Chasing Destiny
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Chasing Destiny

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Billie (aka ?Ducati?) is known as much for her extraordinary beauty as for the sexy yellow Ducati motorcycle she rides through the mean streets of Los Angeles. Tough, talented, and self-assured, Billie's used to doing things her way - but that was before love threw an oil slick in the road and spun her life into chaos. Billie's first problem is simple: She's pregnant. Her...more
Audio CD, Abridged, 5 pages
Published April 11th 2006 by Brilliance Audio
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Valerie Oyibo

Chasing Destiny
Chasing destiny is a book of love, tragedy, and happiness all in one. The book is breath taking throughout. That is what keeps me reading this book. The first thing that caught my ears in the book is how up to date it is. So it’s very easy for me to keep along on what’s going on in this book. There were so many things going on in this book. So many emotions running through my head, lugubrious, ecstatic, aghast, and deviating.
My favorite character in this book would...more
Mocha Girl
The title of Eric Jerome Dickey's latest novel, Chasing Destiny, has a dual implication because Destiny is a troubled teen who is `acting out' in the middle of her parent's messy divorce and it also alludes to an underlying theme of how far the lead characters are willing to go to change or control their fate.

Keith and free spirit Billie (aka Ducati because of the motorcycle she rides) have been lovers for about a year and the story opens with her announcing she is pregnant and him announcing h...more
Holy crap this book is great. I actually listened to the audiobook version. I found myself making up reasons to drive to the store just to hear what happened next. It's filled with hateful exes, couples on the verge of divorce, psycho grandparents willing to stop at nothing to protect their child, a man torn between doing what's right and doing what his heart wants and a poor little girl forced to face horrible consequences for one night of poor decision making. Whew! Enough said. Great book.
Wow! How did I let this book slip through my book list? Thanks to my new book club I had a chance to read this 2006 amazing drama filled book. I wavered between 4 and a 5 star but because I'm a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey I gave the book a 5 star rating. What I loved about this book was from the beginning I was pulled into Billie! I love a strong female character. I was growing close to Billie's character and thought I would lose her because of the title and thought the plot would shift to all abo...more
I don't know exactly what it was, but this book irritated me. It reminded me of a high-drama combination of Jersey Shore/Jerry Springer/Days of Our Lives. The inconsistency of the dialect (dey/they) in the same sentence was annoying. The random, academic words thrust into a colloquial-sounding sentences was annoying. During a sex scene, "His amalgamation filled me up." Wth? It sounded like some "smart" editor tried to make the book more intellectual? I don't know. I give it three stars because i...more
I was in love with this book until I got to the middle and the end made me want to burn the book. I was so disappointed. The readers are left hanging high and dry. This book is way too negative it had more negatives than positives. And what happened to Destiny made me not want to read the rest of the book. The ending pissed me off the most because I wanted Billy and Keith to stay together. But basically SPOILER Billy falls in love with Keith even though he's still married but seperated, gets pre...more
Eric Jerome shocked me. I had to read about adulterous affairs during separation and this man ended up going back with his wife for the sake of their devious daughter, Destiny. I was surprised to read about a family and how it affects them, not such couples committing adultery.
Amani Dublin
so far i really like by book . i never read a book for Eric Jerome Dickey , but i look foward to reading more of his book ! i love the excitement we i turn the page . i never know whats going to happen
Marilyn Diamond
This was a hard read for me. Dickey went somewhere else that I wasn't considering and it went towards street literature and it wasn't up to par for a Dickey novel for me.
Wow! This book kept me up all night. I read it like in two days that's because I had to go to work! It was action packed and moved me emotionally. A MUST read!
Falling for Books (Tia)
Loved the highs, lows, and craziness of this story. EJD is still my fave author!
I think it may be the trashiest, most morally bankrupt book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of men's adventure fiction. It's awesome, in the horrible ironic sense the word has recently acquired.

First: credit where credit is due. The dialogue is amazing. And it's all perfectly pitched. Everyone in this book is incredibly melodramatic. It's like a soap opera on the page. You almost don't have to imagine the smash zooms and cheap key lighting. It's right there. It's in the dialogue. It's not e...more
I couldn't put this down, even if I'd wanted to. I've read two other books by Dickey; one was brilliant and the other I couldn't finish. This one falls into the former category.

Dickey has such a way with words. The action moves at a cracking pace and the scenes are always full of dialogue, whether internal or direct, and it's real and natural. He uses a style and dialect that adds grit and drama. His characters, whether you love to hate them or you just plain love them, they're interesting; they...more
Destinee Sutton
I have a lot to say about this book that I'm not going to finish. In no particular order:

1. I thought about creating an "urban" tag for this book because that's what these kinds of books get called, but I decided against it because I don't like "urban" as a euphemism for "black". I may create an "african-american" tag.

