All Flesh Is Grass
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All Flesh Is Grass

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  788 ratings  ·  28 reviews
A mysterious invisible barrier suddenly encloses a small, out-of-the-way American town. It's been put there by a galactic intelligence intent on imposing harmony and cooperation on the different peoples of the universe. But to the inhabitants, the barrier evokes stark terror.
Paperback, 255 pages
Published January 11th 1979 by Magnum Books (UK) (first published 1965)
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[the interesting words are in the comments]

This is a book.
Filled with words.
One of those words is spleen (which is an innately funny word).
Another of those words is pandemonium (which is one of my favourite words - I'm going to name a puppy Pandemonium one day, and call him Pan for short).

Mr Simak knows many good words and arranges them into a story, with a beginning, a middle and end.

It is a good book.

I highly recommend you spend your dollarpounds on this product at (or, or wh...more
3.0 stars. I am a fan of Cliff Simak's work and really enjoyed Way Station, City and The Goblin Reservation. I liked this book too, but not quite as much as the three previously listed.

In typical Simak fashion, we have aliens arriving at a small rural town (in this case an invisible barrier completely cuts off the town of Milville from the rest of the planet) and introduce humanity to the wider universe. Well written with decent characters and Simak's trademark "small town" feel, it was a good,...more
Христо Блажев
“Всичко живо е трева” и с аромат на цветя:

Пореден роман на Клифърд Саймък (след “Гробищен свят” и “Градът”), който чета със закъснение и съжаление за пропуска през тийнейджърските ми години. И отново се изумявам от умението му от една дребна идея да създаде нещо голямо и мащабно.

Във “Всичко живо е трева” малко градче се оказва впримчено в прозрачна, но много реална непробиваема преграда (много ми любопитно какво е направил Стивън Кинг с подобен сюжет в “

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis

One of the Greatest Works of All=Time ::

Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras.

Und dazu :: text.
I recently re-read this, and discovered what I'd forgotten - what a consummate literary writer Simak could be. This story, while it's about an invisible barrier and the aliens that create it, is a classic exploration of small-town America. Extremely readable, with likeable characters that consider problems the way you and I might. The language and story aren't zippy action sequences, but flowing prose about real people. Definitely worth reading if you like intelligent writing.

This story reminds...more
Tidbit of information on the title: "All flesh is grass" is a phrase from the Old Testament in Isaiah 40:6. The interpretation is that human life is transitory.

Mr. Simak comes up with some of the most interesting and unique stories. To top it off, his writing style is warm and inviting. In this book, extraterrestrials attempt to impose social harmony on a small rural town which they have enclosed in an invisible bubble.

Read this excerpt:

I wasn`t driving fast and there was a lot of room for the...more
Matteo Pellegrini
Sembra un mattino come tutti gli altri, nella tranquilla cittadina di Millville, le strade sono quasi deserte, e l'autostrada è silenziosa. Eppure qualcosa sta per cambiare per sempre la vita nella cittadina e nel resto del mondo. Senza alcun preavviso, una barriera invisibile viene eretta intorno al villaggio... una barriera che non lascia passare nulla e nessuno, scaturita dal nulla, fatta di nulla. C'è forse qualche collegamento tra questa sconvolgente sorpresa e tante piccole cose strane che...more
First sf book I ever read, stumbled upon it in the local library, got me totally hooked on the genre. Great sf starting point for any young reader (not actually YA). A little bit like Stephen King's Under The Dome but without the violence. Simak's compassion shines through in all his stories.
Captivating first contact tale like no other. Simak's trademark 'personal' style is in full effect: compassionate without becoming too cloying. Beautiful stuff.
A decent effort but with a flawed ending.

Brad is a likeable enough character who behaves in a believable way, not too smart or dumb or heroic, a reasonable everyman.
The other characters are the usual Simak mixture of small town life, some nice some not.

The pace is good, lots of things happen in a short space of time so there is plenty going on, not action in the adventure sense but never dull.

The plot is also good with a few twists and turns, it uses a recurring theme of Simak's with time treate...more
Petko Bossakov
An invisible barrier that isolates a small American town from the rest of the world: I think this is the first time that motif was exploited. Stephen King's novel and the Simpsons episode came about 40 years later.

