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Reborn (Adversary Cycle, #4)
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Reborn (Adversary Cycle #4)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  1,084 ratings  ·  57 reviews

When an ancient artifact dissolves in the hands of a man calling himself Mr. Veilleur, he knows something has gone wrong…terribly, cosmically wrong.

Dr. Roderick Hanley, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, dies in a plane crash. His last words: “The boy! They’ll find out about the boy! He’ll find out about himself!” When Jim Stevens, an orphan and struggling writer, learns that

Paperback, 344 pages
Published June 1st 1990 by Jove (first published 1990)
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Mike (the Paladin)
This is the third in what is called the "Adversary" cycle by F. Paul Wilson. I'd say it's a companion to the Repairman Jack series except I believe that The Keep was published 3 years before The Tomb (Adversary Cycle, #2) which is the earliest of the Repairman Jack cycle (or series) and the second in the Adversary cycle.

Clear as mud?

So I got involved with the Repairman Jack books and have gotten to like them. having read The Keep years ago at my wife's behest I'd not cared for it as much. At fir...more
Mar 02, 2012 Mark rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: horror
Reborn is the fourth book in F. Paul Wilson's Adversary Cycle. It's the first novel in the series that feels like it's actually part of a series and not standalone. To sum up, it's a good, easy read that gets you really hooked into the Adversary Cycle, so if you buy it, you should go ahead and buy the rest of the series as well because you'll be reading them.

The Plot

The novel is set in 1968 and we are introduced to three characters, Jim Stevens, Carol Stevens, his wife, and Bill Ryan, a Jesuit...more
I know that The Adversary Cycle and Repairman Jack are supposed to be two separate series but I'm struck, as I can find and read them, by how complimentary they are. Really reading both of them at the same time has worked out best and has made Wilson's larger work most apparent. The Tomb which is the first Repairman Jack book is the second in the Adversary Cycle.

Reborn centers around the re-entry of the Adversary into the world after he was defeated by Glaeken in The Keep. It also involves more...more
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Jaclyn Hogan

Shit, this is frustrating. F. Paul Wilson is a good writer. I loved his Repairman Jack books. In particular, Conspiracies is great and creepy. This has a really action packed creepy ending scene where a woman killed with an axe to the head get up and kills people. But if you haven't read the other books in the Adversary series, lots of this isn't going to make sense, and the religious woo-woo is unnecessary and off putting, especially the anti-abortion bullshit.

A major plot point centers on a wo...more
определенность восстановлена: именно этот роман вилсона должен находиться между «могилой» и «прикосновением», после первой «заставы». и хоть напрямую ничего не сказано, ни единое имя (кроме магда) не фигурирует – всё укладывается в некоторую последовательность. точно так же – восстанавливается провал в хронологии развития ужаса и борьбы с древним «врагом», которого нельзя обозвать ни дьяволом, ни сатаной – что-то другое, пока еще не названное.

конец 60-х годов, небольшой городок, в котором соеди...more
This book was much better than the last. The backstory of the Repairman Jack series is slowly coming together now.
The Adversary, the "Otherness", Mr. Vellieur, Magda etc.. are all being revealed and the climax of the broad story arc is is quickly approaching.
I'm not sure if these books should be read prior to the Repairman Jack series, in publication order or as supplement to the Jack books.
I have read them as a supplement after nearly completing the Repairman Jack novels and found that they ser...more
Grant Howard
This, third in "The Adversary Cycle" really sets out the mythology and ambiguities of the battle between The Ally and The Otherness.
Throughout the story the pawns of The Ally act in a far more disturbing fashion than those of The Otherness. You find yourself naturally rooting for what is essentially the force of darkness for most of the story.
We also see a lot of people projecting their own beliefs, fears and superstitions onto the battle to understand it (as also happens later in the Repairma...more
Коста  Сивов
Снощи стоях до доста късно, за да довърша четвъртата книга от поредицата за "Врага" на Ф. Пол Уилсън. Бях се жалвал в предишните три ревюта, че лично аз не намирам нищо общо между предните романи, но тук вече нещата се изясниха донякъде. Докато "Проклятието" (The Tomb, 1984) и "Докосването" (The Touch, 1986) разказваха различни истории, "Прероден" е пряко продължение на първата книга "Крепостта" (The Keep, 1981). Също така се даде връзка и с третата книга "Докосването", а втората книга, "Проклят...more
Jan Kjellin
Nu börjar det gå utför för F. Paul Wilson. Det är fortfarande habilt hantverk, och intrigmässigt fungerar det trots allt rätt så bra i det här hopkoket av Rosemary's Baby och The Omen. Och vändningen i mitten - med det minst sagt oväntade dödsfallet - gjöt ny energi i berättelsen. På det stora hela var dock det här lika trist som The Touch, men med ett antiklimax som pay-off.

