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Skybreaker (Matt Cruse #2)

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  7,485 ratings  ·  486 reviews
Matt Cruse has been accepted at the Airship Academy, his days as cabin boy over for the moment. He has difficulty settling down to life on land, but is helped by the fact that Kate is in Paris too.
Unknown Binding, 453 pages
Published September 15th 2006 by Not Avail (first published January 1st 2005)
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Morgan F
OH man. I devoured this book in a few hours despite its rather large size. I was so absorbed and the pages (get ready for a pun) flew by.

This book continues Matt Cruses saga. When it starts, he is serving as an intern on the airship Flotsam. The Flotsam gets blown off course and as it rises to heights untraveled, it discovers a 40-yr-old mystery: the location of the Hyperion, a ghost ship legend to have riches upon riches on board. Because of some complications, the Flotsam must end it's journe
Ok, I can now officially say that I LOVE this series. I would never have thought I'd enjoy this so much based on that boring, boring cover, but I really, really did. And I also never would have thought I'd enjoy this one more than I did the first one in the series, but I did that too! Ghost ships? Treasure hunting? A mad inventor? Yes, yes, and yes. Also a handsome rogue, a beautiful, fiesty gypsy, a group of sherpas, the sky over Antarctica, romance, danger,, so fun. I thought it ...more
Perfect juvenile adventure story. This is what they should be making into a film, rather than messing about with the next Harry Potter clone.
Get ready ladies and gents for another adventure of epic porportions with the clever Matt Cruse and vivacious Kate de Vries. This time around we find them in Paris where Matt is attending the Airship Academy, but it isn't going as well as he had hoped. He's struggling with some of his courses and isn't living up to people's expectations. Despite that he has stumbled onto another risky endeavor. Matt has seen the legendary Hyperion which is believed to be a floating treasure trove. Kate has got ...more
I thought this was a great sequel to "Airborn;" it was full of the exciting action and well-described characters--not to mention a most intriguing "world"--that made the first book so good. I really like how the author mixes an old-fashioned era with technology, and Matt Cruse's world is realistic and memorable. I was a little surprised by how eerie and scary (for me) some of the chapters and scenes were; I probably shouldn't have been reading those at night ;-) Not that that was a bad thing--I ...more
I nearly forgot I had read the first book which I could very well get in trouble for, seeing how many people love this series. The whole premise of historic fiction with a sci-fi twist to it is starting to have a real appeal to me now. I don't know exactly what they call it though.

Matt is just how I remembered him though he gets a bit obsessive about money, being good enough and all that. Kate is true to her character as well. Things get complicated between them, the captain, and the gypsy. I g
Rick Riordan
This is the sequel to Oppell’s Airborn, which I read and loved last year. If anything, I liked Skybreaker better. Oppell does a great job capturing the spirit of “classic boy adventures” like Treasure Island and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (which admittedly I never read as a boy, but I caught up with later). In Skybreaker, our young hero Matt Cruse spots a ghost ship of the air, the Hyperion, and inadvertently launches a frenzied hunt for the massive treasure that is supposedly on board. The on ...more
An Odd1
"Skybreaker" (Matt Cruse #2) is a hydrium powered airship with Everest altitude capability owned by debonair Captain Hal. After Victorian steampunk "Airborn", cabin-boy Matt attends Air Academy and rich Kate studies at the Sorbonne, both in Paris. When our brave lad learns coordinates to the 40-year hidden retreat of a wealthy inventor, mysterious gypsy Nadira saves him. Kate hires Hal and the team of four hunt treasure, still pursued by greedy Barton. I liked the action adventure, not the suppo ...more
Barbara ★
Airborn hero, Matt Cruse is finally studying at the Airship Academy in Paris. Part of his school work is a hands on 2 weeks mission aboard an airship. Unluckily for Matt, he is chosen to join the crew of the Flotsam a wreck of a ship with a rather nutso captain. A mysterious sight draws the ship up, up and away. The sighting of a ship at 20,000 feet draws the captains attention and regardless of safety he sets off in pursuit. The Hyperion was lost 40 years earlier supposedly with all hands on de ...more
I know my friend Deb just loves Oppel, so while coming down from the Sibert jury, I thought this might be a good relaxing escape.

