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The Dodgeball Chronicles (Knights of the Lunch Table, #1)
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The Dodgeball Chronicles (Knights of the Lunch Table #1)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  3,157 ratings  ·  134 reviews
In this funny new series from Eisner Award nominee Frank Cammuso, the Arthurian legend is reborn--in a funny, average-joe, middle-school boy and his pals.

Artie King just wants to ease into life at Camelot Middle School. He’s got new lunch buddies, Percy and Wayne, and his science teacher, Mr. Merlyn, is pretty cool. But then there’s scary Principal Dagger and big bad Joe a
Paperback, 144 pages
Published July 1st 2008 by GRAPHIX
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Cammuso, F. (2008), Knights of the Lunch Table: The dodgeball chronicles. New York: Scholastic.


141 Pages.

Appetizer: Artie and his family have just moved to a new house and Artie is nervous about starting his new school, Camelot Middle School. And he learns he had reasons to be nervous. It turns out the school is ruled by bullies and an unjust principal. It falls to Artie and his two new friends to rise and battle the bullies (the equivalent of a horde of Roman soldiers) in a game of do...more
Gabriel F.
I just finished this book and I will tell you about, There was a boy name Artie King that just moved into the neighborhood and he moved into a school. There is a evil teacher in the school. After Artie went into the school everyone was talking about the new kid saying "it's the new kid" again and again. Then he new about the locked locker. If you didn't about the locker they say you will be cursed for the rest of eternity. Later in the school he tells everyone that he was the best dodgeball play...more
Arthur (Artie) King is the new kid at Camelot Middle School, and the last thing he wants is to be in the spotlight. Unfortunately, he attracts attention as soon as he opens his locker-- a locker that "gives the owner strength and might" and makes him the king of all the students. Between the scary Principal Dagger, the Horde of bullies, and a potentially deadly game of dodgeball, Artie is just trying to survive his first week at Camelot Middle.

In this first installment of the Knights of the Lun...more
I found this in my new book order last week and barely remember ordering it, but am so glad I did, and even happier that I brought it home this weekend. What a hoot! Arte King is starting 6th grade at Camelot Middle School and becomes the leader of the geeks after he opens a locker that no one has been able to open in years. Cammuso's art is fab and the school and King Arthur humor is great. This will be perfect to recommend to fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Merlin is a bald, black, goateed, scie...more
The local library has a growing collection of graphic novels in the kids book section (essentially comic books in a soft cover book package) While too many of them are anime, there are a few fun reads there.

This is the tale of King Arthur with a sort of junior high twist to it. Artie King is a new student at school. Instead of pulling the stone from Excalibur, Artie King opens up a magical locker that nobody else has been able to open.

The elements of the original story are all here in some for...more
The book starts off with a boy named aurther king the main character is asleep and is dreaming about a giant dodgeball and its saying give me back my diary but it was just his sister morgan and auther had just moved. aurther had missed the bus and he met Mr.Merylan and he said to go the short cut way thats where he met percy (boy). later on he gets locker number (001xcl) witch no one can open so then he gets it opened and trhe bullies or the horde gets mad and the leader of the book wants artie...more
a kid named Artie has to move and he does not like his new school. When he's at school he meets a dodge ball team called the horde and they "rule the school". once he gets school he goes to Ms. Daggers office the principals office to get his locker. once he's at his locker a kid named Joe roman the leader of the horde starts bullying him. Artie makes a team with some friends from school to play the horde. They need one more player so they go to arcadia and find a man to play on their team. I lik...more
This book has many funny times. For example, Artie's sister Morgan made a sandwich for him to eat at school for lunch and put soap on it. Artie faces some ups and downs. An up is he made friends and a down is his principal is really mean. Artie, his mom, and Morgan moved in to a new house. Artie made new friends and enemies really fast. In Artie's new school there's one locker that no one can open. On the locker it has the code written on it. Still, no one can. That lock is also the locker his...more
This was terribly choppy. From frame to frame, it wasn't always apparent where the characters were located or who they were talking to.
I thought the Arthurian references were sort of adorable, but they will be completely wasted on readers who have never heard of King Arthur.
This is not a must-read.
The book has funny parts. the books starts in Artie's dream were a monster dodgeball is chasing him. he wakes him up. It is his first day of his new school. Artie has orange hair. he is brave, and has a mean sister. Artie lies that he is a dodgeball legend. His enemy is the Horde, and the principal.

