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My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel
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My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  496 ratings  ·  85 reviews
Steven Brust jumps into the universe and characters of Joss Whedon's Firefly series.

My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel is a novel written by established fantasy novelist Steven Brust "on spec". It was originally proposed as an official Firefly novel to be licensed by Universal Pictures, but it was rejected. In 2008 it was instead published by Brust on the internet un
ebook, 168 pages
Published 2008 by Steven Brust
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This is my second book by Steven Brust, and, unfortunately, I had a lot of the same complaints that I had with the first one. Which was also, now that I think of it, a situation in which Brust wrote a story around someone else's work (in this case Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity world and characters, and in the other book, the Bible).

I just don't think that his style is for me. Which is a shame, because I think the stories are good. I just get annoyed while I'm reading them. His style is too cho
Kat Hagedorn

I've never read fan fiction before. I consider it hyperventilation from nerds who can't write and should be getting back to their coding RSN. (This coming from a nerd herself.) But Brust is an actual sci-fi author, albeit a bit strange (his Wikipedia picture needs no words) and prone to creating novels set in other authors' universes.

Perhaps because he was writing fan fiction, he released this novel under a Creative Commons license allowing users to download, share and r
Oct 29, 2012 Terence rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Firefly fans
Recommended to Terence by: John S.
Shelves: sf-fantasy, e-books
I saw the movie "Serenity" and enjoyed it very much but it was only after Netflix began streaming episodes of "Firefly" that I actually watched and fell in love with the series. I'm not a Joss Whedon fan. The few episodes of "Angel" I watched bored me. I never bothered with "Dollhouse." "Buffy" was more interesting, and I loved the series' finale (far better, IMO, than BSG's). But in "Firefly" a number of elements came together so that it spoke to me, including the cast, the background and the g ...more
Thanks, Chris. It was great to read a new Firefly adventure. This was a lot of fun. Brust nailed the characters & dialog. This takes place after the series (Book & Inara are gone.) but before the movie (I won't say why, although if it's a spoiler, your movie priorities are all wrong.)

Get it for free through a Google search or here in epub, mobi, or PDF.
D. Jason
Steven Brust's very professional piece of Firefly fanfiction (not actually, he began it as a tie-in novel; when that deal fell through, he released it as fan fic under a Creative Commons license) is a welcome chance to spend a little more time with Mal, Zoe, Wash, Simon, River, Kaylee and Jayne, and fills in the time between the TV series and the film rather nicely.

Brust gets each character's voice perfectly -- and you know it, because each scene is narrated from a different character's point of
colleen the contrarian  ± (... never stop fighting) ±
I don't usually read much in the way of fan-fiction or tie-ins, but this was picked as a group read, and I do love me some Firefly, and it was short and free so, hey, why not?

I think, overall, Brust did a good job and capturing the voices of the characters - though I was getting a bit annoyed with Zoë saying "sir" in almost every line of dialogue she delivers to Mal (yes, I know she called him sir, it was more the constant repetition of it, like when people constantly say someone's name in dialo
It's not often that I can actually include a fanfic novel in my reading, especially one released for free on the Internet by a professional author. That is however exactly what My Own Kind of Freedom is: Steven Brust's Firefly fanfic novel. If I understand the history of this book correctly, Brust tried to pitch it professionally but couldn't sell it, and ergo decided to release it to the net.

The plot's decent enough and reads like a good idea for an episode of the show, one set after the last a
May 17, 2008 Daniel rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2008
Strictly for fans of the late, great Fox television show "Firefly," "My Own Kind of Freedom" would hold no interest -- and, in fact, probably be close to nonsensical -- to anyone else. The book, available for free on the Web, is essentially fan fiction -- a novel, that is, that has an original storyline but uses characters from a pre-existing TV show, movie or book. The difference between this and most other fan fiction, however, is that the writer is a professional author. I can't speak to Brus ...more
Feb 11, 2008 John added it
One of my favorite fantasy writers, Steven Brust, apparently pitched this cross-over into the universe of Joss Whedon's Firefly to the appropriate people and they said "no thanks."

So he wrote it as fan fiction and is distributing it for free. The result is that a fantastic author has written a fantastic book simply because he wanted to... and we can all read it for free.

