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First Daughter (Jack McClure/Ali Carson #1)

3.28 of 5 stars 3.28  ·  rating details  ·  869 ratings  ·  129 reviews
An explosive new political thriller by Eric Van Lustbader,the New York Times bestselling author of The Testament and The Bourne Betrayal

Jack McClure lost his daughter. Now it's his job to make sure the president-elect doesn't lose his.
For eight years, America has been led by a president hell-bent on aggressive foreign policy and re-building the nation on Christian values.A...more
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Published August 19th 2008 by Macmillan Audio (first published 2008)
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I liked it ... I didn't like it.

I went back and forth this way, my feeling and mood for the book shifting from chapter to chapter.

One one hand, his description of the main character's battle with dyslexia was first rate and eyeopening. Likewise, the discussions about separation of church and state, and of how church and state keep the masses in line with fear was awesome.

But then he ruins this when his characters react in a weird way to something, with no explanation; or a few parts that made m...more
First Daughter is the first book in an ongoing political thriller series featuring Special Agent Jack McClure.

The teenage daughter of the next president-elect, Alli Carson, has gone missing right before her father is scheduled to take office. Her father, Edward Carson, seeks an old friend to aid in her missing-persons case -- Special Agent Jack McClure. Carson believes McClure is fit for the job because Alli was once best friends with McClure's late daughter Emma, who died in a car accident. As...more
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What a change of pace from the series of books that I had been reading -- and I loved every page, every line of it. Lustbader writes with such brilliance and suspence that it captivates you from the very beginning until the very end. The twist of McClure having dyslexia is impressive as Lustbader allows it to become McClure's unique weapon and not just as a lame attempt to defend those with his mental disorder. His writing is well-written, the research that went into it well-gathered and he expl...more
The transition of the US President is always a volatile time. No one knows this better than President-Elect Edward Carson. It is one month before his swearing in ceremony and his nineteen year old daughter, Alli, has disappeared. She may have been kidnapped by a homegrown terrorist organization. Finding her is his top priority, and it must be done without anyone in the media getting wind of it.

Carson hand-picks ATF agent Jack McClure to investigate his daughter's disappearance. He has several go...more
I had never heard of this author until I recieved this book as well as the sequel, review coming soon, in the mail from the publisher. I've only read a couple of thrillers so far and this is one that I really enjoyed a lot. The synopsis of the book says a LOT about the story so I'm going to tell you what I liked about the book and hopefully not giveaway too much.

Number 1 I liked the characters....All the characters in my opinion were pretty great. Even the "bad guy." My personal favorite was Ja...more
Jessica at Book Sake
First Daughter had me struggling from the beginning with confusing plot lines, characters with several names and various government agencies to try and keep straight. It had a great teaser to start off with, but then it launched into so many characters even different time frames that I had to re-read several chapters to try and understand the relevance. There was also a strong underlying anti-religion/super religious battle going on that really wasn’t of interest to me. While those charged polit...more
RATING:4.5)FIRST DAUGHTER by Eric Van Lustader is an intriquing political thriller set in Washington,D.C..It is well written with a plot that will catch you from the first sentence to the last sentence. The characters are intriquing,and will hold your attention.It has intrique,mystery,murder,political intrique,action,suspense,ATF agent,politics,murder,and mayhem. When ATF agent Jack McClure is called into action to help find the president,Emma,he will find a conspiracy that not could effect of p...more
I'd have to categorize this book under "Credulity Yoga" because it stretched mine to the edge of its endurance. The hero's back story is just ... bizarre, the African-American characters are straight out of bad blaxploitation, there's a touch of the White Messiah I hate so much, and how the hero's history in the ghettoes of DC are somehow related to the plot of kidnapping the president-elect's daughter still has me scratching my head.
Political intrigue, an old murder and a flawed but immensely likeable ATF agent, Jack McClure, make for an unusual story when the daughter of the soon to be sworn in POTUS is kidnapped. She also happened to be the former roommate of Jack McClure's deceased daughter. Some interesting theories on religion and the masses and government are woven into the story as well which made for interesting reading.
One thing I appreciated about this book was that while there are some serious discussions about religion, you see that there are some zealots on BOTH sides of the spectrum. People often see religion as black and white: all Christians think the same all atheists think the same. vbIn the end, the book doesn't preach about religion or non-religion but merely states the way different people see religion.
Katy Casserly
I wanted to finish reading this book, as the opening scene definitely drew me in. However, the characters were a little predictable (most of them), the dialogue simplistic, and the political message a little heavy handed (maybe because I read it during the never ending election.
While I loved the premise of this book. It was very hard to follow, the sentences were very choppy and the flashbacks hard to keep track of from paragraph to paragraph.
Nick Brett
Not sure where to start with this mess of a book. The author provides a thriller on the theme of religious fundamentalism but the twist here is that it is US Christian fundamentalism. So far so good, and he adds in an agent with Dyslexia and the daughter of the President elect being kidnapped and dark politics from the out-going administration. Some interesting idea that utterly fail in their delivery, clichéd characters, preaching to the reader, diatribes on faith, a ludicrous bad guy, it’s jus...more
This was a new author for me and the reading was very intereesting. I'm planning to read his other books too.
Toni Osborne
Book1 in the Jack McClure series

