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Wringer: Not All Birthdays Are Welcome
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Wringer: Not All Birthdays Are Welcome

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  9,367 ratings  ·  743 reviews
Newbery Medal-winning author Jerry Spinelli tells a story of peer pressure so foul, so horrifying, that Wringer should be shelved along with Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War. Nine-year-old Palmer dreads his upcoming 10th birthday. In his town, when boys are 10 years old they become "wringers," the boys who wring the necks of wounded pigeons at the annual Pigeon Day shoot ...more
229 pages
Published (first published January 1st 1997)
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Lars Guthrie
Maybe my third time for this one, and I've upped my opinion a bit. I had previously found Spinelli's premise a little unrealistic, giving him the opportunity to make some possibly overbearing moral points.

Palmer LaRue dreads his upcoming tenth birthday. He wants to fit in with a small gang of rude boys who bully the girl who is his neighbor and erstwhile friend. On his next birthday he will become a 'wringer,' one of the boys who snaps the necks of wounded birds at Waymer, Pennsylvania's annual
Amber Gordon
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This book was unique and captivating. It's definitely intended for younger kids, but it's still good all the same. Similar to another of Jerry Spinelli's books, Stargirl, it tells young readers that they don't have to give in to peer pressure. If they don't feel something is right, they need to voice their opinion. This is an important idea to instill at a young age in preparation for teenage-hood, kids need to know that they don't have to follow the crowd, even if it seems as if they're the onl ...more
Linda Lipko
This 1998 Newbery honor book is powerful, poignant and hauntingly beautiful. This is a remarkable story of peer and social pressure, the courage to sort through the quagmire of self doubt until the mud clears and what remains is a crystal clear reflection of self acceptance.

Sensitive, animal loving nine year old Palmer LaRue passionately dreads the arrival of his tenth birthday. The rite of passage in his small town is to become a wringer -- a wringer of the necks of pigeons still alive after be
One thing that Jerry Spinelli really seems to capture well about children—their experience of a larger-than-life world. The ecstasy of a snow day. The stinging annoyance of a neighbor being called a 'friend. The blunt hungry yearning for acceptance.

In Maniac Magee, this hyper-reality took the form of the mythic. In Wringer it's visceral, our protagonist's dread of turning ten:
'In his dreams he looks down to find his hands around the neck of the pigeon. It feels silky. The pigeon's eye is like a
العصار ،

للوهلة الأولى بدا العنوان غريبا جدا ، من هو العصار هذا ؟ هل الكتاب الذي كتبه جيري سبينيللي ( مؤلف الخاسر ) عن عصار ما يعصر الليمون كل يوم ؟ ولا بد أنه طفل فقير وتعيس كما نرى من صورة الغلاف ، يعصر الليمون ويبيعه ليحصل قوت يومه ..

وهكذا دخلت الكتاب دون أي معرفة لماهية هذا العصار ، لأكتشف حبكة مثيرة للاهتمام و الجمال يديرها الكاتب ببراعة يحسد عليها ، ففي مدينة بطلنا الصغير الذي لم يتجاوز العاشرة من عمره ، يقام في كل عام عيد سنوي كبير يدعى أسبوع الأسرة ، وفي اليوم الأخير من العيد يحضر إلى ا
1998 Newbery Honor Book

I wasn't really sure what this book would be about by the cover. It looked a bit like a horror novel. The inside jacket cover description was even more vague. It sounded more and more like it would be scary. Fortunately, it wasn't.

The main character is Palmer. He turns 9 at the beginning of the book and has been accepted into a gang of boys named Beans, Mutto and Henry. They nickname him Snots. His mother doesn't approve of them. Honestly, they're punks.

