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Coyote Moon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1, #3)
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Coyote Moon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1 #3)

3.76  ·  Rating Details ·  1,519 Ratings  ·  53 Reviews
The seedy carnival looks like just the thing to give Buffy and her best buds, Xander and Willow, a break from staking bloodsuckers. Some greasy food, a few cheap thrills - what more could a Slayer ask for?

But then Buffy senses something evil behind this carnival. Xander and Willow aren't so sure. They don't buy Buffy's notion that the carneys are somehow connected to the c
Paperback, 164 pages
Published January 1st 1998 by Simon Pulse (first published January 1st 1997)
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May 27, 2012 Mariel rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: carnies who murder my cat and then blame it on owls
Recommended to Mariel by: the coyotes and the crickets
Menstrual cramps are the worst! Wait, I'm not properly dressed for this. I need to wear beige slacks and some kind of appropriately colored sweater (maybe off-white?) to discuss the finer points of PMS. So if my cramps were any good at all they would be good for telling me that when not your usual coyotes are prowling around Sunnydale, California. (What kind of stupid shit is this when Xander and Willow feel the need to fill Buffy in on coyotes? It was told in a for-the-reader's-benefit expositi ...more
Nov 23, 2015 Meg rated it it was amazing
This Buffy book I loved!! Such a good side story! The author did a fantastic job at taking this wonderful world Joss Whedon has created and adding an addition to it. I loved the concept of the carnival arriving in Sunnydale and having the carnies be mysterious causing Buffy to question if they're human or not. You have to read it to find out the answer to that :p Overall, it was a amazing addition to the Buffyverse and a nice, quick, easy read :)
Lizzie - Barista in training.
Sep 29, 2015 Lizzie - Barista in training. rated it really liked it
Can't remember much about it. It was about Skinwalkers or wherewolves or whatever they're called in here. I read this in school and I enjoyed it.
Sep 25, 2014 Trisha rated it did not like it
I think maybe I'd expected too much from this book
I never watched the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I'd hoped this book would bridge that for me - give me some history and some drive or want to watch the series. Instead, this book started out with no history and no information. With just a "The Slayer" kind of flourish, it jumps into a mystery and a very uninteresting story. It feels really obvious what's going on and so it just drags for another 100 pages.

Plus, Buffy...kind of sucked. She w
I wasn’t that much into this book as some of the other Buffy books I have read. I know what the problem was too, Xander and Willow. The way they acted in this book I did not care for it.

A carnival has come to town along with some coyotes. Buffy thinks that the Coyotes seem strange the first time they meet when Xander, Willow and her are on their way back from the Bronze on night during summer vacation.

When the carnival opens Buffy recognizes something in one of the men that she saw in the Coyot
May 10, 2011 faeriemyst rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Buffy uberfans
3.5 stars

A carnival full of odd workers comes to Sunnydale, Buffy's friends are preoccupied dating a couple of these workers, and a pack of strange coyotes are running amok in the streets. Buffy suspects all of these events are related but has no proof. What's a slayer to do?

Set in the summer between the first and second seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Coyote Moon is a short and concise story that conveys the spirit of the show without too many noticeable inaccuracies. The major anachroni
Marita Hansen
Jan 07, 2015 Marita Hansen rated it it was amazing
I read all of the books from this series when I was younger, or whatever I could get my hands on. I remember this book the most. I don't know if I'd give it a 5 star now, but when I was younger I would have. So, I'm 5 starring it based on my younger self's obsession with this series :) Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favourite TV show, Sons of Anarchy coming in at a second. (The ending for Buffy: perfect. The ending for Sons of Anarchy: frustrating.)
Jun 21, 2016 Twilightlover rated it it was amazing
I watched the tv show and I didn't feel like reading the book but here is a review on partially the tv series
Because this was only the third Buffy novel written, it was based on the continuity from early in the first season, before the characters had solidified into their final forms. Thus, Willow was still smitten with Xander, who in theory was chasing Buffy but in fact was distracted by any attractive female in sight.
One of the best parts of the book was an imaginative look at Native American skinwalkers as a concept, and a look at what they might be like in a modern setting. If you compare the coyot
Sep 01, 2016 Jennifer rated it it was ok
Okay, I wanted to read something lighthearted, fluffy, and fun after finishing The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson.

