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War On The Middle Class Abridged Compact Discs
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War On The Middle Class Abridged Compact Discs

3.42 of 5 stars 3.42  ·  rating details  ·  175 ratings  ·  37 reviews
Prominent CNN host and commentator Lou Dobbs unleashes his manifesto on the vanishing American dream.

Abridged CDs - 5 CDs, 6 hours
Audio CD, 1 page
Published October 10th 2006 by Penguin Audio USA (first published October 5th 2006)
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An excellent read. This book is fast-paced, and reads like a laundry list that never ends of how we are getting screwed over by our government's loyalties to their own parties and the special interests. This book lays it all out. I read this immediately after reading Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto. The two together are very powerful, and I feel that both certain seem to be fairly neutral, neither favoring one party over another.

I can assure you, after reading this book, the next time a p
I liked Lou Dobbs ideology—He too has concluded that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are looking out for the interest of the large middle class. He encourages all to register as independents so we can force the major parties to address the real issues that make a difference in our lives.

He accuses both parties of thriving on divisive issues for which there will never be agreement and which limit discussion about the things that matter most. He contends that politics is controlled by sp
War on the Middle Class: How the Government, Big Business and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War on the American Dream and How to Fight Back by Lou Dobbs

"War on the Middle Class" is a candid account of what Lou Dobbs considers the war against the middle class. He goes through all the main issues with straightforward arguments in support of his position and closes the book with specific recommendations on how to combat them. This 288-page book is composed of the following twelve chapters: 1.
I really like Lou Dobbs--while I pretty much think CNN is useless, I do find his show to be pretty good. Great book. If you really want to know what's going on with regard to politics, business policy/practice, etc. in this country, read this.

He doesn't engage in name calling, mudslinging or any of that sort of stuff. He DOES provide facts to back up his claims and plenty of credible resources to back up his facts. Lest you think he's merely pandering to the Republican party, he begins the book
The chapter on lobbying and lobbyists will make you angry and ready to incur violence against the government if you are like me.

The chapter on immigration, while it is obviously Dobbs' pet issue, will leave you scratching your head wondering where they come up with their hard-and-fast statistics on an undocumented group of people.

But most disappointing is the "How to fight back" part, the only memorable soultion being to change your voting registration to "Independent" so as to "send a message"
Michael Kozinski
I have two words describing the next president of the United States: Lou Dobbs. I definitely recommend this book! Why? Lou Dobbs points a clear finger to the problems the United States is facing. Outsourcing, lobbying, "free" trade deals, corruption, etc. This book kept me turning pages, because I knew that I couldn't miss out on any of this information. I loved this book! And Dobbs gives a pretty clear message: We need to oust the two main parties from office. That was one of the most developed ...more
Lou is host of the Lou Dobbs Tonight show on CNN TV. "News, Debate, Opinion." This book is a lot of opinion, or "statement of condition" as I call it, heavily based on fact of course. It's a very fast read. Lou broadly addresses topics such as corporate influence in government, corporate job outsourcing, "the cost of free trade", broken borders and the illegal immigration issue, poor quality public education, and spiraling costs of health care, to name a few. The book is rather oddly and loosely ...more
Good book to read around tax time.

I agree that we definitely need to fix our education system and maybe some of the other problems will also be solved. We have an education system developed for the industrial revolution. It is time to change it. How about where children learn at their own pace and they don't move on until they have mastered the subject? How about an education where children learn a topic they are naturally drawn to or curious?

