also. I can connect this to our world, where people are fighting for gays. People seriously would attack others just because they are gay, and this is proven through the news w...more
Jack is a book written by A.M. Homes, which is the author for "The Catcher in the Rye" too. I haven't read The Catcher in the Rye but so far, most of my friends recommended it to me.

Now about this book, Jack is a typical teenager who goes to high school with his friend, Max. His life is quite normal. Divorced Parents aren't what you call exactly normal, but his life was about to change when his father invited him to the lake. Now when I said this, it probably doesn't sound as significant, but i...more
I read this book for my book club and I was really excited to read it. From the synopsis, Jack sounded so relevant to what kids are facing today. However, I was a little bit disappointed. Besides Jack, I had a difficult time liking the characters. Jack's mom, dad, and best friend are, at best, tolerable and, at worst, self-absorbed.

Jack is a really sweet kid and the only child of divorced parents. At first he is only dealing with his parents' bitter divorce. His mother is extremely angry and hi...more
Jack, 1990, 240pp., $12.95
A.M. Homes ISBN 978-0679732211

“Max, shut up,” I said “It’s not something I dreamed. It’s not a game. My father’s a faggot. He took me out on the lake, he rented a rowboat, and out there, in the middle of the goddamned lake, he told me he’s queer.” Hopeless, Jack wants a normal life like his friend max. One loving brother and two normal parents is what he considered a loving family. But now he knows that his dad is gay and he can’t change it. He is stressed through out...more
Yet another coming of age book, which I seem to be reading a lot these days. Jack is a very plain and simple book, nothing really special, but it has a nice and endearing message about accepting homosexuality.

Jack focuses on a teenage boy whose whole life appears to change when his father takes him out on a rowboat and admits that he is gay. The book then dives into exploring how Jack's mentality and entire life appears to be affected by this revelation. Personally, I found all of this to be ov...more
Jack, A Teenage boy who's family breaks apart(though he now lives with his mom), and many things start to happen in his life. In the beginning, as there family breaks apart Jack the main character finds out that his father is Homosexual and he becomes sad because of the truth of his dad, as he is Homosexual. This book was interesting in a way as it showed how a person's life can change just by finding out the truth of something. We can understand in the book that Jack feels very sad, as many thi...more
The blurb on the back cover compares this book to Catcher in the Rye, and it's a good comparison in many ways. A colleague recommended this book to me as a possible novel to teach concerning the theme of marriage. Unfortunately, I don't think the book is enough of a challenge for second-year A-level students. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Told from teenage Jack's perspective, the novel is set in the '80s, at a time when parents coming out as gay was seen as far more radical than it is today i...more
I love Jack. This is a very strong debut novel from Homes, she has caught the voice and spirit of a teenage boy beautifully. He describes his struggles with his parents seperation, the painful reason for that separation only revealed after a few years, adolescence and the daunting task of growing up.
Highly recommended.
Jack, this book deals with very strong content of homosexuals. Jack's parents spilt up and Jack's father is gay. Paul, Jack's father, is lovers with Bob. Jack's friend, Max, is kind of odd. Paul's friend's daughter is Maggie, a school mate of Jack and Max's. Jack and Maggie end up going out. Maggie's dad is also gay but his lover is John/Jake.

A.M. Homes takes reading for teenagers to a new level. She also makes the characters come to life in a difficult situation. How would you feel if your fa...more
Oct 13, 2008 Lori rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: teenagers
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This book starts with a father coming out to his young teenage son on a boat in the middle of a lake. A big dramatic moment. What this book does brilliantly thereafter is tell, from the perspective of a lovely, level headed boy, about all the tiny dramas that follow in Jack's life. But without being too dramatic at all. Just telling stories about people and how they cope and how they live, and the constellation of anxieties and confusions of adolescence, and how it's all a big deal, and not a bi...more
Wan Yu( Stephanie)
I like this book very much, because of how the author use modernize ideas about gay. I think everyone want to be as normal as possible. "normal" means to have a family with parents; to have lots of friends; to have loved ones; to be surround by love from others. "Normal", what a familiar word!But not everyone can be "normal". Jack thought he had a normal life, but he discovered that his father is gay. This new drew him crazy,he didn't know what to do. I think Jack should be relax, I think everyo...more
Lisa Bennett
Not my favourite read by AM Homes. I expected a gritty, coming of age story but ended up feeling as though the hardships that Jack faced were pretty standard teenage rites of passage. SO while I enjoy this author's writing style, I think the reviews that I read of this book promised more than was actually delivered.
Jing Lin
Jun 11, 2008 Jing Lin rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone
This book is about this boy name Jack whose father is gay. his father takes him out in the middle of the lake and tells him that he's gay. After that, jack disliked his father, and anything that has to do with being queer. Jack goes to school and someone wrote "fag baby" on his locker. so in school, he is made fun of - only, he isn't the only one with a gay family member. Maggie's father is also gay. so Maggie and Jack starts to go out with one another. so while he is confused with his father an...more
This book was awesome, mostly because of the fact that Jack discovers that his father is homosexual after his parent's divorce. His reaction to it made me cringe, because he talked about how much he hated his father, how he was ashamed of him, and he was a "fag". Their relationship got awkward after the confession. It is not his father's fault that his sexual orientation is the way it is. I also really liked the fact that Jack got used to that and finally was determined to get accustomed to his...more
after his parents get a divorce and Jack finds out that his father is gay, all he wants more than anything is for his life to be normal again. throughout this book, Jack faces many obstacles and some themes that were portrayed in book were friendship and family. Jack had friends and family to support him while facing his obstacles. Jack soon starts to accept the fact that his father is a queer.
Reading this book makes people realize that the truth can change a person and sometimes parents keep s...more
When reading this book it made me think about how bisexuals are always getting rejected and treated unfairly because of who they like and how they act. The main character in this story has to face the fact that his dad is a homosexual, with no one to go to for support or guidance he now has to over come this new situation that his dad has put him in by my himself. If i put myself in jack's shoes I think i will feel left out. I would feel left out because all of my friends always make fun of bise...more
Very well written story about a teenager who learns his father is gay.

From back cover:

"In JACK, A.M. Homes gives us a teenager who wants nothing more than to be normal - even if being normal means having divorced parents and a rather strange best friend. But when Jack's father takes him out in a rowboat on Lake Watchmayoyo and tells his son he's gay, nothing will ever be normal again. Out of Jack's struggle to redefine what "family" means, A.M. Homes crafts a novel of enormous humour, charm, and...more
Michael Soros
Interesting novel. Very well written and fast moving. At least it's a different perspective on the notion of having a gay father who leaves to live with another man and its effects on the young teenage son. He slowly seems to come to terms with it but would still prefer to have a `normal' father like everyone else - even when that ideal normal family (that of his friend Max) turns out to be anything but ideal. We get his mother's perspective on the situation which again takes time to deal with....more
Talei Loto
AM Homes is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Gutsy, gritty stories which are very much about today's society. Jack is a teenager growing up is a small town, he's great at basketball and seems outwardly normal but he's a boy going through some changes in his life. This story is mostly about him coming to terms with his upbringing, the reason his parents were divorced, and having a father who is gay. I cried, laughed, cringed, and oh god - cried some more. If you're looking for quick rea...more
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A.M. Homes (first name Amy) is the author of the novels, This Book Will Save Your Life, Music For Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers, and Jack, as well as the short-story collections, Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects, the travel memoir, Los Angeles: People, Places and The Castle on the Hill, and the artist's book Appendix A: An Elaboration on the Novel the End of A...more
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