It really was all that and more. For a long book, it reads fast fast fast. You can't quit turning the pages. Plots twist, not in an unbelievable way but more in a slight-jaw-dropping, actually gasping/saying things out loud way.

This would be a perfect book for boys who like Alex Rider - different but the same sort of plot plot plot action action action.
Sep 19, 2008 Ravi rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: ANYONE!!!
Recommended to Ravi by: Tenzin
As good an airborn but much, much higher up. 20,000 feet up!
In this sequel to Airborn, we pick up about where we left off. Matt’s taken his money and used it to enroll in the Airship Academy, sending some home for his mother and sister’s. Kate has enrolled in the Sorbonne and taken up flying lessons. The adventure begins with Matt’s internship about the Flotsam.

Assistant to the Navigator, he’s learning things he never really took the time to notice board the Aurora. He was always more concerned with the flying than the routes. And while he appreciates hi
Krista (One Love) (Critical)
I liked this one much better than the first. It was deeper, and the main character, Matt, actually started acting like a person rather than a one-dimensional name on a page. It focused more on the characters than the plot, and had quite a bit of romance. Matt practically spends the whole book lusting over Kate.

It was also good to get some new characters. Hal was complex. I had trouble figuring out what to make of him, and whethere to trust him or not, which was fine. Same goes for Nadira, who I
Sep 30, 2009 Ann rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Quasar :)
Recommended to Ann by: Katie and Tyler
This series is fast becoming one of my favorites! A great deal of this has to do with the protagonist being such a wonderful, upstanding, young man who tries his hardest to do what's right, and questions himself when he falls short (even if his failings were not from his own actions).

Oppel has created a new cast of supporting characters for Skybreaker and they are just as detailed and intriguing as the cast of Airborn (first book in the series). Returning to Skybreaker are certain other favorite
Aug 29, 2009 Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who loved "Airborn"--and anyone who loves a grand adventure should read "Airborn"!!!
Shelves: fantasy-sci-fi, ya
Another great full-cast audiobook version! I very much enjoyed this worthy sequel to the excellent "Airborn" which I loved.

(SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT READ AIRBORN. And, if you don't want to know a thing about what happens in "Skybreaker" stop reading now and just go read the book!! It's awesome!!!)

The story begins with a bang as Matt Cruse finds himself in the midst of a storm while on board an airship. It was strange at first that he wasn't on the Aurora but, of course, he has joined the
This time, Matt Cruse and Kate di Veris are embarking on a near impossible, breathtaking journey.
And I mean breathtaking.
They join a mysterious gypsy named Nadria and a rich, important man named Slater to seek a 40-year-old ghost ship called the Hyperion; and a chance to discover it's riches, they are the first humans to set eyes on it besides the now dead captain of the ship, Grunel. The altidude is a deadly 20,000 feet and they only have a few hours to search the ship before evil sky pirates f
I took this book from the library for my daughter to read, but could not resist dipping into it myself, and was quickly hooked. The book, and "Airborn" the previous book in the series (if this becomes a series) is about airships - I have not read the previous book, but there is enough detail in this book that it is not totally necessary to have read the first to understand the second.

The Protagonist, Matt Cruse, is a 16 year old going through the Airship Academy, and the book is about an adventu
Airborn is good, but Skybreaker is great. It has a much faster pace at the beginning than Airborn, and most of the book takes place in a frozen airship that’s spooky at first, and then turns dangerous with the presence of (view spoiler) and yes they’re as terrifying (and awesome) as they sound. Oppel does tension so well and it’s particularly noticeable in this book, which is built around tension. Skybreaker is also deliciously funny, in a very subtle, ...more
Matt has enrolled in the Academy since his last set of adventures, and is serving on a ship as part of his training when he spots the legendary airship Hyperion. Matt, tempted by the treasure, embarks on a voyage with Kate and two others to catch up with the Hyperion. But the ship holds tightly to its secrets, and they are not the only ones who have their eyes set on it.

Oppel's writing is as fluid as ever. The Earth of the story is related to our world, but with several changes, and the mix of f
Jaimie K
I actually really liked the plot of the novel and the quick pacing, but the low rating is for the horribly half-assed and problematic way Oppel deals with the issue of racism.

