The Age Of The Warrior: Selected Essays
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The Age Of The Warrior: Selected Essays

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A selection of Robert Fisk's finest 'Comment' pieces from the Saturday Independent. He is best known for his writing about the Middle East, its wars, dictators and international relations, but these 'Comment' articles cover an array of topics, from his soldier grandfather to handwriting to the Titanic.
Paperback, 522 pages
Published April 1st 2008 by Fourth Estate (GB) (first published January 1st 2008)
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Robert Fisk has been a reported from the Middle East for several decades now, first with the Times and then the Independent once Rupert Murdoch had shown too much interest in editing his pieces for the former newspaper. The majority of the writing in this collection of his articles for the Independent come from the Iraq invasion onwards to the book’s publication in 2010. Because Fisk has been a correspondent in the Arab world for so long there is a weariness in some of the reports, you get the s...more
Jim Coughenour
Picked up a paperback copy of Fisk's columns from The Independent when I was in Montreal at the end of June. I don't think this book's been published yet in US – according to Amazon, it should be out by the end of July.

I'm reading through in irregular fashion, impressed as always by Fisk's insight, political passion and bare bones honesty. As he explains in the preface, these writings record "a foreign correspondent's thoughts amid war ... the need to explore one's own anger as well as the gentl...more
Robert Fisk has both the knowledge of the Middle East and the eloquent gift of a writer to express and explain his frustration with many policies made by the US and Europe towards the ME region. Living in the Middle East helps me to appreciate his point of view. However, I understand why those who live in the West and have never traveled here or studied, to any great extent, the polices of the West towards the ME find Fisk one-sided. But I think those critics are poorly informed. Fisk is fair in...more
It probably would've been impossible for Robert Fisk to follow up 'The Great War for Civilization' with anything but a disappointment, given the depth and scope of that great book. Still, the writings here are brief little diatribes with predictable themes that show nothing of Fisk's deep knowledge of the middle east. There's an interesting commentary here and there, but not a whole lot more.
Thought provoking and provocative articles based on extensive experience of living and writing in the Middle East.
Matthew Griffiths
An interesting collection of letters that differs a great deal in style to the other two works by Fisk that I have read. Whereas there was a strong consistent theme to "pity the nation" and "the great war for the civilisation" this was a lot more varied in its approach and while a little jarring at times it made for an enjoyable change of pace to Fisk's usual approach. It was quite pleasant seeing Fisk's more humorous side in some of the articles especially the repeated jibes as Messrs Bush and...more
Mean what you write, and write what you mean. That's the philosophy of Robert Fisk, and that may explain why he's been lauded as one of the most important journalists of our time. Professor Alan Dershowitz once branded him a 'dangerous man' because he asked the question 'why'? about the cruelties by the U.S government. A harsh critic of Western imperialism, Fisk is always critical, scathing and never one to mince his words. Not only that, he delivers his critique and analysis in a no-nonsense, e...more
Robert, lighten up mate. (How he’d hate me for saying that!) Life is Serious for Mr Fisk, and maybe if I’d seen the troubles he’s seen, I’d feel the same. A collection of his editorials published weekly in The Independent, I sometimes tired of the relentless hectoring about The West, Blair and Bush, the Israelies and the injustice of it all. Even if he’s right, and I suspect he is, he sometimes comes across as a pair of shutters banging in a deserted town as the hurricane strikes. Does it change...more
Fisk is a well-known foreign correspondent in Britain, and this book is a collection of his essays and reports/editorials covering the Middle East. As such, there is great insight into the culture of the region, as well as the historical effect of western policy towards the area. While Fisk is highly critical of certain policies (some rightly so in my mind), I find it important to remember that some of what he presents is fact, and some is opinion. In any event, its a great read just to be bette...more
Shaimaa Ali
One word to describe this work! "Brilliant"!
It's very rare to find an unbiased Western writer - specially when writing about Middle East - but here comes Mr.Fisk with very shocking facts at some topics & very honest ones at others. He has seen the ME from another perspective, he saw Arabs .. how they are thinking, dealing, interacting with events.. he see how Worldwide leaders were treating Arabs, Muslims... he comes sarcastic of their decisions leading to all the horrors the West is facing...more
Excellent book. Very well written, and had it been fiction I could probably have raced through it in a few days - but as it is "real" I had to stop after each chapter or two in order to absorb the information, and reflect upon it.
Robert Fisk seems to be an extraordinarily understanding, observant, and fair minded individual. A "proper" journalist who reports and analyses what he sees and hears without any spin, bias, or melodrama.
Also, the book wasn't limited to covering a small range of "expect...more
Over 30 years of Middle East reporting, with civil wars, insurgencies and massacres, Fisk collects the writings he's published as a columnist for The Independent, ranging from historical events to recent and personal subjects with sharp perception.