2. I wanted to read something by EJD because he's so popular.

3. I picked Chasing Destiny because MY name is Destinee.

4. I did not enjoy reading this book. The sex scenes were pre...more
If you like reading about erotic events and/ or about destiny than you should read “Chasing Destiny”. Eric Jerome Dickey puts the introspections of the characters, as they were yours. This book is much more than 2 sex partners, and a wife with crisis. Dickey puts the stance of each character in the book to let you see their perspective. Some people would of thought Keith was a playa because he had a wife with a mistress but it was common sense why he had the intrigue; because he didn’t love his...more
I found the story & characters of Chasing Destiny disturbing for the most part. Maybe that means Dickey is a good writer, not sure. I kept reading because I want to understand the LA scene, a location or culture where status is based on materialism & drugs, and I wanted to know why people lived with abuse, drugs and unhappiness. It’s fiction, but fiction reflects reality.

I think if the reader can get past the violence, drugs, and pornography, the message of the book is clear: negative a...more
I'm currently reading Chasing Destinyi> by Eric Jerome Dickey. It's funny, when I started reading, I didn't realize it was written by a man. It definitely reads differently--almost to the point where I was going to give up on it. It just feels obvious and overly harsh. In any case, once I realized it was written by a man (from the full-page photo of Dickey on the back cover--DUH!), I started reading it as such, and it was better. (Doesn't that sound bad? But somehow it does make a difference!...more
This is a good book for a person who likes drama. The main character in this book is a woman name Billie she was looking for a good boyfriend.
But the man that she started dating a guy that she thought was nice and special to her his name is Keith. Keith has a daughter name Destiny and his in a unhappy marriage with her mother. Billie and Keith secret comes out to his wife when they are seen at the movies together. Destiny then has to ride home mother being upset with the world and going off on h...more
Intrigued by sex, love, suspense with a little color and a lot of action and adventure? Then you'll like Dickey's Chasing Destiny (also check out Dying for Revenge and Resurrecting Midnight.

It was a great read!
Mercedes Colon
I'm not really a fan of Dickey's writing style. I don't like the short choppy sentences. This was my second time reading this book and I liked it a lot more the first time I read it. The plot was not believeable. All these characters just happen to be linked. What a big coincidence. Too big of a coincidence.
However, it wasn't all bad. Dickey is a great author. I will give credit where credit is due. Just because I don't like his writing style doesn't mean its bad. He definitely pulls the reader...more
John III
I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did some of EJD's other works but the acknowledgments made up for it. I say that because I learn a lot about my craft from reading how other authors create their work. In fact, I often skip to the acknowledgments when I first open a book by Dickey and I always come away with something new to try in my own writing.

All in all, if you like his stuff, you'll probably like this too. I don't think it's as polished as the Gideon series but all of the hallmarks are...more
I loved this book. But what happened destiny and ducati bothered me. I try to support african american authors, but i hate the endings of most stories. The women are left alone, with aids, pregnancies, abortions, ect. I know the stories are more realistic but all of the negativity is killing me. The last african american fiction that I read I threw away because the endings are such a disapointment and too predictable. I would of been more satisfied if ducati didnt get pregnant and kept the hispa...more
Misty Alanis
I loved this was very intense and I was hooked from the beginning.
Shante' Roland
This book is really good. Its sad & most parts are really interesting. I didnt even want to put it down. My favorite part in this book was when Billie returned Keith's daughter back to her home. This is my favorite part because it showed she kind of cared about her daughter, even though her and Destiny's mom didnt get along. The part I didnt like was when Destiny was raped and when Destiny's grandpa killed Billie's baby. Those were the saddest parts out of the whole book, in my opinion. But...more
This book was a struggle for me. It was quite a bit more explicit and violent in both language and content (sexual discussion) than I am comfortable with. The book would not have been as believable without it but it was Hard for me to get through as a result. But I really loved the way the story was weaved together. There were so many connections between the characters and their actions that rang true to life. Many authors can't write successfully that way and this was well done. I really enjoye...more
I loved this book. It was fast moving and the characters were brilliant. Dickey was able to capture the range of emotions that an unwed mother to be goes through when the father is not totally there. The disparagement of a woman fighting to win at any cost to save her marriage. This book has been the best so far that I have read of Dickey's work. I find that Dickey repeat himself way to much, describing events,people and locations to the point that I just want to stop reading. But, that was not...more
Nailah Davis
dis book wuz about a gurl named billie datin a married man named keith. And billie ends up getin pregnant by keith. and keith's wife (Carmen) and his daughter (Destiny) doesnt lik it. so Carmen makes a deal with billie that she will give her $25,000 if she has tha baby but keith wont be involved with tha child. But den billie ended up getin in into a motorcycle crash and lost her unborn baby so the deal was off. and Billie told keith she never wanted to talk to him again because of the deal.
This has to be one of my favorite EJD novels, as well as one of my favorite novels in general. I love the kismet aspect of it and how everyone effects everyone negatively or positively and how everyone is interrelated whether they recognize it or not. There were so many twists and turns that I felt like I was on a literary Ducati. Thanks to this book, I will forever pick up ANYTHING EJD pens.
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Eric Jerome Dickey was born in Memphis, Tennessee and attended the University of Memphis (the former Memphis State), where he earned his degree in Computer System Technology. In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering.

After landing a job in the aerospace industry as a software developer, Eric Jerome Dickey's artistic talents surfaced, inspiring him to become an actor and a...more
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