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Cinderella: Big Golden Book
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Cinderella: Big Golden Book (Disney Classic #6)

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  3,042 ratings  ·  148 reviews
Though mistreated by her family, Cinderella manages to get to the prince's ball with the help of her fairy godmother and to inspire the prince's undying love.
Hardcover, 20 pages
Published March 1st 1986 by Golden Books (first published January 1st 96)
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Olin Ugo
I love this book so much! This book really made me feel like a princess!!!!
Mar 18, 2014 Aaron_ebert rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: young girls
Recommended to Aaron_ebert by: my mom
Cinderella is a book written by the Walt Disney Company about a young lady repressed by her stepmother and stepsisters. Throughout the story, her stepmother kept her from having a life similar to the other girls her age.

Cinderella, the main character, is made to do not only her own work, but the work of her stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizilla. Their mother favors the two sisters over her stepdaughter and gives them all they desire. The fairy godmother is a sweet looking older lady who comes to
Krista Lineweaver
Cinderella, written by the Walt Disney Company, is intended for the primary audience. It is a written folklore that has been interpreted by several different groups of people. It has been basically kept the same about a young girl who's father had married a wicked woman who had stolen all of her father's money after he has passed away. The stepmother and stepsisters do everything to keep her busy and treat her like a maid. Cinderella ends up going to the ball with the prince and becomes the prin ...more
Melissa Gross
First of all, do you have any idea how many people have the same size foot? Billions. Trying to find your true love based on her foot size is just preposterous. Although, as a kid, I thought his was a great idea! This fairy tale gives new light to fairy tales. It allows young girls to see that no matter where you come from or how bad life is, there is always a bright light waiting for you ahead. This book not only gives the readers something to look forward to because they want Cinderella to hav ...more
RLL52014_KellyMcGushin Mcgushin
A classic tale about a girl named Cinderella. After Cinderella's mother dies her father marries an evil woman who already has two daughters. Things turn pretty ugly when Cinderella's father dies and she becomes a slave. She cleans irons and cooks and does everything for the evil stepmother and the two daughters. Then, the Prince needs to find a suitable bride for himself, so he invites every single girl in the town to a special ball in the castle. However Cinderella has no way of going because h ...more
Setting, Characters, and Plot: Walt Disney’s version of Cinderella is what most people believe to be the original version of this fairytale. The story’s setting is a far away European Kingdom. There lived Ella (Cinderella), a beautiful, golden-haired, blue-eyed girl who lived with her devoted father who gave her everything her heart desired. Her father was wife-less and felt that Ella needed a mother. So, he married again and chose a wife who had two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella. The father ...more
Kellie Murphy
I chose to read Cinderella because it was a favorite of mine as a kid. It was so interesting to go back and read a classic like this now as an adult. I still think this is a great story for children. It is quite obviously a fairy tale fiction, but it is a great read. It is magical, with the animals and fairy god mother. It is also hopeful, and teaches a lesson that if you don't give up, a bad situation can turn itself around and have a happy ending. I enjoyed reading it again. I think it's nice ...more
This is the timeless story that should be in every teacher's classroom for students to enjoy. It is the story of a girl who has no one in her life except some animals and is poor, forced to do chores all day. She never stops believing in herself though and she continues to wish for a better life. Finally, her dream is granted and she gets to go to the Prince's ball where she falls in love and is eventually married. This story sparks imagination in children's minds and brings them to different wo ...more
Matt Forsythe
Cinderella is about a woman that has a step-mother and three evil step-sisters. Cinderella is catering as their slave because her step mother doesn't care about her and because she isn't one of her real daughters. She does their laundry, cleans the floor, and does everything a maid would do. One night, Cinderella got tired of doing all these chores and being a slave, that she ran up to her room and started crying her eyes out. Later that night, a little fairy came to Cinderella, and she asked th ...more
Sam Shaneybrook
Cinderella is a great book for children from nursery and older. Cinderella is a great story that has been passed down from generations to generations. This is the classic Disney version in which a young women is made to do all the chores in the houshold of her step-mom and two step-sisters. While her family is dressed richly, Cinderella is dressed very poorly. On the night of a ball, Cinderella is told to stay home while her step-mom and step-sisters attend. Cinderella has a fairy godmother that ...more
Tahmina Alam
This is a traditional fairy tale about an orphan girl who lives with her two evil step sisters. They make her do all the chores, speak to her rudely and treat her horribly. One day there's an invitation from the palace for all the females in the land to attend the ball so that the prince can choose a spouse. While the two evil step sisters prepare to go, they do not allow Cinderella to join them. However, a fairy godmother comes to the rescue by providing Cinderella with an outfit, glass slipper ...more
Krista Basilio
Cinderella is the much-loved only child of a widowed aristocrat. After deciding that his beloved daughter needs a mother's care, Cinderella's father marries a proud and haughty woman named Lady Tremaine. She too has been married before, and has two daughters from her first marriage, Anastasia and Drizella. Plain and socially awkward, these stepsisters are bitterly envious of the beautiful and charming Cinderella.