The novel is set between the last episode of the series and the movie Serenity. Inara and Book have left the ship; otherwise,
This was a good book. Now, I love Firefly, and I enjoy Brust's work as well, so I figured I'd like this, as long as the author got Firefly and the characters. I have to admin, even though I like Brust's work, I was worried. The cast of Firefly all have their distinctiveness, and I've read some truly awful fanfic, which is what this really is.

I needn't have worried. Brust brings his excellent and entertaining writing to the table, and shows off that he's actually watched the series, and probably
Why I Read This Book: One of our members at the last B&N meeting recommended it. Since it's a CC-licensed ebook by an author I've heard nice things about set in a universe I enjoy, why not?

This is the first book I've read by Brust, and it's a media tie-in (if you're being polite) or fanfic (if you aren't) set in the Firefly universe. It was (almost certainly) written after the theatrical film but takes place between the end of the TV series and the start of the film.

I enjoyed this thoroughly
Jun 15, 2012 Chris rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Firefly fans
Shelves: osga
This was a lot of fun, and a relaxing read. It was great to get back in touch with the crew of Serenity. I've read several books by Brust now, and I'll say that this was consistent with his style while capturing the heart of Firefly. Win/win.

Jan 15, 2012 Kevin added it
Recommends it for: Brown Coats, SF Fans, Fox Haters
My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel is a novel written by established fantasy novelist Steven Brust "on spec". It was originally proposed as an official Firefly novel to be licensed by Universal Pictures, but it was rejected. In 2008 it was instead published by Brust on the internet under a Creative Commons license as fan fiction. from

Download the novel here. link: Link

I thought the TV show was great as well as the movie and the comics so when I fou
Marc Huete
This is a piece of Firefly fanfiction. I have no idea how it got on my desktop, but there it was. It was, indeed, excellent. Mr. Brust had a strong understanding of the characters, and was able to write their internal monologs so well that it gave me a greater appreciation for the series (I'm looking at you, River).

There were a few lost points, all rather minor. Characters are oftentimes not attributed, which left me lost a few times (usually the first few paragraphs into a chapter). I didn't fe
Joel Neff
Mar 05, 2008 Joel Neff rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Browncoats
"My Own Kind of Freedom" is a Firefly / Serenity novel, written by a fan, as a work of fan-fic. Only it was also written by a prominent, well-regarded professional science-fiction and fantasy author: Steven Brust.

The result is a fast, engaging read, driven almost entirely by un-attributed, non-annotated dialog between the characters. And Brust gets the characters exactly right.

For fans of the t.v. series, reading this novel is just like watching an episode of the show. No effort is made to expla
I don't usually read fan fiction, but I've enjoyed several of Steven Brust's other novels, so I thought I'd give this a try. It turned out to be a pretty fun read, especially for a free ebook.

This is a short novel, and it takes place after the last Firefly TV episode but before the movie. Shepherd Book and Inara have already left Serenity.

Brust knows these characters, and their banter is spot-on. The narrative jumps around too much at first, with multiple POVs and flashbacks, but it eventually s
This was pretty entertaining! I'd probably give it 3.5 stars, but it's closer to 3 than 4 so that's what I went with.

I thought Brust did a really good job of capturing the personalities of the characters and portraying them in text format. There were a few exceptions, over-used words and terms that I don't remember being over-used in the show, but that was easily forgiven. The story was entertaining, and read like an episode of the show, which was a nice trip down memory lane.

Overall, I liked
Before I get into this review, I want to mention the hard facts. The best and most pertinent hard fact being that if you click on the Goodreads entry for this book you will find a lovely thing; a link to the page where you can download this novel for free. That's because it's a "media tie-in novel," meaning the universe and characters were "lovingly used without permission."

The 'verse here is that of the TV series Firefly and the film Serenity. The novel takes place sometime between the events o
After hearing much good things about Steven Brust I finally decided to try out one of his books. A free Firefly novel seemed as good a place to start as any.

Brust has gotten the atmosphere, pacing, dialogue and the characters of the TV series down very well. He clearly had a firm grasp of the show's central themes and plays with them in an interesting manner. My Own Kind of Freedom is a brief, quick read and like the original TV series is rich and very entertaining.

Brust published this novel for
Ben Jones
Not My Own Kind of Novel

Disliking this novel may have something to do with the fact I rarely read tie-in novels; either way, My Own Kind of Freedom is quite simply not My Own Kind of Novel (...every chapter in this novel bizarrely uses a variation of the book's title: My Own Kind of ____, so get used to it).

