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3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  34,336 ratings  ·  580 reviews

El ejército de Persia, una fuerza tan imponente que la tierra tiembla a su paso, se dispone a aplastar Grecia, una isla de razón y libertad en un mar de barbarie y tiranía.

Entre Grecia y esta oleada de destrucción se interpone un pequeño grupo de trescientos guerreros.

Pero esos guerreros son más que hombres... son ESPARTANOS.

Hardcover, 2nd edition, 90 pages
Published April 2000 by Norma Editorial (first published 1998)
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کمیک 300، که دستمایه ی فیلمی از "زک اسنایدر" با همین نام شد که صدای ایرانی ها رو درآورد، نوشته ی "فرانک میلر" نویسنده ی افسانه ای کمیک.
به شخصه، فکر میکنم خیلی از کسایی که کلی سر و صدا کردن بابت این فیلم، فیلم رو ندیده بودن. خیلی ها هم صرفاً احساسات جمعی باعث شد خیلی علیهش موضع بگیرن. کمیک این قدرها به پارس ها توهین نمیکنه، فقط چون از دید اسپارتان ها روایت شده، طبیعیه که پارس ها به عنوان دشمن تصویر شدن.

هر چند، منصفانه نگاه کنیم، بعضی جاها پارس ها و اسپارتان ها رو مقایسه میکنه و حرف های خنده داری
Christ. This is crazy. Sparta's described as having this nightmarish culture where children are left out to die of exposure, men are ritually abused by each other to demonstrate toughness, the disabled are rejected in spite of their potential skills because they fail to fit into the military system, and international law is null and void (this is madness! No one kills a messenger! This is Sparta!).

And yet Frank Miller would have us believe they're better than the cultured Athenians (who're habit
En realidad un 4,5, pero ya se sabe con Goodreads.
El comic narra a través de 96 increíbles páginas en formato panorámico la batalla de las Termópilas en el 480 a. C., en la que 300 guerreros espartanos trataron de frenar el avance del ejército persa de Jerjes I en su avance hacia la Grecia continental y los sucesos que desembocaron en ella, todo ello desde la perspectiva del gran Leónidas I, rey de Esparta, siendo este uno de los episodios claves de la Segunda Guerra Médica, que enfrentó a las c
A radical adaptation of actual history, retold by Frank Miller through an eccentric artwork of knotty illustrations and vibrant colours. I must say that the ridiculous periods of time spent on a single page, just gawking at both recto and verso, is noteworthy too.
300 was alright, I suppose. I definitely came in with negative preconceptions after reading quite a few criticisms of the movie. In the end, though, the book was just a highly stylized telling of a fable. The story was more important than the characters, and it was interesting for the 20 minutes it took me to read it.
Sam Quixote
Though I'm a Frank Miller fan, back in 2006 I somehow hadn't heard of his book "300" so I went to see Zack Snyder's film first - and it completely blew me away. Maybe because I hadn't read Miller's book or seen anything about the film beforehand, but the film was shot in such a highly stylised way and the story was so utterly engrossing, that I couldn't get it out of my head and is probably one of my favourite films ever. Needless to say once I found out it was based on Miller's book I sought it ...more
Dave Johnson
i saw the movie first and absolutely loved it, and after seeing it, i really wanted to read this. there's no real contrast between the two--they're virtually identical. but if you like graphic novels at all, this is a must-have. i have to say, rarely have i seen a graphic novel where the art takes center stage. sure there are comics with good art interspersed within the pages, but the art in this is just other-worldly. it's simply beautiful.

some of the complaints i've seen about this is that it
1) Deutsche Rezension
2) English Review

1) Deutsche Rezension
Dieser Comic ist genauso dämlich und genauso offensichtliche Propaganda wie der bescheuerte Film den sie daraus gemacht hatten, sie sind nur in manchen Dingen mehr oder weniger dämlich im Vergleich zum Gegenüber.
Während sie im Film in Unterwäsche rumlaufen so sind es hier Tangas oder schlicht garnichts (und scheinbar glauben alle Spartaner an Intimrasur, denn es war nicht ein einziges Schamhaar zu sehen). Während im Film Leonidas dem B
Lisa Feld
This is one of those rare books that's both extremely good and extremely off-putting. The art is incredible, evocative, with several panels I'd love to stare at for an hour, unpacking all the detail, the movements, the perspective hidden in Miller's deceptively crude style. And the prose style is excellent, the measured beats of battle and suspense interspersed with longer, lyrical passages.

