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All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An Eye
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All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An Eye

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  1,868 ratings  ·  84 reviews
Jane Fleming, forty-six and three years a grandmother, has always played by the rules, never hurt anybody, never lied, never even had a parking ticket. But she’s about to put all that right in a very big way…

Intrigue. Espionage. Advanced technology. Clinical violence. Hoovering.

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.
Paperback, 407 pages
Published 2005 by Little Brown
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Rachael Hewison
I like to think that I’m a pretty open minded reader, I will give any genre a go and always finish a book no matter how dire it is. My boyfriend is the complete opposite. For him reading consists of Christopher Brookmyre, Christopher Brookmyre and Christopher Brookmyre. I thought this author must be good if he’s created this much of an addiction so I gave him a try. Now all I can say is, “I want to read another one!”
Brookmyre introduces us to a variety of unique main characters, most of which fo
Ben Carroll
Like with every Brookmyre I've ever read, all I could think of after finishing this was how soon I could get another Brookmyre to read. If I saw a granny reading one in the street within an hour of finishing this, I would have robbed her. These books are drugs.

I think I know why. There's a brutal humour, cleverness and charm in Brookmyre's writing, but there's something else too. A third of the way through All Fun And Games, I faced up to the truth that I was reading a thriller. There. I said it
Ian Mapp
Utterly stupid and yet very, very entertaining. This is Brookmyres best for some time and nice to see a reversal in what I thought was becoming a downward trend.

Its all a James Bond type fantasy.... lived out by a 44 year old grandmother. Only Brookmyre could give such a plot.

Starts with a group of crack experts breaking into a defence facility. You think they are criminals but they are a security team testing vulnerability.

Then we have a story emerging. A young scientist has discovered the abil
All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye = (A Granny ^ kick arse) + Eclectic group of criminal mastermind do-gooders for hire.

If I forced myself to choose a favourite Brookmyre book, this may be the one I would choose. If I forced myself. Maybe.

The start of this book actually made me pretty damn angry. One character for what a complete tit he was, in every single way imaginable, and the other—his wife and main character of the story—for letting her life get taken away from her. For putting
Jun 07, 2013 Deanne rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who feels life has passed them by, and wishes they were James Bond.
Shelves: espionage
She's stuck in a rut, going through the motions, thinking that at 46 she's over the hill and heading down the other side. Married to a man who was middle aged at 19, mother to grown up children who seem to think that she was born aged 46.
Then one day changes all that and she realises that she's not dead yet, finds that inner punk she thought she'd lost when she got pregnant and married.
Guns, abductions, a mysterious bad guy,(without the evil fortress inside an extinct volcano)and a group of merc
This is a great romp by Christopher Brookmyre with all the trademark Brookmyre ingredients of murder, mayhem, twists, turns and humour, where the one thing you can be sure of is that nothing is as it seems.

The heroine of the book is a dutiful, downtrodden middle aged wife and mother. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much! Great fun.
Johanna Dickson
A very clever read that takes me right back to the East Kilbride, I hear the characters and see the locations.

For me this book was compulsive first time round and a proper treat to regularly re-read for my brookmyre fix. I particularly enjoy the thread of romance and like to imagine the author is a big softy under the vigilante violence.

If pushed I'd choose this as my favorite Brookmyre although (with the exception of Ducks) I've loved every single book once I get past the first 70'ish pages.
Rob Kitchin
Brookmyre’s tales are always good fun, invariably a thriller tale wrapped up in dark humour and spun out as an edgy comic caper. So it is with All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye, which has a very nice hook about a dour Scottish housewife making a transformation into Lara Croft as a secret agent. The set-up is very nicely done, as is the unfolding of the plot and the denouement, with the action sequences particularly well conveyed. As usual, Brookmyre develops a colourful cast of charac ...more
Mike Worth
Impressive book - not sure is these are ever turned into films - but this is all action and full of hollywood "coincedences". I guess my love for these is the same as other's love for Bond. I don't know why people like Bond I guess maybe others may not like these!
The Guardian compared Brookmyre to Elmore Leonard. The sheer volume of exposition, backstory and unnecessary spelling-out-for-the-reader passages determined... that was a lie.

That said, despite the occasional sloggy passage and the more-than-occasional desire to call up the author and insist that as far as I know I am not learning-disabled, and that I do understand exactly what is going on with these characters, and that I don't need another two or three paragraphs explaining their thoughts abo
Zrovna jsem hledala nějakou knihu do letadla (nechtěla jsem brát něco z knihovny) a máma mi doporučila tohle. Ten název se mi líbil, a tak bylo rozhodnuto.

Nejdřív se to četlo trochu pomalu, pořád jsem musela listovat naspátek, abych si připomněla kdo je kdo a jazyk taky nebyl úplně jednoduchý, takže pokud si nejste jisti se svou znalostí angličtiny, tohle asi není dobrá kniha na začátek.