Wilson är en intelligent författare och han har mycket intressant att säga om religion och tro, vilket kommer fram väl i m...more
Nancy Oakes
#4 in the Adversary Cycle

Well, this one was just okay. It didn't seem to have the same punch as either the Tomb or The Keep but it was still okay, and kind of takes the reader the direction in which the series is going to go. Would I recommend it? Yes, but, you would be very strongly advised to read beforehand Wilson's books (in this order): The Keep, The Tomb, The Touch. Otherwise, (especially read The Keep) you're going to be a little mystified if you start with this book, because you won't kn...more
David Agranoff
Coming twenty years after the events of The Keep (book one) Reborn is directly a sequel. The Tomb (Book #3) and the Touch (Book #4) don’t seem to be direct sequels. The Tomb of course starts another thread to the secret history of the world that becomes the Repairman Jack books. On the surface reborn might seem to be a Rosemary’s baby/Omen type horror novel. It’s similar in plot but it is the execution and it’s place in the larger scope of Wilson’s saga that separates this novel.
Reborn is a per...more
Sean Kimmel
If you are a fan of the author's Repairman Jack series, then this book in series called The Adversary Cycle is a must read. Both are different sides of the bigger opus Wilson calls The Secret History of the World. It took about 2/3 of the book to figure out how it all ties together. This man has an obsession trying to find out his biological parents. He inherits a mansion and lots of money from a Noble Prize winning scientist, then finds out his true identity and that he is actually of clone of...more
This book has a retro horror feel to it but I can't decide which era. It was published in 1990. The religious theme had a mocking nature to it, the same as King's Carrie. This mocking style fits perfectly with the true nature of the good vs. evil that Wilson presents in the Adversary Cycle. It's dark and has the reader see "good" and "evil" from an indifferent point of view. My copy had a few illustrations that were a nice surprise and one was the most disturbing depiction of Jesus on t...more
This is the revised edition. I didn't detect any differences from the original 1990 version, but it's been a few years and I don't remember it all that well.

Reborn picks up a couple of decades after The Keep. Glaeken has finally been allowed to age normally when suddenly Rasalom re-enters the picture as the unborn baby of an innocent woman and her husband, the world's first clone. The Ally wants to destroy him and the Adversary has agents on-hand to protect him at all cost.

Wilson has fun here sp...more
Amber Thompson
Did not realize this was part of a series. Now I understand why I eadily got confused and bored. Read the first several chapters and the last few. Sorry, not impressed.
Rasalom is back, and is he ever angry. Okay, he's always angry. Poor Fr. Bill is introduced, and we know (because we've read all the volumes) that he's in for a baaaad time.

Something I like about F. Paul's writing is that his books are not horror - they rarely strike me that way. Awful stuff almost happens, or it happens and he tells about it after it is finished - skipping the stomach-turning scenes (sometimes). The whole mess is dismal, of course, but not the feeling at all I get from King or...more
Sally Quilford
I think I might have read this out of order, as I read it after The Keep, then found it came later in the cycle. However, chronilogically it does come after The Keep. It's a stunning story of religious extremism and how the innocent get caught up in the machinations of higher powers. My only criticism is that there wasn't enough Glaeken. He's been relegated to bit part player in this book, merely looking on but taking no part in events.

