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Dark Angel (Night World, #4)
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Dark Angel (Night World #4)

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  3,344 ratings  ·  73 reviews
After a near death experience, Gillian returns to her body accompanied by an angel who helped her come back. An invisible guardian that only Gillian can see, he helps her achieve the popularity she has always yearned for. But then, Angel begins to make bizarre demands. At last, Gillian must face the terrifying question: What kind of being has she brought back from the Othe...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published 1996 by Pocket Books
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I was wrong. This is possibly my least favourite story of the Night World series. Not only is it incredibly cheesy, but it's not exciting in the least. Gillian Lenox wants to be popular. Her guardian angel, aptly named Angel, does everything to help her very superficial wish come true. But when he starts making more sinister requests, things get a little shady. The synopsis sounds pretty good, but the execution wasn't all that. The romance was the lamest thing ever, as was Gillian's initiation i...more
Okay, Teil 3 fand ich persönlich jetzt nicht mehr ganz so überzeugend. Der Teenager Gillian, eher ein Mauerblümchen und leicht zu übersehen, ist auf dem Heimweg von der Schule und hört in einem Waldstück das Jammern eines Kindes. Es ist Winter und schrecklich kalt und Gillian macht sich auf die Suche nach dem Kind um ihm zu helfen. Sie findet es nicht und steht plötzlich stattdessen am Ufer eines Flusses, verliert das Gleichgewicht und stürzt in die kalten Fluten - und stirbt. Doch ein vermeintl...more
I think there are, what, 12 or so of these books in the series. Though they are all different stories with reoccurring characters, I won't subject you to reviews of all of them.

But there are some surprisingly effective moments here considering I never knew this author existed until the CW series The Vampire Diaries. It's actually too bad, because her books, rather than being fluffy (though to be sure they are formulaic) I'd put on a par with Christopher Pike who wrote some truly dark *%.) I lov...more
Night World #4: Dark Angel, by L. J. Smith

At first "Dark Angel" doesn't seem like a typical Night World book. Gillian Lennox is a normal teenager; someone that many teen girls could probably relate too. She's not one of the popular crowd but instead is a shy outcast. Her two goals in life are somewhat superficial: she wants to be popular, and she wants David Blackburn to love her. But then who wasn't superficial when they were a teen?

Gillian's introduction to the Night World comes when she has...more
Quatrième tome de la série des Night World écrite par Lisa Jane Smith, Ange Noir sort un peu du lot avec un côté plus sombre. Au fur et à mesure des livres, je trouve vraiment qu’ils sont de mieux en mieux écrits. Même si l’auteure garde un côté simple à l’intrigue, le suspense est un peu mieux amené.
Un peu déçue car le principe reste vraiment le même, le ou la membre du Night World rencontre son âme sœur en la personne d’un simple humain. Même si cela fait partie des lois, il y en aurait peut ê...more
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Lady K

J’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé ma lecture. Elle est sans prise de tête et a un bon rythme. Le seul bémol c’est qu’on finit le livre assez vite, il n’est pourtant pas petit mais le style est simple, parfois même enfantin, ce qui rend la lecture fluide et rapide.

Tout d’abord l’histoire et l’intrigue. J’ai trouvé pour ma part que l’intrigue ne s’essouffle pas, on a le droit à plusieurs rebondissements auxquels je ne m’attendais pas. Je dois dire que certaines ré...more
3 stars.

Not quite done with this one yet but I've realized that this is the one Night World book I haven't read yet. All of the others I've read at least once.

6/20/2012 Part A - So far my one major problem with this installment is that it's not until half way through the book that the Night World is mentioned. Since this is a Night World book I have an issue with that. Not much happens in this first half either. It's mostly Gillian, with her guardian angel, Angel, changing her image and becomi...more
Další volné pokračování série Říše temnot, která vypráví příběh o lidech, kteří nejsou jako my. O vlkodlacích, upírech, čarodějkách a dalších stvoření... O těch, kteří porušili zákony Říše temnot. Naší další hrdinkou a porušovatelkou řádu je šestnáctiletá Gillian. Ta ovšem nemá nejmenší tušení, že nějaká Říše existuje, natožpak že je její součástí. Gillian je mladá, nevýrazná, skromná a stydlivá dívka. Její nejlepší kamarádkou je pouze studentka Amy. Gillian by byla ráda populární, chtěla by zap...more
So far this is the greatest Night World book that I've read. The first three NW Books were... LAME! Yeah! I mean, okay, they weren't as lame as the lamest book. But the plot was so simple, NIGHT WORLD PEOPLE DEFIES THE NIGHT WORLD LAWS. And that was it. There was no thrill in it.