The narrative is probably 70% dialogue, 30% description, and if that's what gets you going, fair enough. To me, it read more like a script than a novel. This benefits it in some ways, as it
Steven R. McEvoy
What do you get when you cross a great TV series and movie (Firefly) and an amazing author (Steven K.Z. Brust)? You get a fabulous story that leaves you salivating for more. I have been a longtime Steven Brust fan and was introduced to Firefly just over a year ago. Both are among my all-time favorite works of science fiction or fantasy. What makes it even better is that Steven Brust is giving away the book on his website. You can download it and read it for free, and what student could not use s ...more
Jesse Whitehead
I have never had any desire to read or write fan fiction. (Unless you count the Star Trek roll playing game my friends and I made up in High School.) However, when said fiction is written in the “Firefly” universe by a respected fantasy author it becomes much more tempting.

Steven Brust has been writing fantasy for decades. When the television show Firefly was cancelled he, like other fans, wanted to do something to help it live on. Being a writer of novels he sat down and wrote a Firefly novel.
Cynthia Armistead
Oct 30, 2010 Cynthia Armistead rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Firely fans
This has been on my "currently reading" shelf for what seems like years, but it really was a fast read. I was just about to start it when I switched from the Palm to the iTouch, and I didn't get around to converting it from a .prc file to an .epub until this week.

Yes, I know that Calibre, which is a marvelous and indispensable piece of software for anyone who reads e-books (and I firmly recommend that everyone should run out right now, download it, and show some kind of support to the author, es
This felt like maybe the first draft of a novel that didn't get revised, which might not be far off if I understand the history of the work. I can see where the bones of a good novel are here, and for a large part Brust does a good job of capturing the tone of the different characters from the show. But the motivations don't feel quite right, and there were several times when I felt like they were being shoehorned along for the sake of the plot. Characters repeatedly ask Mal why he won't leave t ...more
The opening was awkward and it took him a while to get into the voices of the characters, or at any rate the special Firefly/Whedon dialect, but once he got rolling he did OK.good story, feels like a regular episode between the end if the series and the BDM. The absence of the Shepherd is felt. Some very good notions with Simon & River, and some interesting backstory on everyone.
Stuart Lutzenhiser
I went into this book having neither seen the TV show nor the movie; basically knowing nothing about it other than the author whose books I read as soon as they are published in a devouring fashion.
I did enjoy this - but not his strongest work. I'm not sure if this is because he was writing in a universe not of his own creation - or if it was because it missed an editing step in the publishing process. But either way, it was enjoyable, but forgetable.
The premise is that the crew of a Firefly-cl
A really good Firefly story set somewhere between the show and the movie. No Inara, and no Book, but the rest of the crew is there and very true to character. The main conflict addresses the question of who the good guys and bad guys are in the Serenity 'verse, especially in regards to Alliance versus Independents and morality in general.
I flew this book, and read it in about a day. I love the Firefly Serious and the movie Serenity. In this book the timeline is set between the series and the movie. Which made it something new.

It was a fun read. You able to imagine the characters from the screen you read. But also and even more fun, it gave you an inside look on whats going through the characters minds. Something you don't get from the screen, and something I really enjoyed.

You get a better understanding of what River is going th
It's FIREFLY, and it's always cool to revisit these characters and world. Brust tapped into the character voices pretty well - they felt more or less like the versions created by Whedon et al and the cast - but couldn't find the wit and heartbeat that made the series such a joy.
Brust apparently felt compelled to write a Firefly universe novel, even without authorization from Whedon, et al. He definitely attributes, though, and in order to remain on the good side of the law has taken no steps to publication of the novel except to make it available online. Just as he felt compelled to write it, since it is Firefly universe, I felt compelled to read it, and I am glad that I did. Brust stayed away from any of the big mysteries, and just told a little adventure story involv ...more
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Steven Karl Zoltán Brust (born November 23, 1955) is an American fantasy and science fiction author of Hungarian descent. He was a member of the writers' group The Scribblies, which included Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, Will Shetterly, Nate Bucklin, Kara Dalkey, and Patricia Wrede, and also belongs to the Pre-Joycean Fellowship.

(Photo by David Dyer-Bennet)
More about Steven Brust...
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