Po prvních obtížích jsem si však tuhle knihu zamilovala. Bylo to vtipné a napínavé, ale hlavně jsem zbožňovala
Intussen ook nog wat gelezen: van een uitstap naar Londen eens All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An Eye (2005) van Christopher Brookmyre meegebracht. Aan de stapels boeken te zien moet Brookmyre een held zijn in z’n land, en dat is eigenlijk best te begrijpen. Het is immers een bijzonder flukse, slim in elkaar gestoken roman met een gezonde combinatie van humor en actie, pulp en literatuur. De uitgerekte proloog was aanvankelijk wat verwarrend, waardoor het meer dan vijftig pagina’s duurde ...more
Mark Cowen
I'm working my way through Christopher Brookmyre's novels and this was the best one yet. The story involves the usual Brookmyre Bond-villain baddies about to take over the world being defeated by someone with a fraction of the armoury and training, and this one is no different. A weapons expert is kindnapped to be sold on, and a crack hit-team employed to release him - the addition to the team of the victim's mother, previously a do-nothing granny in Eat Kilbride - being the main part of the tal ...more
If you ever wanted to read a novel version of the movie True Lies but without any of the humor or charisma that Schwarzenegger and Curtis brought to the roles, than this is the book for you.
The book starts of all right, but then seems to turn into a farce by creating a series of unbelievable cliches and trying to present them as characters. You might be able to enjoy the farce if there was actually anything humorous going on.
On the plus side the book is fast paced and the technical descriptions
Gordon Shumway
I truly wanted to love this book... there were some very memorable, clever lines and a fun story. Additionally, it's not very often one sees "hacking" represented realistically, especially when it's just a plot device. It was a nice change.

Unfortunately what spoiled the book for me was how the characters would suddenly start these internal monologues about how evil and stupid all religion is. I get that the author is an atheist, and that's fine, but the preaching really got in the way of the sto
Patrick Carroll
Generally amusing provided you are prepared to suspend you disbelief. Not as good as the Unsinkable rubber Duck
Andy Bird
Almost a 3. OK I was drawn to this by the title which, combined with the blurb on the back, teased a wacky, humorous tale. However it was absolutely nothing of the sort. It is actually a fairly bland and ridiculous thriller. The whole concept of a middle aged lady suddenly turning into a fully trained special agent was just too unbelievable. Having said this some of the other aspects of the story were not that bad. The characters were quite good and some parts of the story were also quite good. ...more
A real hoot and a great book for a bit of light reading that thoroughly entertains...
Wow, what a ride! I have to admit it was the title that got me to pick up this book. My decision was justified by the end of the first chapter. This story is a thriller sprinkled with a bit of humor, a combination not often seen in this type of genre. There are plenty of surprises along the way and the storyline is exceptionally good at keeping one or two steps ahead of the reader. There were quite a few times when I thought I could surmise what was going to happen, only to find I had been throw ...more
Alison Gray
If you like James Bond, you'll probably like this. The characters are all interesting and become more dimensional through the story in the book. There's a nice twist at the end.
Awesome. So so so awesome. I loved everything about this book. Jane is a complete badass. I found myself having to go back a re-read pages cause I would keep jumping ahead, especially in the action scenes, just to find out what happened next.
Caroline Taylor
Enjoyed this fast moving thriller!! And the Glasgow references made it even better!
The cover promises more humor than I picked up on, but it was written by a Glaswegian and has many unfamiliar words and phrases. Maybe the humor was hidden in them. It's something like "a housewife joins the A-Team", and the plot is somewhat of a stretch. It kept my interest up to the end, though, so I'd recommend it for a light read. I picked it up at the National Gallery gift shop in Edinburgh, which explains the local theme.
Louise Reid
This is 'James Bond' in a written form. And, in this case James is a 40-something, Scottish housewife, named Jane, who dreams of adventure but spends most of her time keeping her house obsessively clean. How does she come to play a 'James-Bondian' role? You'll just have to read it to find out! Fun summer reading. (Beware - quite a lot of swear words, for those of you who mind such things)
John Onoda
This was a fun, quirky thriller that injects a middle-aged English woman into a James Bondish type adventure. For reasons that make sense, she must join a group of agents for hire and take on some very tough customers. What surprises everyone is that she has a natural talent for this sort of thing and author Christopher Brookmyre uses this story twist to poke fun at conventional thrillers.
A thriller with its tongue firmly in its cheek, but with enough of the genre to keep the plot sailing along. And its Bond, Jayne Bond. She's a great character and the kind of mum to die for ... or who would die for you. Christopher Brookmyre has another series of novels with Jack Parlabane as the main character. The Parlabane series are also funny and exciting and intelligent.
I was at the point of giving up and putting the book down by chapter four or so - there was action, but nothing that made me care about the story - but thankfully it did get interesting after that and turned into a fun, addictive read. I don't think it's something that I'd read again, or that I'll track down his other books, but it's a good story, worth reading.

One of the "stand-alone" Brookmyres: not part of the Parlabane or Angelique de Xavia sequences. Possibly a good introduction to his books if you haven't read him before. A life of action-packed, life-threatening adventure suddenly descends upon a Scottish housewife. Full of typical Brookmyre sardonic humour and geekery.
Robert Bevan
Action, guns, sex, murder! What more could you ask for? Personally, I'd ask for an action hero who isn't a grandma.

I liked this book well enough. The story was fun and the pace was fast. But I also had to read about old people sex. And I kind of felt bad for the scientist for having to be rescued by his mom.
Rachel Linn
This book is exactly what it wants to be: a clever indulgence with just enough grounding to keep you in the fantasy. I especially enjoyed the dialogue. Though the book took a bit to get going, it ended up being a perfect summer read. This is my fist Brookmyre book, and I look forward to reading more.
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Christopher Brookmyre is a Scottish novelist whose novels mix politics, social comment and action with a strong narrative. He has been referred to as a Tartan Noir author. His debut novel was Quite Ugly One Morning, and subsequent works have included One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, which he said "was just the sort of book he needed to write before he turned 30", and All Fun and Games unti ...more
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