I didn't think I'd enjoy reading this as much as I did. It's non-fiction, and it's about all sorts of atrocities within the Middle East, and a few times, during the World Wars. But somehow, Fisk makes it all so appealing. To read the rest of this revie...more
Mohamed Elkholy
وصلت لنصه ومش قادر استحمل بشاعة الترجمة مش هكمله ، تحس انه متترجم على جوجل ، شئ فظيع فظيع فظيع ،أسوء ترجمة شفتها فى حياتى ..
It was okay. It just wasn't what I was hoping it would be, though that is more my fault than the book's. I was hoping to get more background and analysis of the current state of the Middle East, but instead it was mostly opinions and it assumed a certain level of knowledge from the reader. I was able get something out of the book, but ultimately it was a let down. Also, a lot of the essays were pretty similar and there was a lot of repetition of certain points.
Robert Fisk is perhaps one of the very few who still speak their mind without any self-censorship or restraints. His aggregated first hand experience in the issues of the Middle East makes his opinions and writings a must-read for anyone interested in knowing what is really going on. In the current world where media is all biased, censored and has "foreign agendas", no one can be trust but 'good old Bob of Arabia' as he called himself once in this book.
I am impressed with Robert Fisk. This book is a collection of articles for Independent and it's mostly oriented to Middle East. Mostly about politics, but also about some author's personal considerations.It's rare to read/hear that someone prefers letters than emails and that journalism shouldn't be focused on a mere "objective facts" and underestimate readers. A real refreshment in the world of average, monolithic world of news.
chiara and ric
Robert Fisk is one of the only voices I trust on the Middle East. He is bitingly critical of most U.S. foreign policy, having seen most of its consequences first hand. This collection of articles, which he has written over the years for the Telegraph, captures his anger and frustration at everyone from George Bush to the Maronite Christians in Lebanon. And he's right.
Robert Fisk has an amazing talent for reporting on the middle east. I'm far from knowledgable on the subject, so I find myself getting overwhelmed when I read this collection of his columns. It's really difficult to read this without taking breaks to look up the events, places and people being referenced here, but the reporting is extremely informative.
A collection of articles by London's Independent Middle East reporter.I love the way he pulls no punches and puts the blame squarely where he thinks it belongs.I may not agree with him all the time, but he made a good case.A must read for anyone interested in world affairs and especially the Middle East.Looking forward to reading his other books.
Scott F
I have enjoyed listening to talks by Robert Fisk...and I assumed his book would be just as lucid and interesting.

In this book Fisk makes a ton of references to Shakespeare that I go right over my head. The first 50-100 pages are like the bad/boring parts of high school english class all over again.
Lily F
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في الأغلب كانت الرؤية موضوعية لصحفي متمرس
و في الأجدى علينا أن نرى واقع الشرق الاوسط بعين أخرى
عينٌ خارجية تستطيع رؤية التفاصيل التي نجهل
رؤية نقاط الضعف و القوة
و ربما
ربما تعلمنا منها انقاذ هذا البيت المهلهل.
fascinating collection of Fisk's weekly columns for the Independent. a honest critique of the situation in the Middle East. Highly critical of the Bush & Blair govts, also the Arab & Israelis.
The best of Fisk at the Independent. Lots of war and politics and imperialism covered, but also some excellent essays on culture thrown in. He writes real (really, grimly real) life like a novelist.
Marwan Asmar
A bombastic book with a lot of worthwhile information and heartaches about the region from a committed journalist like Fisk. At certain times he reduces the reader to tears
Iranian idiot
This is a 3rd view on the whole belief on terrorism and the whole mess going on in Middle east! I'm so NOT into politics, but the articles are just Great! I'm Lovin' it!
Caitlin Brady
It might take me years to get all the way through...

I think I need to stop lying to myself: I'm never going to finish. Stopped less than half way through.
Feroz Hameed
Humanity in Jouranalism ,,,,,,,,,,,I wish mr.Fiskhad also the Power to transofrm the World into Humanity from unnecessary war,occupation,death...etc......
Well researched, factual yet very touching! I think Fisk has managed to deliver his beliefs in an efficient way
Ah, Mr Fisk. I don't always agree with you, but you always make me think. Cheers.
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Robert Fisk is an English writer and journalist. As Middle East correspondent of The Independent, he has primarily been based in Beirut for more than 30 years. He has published a number of books and has reported on the United States'war in Afghanistan and its 2003 invasion of Iraq. Fisk holds more British and International Journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. The New York Times...more
More about Robert Fisk...
The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon الحرب الخاطفة الإبادة In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality 1939-45

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