SPOILERS: Nadira is a Roma woman and clearly refers to herself as Roma, but the characters (and the author) always describe her as a gypsy. She's a mysterious and secretive character which isn't much of a problem by itself, but literally the first description of her by the narrator is that she's a gypsy girl, and gypsies w
In this sequel to "Airborn," Matt and Kate are going higher than ever.

Matt can hardly believe his luck when he is allowed to go on a quest for the legendary Hyperion; a strange craft that an eccentric inventor left floating in the stratosphere ages ago. With Matt as one of the crew on an immense airship bound for the airborn treasure, and Kate hoping to discover new species high above the clouds, this is yet another amazing adventure of the skies that does not disappoint.
"If my heart were a compass, you'd be North."

No. This "couple" does not get to use that. NO.

I liked this one a fair bit more than Airborn. The love triangle/quadrangle wasn't the worst I've read but unnecessary and frustrating. The plot was a bit better and not nearly so, for lack of a better word, worthless. Characters still annoying or, in Matt's case, blah.
Willem van den Oever
Kenneth Oppel’s “Airborn” – the first in a YA series starring Matt Cruse – was a spectacular and thoroughly enjoyable adventure novel of the classic kind. Featuring airships, pirates, journeys to exotic places and narrow escapes, Oppel took all the familiar elements from the works of Jules Verne and R.L. Stevenson and made them his own.
Such a piece of work warrants a sequel and with “Skybreaker”, Oppel brings back all the familiar goodies.

This time Matt Cruse, the enigmatic dreamer, teams up onc
Kenneth Knudson
I have not read a book this captivating in a long time! There are many reasons why this book is legit.

First, the story is not too cheesy. Its predictable enough that I know what is going on, but not so revealing that I know how the story will end. It starts off with Matt Cruse, the main protagonist, aboard the ship Flotsam. After finally achieving his dream of attending the Academy, he is sent on this ship to gain field experience. They run into a huge storm, and in the eye of it spot the ship
Cathrine Bonham
I loved this book so much. It was a breath taking adventure set high above the earth in a land of thin air and bitter cold. The tale is one of romance and danger as Matt and Kate set out to find a ghost ship that has been sailing the atmosphere for forty years. Will they find the Gold that Matt desperately needs to care for his family? Will Kate discover new and bizarre aerial life? Or will all they find is a floating tomb?
Thomas Hooker
Despite being intended for a younger audience, Skybreaker was a rather interesting and engaging novel. Kenneth Oppel introduces the reader to the world of Matt Cruse- a world that diverged somewhere in history from our own and saw the rise of travel by "air-ships"(blimps and zeppelins essentially) rather than airplanes. This novel follows Matt Cruse and his unlikely partners as they attempt to breach altitudes never climbed before in the hunt for a lost airship containing riches beyond their wil ...more
This book is a great read, and is a sequel to Airborn. I think that anyone who liked the first book is definitely going to like this book. It had surprising twists, and I felt like I was in the moment because there was such descriptive language and great detail. I can't wait to read the third book in this series, "Starclimber," because the other books in the series are great.
Despite its being dismissed as "too kissy face" by a certain colleague, I enjoyed this sequel. Wasn't quite as fun as the first, and I thought he stuck to the same formula just a little too much (like, the SAME formula), but it was still a good adventure and I would recommend it to folks who liked the first one. Still digging the full cast audio.
Another great book in this series. Good character development. Tons of adventure and brushes with death. Kenneth Oppel does another great job describing a world that very few if any authors have written about. He has created a whole new world in the sky. I'm very excited to see what else his has to come

Nancy Butts
Second book in the series, and even better than the first, if such a thing is possible. This time Matt and Kate go chasing a ghost ship, the Hyperion, in Skyberia: 20,000 feet above the Antarctic Sea. They are joined by a gypsy girl, Nadira; and a determined adventurer, Hal, aboard his airship the Sagamartha, along with a crew of Sherpas. I often find the action scenes in adventure books a bit boring, because they are all about bodily motion, but Oppel deftly combines action and emotion in every ...more
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I was born in 1967 in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.C. and on the opposite coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia...At around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer (this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist, and then an architect). I started out writing sci-fi epics (my Star Wars phase) then went on to swords ...more
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