This new series joins the many political thrillers available to today's readers. The story revolves mainly around politics and religion and an outgoing President who makes his decisions based on his religious beliefs.

The story is tightly plotted with many twists and turns and enough cliff-hangers to keep us flipping pages. It opens with the abduction of Alli Carson, the 19-year-old daughter of U.S. President-elect, a month before her father's inauguration. P.E....more
Jack McClure is an ATF agent who was drafted into a task force by the president-elect to find his kidnapped daughter, Alli. Alli was roommates with Emma, Jack's deceased daughter, and Jack obsesses over solving the case, not only to save Alli, but also to find closure over his guilt of Emma's violent death.

Unlike many thrillers, which puts a super-talented assassin type in harrowing situations one after another, this book actually tries to develop the main character as the story unfolds. We lear...more
Dalton Lynne
I'd prefer to give this book 3.5 stars, but because I don't think it deserves 4, I'm forced to bump it down to 3.

Part of the reason for that was, although it's a fairly good novel, it seemed to flounder at times. I really appreciated the author's description of the main character's dyslexia (my son is dyslexic); he did a good job of demonstrating what goes on in the mind of someone like that. But it often felt like the author was preaching at us about religion and politics ... and the thinly ve...more
Good action marred by laughable political conspiracies and a not-so-hidden message

Eric Van Lustbader is better known as the author who has picked up the Bourne series since the death of Robert Ludlum. First Daughter has some similarities to that series in that we have vast government conspiracies, brainwashing and one man versus the system.

The action in the book is strong.

The back story Van Lustbader told to introduce us to the main character, Jack McClure, is much more inte...more
Jack McClure is the ultimate outsider. Beaten by an abusive father until he runs away, Jack grew up seeing the world differently. His dyslexia made it difficult to read the written word, but it also enabled him to see the world in a different way, one that made solving puzzles/mysteries much easier. He is now a top ATF agent. As the story opens, his daughter Emma was just killed in a terrible automobile accident, and his marriage has dissolved. Jack has turned to work to escape his guilt. When E...more
Eric Van Lustbader’s new novel, First Daughter is a philosophical book disguised as a suspense thriller. Jack McClure is an ATF agent, trying to cope with the death of his only child, and the breakup of his marriage. He is dyslexic and his whole life has struggled with the humiliation of keeping this a secret. His dyslexia has allowed his brain to perceive of unique patterns and has given him an ability to see the world in different ways, leading him to become one of the ATF’s top agents. Jack r...more
First Daughter is a thrilling tale of political intrigue, a shocking crime, and one man’s love and loss that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Alli Carson, the daughter of President-Elect Edward Carson, has been kidnapped just weeks before the Presidential inauguration. Carson personally calls in ATF agent Jack McClure to aid in the search for Alli.