Well, I got lighthearted and fluffy, without much of the fun.

This read like bad fanfic. There were some inconsistencies with canon, the dialogue felt like it was written by a middle aged man, something that is NEVER true of the show, and the writing was so cheesy that I was rolling my eyes about 3 times per page.

The author seemed like he had a very surface level understand
Sep 10, 2016 Brit rated it really liked it
A really solid Buffy the Vampire Slayer book. Again it the highschool years for the Scoobie gang. You have Buffy usual banter and kick butt slayer action. You have Giles being a bookworm Watcher in all his glory. Willows brainy but introvert nature of her highschool self. While Xander is a harmonal teen boy being lead by his libido. And that libido lead to them getting caught up in this band of carnies who aren't what they seem. But as per usual Buffy saves the day but this isn't the most tradit ...more
Amanda  Rae
Jun 26, 2015 Amanda Rae rated it liked it
Read this when it initially came out and just re-read. The pocket books are all aimed at a very YA audience (not what we now consider YA if that helps). The novels based off of BtVS for the first 2 seasons are all just fun romps - fluff reads, and this one is no exception. It's not a favourite, the writing always felt clumsy and the characterization is slightly off - but these were written at a time when we didn't know the characters as deeply as even 3 seasons in. Great for early readers or die ...more
Patricia Mckelvy
Jun 30, 2016 Patricia Mckelvy rated it really liked it
It is the end of the summer. For everyone, except Willow, this means the boredom and hum drum of school. Lucky for them they can end the summer with excitement as a new carnival is in town. However, they find that this particular Carnival might just be a bit too much excitement for them. Right away Buffy notices that not only is the Carnival strange but so are the carny folk who run it. However, not able to put her finger on it she tends to focus more on the fact that two carny folk take special ...more
Sati Marie Frost
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ashley Ferguson
Mar 13, 2016 Ashley Ferguson rated it liked it
This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club!

I think I should have read this book after I finished watching Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was really weird to jump back in time, and I think that took away from some of my enjoyment of this book. Which is really unfortunate, because I actually thought it was a great escape from all of the vampires in most other Buffy things.

This book deals with a shady carnival, werecoyotes, and a weird ritual to bring back some old guy from t
Patricia (Patricia's Particularity)
It is the end of the summer. For everyone, except Willow, this means the boredom and hum drum of school. Lucky for them they can end the summer with excitement as a new carnival is in town. However, they find that this particular Carnival might just be a bit too much excitement for them. Right away Buffy notices that not only is the Carnival strange but so are the carny folk who run it. However, not able to put her finger on it she tends to focus more on the fact that two carny folk take special ...more
Desiree *~*~* LiveReadCollect
4 stars.

Coyote Moon is a very good Buffy novel. It's set during the summer of Season 1. Buffy never left Sunnydale to visit her father in this novel though.

I really enjoyed the shifter aspect and I wish they did something with that on the show.

The relationship between Xander & Buffy is strained, which is a nice continuation of what happened in the finale of season 1.

There were a couple things here and there that I either didn't catch or it wasn't there for me to catch. Why the shifters w
Jul 23, 2013 Jacob rated it it was ok
Serviceable in that "I've watch the whole show, but would kind of like to have some pretty books to set on my bookshelf" kind of way.

The prose is just really bad and bland and boring. I kind of disliked it until I realized I've read fanfiction with better prose, then I just flat out loathed it. (Granted, it wasn't Buffy fanfiction--Harry Potter,yay!--but I have to imagine there's some pretty fantastic Buffy fanfiction out there.) Luckily, this book is pretttty cheap to acquire, so whatever. (Ser
Sep 07, 2011 Laura rated it liked it
I was a bit confused when I found out that this was the third book in the series since it was the first book in the volume 1 book. It was a pretty simple story. Basically Buffy, her friends Willow and Xander go to a carnival that has just opened up in their small town. They have a lot of fun and Willow and Xander both find romantic interests, 2 carnival workers.