That being said, there is little character development. Miller is his usual offensive self here, with ster
J.G. Keely
Fun and exciting. A worthwhile story to be told, though the omission of the Thespians and other abuses of artistic license mark the fault of Miller's sensationalism. Like the four-color comics before him, Miller takes archetypes and symbols and drives them full throttle to the epic, gun-blazing climax. Unfortunately, character and emotion suffer. This is not quite the liability that it could have been, as the Epic tradition is often purposefully guilty of the same and 300 fits into this traditio ...more
"Into the valley of death rode the six hundred ..." No, wait. Wrong battle. Wrong countries. Wrong millennium. But, you get the idea. Small band of Spartans makes a last stand at Thermopylae, a narrow passage which they had held against the massive invading Persian army. Spartans win glory for their heroic and patriotic actions. Trumpets blare! Poets sing! Movies featuring Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender in very little clothing are made!*

The major issue I had with 300 was not so much the st
Much like the movie, the graphic novel from which it was inspired has very little character development. The only character you get to know at all, in fact, is Leonidas. But though it does make it slightly less interesting, I can forgive that seeing as how this is more a parable about freedom and honor than an actual novel. But as a parable, it works pretty well.

Much like The Fountainhead, if you saw the movie, you don't really need to read the book. The only difference between movie and book i
Miroku Nemeth
Frank Miller may be a talented comic book artist, but it should be understood that to align oneself with the Spartans in such a celebratory and narrow way as he has done is to be aligned with one of history's most oppressive and fascist states. Racism and "othering" are essential to his work, unfortunately, and the masses all too readily consume this entertaining "meal" unconsciously of the poison they have brought into their system.

The historical inaccuracy of so many elements of the adaptation
Animalistic (yes, I was a dork and used a "New Moon" word. Guess they are trying to be fancy now). [image error]

Rendered beautifully, but not really appropriate for those tenderhooks.

I am not easily persuaded to "waste" my time with comic books as I have been so taught. But there is much to distinguish between it being a time waster, and a glut feast for the mind's eye. It is not going to be made stronger by flipping billboards.
[image error]
Processing billboards as art might take some practic
Nada Elfeituri
Brilliant. Masterful.
Okay, so I may have a penance for comics. A well-told story paired with bold artwork is undeniably one of the greatest expressions of art, in my opinion.
300 tells the story of 300 Spartan soldiers as they defend their land from invading Persians. It is a retelling of the battle of Thermopylae.
There's only one major character here, King Leonidas, although I guess you could count his entire Spartan army as one collective character (I did).
In literary terms, this would be co
Riku Sayuj

Leonidas and his valiant band of about five thousand (300 Spartans, 3,100 Peloponnesians, and additional helots, Thespians, and Thebans) hold the pass at Thermopylae for as long as possible, but they receive no reinforcements and those who remain all die when Xerxes is shown a way around the pass.

Later Miller forgets about the 4700 guys who also died, tells a tale of great valor and sacrifice that will live on forever, never to be forgotten... Then a movie was made about the same. Then a joke.
Non so perché ho aspettato così tanto a (ri)leggere 300 e a recensirlo una buona volta.
Ad ogni modo. Non che a farlo anni fa sarebbe cambiato, perché la fama di 300 è esplosa con l'uscita del film e da allora tutti ne parlano e dicono la loro.
Dunque ne parlo anch'io. Leggendo 300 ho sempre faticato a scollarmi di dosso la spocchia dello storico, pronto a scrutare e criticare ogni infinitesimale inesattezza storica. Frank Miller ci va molto, molto vicino, ma della vicenda della guerra persiana e
I give this masterpiece 11 Spartan kicks out of 10.
Felisberto Barros
“Isto é Esparta!”