We all know that when it comes to Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and stuffs like that, L.J. Smith is one of the best writers. We can't deny that. Even I was hooked with her famous series, The Vampire Diaries. And in the N...more
"Vampire Diaries", "Der magische Zirkel", "Visionen der Nacht" - alles Reihen, bzw. Trilogien, mit denen mich Lisa J. Smith bereits begeistern konnte. Nun musste ich auch unbedingt mit den Bänden der "Night World"-Reihe beginnen und der erste Band "Engel der Verdammnis" konnte mich wieder mal mit dem typischen Smith-Stil überzeugen.

"Engel der Verdammnis" ist der erste Band der "Night World"-Reihe. Dabei ist es jedoch vollkommen egal, in welcher Reihenfolge man diese Bücher liest, da sie immer ab...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I first read this series when I was a young teenager and it has entranced me since. Every few years I pick them up and read them again, and I always seem to start with Dark Angel. Not because it's the best, actually because it's the worst of the series, and I always want to get it out of the way first. However, it's still a great YA novel and obviously Lisa helped pioneer the paranormal fiction genre.
Now to say something on the book in particular. Gillian is a hard character to like at first,...more
This is the most disappointing book in the series. As someone has already said in this book Night World is very little. I was a little disappointed with this book, as I wanted to know more about Night World.

Oh one thing good was a little cameo by Ash!! Our heart-stopper Ah! *sighs* He is reformed here but would have loved more of him too.. :D

The first half of the book was just about Gillian and her angel and her change from timid invisible girl to the popular girl. It was little irritating as n...more
Avis sur mon blog:

Déjà le quatrième tome de la série Night World. Après trois tomes, je savais à quoi m'attendre de cette série. Je ne suis pas fan à 100%, mais c'est léger et facile à lire. Le style de L. J. Smith n'est pas celui qui me convient le mieux, mais j'y trouve mon compte quand même. Et c'est le cas pour ce tome encore une fois.
Un jour, en rentrant du lycée, Gillian entend des cris qui proviennent de la forêt. Sans trop réfléchir, elle se lance à l...more
Tanya Johnson
“Dark Angel” is the fourth book in the Night World Series, each story is unique but yet tied to the other ones.

Gillian is a 17 year old girl who lives in the shadows of her fellow classmates; she’s quiet, has only one friends and like most teenage girls yearns to be popular. One day while walking home from school she hears crying in the woods and goes looking and this is where she dies. However she is saved by angel who has promised to help her achieve what she wants most…popularity and the boy...more
Gillian has a Guardian Angel, because she almost died. But the thing is that she really did die at least for a couple seconds. Gillian went to the in between world, the place where nothing lives yet nothings dead. That’s where she met angel. He told her he could help her fulfill everything she ever wanted, but there was catch, she would have to trust him. But what happens if Gillian finds out that angel is not an angel after all?

This book reminds me of the vampire diaries because of Damon. He ap...more
Durch dir große Schrift und dem leichten Schreibstil lässt sich das Buch schön flüssig lesen, sodass ich es innerhalb von zwei Tagen ausgelesen hatte. Allerdings fand ich dieses Buch im Allgemeinen nicht ganz so gut. Die Protagonistin Gillian war mir zu naiv und leichtgläubig. Man merkt eigentlich sehr schnell, dass er Engel es nicht wirklich ernst mit ihr meint. Aber was bezweckt wer mit seinen Aktionen? Allgemein gehen mir die Handlungen auch ein wenig zu glatt über die Bühne. Ich frage mich g...more
One winter day Gillian Lennox almost dies... and is saved by an angel. His hair is golden. His eyes are as violet as her own. And when Gillian comes back from her near-death experience, he comes with her. An invisible guardian that only Gillian can see, her whispers the secrets of popularity in her ear. Overnight, the once-shy Gillian becomes a sensation. David, the boy she has loved for years notices her.