Happening at the same time there is a pack of coyotes hunting around the town, too close for comfort for the residents of the town. Bu
When you are a teenager, with only a 5 hours/month access to the internet and no idea of what a "forum" is, apart from your Roman history're bound to turn to novelizations.
In this case, not a good one. I remember it was very short was a carnivale.

But still, the entertainement...priceless! (or like, 5 something)

This was before the internet dug its way into every home, this was before Wi-Fi, kids. BEFORE WI-FI!
Sarah Crawford
Feb 03, 2016 Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it
run-down carnival has come to Sunnydale and with it a group of people who can change into coyotes. They are called skinwalkers. Gradually they begin to have an effect on some of the teenagers, including Xander and Willow.

The reason they are doing this is to try and bring someone back from the dead. This time Buffy and Giles save the day.

The story is ok but it is not really a great story. It is interesting but I think the story should have been longer. This way you could have learned more about
Laura Elizabeth
May 25, 2012 Laura Elizabeth rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2-stars
Best Advice: Buy the seasons instead.

Alright, I used to be a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I mean I loved it. Back in the day (at the time) it came on Tuesday nights and no matter what, I was there to see it. Then I starting getting these books from Waldenbooks (when there was one) and read those too.

But the books are detailed in a far-unimportant kind of way. I mean the show is able to portray a kick to the face and stake to the heart in two minutes rather than two paragraphs. Therefore, y
Sep 09, 2012 Adriane rated it liked it

This was a pretty good Buffy story. I say Buffy specifically because I've read the first slayer collection as well. So this was the first book in a Buffy the vampire Slayer collection. It's obviously written for teenagers so the writing itself isn't great and I'm not really a fan of that style. Having said that, the story is really well thought out and it makes for a good "episode" of the show. I would also highly recommend it to any fans of early Buffy, as this is straight mystery with butt ki
Mar 15, 2016 Karen rated it it was ok
Yeeeeech. But it was a quick read and I wasn't totally put off by the horrible, predictable writing. At least I could hear them all in my head and there were some delicious Giles moments. "Handsome Englishman" for sure!
Kelly Johnson
While the plot itself was intriguing, it wasn't drawn out of enough and actually a bit hurried. Some things got thrown in the story and should had either been expanded upon to embellish the story, like Rose's tattoo wishes for Xander or her "dog," among other things, or taken out completely for lack of purpose. The writing was also fairly simple. There were way to many exclamation points and Giles-saw-the-thing-coming-right-at-him! types of chapter endings. That's not really suspenseful. I wante ...more
Jun 24, 2015 Isabel rated it really liked it
Coyote Moon for me was a really gripping, light andquick read. If I had more books like it, I believe it would have been successful in pulling me out of my reading slump.
Matt Wood
Mar 03, 2015 Matt Wood rated it it was amazing
Really enjoyed this one. Nothing special but it was just different and light hearted. Read as an old standalone classic episode that you want to go back and re watch
Oct 15, 2013 Alex rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2013
Very, very mediocre. I know they're non-canon, but again I have issues with timelines. It takes place in Summer. So it has to be after Season 1, but Buffy disappears for the entire summer between seasons 1 and 2 (and seasons 2 and 3, for that matter - although it is obviously placed around season 1 anyway)

The story itself isn't anything special. Readable, but not thrilling. I was disappointed with the ending. Mostly the fact that of a 183 page book, the climax literally takes places 6 pages befo
Sep 12, 2014 Sacha rated it it was ok
It was enjoyable. The ending was a bit abrupt. Some things could've been developed better, other details could've been left away.
Wren [t(he)y]
Jul 17, 2014 Wren [t(he)y] marked it as did-not-finish
I didn't finish this book; i didn't really like the writing style and i felt like i was just reading a Buffy fanfiction.
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John Vornholt also writes as Caroline Goode.
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