The family lives in happiness for several years, until the death of Cinderella's fat
Rasheada Khan
Cinderella is a fairytale. It can be used in the classroom as it teaches about morally right and wrong behaviour. And those who do wrong will eventually get their comeuppance.

The book is about a young girl called Cinderella who lives with her Father, Stepmother and her ugly step sisters. She is made to do all the household chores, whilst her ugly step sisters do nothing to help.
An invitation to the Princes grand party arrives for all the young ladies in the land, as he is looking for a wife. Th
Rachel Burke
Cinderella is also a children folklore book. This book is for ages 2 and up. I gave this story 4 stars because it is one of my favorites and an all-around good fairytale for kids. I loved this story, especially as a little girl. It is about a young girl who has lost both her parents and is made to be a servant to her step mother and step sisters. She wants to go to a ball though, so her fairy godmother appears gets her to the ball, and she meets the prince they fall in love. After she flees the ...more
Ashleigh Frankel
This book is one of my favorites from my childhood. It revolves around this main character named Cinderella. Cinderella has two evil step sisters and an evil stepmother. They make her life miserable. She is forced to clean the entire house and do all the chores while her stepsisters and stepmother go to parties. One evening, Cinderella is granted with a Fairy Godmother who helps make her wishes come true. Through transforming a pumpkin into a carriage with horses and creating an exquisite dress, ...more
Zavia Currie
This is one of my most loved childhood books. I have read this book a lot of times and many different versions. I have read this recently too. This book remains me of my life when I was younger and what I was interested in reading.
This book is about a beautiful girl who lived with her evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters, after her father’s death. She was treated poorly and mentally abused. She did everyone’s chores. There was a grand boll and she wanted to go. But for this to happen she had
Nikki Smith
In this short story of Cinderella, a story about a nice young daughter whose father passed away leaving her to the care of her evil step mother and her evil step sisters. While she is forced to clean and locked in the house, she meets friends with animals and takes care of the grounds. When news that the Prince is looking for his princess across the land spreads to CInderella's house, the step sisters will do anything to get to royalty, including keeping their step sister away. An adventure awai ...more
Taylor Munson
Cinderella to me is a lot like Snow White. However, Cinderella is more classy and girly than Snow White is. For starters, Cinderella starts out with an evil step mother and she has two evil step sisters. Cinderella has to cook and clean and never gets to do anything fun. Eventually her fairy god mother shows up and Cinderella is granted with a beautiful dress, a carriage, and she gets to go to the ball but she has to be back before midnight. A lot of movies have come out with a spin or relation ...more
Haley Heinkel
The tale of Cinderella is every girls dream. This book has a great story that anyone would enjoy reading. The story is about a girl whose father died and had to live with her evil stepmother who made her do chores. Her two step sisters were mean as well and make Ella (Cinderella) do all the work. She makes many animal friends and they help her do the work. A fairy godmother comes and grants her wishes she is able to go to the ball but she has to be back before midnight. When the clock strokes tw ...more
Jen Zuvella
I absolutely love Cinderella; she will forever be my favorite princess. I could easily read this book over and over again and not get tired of the story. The plot line puts you in a situation where you can understand Cinderella’s difficult life and how she gets through it because of how strong her character is. I would definitely recommend reading this book or even showing the movie to your daughters or younger girls. I know when I was a younger girl, picking a favorite princess was a big deal, ...more
Mamoon Razaq
A classic tale about a girl named Cinderella.