I like the book because it has a lot of problems in it. Also because it is his first day of his new school and he is already popular. Artie meets some weird friends. I also like how he is called war...more
Dec 08, 2008 Jennifer rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Amelia's Seventh Grade Diary
If this book had a name, it would be Cutie McCutester. Adorable Authurian retelling that places dorky Arthur King in middle school. "I'm not the chosen one! I'm usually the last one chosen!" Love!
Clever riff on King Arthur for the 5-7th grade set. Fun read.
Artie King has just moved to a new town, into a new house, which means today he will be starting his first day at a new school. He just wants to make some new friends, maybe have a cool teacher - He’s not setting out to be a rebel or be the most popular kid at Camelot Middle School or anything.
But staying inconspicuous doesn’t last for long- people definitely start to notice Artie- but unfortunately the kind of people who start noticing him aren’t the kind of people you ever want paying attenti...more
Sarah W
This graphic novel tale of good versus evil in the form of middle school bullies and a vindictive school headmistress is Arthurian legend retwisted. Artie King is newly enrolled at Camelot Middle School and having the opposite of a good first day at school. Between a forgotten chore and a scornful older sister, Artie misses the bus. When a henchkid of the school bully tries to swipe the lunch of another kid, Artie offers up the lunch he knows his sister messed with that morning.

When the bully's...more
Alison Flemming
Knights of the Lunch Table: the dodgeball chronicles by Frank Cammuso (Scholastic 2008). 141p. Graphic Novel

Summary: This is a graphic novel about the typical struggles of school. Artie is the new kid in school and has to overcome the challenges that come with that. He moves to a school where dodgeball is important and he had always the last one picked at his other school.

a. This is a fun and interesting graphic novel that shows the difficulties that school can have. It is very relat...more
Artie King (late of Cornwall) had just enrolled at Camelot middle school. Not wanting to be a misfit, he tells his new friends Percy and Wayne that he was the all state Dodge ball champion at his old school (not true). They think this is great because Dodgeball is the school sport and it's current champs are the Horde lead by the evil bully Joe Roman. Gulp!

If that isn't bad enough, Artie has run afoul of the horrible Principal Mrs. Dagger who wants more than anything to cut the deadwood out of...more
Andy Shuping
Am I the right age for this series? Nope...but that doesn't mean I can't read a fantastic twist on the King Arthur legends. I love how this story progresses. We meet Artie King who is just starting at a new school, Camelot Middle School. And the first day he: makes two new friends, meets Mr. Merlyn, gets detention, offends both Principal Dagger (a mean woman) and the bully Joe Roman--leader of the Horde! Oh and he opens a locker that no one has ever been able to get open, that gives him just wha...more
Artie's first day at Camelot Middle School is off to a bad start--he missed the bus, ran afoul of the bullies, was assigned a bum locker that hasn't opened in years, and may have led his new friends to believe he was some kind of dodgeball legend. So when the bullies challenge Artie and his friends to a do-or-die dodgeball game, Artie's the only one who knows they're doomed... or are they?

The writing is maybe a little clunky at the beginning, but it smooths out fairly quickly. The Camelot allus...more
Truth be told.....this book really surprisd me. I didn't think I would enjoy it so much. I mean sure I love all graphic novels but this one really had original smart quotes and a plot the made you want to keep reading more. I thought it was so good I read it in one day! Your probably thinking " The books not that big, and it ain't that hard to finish in one day! " Well Im so sorry if I cant read fast! And besides this is my review!
I wanted to read this book because.....well Miss said I had to wr...more
there is a main chariter artie and the hord are the two mane charitors the main part of the book is that ther is this doge ball game and who ever wins rulls the schol i wist i can tell you but to find out you have to read it sorry

i liked the book becese artie lid and said he was a donge ball tapuan at this old school there was this looker he got and peopple said it is curst and it has not been opened for years so he want to this looker and it opened right away
Matti Karjalainen
Arthur "Artie" Kingin ensimmäinen päivä Camelot Middle Schoolissa on värikäs. Hän päätyy heti kättelyssä niin koulun pahisjengin kuin rehtori Daggerin hampaisiin ja joutuu uskottelemaan olevansa entisen koulunsa polttopallomestareita, vaikka todellisuudessa urheilu ei ole vahvoja puoliaan.