Os valores a cultivar são a honra e a glória. Não existem outras opções. A Lei Espartana tem que cumprida, deve ser cumprida como se de fado divino se tratasse: um espartano nunca recua, um espartano nunca desiste, um espartano só luta pela vitória ou pela morte gloriosa. Não é opção, não é democracia ateniense, não é disso que se trata: isto é Esparta.
After all this time since the movie came out, people are still going on about controversies that I don't think even exist. So I decided to actually read the graphic novel. The art is not that good, and of course, neither is the story. In fact, the movie enhanced any redeeming quality that this had a few times over.
Kurt Rocourt
If you've seen the movie than this book will feel differently to you. When I first read this book I read the main character as though he was Frank Millers Batman in ancient Greece. It's a good story but not so in your face as the movie is.
R.J. Astruc
This book is excellent if you need something to prop your computer up on if you're using it in bed and don't want the fan to get smothered by blankets.

I do not believe it has any other redeeming qualities.
Hippo dari Hongkong

Alex Firer
Everything Frank Miller has done takes a weird vibe now we've discovered he's one of his own characters, one of the fried up aging villains taking form. Now everytime someone even has a Bicep it takes on a fascist tone. I wonder how he looks like to a post Dark Knight/Nolan generation? Or even one where Brian K. Vaughan regularly tells complex stories of war and fear but without that strange sense of entitlement or authority about what it means to be a man, contextually an antiquated question to ...more
The movie was better. I think that says enough.
Steve Magay
300 is an awesome example of a fruitful research of a story and the glory that comes with it. It's well researched. In a writer's perspective, the trick is get those fine and interesting details and use it for the story. And Miller did just that. Though there are some minor inaccuracies by Miller to portray a more colorful story with entertaining twists and plots. I did my own research and it all matches down to the very details. My doubts led me to this research, thinking this story is too cool ...more
Melanie Meadors
I really liked Miller's art combined with Varley's colors--they played well off each other's strengths. Dark, gritty, sarcastic. All the things I love about Frank Miller. Leonidas is portrayed as a sympathetic hero. Not for the faint of heart, yet what Miller work is? I read this both before and after the movie came out (years apart, in both cases). I think the movie is an excellent adaptation, but I really appreciated the portrayal of Ephialtes in the graphic novel, the little nuances that make ...more
Stefan Yates
I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I thought that I’d read the book before I went to see it. Of course, since it’s a graphic novel, is was a fairly quick read. The art work is very different from comic book art that I am accustomed to. A muted color scheme really helps to set the tone for the book and great use of action move the story along without the need for a ton of dialog. Frank Miller definitely has his own style, a couple of times he lost me in what was going on, but after turning back a f ...more
Jul 30, 2008 Eric rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of the movie, fans of Frank Miller
Recommended to Eric by: Joe Carl
Shelves: graphic-novels
Having seen the movie before I read the graphic novel, I was shocked at how close the movie came to the source material. It is almost a frame-for-frame remake, which is awesome, but also made reading the book unfortunately anticlimactic. As an aside, seeing how faithful Zach Snyder (the director of 300) was to this graphic novel gives me a lot of hope for the Watchmen movie, which he also directed.

The only complaint I had about 300 is the physical hardcover copy I read was bulky and unwieldy to
Wow. Frank Miller, where have you been all my life?!
This story is dark and devastating, with just enough sarcastic humor to make it bearable. The artwork is incredible. In fact, I just happened to go to an art exhibit with tons of Greek urns and sculpture from The British Museum, and I'd say these pictures could be on an amphora. Simple, striking, minimal,and yet there is minute attention to detail.

King Leonidas and his doomed troop of Spartan warriors will haunt me for a very long time. (It do
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Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories. He is one of the most widely-recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation. His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the
More about Frank Miller...
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