Brilliant and perceptive, Jack is different; an Outsider. Jack is dyslexic and, while he struggles with simple tasks such as reading, h...more
Page 15. That's when I knew I was in trouble. The opener to Lustbader's book, FIRST DAUGHTER, has the title character being whisked to her father's inauguration. As she stands on the dais with her family, she reaches into her pocket and lifts out a "vial of specially prepared anthrax."

"And like the contents of Pandora's box, out would come death in amber waves of grain."

I find myself struggling to explain why this line so perfectly encapsulates what's wrong with this book's prose. It wavers betw...more
When the president's daughter, Alli is kidnapped, there is only one person the president trusts to get Alli back. That person is Jack McClure, a ATF agent. Jack's daughter Emma was friends with Alli. Emma died in a car accident. Jack realized early on in his life that he had dyslexia but he won't let that stop him from getting Alli back. Jack and his partner Nina proceed to learn what happened to Alli, so they start at the place where she was While digging around in the bushe...more
I'd prefer to give this book 3.5 stars, but because I don't think it deserves 4, I'm forced to bump it down to 3.

Part of the reason for that was, although it's a fairly good novel, it seemed to flounder at times. I really appreciated the author's description of the main character's dyslexia (my son is dyslexic); he did a good job of demonstrating what goes on in the mind of someone like that. But it often felt like the author was preaching at us about religion and politics ... and the thinly ve...more
I think there may have been a good story in here somewhere, but it was buried under bad writing and heavy-handed politics.
Full review to come...

Alright. Lately I've had a string of badish books and reviews, and I really don't like being mean (most of the time. Maybe.) The truth is, I want to share good books with you guys. I want you to be able to find something your going to curl up in a big chair with a mug of cocoa and fall in love with. But I'm not going to lie or sugar-coat how I feel a...more
Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
I ended up not reading this book. My husband read it and this is his review!

There’s an old saying – you’re shouting so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying!

This book had so much going for it – a plot that was interesting, yet subtle. A hero, whose own struggles and demons gave him capabilities and determination. It even tied nicely into the election year politics. It could’ve been so much… but Eric Van Lustbader decided to use it for his own political vehicle. His thinly veiled attacks against...more
My full review is here.

In Eric Van Lustbader's new novel, the President is an ultra-conservative, ultra-religious extremist, and he and his supporters are willing to do anything to keep a lock on the country, even if it means torturing their own citizens and forcing foreign governments to be complicit in their dirty deals. It's a future that seems all too plausible in our current political climate, making First Daughter a timely political thriller.

The first chapter is startling and sets the tone...more
What a phenomenal book. The book starts off with Alli at her father's inauguration and then drops back a month to just before she was kidnapped. The first chapter gives us a sneak peek of what's in store for her and her family (as well as a multitude of others). Then we get catapulted back to the beginning where Jack, an ATF agent and Alli's deceased best friend's father, enters the picture. He is asked specifically by the president-elect to search for his daughter as they have a past history. T...more
I started reading Van Lustbader's Nicholas Linnear novels as a teenager and thoroughly enjoyed them. Over the years I read a few of his stand alone novels as well. So I was interested in checking out this series. Overall, I enjoyed the read. It was an intriguing novel with the expected twists and turns for the genre.


Most intriguing for me was the way the current events tied back in to the main character's past. That was an interesting twist, though by the end it was almost too...more
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Eric Van Lustbader was born and raised in Greenwich Village. He is the author of more than twenty-five best-selling novels, including The Ninja, in which he introduced Nicholas Linnear, one of modern fiction's most beloved and enduring heroes. The Ninja was sold to 20th CenturyFox, to be made into a major motion picture. His novels have been translated into over twenty languages.

Mr. Lustbader is...more
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