In the city that Pa
Another beautiful, supremely poignant work from the rich pen of Jerry Spinelli. Here you don't have to be a lover or hater of Spinelli's style as I've commented on before; oh yes, it's still there, and the writing is very poetic with dark undertones, but Maniac Magee and Hokey Pokey seem to have that half-unexplained, almost grim nomenclature that seems to repel some people. Wringer has it more so; less so (tough to explain, I know.) But the plot is executed so simply yet so wonderfully, the poi ...more
Michael Hickey
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Samuel Kammerman
I could not put his book down and I truly believe that it deserved that Caldecott Medal. This book was a mesmerizing morality tale about a young boy who goes by the name of Palmer who cannot make sense of it. The book starts off with Palmers upcoming tenth birthday and in his town 10 year old boys turn into wringers. A wringer is someone who break the necks of "wounded pigeons" at the towns Pigeon day shoot. This was not the only big thing that was going to happen to Palmer, when you turn ten yo ...more
I learned that there are things you can't share with people all the time. Even though this would be an issue I can share I found in my own life I have things I can't talk about with anyone because of the way they will think about me...
Once more, in his characteristic style, Jerry Spinelli shows why he is one of my favorite authors. This inspirational, heartbreaking novel uses a strange approach to celebrate the power of friendship, love, and respect for life.

Palmer is terrified of his tenth birthday. The fateful day when he will be old enough to become a wringer, one of the boys charged with helping out on the day of the city's great Pigeon Day Shoot, breaking the necks of the innocent birds.

Every other boy anticipates this
Wringer by Jerry Spinelli
265 pages
realistic fiction

This book is about a boy named Palmer Who has a love for pigeons. On his 10th birthday he became friends with three kids named beans Mutto and Henry. These kids are the normal kids there because they hate pigeons. In his town they have a family fest that has kids having fun with there kids doing fun things and then on the last day there is a day where they shoot and wring pigeons in the neck. Palmer hates this but his friends love it and Palme
Brenda Engelhardt
Wringer is the story of a young boy coming of age in a town that features a pigeon shoot every year. The story centers on the boys hatred for killing the birds, his friendship with a bird and a girl, and the inevitable desire to fit in and be liked.
This book is written from the perspecitve of Palmer. He is a good kid but also a boy who is expected to do boy things, have gross nicknames and tease girls. Jerry Spinelli writes the charater convincingly. And it doesn't seem to matter whether you ar
James A.C. Morris
The book "Wringer" by Jerry Spinelli. This is one of my favorite books because it is by one of my favorite authors. Also, it taught me a lot of things. It taught me the definition of a wringer was. A wringer is someone that breaks animals neck. In this case the boy had a job to wring birds neck. This made me more interested in this book because I do not like birds and I find their living puposeless. Also it teaches you that you must make your own decisions in life and that if you have a job that ...more
the plot in this book is thatpalmer is 9 about to turn 10 years old and that is the time he has to become a wringer.but he doesn't want to become a wringer so wants to stop his self from getting older. even thought becoming a wringer is a family fest and a honor and tradition. but he find a visitior on his windowsill and now he knows that it is time to stand up.
a connection i have to this book is that i am soon going to be 12 and i don't want it to come but you can't stop no matter how
This book is about a boy named palmer who must become a wringer on his 9th birthday. He dreads this day because he does not believe it is right to kill pigeons but he wants to fit in so he pretends that he hates pigeons. A pigeon flies to his window every day and befriends him. The gang finds out and on the wringing day, they kill Palmers pigeon.

I thought this book was very sad but had a very remarkable setting and character emotions were very stongly portrayed throughout the book. It really mak
This novel is about a community that has some strange rights of passages for boys turning 9 and 10 years old. At nine years old they are required to get punched in the arm 9 times while being held defenselessly. When the boy reaches 10 years old, he is expected to kill pigeons at a popular annual family affair by wringing their necks.

This book is good in that it deals with the topic of peer pressure. I like how the story overall promotes standing up for what you believe in no matter what everyon
A great example of peer pressure for pre teens and even below that (it was kind of below my reading level). The story was SO odd yet unique and after about 50 pages in I got the analogy that Spinelli used throughout the entire book and I loved it. I was not completly satisfied with the ending though.
My favorite thing about the book was the writing. Now the story was decent, but the writing blew me away. If you are talking about how well a book is written, this is up there with The Giver, Knife
Jerry Spinelli's writing is on point
This book is a sad but yet fun book to read if you are a animal lover like me you might not like it at first but at the end it turns out ok this book is a about a book Palmer who is turning 10 and when you become ten you have too be a wringer a wringer is a person who wrings pigeons necks if they are not dead buy the time the shoters shot them anyways Palmer want to fit in but he cant because he has a sercet that he does not want to become a wringer and their is another but you have to read the ...more
For the life of me, I can't figure out why this book won a Newbery!