But then Angel begins to make bizarre demands. To draw Gillian into a world of risk and dar...more
Sakura Koneko
Aug 12, 2007 Sakura Koneko rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone who likes the supernatural
I was actually a little hesitant about reading this book, since it wasn't about vampires or any other subject that I knew much about or was interested in. But being a completionist I decided to read it anyway, and I liked it very much.

I mostly related to the main character, Gillian, and how she had always been very shy and sort of an outcast. I never got to have the chance she did though, of becoming more popular instantly and gaining the attentions of my crush. Of course all of this is at a pri...more
Fantasy Literature
The first omnibus edition of THE NIGHT WORLD sets up the basic premise of the Night World, introducing several concepts and characters that pop up again in later books, and are quick, entertaining reads. But it's not until the fifth story (found in this collection) in the series that things really get moving, and Smith begins to draw on her established history of the Night World, bring back past characters, and begin to set the scene for more epic things to come.

Dark Angel is unfortunately the w...more
Not sure how many more of this series I am gunna read. The stories are good, but they all seem to be a prologue for the main event, that you never ever get to.
Laura Elizabeth
Literally… my least favorite of the NW series by L J Smith. I’ve never been a huge fan of works involving the idea of angels, or fallen angels for that matter. In this one, it just seemed off. To me, normally L J has one of the two (of the soulmates) being a supernatural being. I suppose its supposed to be Gillian, but I’m not sure that I consider her one since her only supernatural power is that she was brought back to life and can see “Angel.” I’m not saying it was terrible, just that I’d skip...more
Claire Lloyd
I liked this book. It wasn't what I expected. I was thinking it would be some kind of vampire story, but its not. In fact its not even an angel story. I did at times get irritated with the main character and her quest for popularity, but then isn't that what all teens are like these days?. I liked the setting, and I really liked the beginning. I also really liked the twist at the end about the missing girl. I thought that added a darkness to the story that made it that more chilling and thrillin...more
Dec 04, 2008 Janni added it
I think this may still be my favorite of the Night World books.

On this reread I realized it's--along with everything else--a "bad boy can be good for a girl" sort of story--only with the notion that that only works if you eventually move on.

(I think I may have to start a "good boys in YA fiction" list one of these days.)

Also, ever since my first reading, the phrase "these aren't the droids you're looking for" has made me laugh and think of this book. :-)
My favorite so far! I love these books; they satiate my paranormal addiction with real believable characters. They have enough mystery, and excitement that I cannot put them down. There is enough romance to make them fun without being uncomfortable. I would have no problem letting my teen read these sweet stories. I have been able to find a message in most of them of becoming a better person in some way with a good ending. Can't wait to read the next one.
Gillian was a girl who wanted to belong someone, who felt that she was born for more, I think at some point most of us feel that way. Or at least some of us do.

it was about Gillian finding her place in the world, in the Night World. Ash Redfern is in this book for about 10 seconds, it depends on how fast you read..... *sight* Ash*sight*

The book was okay, still good, and Gillian's soulmate turned out to be okay.
Pretty standard stuff -- tweeny bopper paranormal romance, relatively minimal violence and no sex to speak of. Not great literature, but not dreadful. Fine for in-the-car listening-- memorable enough that when I listen to the next book in the series I remember the basics from previous ones, but not memorable enough for me to be able to write an individual review for each book months after I listened to them.
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
Gillian is a quiet girl who is practically invisible in her school, until her death experience that is. When she comes back she comes back with an angel friend, and he helps her discover who she is...only he's not all he claims to be. It's a pretty good story, as with the rest of the Nightworld it's quick and flowing but not terribly shallow. I enjoyed it, to me it was one of the better ones.
Amy Nielsen (is going cerebral for 2014)
This one is a shade different than the others in this series which may account for why I liked it so much more. Less sappy love story where they all bend rules and fall in love for life, more paranormal intrigue.

Here's a sort of spoiler so don't read further if you haven't read it: this book felt a little like Ghost Whisperer. Call me shallow and stupid but I love that show :)
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L.J. SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series. She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them. She lives in th...more
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