Anyhow, this is a good book to read that is not ful
James Hatton
Will the real Lou Dobbs please stand up? Whatever. I read this book. I don't regret it. Food for thought.
Although written in 2006, the themes Lou Dobbs discusses are not out of date. On the contrary, the political battles are the very same and I enjoy Dobb's political voice. It's much more conservative than most journalists, but doesn't go so far as be a Republican love-fest either. The book was written while George W. Bush was in office and is highly critical of what Dobbs perceives as corruption on both sides of the aisle. I'm more likely to give credence to declaring war on both parties' culpabi ...more
Lou Dobbs does a good job in identifying some of the causes of the "war on the middle class", but his solutions are way off. He wants higher taxes and bigger government to solve the problems caused by higher taxes and bigger government. Lou Dobbs' solutions are often short on practical application. After reading this book I gave a better appreciation for the Moderate point of view. It seems that moderates dont want to base government and law on a common moral and ethical base, but to pass laws t ...more
Lots of evidence of the outrages of our government, big corporations and lobbyists, but WEAK on what you can do about it. SPOILER ALERT-- He really did not have any good ideas for what individuals can do. What he says you can do is register as an independent, and demand that the government require health insurance, living wages, and everything else just short of a chicken in every pot and...
I guess he used to be a republican, but I can't support this book or his ideas because I don't htink the g
Great book that really opens your eyes to what is going on in our society and economy today. This should be required reading for all people that work for a living in this country!! We must rein in the abuse of power U.S. corporations and special interest groups wield to the detriment of the U.S. middle-class. Also we need to demand our politicians work for all of us, not just for those ultra wealthy groups and individuals that "buy" them.
If you ever thought this guy's anger was wildly unfocused or misfocused while watching him on TV, wait until you try to read a book written by him. This guy knows a lot about what's wrong with this country, but I swear he doesn't seem to have even the most elementary understanding of political cause and effect, either in the present or in the past 30-40 years while we were getting here. Uggh.
Chris Ross
"If you are an American or call yourself an American you should read this book. Whether you are Liberal, Conservative, or Centrist you should read this book. Lou Dobbs speaks the truth plain and simple! Wake up America and take back our country from special interests, lobbyists, corporate money, and illegal immigrants!
Reading this off and on, the last chapter (yes I skipped ahead and read the last chapter first...) was the best. THis is informative and I do have a better understanding of some things but I would like more citations about where he got the information that helped him form his opinion in the areas he addresses.
This is a book that in my opinion every American citizen should read. It was written in2006 so there are a couple of things that are dated, and of course I didn't agree with everything that Lou Dobbs said, but I still think this is a very important book for all Americans to read.
"War on the Middle Class" by Lou Dobbs was a very insightful book. It opens your eyes about what is happening in our country as far as Corporations having control instead of our government, Middle class being taken advantage of and so many more issues we face in America.
I had to read this book for a class and ended up enjoying it more than I thought. It was not dry at all, the author presented the information in an enjoyable way. The informaton included int he book was interesting also, I liekd how the author expressed his opinion.
Audio Book. Interesting to hear a liberal journalist say the same thing a conservative (Bill O'Reilly) said. That both parties are screwing up America. I can't say I disagreed but, I think both sensationalize things to get viewers.
Just started reading this book. So far it's a little alarmist, but I do agree that we have become a consumerist society, paying CEO's and basketball players entirely too much. We'll see if he comes up with any real solutions.
Nov 20, 2008 Angela rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Angela by: Myself
I am not going to lie, I am a big fan of Mr. Dobbs and just about anyone who fights for the middle class for that matter. Once again, I do not need to write a review this book because the title says it all.
interesting in that he looks at the failure of both dems and republicans,however the book is short on real practical solutions. Unfortunately, i don't thing that there are any real practical solutions.
Dave/Maggie Bean
Dobbs is rather "moderate" for my tastes, and somewhat inconsistent. Moreover, he's in incurable optimist. Having said that, I'll add that prefers observable reality to theory and ideology.
I wrote a pretty lengthy post about this book in my blog:
This book had a lot of information in it, albeit perhaps partially escued to Lou's thinking. Still very interesting yet a touch on the boring side.
Mar 07, 2008 Josh rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everybody
Fabulous. This book can really help people understand the crisis that faces the American Economy right now. It will open eyes.
Jason Read
I enjoyed really enjoyed this book. Since reading it I've really become more cynical and questioning about our government
Interesting picture about all problems facing by US middle class. I don't reach the "How to Fight Back" part yet.
A must read for anyone making less than $150,000 a year and more than $26,000... which is about 85% of americans!
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Louis Carl Dobbs is a CNN anchor and managing editor for Lou Dobbs Tonight. He is also an editorial columnist and syndicated radio show host. Lou Dobbs Tonight attracts CNN's third-largest audience after the "CNN Election Center" and Larry King Live, with about 800,000 viewers per night.
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