My district made me read this to my class this year. There was an absolute uproar over it at a district meeting - people were not happy with the content. I had never read it before, but based on descriptions I had heard, I didn't want to read it at all. I ended up reading it for the first time with my class. We had some great discussions around it about bullying and being hurtful to others. I think that if this book is going to
Valeria Bradosche-pallares
10th of May, 2015
The book Wringer by Jerry Spinelli is capturing and can be related to the life of many people. This book follows a boy called Palmer who just turned nine and has a very peculiar fear; getting older. When a boy turns ten where Palmer lives, they become Wingers. To be a Wringer is a job that is only once a year, and happens during the Family Fest. During this festival 5,000 pigeons are collected, and are released five by five. Everyone from the town is there, and the men are in ch
Palmer is about to reach the age that he has been dreading his entire life. His town has a tradition that when boys reach the age of ten, they must become wringers. On the town’s annual Pigeon Day, these boys must wring the necks of any pigeons that escape being shot by the townsmen. Palmer hates the idea of killing these innocent birds, and he struggles with conflicting feelings of fitting in with his peers or standing up for what he believes in.

Jerry Spinelli uses a large amount of bird image
Palmer, a not-yet-ten-year-old boy, dreads when it's time for the annual pigeon shoot. He can't quite wrap his head around the significance in shooting down five thousand live pigeons and often avoids the event altogether. But as Palmer's tenth birthday approaches, so does his biggest fear... Becoming a wringer.
Befriending Beans, who's entire purpose in life was to become a wringer, doesn't make sense. Especially because Palmer had been inviting Beans and his clan to his house every year and th
Taylor Schnepf
Every year in August there is a festival where pigeons get shot and ten year old boys wring their necks to make sure they are dead, one problem Palmer has no interest to do so, and he even fears it. Not a big deal right? Well his dad is awarded with the best shooter award and all of his friends can’t wait for the day that they turn 10 so that they can wring the pigeons’ necks. On top of that, one day a pigeon comes to his room and he gradually cares for it and keeps it as a pet. If his friends h ...more
Madelyn Skopak
Wringer tells the coming of age tale of a young boy named Palmer LaRue who lives in a town where once a year, the town participates in a day where they release pigeons, and shoot them down. The job of the boys who are Palmer's age is to wring the necks of the pigeons who are struggling. Palmer, like any young boy, is dying to fit in. The only problem is that Palmer is terrified of the job and would like to avoid the day at all costs. Palmer's life changes when he takes in his own Pigeon as a pet ...more
Becca Hopkins
This book is about a boy named Palmer who has no desire in being a Wringer. Throughout the book he is faced with many challenges like where to keep his pet pigeon which is not seen as normal in his town as well as who is real friends are. Palmers character tends to change a lot through the book as he is faced with different situations.

The intended audience for this book would definitely be upper elementary kids and middle schools. It is a more lengthy chapter book that requires a higher level of
Lauren Gallaspy
Wringer by Jerry Spinelli tells the story of Palmer La Rue who is dreading his tenth birthday as when he turns ten he will become a wringer. For most kids this would be a really exciting time as being a wringer is something that is coveted by many. Unlike the other neighborhood boys Palmer has no interest in either the family fest activities or pigeons that is until he takes a pigeon in as a pet, named Nipper. Nipper had the power of bringing back together Palmer and his best friend Dorothy and ...more
Paola Galindo
Wringer is the story of a boy named Palmer who is dreading his tenth birthday. In his town, every ten year old boy becomes a wringer. Someone who wrings the necks of pigeons after they have been shot in an annual pigeon shooting contest. Palmer avoids the responsibility of becoming a wringer as long as he can. One day, Palmer finds a pigeon and keeps it even though the town he lives in is the worst place possible for a pigeon. Alienated from his friends, but knowing that he has to do the right t ...more
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When Jerry Spinelli was a kid, he wanted to grow up to be either a cowboy or a baseball player. Lucky for us he became a writer instead.

He grew up in rural Pennsylvania and went to college at Gettysburg College and Johns Hopkins University. He has published more than 25 books and has six children and 16 grandchildren.
Jerry Spinelli began writing when he was 16 — not much older than the hero of his
More about Jerry Spinelli...
Stargirl (Stargirl, #1) Maniac Magee Love, Stargirl (Stargirl, #2) Milkweed Loser

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