After Cinderella's mother dies her father marries a evil woman who already has two daughters. Things turn even worse when Cinderella's father dies and she becomes a slave. She cleans, irons and cooks and does everything for the evil stepmother and the two daughters.

Then the Prince needs to find a suitable bride for himself, so he invites every single girl in the town a special ball in the castle. However Cinderella has no way of going because firstl
Christina Deroche
Cinderella was one of my favorite stories growing up. It is still my favorite princess Disney movie. The book has great pictures. It is a great book for any age child.

Cinderella would be great in the dramatic play area of a classroom. Children love playing house. Having books like Cinderella in the dramatic play area gives the children something to base their plays on.
Jessie Jang
Cinderella was one of the first fairy tales that I read. I thought it was a wonderful story. I liked how the story had different animals in the book. Also that there is such a thing as true love. Also that you should forgive and forget.

I would talk about that dreams do come true if they believe. Also what the children dreams are and also never give up on their dream.
Chanita Zimmerman
This is a classic. I love the story line and the illatrations. Every teacher should have a copy of this book.

I would use this story to discuss the different make ups of families. Cinderella Lived with her step mom and step sisters. alll families are different and I will use the story as an example. i think this is a great book to show the difference of families.
Hannah Edwards
Walt Disney’s Story of Cinderella is a about the most beloved princess of them all. Cinderella’s story is rather tragic in the beginning and ends up turning out to be great and has a happy ending. It is an awful story about Cinderella being tortured and put to work, essentially being a slave, by her stepmother and stepsisters. But in the end Cinderella’s fairy godmother helps her to go to the ball which starts the good in the story, she eventually meets her Prince Charming and is no longer a sla ...more
Samantha Dundas
The age range for this book is primary.

Cinderella is a folklore because it starts with once upon a time. This story is about Cinderella who has two mean step sisters. Her sisters treated her horribly and when they went off to the ball they left her home. But what they didn't know was a fairy godmother came to her rescue and dressed her up and she went to the ball. But when the clock hit midnight she was going to turn back into her rag clothes so she ran out on the prince but her shoe was left be
Ashley Hilton
Cinderella's mother died and her father remarried an evil lady with two daughters. Cinderella's father died and the step mother was really mean to her. He made her clean and she favored her daughters over her. Cinderella got a fairy god mother that helped her get to the ball. The prince and Cinderella fell in love at the ball. When the clock struck midnight she left and lost her shoe. He went around looking for her an matched up the glass slipper to any woman he could. The queen tries to get it ...more
We have all heard of Cinderella. Cinderella is in many different cultures and is told in many different ways but the way i rememember is the traditional Cinderella story by Walt Disney. The pictures are very detailed and imaginative. The story has great imagination to it. Cinderalla is the typical fairy tale story with the happily ever after ending. Although there isn't really a strong lesson or moral to the story it is still entertaining and fun to read. A moral of the story might be that no on ...more
Katelynn Callahan
This is the original story of Cinderella, a beautiful girl who is forced to live with her step mother and horrible step sisters. They treat her as a slave and never let her have any fun. One day the prince holds a ball and with the help of a fairy godmother and a little magic Cinderella is able to attend the ball. Once there she falls in love with the prince but she has to leave by midnight and then prince is devastated. He searches the entire kingdom for her and when he finds her he makes her i ...more
Alma Hernandez
This is a book that I grew up with. This fairy tale is a classic. This book can be used in the dramatic play center. As a teacher I would put out princess dresses and prince clothes so the children will be able to re-tell the story and use thier imagination and creativity.
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