I really liked the character of Father Bill. I don't know i...more
The threads from THE KEEP, THE TOMB, and THE TOUCH all start to come together in this novel, another chapter in The Adversary Cycle by the very talented F. Paul Wilson.

What's interesting about Wilson's writing is the way he mixes genres and juggles multiple storylines so deftly. This book is something of a ROSEMARY'S BABY meets FRANKENSTEIN by way of THE NAME OF THE ROSE. Above all, though, it's a compelling thriller, featuring characters you really come to care about, and enough plot twists to...more
Frankie C
After reading the Repairman Jack series and the Keep...this book continues to illustrate the range of Wilson's talent.
Jim Stevens is the central character of this story, set in 1968. He was adopted as a child and has never known his birth parents. Now a world-famous scientist, Roderick Hanley, has died and left the bulk of his estate to Jim, who concludes that Hanley must have been his father. Poring over Hanley's papers for some confirmation of this, and any clue about the identity of his mother, Stevens learns that he is actually the product of a secret WWII cloning experiment. He undergoes a bit of an identi...more
Tim Healy
This is my third Wilson book, and so far, my least favorite. It was probably necessary in the overall scheme of "The Adversary Cycle," but it was nowhere near as fun to read as its immediate predecessor in the story, The Keep.

The characters in the book are good, but the story is more or less a shell of an occurrence that would otherwise have been taken for granted in the overall plot. Oh well. I did enjoy it. Next it's back to Jack!
This is the fourth of the six books in Wilson’s Adversary Cycle that I’ve been able to read. Telling the story of how Rasalom comes back after his defeat by Glaeken in The Keep, it was an enjoyable read. However, I have to say the following. I love the Repairman Jack series more. I think Wilson’s creation of “The Secret History of the World” is good storytelling. But the books of the Adversary Cycle themselves, the foundation of the whole thing, seem to me to be more of a backstory to where the...more
Beth V
Another great series!
Eddie Novak

F. Paul Wilson is perhaps the best in the urban horror/fantasy genre. Reborn takes some dark unexpected turns late into the book. I'm not one for ambiguity and uncertainty, but in this case it made the book exciting because even though we want to route for Jim, Carol, and Bill, their ignorance of certain events almost makes them an unwitting antagonist.

I wish I read the revised edition.
You might say this is optional reading as part of the Repairman Jack mythos. If fleshes out the back story. Not required reading, unless you're a "completist" as F. Paul Wilson likes to say. He even manages to include that word in this novel. Not a BAD book, but this would be fairly pointless and uninteresting as a standalone novel. Not as good as "The Black Wind", which is a pretty good standalone novel.
This book got crazy at the end! But it still wasn't enough to make me feel wowed.
As I've said while reading it, none of the characters were likeable, so I wasn't as into it. The Adversary series has yet to impress me. I almost forget it's by the same guy who does Repairman Jack, because Jack is so likeable. Onto the next in the series.. hope it is better.
Dan Shea
Pretty good book on the scale of the series. If you have read most of the Repairman Jack books, this story is not super shocking in how things turn out. Never-the-less, it is good in the context of the history of the universe that F.Paul Wilson has created. I would have given it 3.5 stars, but that isn't an option. So, 3 stars will do.
Tom O'Connor
Liked the book, especially for the backstory to the Repairman Jack books. It's a little obvious that Wilson wrote some of these books before revamping it all to tie neatly together (hence the re-issue of an edited "Nightworld" that's planned), but the books are very engrossing and I'm fully enjoying reading them and filling out the big picture.
Carey Gibbons
Predictable at times, but still a good story. I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't know how it was going to end, but that's my own damn fault for reading the Repairman Jack books before the Adversary Cycle. The next time I read this glorious mess of a series, I'm doing it in chronological order.
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Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres. His debut novel was Healer (1976). Wilson is also a part-time practicing family physician. He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies. In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with t...more
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