Valkoinen valhe vie Artien ja hänen ystävänsä tukalaan tilanteeseen, jonka panoksena on paljon enemmän kuin yhden pallopelin voitto tai häviö. Onneksi tukea antaa ystävällinen opettaja Merlyn, ja oma roolinsa t...more
I'm not a fan of graphic novels but this one is adorable. The PTA purchased copies of the first three books of the series Knights of the Lunch Table for my classroom library.

I put these books out for students to read after STAAR testing. They devoured the books with one particular student reading all three books in one sitting.

I love the legend of King Arthur references. I even like the drawings. It's a cute and light read.
This is a terrific book to have in the classroom for independent reading. It's common school themes (e.g. bullying, dodgeball), cute drawings, and easy to follow storyline make it a good independent reader for those students who like more graphics and illustrations in their stories. If students didn't pick it up right away, which I think they would, you could do a book chat for it.

My second grader loves this whole series.
Good graphic novel, colored pictures, Book 1 in the series. Artie’s family just moved and he’s starting in a new school, one where the bullies, the Horde, excel at dodgeball and are cherished by the principal as a result. There’s a haunted and unopenable locker which the principal assigns to Artie when it’s clear the Horde will torment him. Despite the difficulties, complicated by a snotty older sister, Artie makes friends, has some good teachers, and figures out how to open the locker. All this...more
Lady Knight
This was an amazing graphic novel! It parodies the "Sword in the Stone" legend of King Arthur as well as parts of Macbeth.
Artie King just moved and has to start a new school. He's terrified because dodgeball is all the rage and he's the worst player ever! Upon arriving he makes a couple of friends, unfortunately when trying to recapture his friend's pet tarantula, he trips the principal. She, being quite angry, assigns him "The" locker. No one has been able to open this locker in decades despit...more
Arthur King is assigned a legendary locker at his new middle school. The legend states that whoever can open it rules the school. Artie is able to open it which causes major problems for him with the schools biggest bully, Joe who is also the local dodgeball champion. Arthur is well liked by one of his teachers Mr. "Merlyn" who helps him out with Joe and his gang of friends called The Horde. Principal Dagger does not like Arthur and she sets up a dodgeball game. She is trying to get rid of Arthu...more
Because I seem to have bad luck with requesting books, I'm reading the first installment second. It was nice to see how the characters are all introduced, and I'm still greatly amused by the connections of the middle schoolers to the characters of the King Arthur legend. This is a hilarious concept, executed well.

And yes, once again, the Ladies of the Lunch are my favorite. I don't think I can ever tire of fortune telling through a cafeteria menu.

I really disliked dodgeball as a kid, so I symp...more
Beth Nieman
What a fun and clever graphic novel from Frank Cammuso! I started to glance casually at it and had to read the whole thing. Artie King just moved into town from Cornwall and is the new kid at Camelot Middle School. His rotten sister, Morgan, is the type of girl who sabotages her little brother's brown bag lunch by putting dish soap in his sandwich. It doesn't matter too much, since Artie has his lunch stolen by a big bully, but when the bully eats it, he comes after Artie for trying to poison hi...more
Ike Iloka
I really like this book because I sometimes feel like that new kid. Arte King is a regular kid. He is a chosen one in the new school that he moves to called Camelot Middle School. He is a very audacious kid and finds two new friends named Percy and Wayne. He has a very avowed supporter of a mom but a brat of a sister. He meets Percy by a cave where a supposed monster lives that at the end turns out to be a dog. He meets Wayne by Wayne telling him to get his Gameboy when he gets it stolen. Arte i...more
Artie King must start a new school--Camelot Middle School and he just wants to blend in. However, he is destined to open a funky old locker that nobody has been able to open in years. Legend has it that however can open it will be king of the school. This does not sit well with resident bully Joe, head of the Horde, who rule the school and head up the dodge ball team. This leads to a challenge--whichever team wins a dodgeball game will be the king of the school. It's not as simple as it sounds,...more
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Frank Cammuso is the author/illustrator of the graphic novel series The Misadventures of Salem Hyde from Amulet Books. He also created the graphic novel series Knights of the Lunch Table from Graphix/Scholastic. Frank drew the comic Otto’s Orange Day and Otto’s Backwards Day for Toon-Books. He also wrote and drew his self-published graphic novel Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective, for which he received...more
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