Can plants think? Studies on the subject have been coming in recent years. One recent study found that trees on one end of the forest can somehow communicate with those on the other end. Another one demonstrated that leaves can remember events and transmit that memory to the rest of th...more
J M Leitch
This sci-fi novel was published in 1965, but the description of the sleepy town of Millville, New Jersey, and the characters that populate it makes it feel as if the story was set further back in the 40s. The plot is simple. Alien intelligence has put an invisible barrier around the town and no animals or humans can leave or enter.

I liked the slow almost rambling way the story unfolds peppered with descriptions of the surrounding countryside and different characters populating this small town. E...more
En conjunto, me ha resultado un tanto decepcionante, y de ahí las dos estrellas que en realidad son 2 y media. De hecho, pensé que le daría tres... porque la cosa empezó con nivel de cuatro, pero... ¿Alguien me sigue?

Digamos que esta historia, de la que sin duda "La Cúpula" de Stephen King bebe en gran medida, tiene un inicio que atrapa, muy a lo Wyndham; pero a partir de la mitad de la novela la trama da un giro hacia lo filosófico, bastante en la línea de Robert J. Sawyer... y el final, por má...more
First off you can tell this book is written very long time ago. Maybe that is why it didn't impress me with anything. It was recommended to me by a person that wanted to challenge me to read science fiction (though I cant say there was all that much of it in the book). The first half of the book took me forever to read, I just couldn't get into it. About halfway in it became pretty interesting and I read the 2nd half of the book in less than an afternoon. But the ending was disappointing. And th...more
James Broussard
This was another really old school sci fi book that was difficult to make it through. I hope when I get to some more of Simak's work it stands up better than this. No book these days can have a town suddenly encased in a clear dome without drawing comparisons to the Simpsons movie and making me laugh.

Also, this book reminded me a little of 'The Eskimo Invasion' that novel by which bad classic sci fi is measured, and for me that's death in any review.
once again, while i really admire the ideas in this simak book, i can't get behind the pacing or the resolution. the characters feel very real, and i'm interested in the places they go but he always seems to spend too much time on things that make me lose interest, and i don't really think matter all that much to the story. i do hope that when i read one of his more popular books i'll see all his ingenuity be met with skill and style in the telling.
Рали Белчева
Много много оригинална история, засягаша клиширана тема - извънземни.(но не такива , каквито сме очаквали).Действието се развива в малко градче в щата Мисисипи , и доста хора биха оприличила началото на книгата "Под Купола" на Стивън Кинг."Всичко живо е трева" създава странно усещане и съдържа доста житейски мъдрости - дали изтъкнати или пък читателя сам трябва да ги отркие и прозре. Страшно много ми харесва
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Thea Kinyon boodhoo
The dome-mysteriously-appears-over-city trope is so played that the first half of the book just made me cringe, but when the psychedelic telepathic flowers came in I perked back up. The second half held my interest and the end genuinely made it all worth it. You'll be left with a stirring message about assumptions, the military-industrial complex, and cold-war paranoia. And gardening.
Interesting reading a book so old. Definitely a cold war era book. I am used to Sci Fi books that are more high tech. This is a very simple book without a very complex plot. The ending is rather strange, not a typical Hollywood ending.

This is the first book that I have read from the Banana Box Bonanza. I hope they are all as easy a read as this one.

A mysterious invisible barrier suddenly encloses a small, out-of-the-way American town. It's been put there by a galactic intelligence intent on imposing harmony and cooperation on the different peoples of the universe. But to the inhabitants, the barrier evokes stark terror.

Богдан Гончаров
дуже класний серіал зараз вийшов, - "Under the Dome" (2013)! ніде в титрах не сказано, але за сюжетом дуже нагадує цю книжку! ;)
Danika Potts
A little preachy, but old-fashioned, so I didn't mind. Interesting idea, interesting hero, noodling-around plot.
Elena Vladimirova
Simak is one of my favorite sci-fi authors - he never disappoints. This is probably one of his best books.
Great premise with a soft ending - which kept it from being a really good book.
How flora can take over the world. Never underestimate the power of flowers.
Mark Kricheff
Learning about pasturing animals and using grasses to make food.
Ясен В.
Страхотна книга, интересен първи контакт.
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"He was honored by fans with three Hugo awards and by colleagues with one Nebula award and was named the third Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) in 1977." (Wikipedia)

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