Football Hero (Football Genius, #2)
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Football Hero (Football Genius #2)

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Ty Lewis can't believe it when Coach V recruits him for the football team. This is Ty's big chance to prove how fast he is on the field, get a fresh start in a new school, and be like his older brother, Thane "Tiger" Lewis, who's about to graduate from college—and is being courted by the NFL.

But Ty's guardian, Uncle Gus, won't let him play. Uncle Gus needs Ty to scrub floo...more
Hardcover, 297 pages
Published April 22nd 2008 by HarperCollins (first published 2008)
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Younger teen will probably like this but the characters were too one dimensional for me. The villians were totally hateful and the heros angelic. The sports scenes which usually carry me through other flaws weren't much either
Nicholas Kimble
Everyone says that they will do anything to protect their family, but when you could get hurt and or killed trying to save them would you still do it?

In the book “Football Hero” by Tim Green the main character Ty Lewis lives with his aunt Virginia and uncle Gus ever since his parents died in a car wreck. Uncle Gus and aunt Virginia treat Ty horrible, they make him use a pillowcase as a backpack his clothes are old “hand-me-downs and for his twelfth birthday his Uncle Gus gave him a work permit...more
Surprisingly (which sounds bad, except I'm really not a huge fan of football stories), I really enjoyed this book. Okay, Ty's homelife with his aunt and uncle was a little contrived and fairly reminiscent of Harry Potter, but the situation he finds himself in is all too realistic.

Football Hero tells the story of a 12 year old boy named Ty who, due to the death of his parents, is living with his uncaring aunt and uncle. In the meantime, his older brother is going through the NFL draft pick. Thei...more
Karen Arendt
My sister went to high school with this author1 I was a freshman when he was a senior so I never met him, but he was the BMOC (big man on campus!).

I did not think I would like this book, but about halfway through, I started liking it. I picked it up because it was in our school's book fair and the boys seemed interested in it. So, naturally, I needed to keep up with the kids. I thought there was some unnecessarily gross stuff in the beginning, but when the story started picking up, the grossness...more
This was a great book! I read it for my classroom library, but I can't wait to tell my students about it! It was full of a lot of great life lessons as well as just a good story. Ty is torn between doing what is right and wrong. He is being pressured to get inside information for his uncle from his NFL playing brother. His uncle is using the information for an underground gambling deal he is in. Once Ty realizes what is going on, he finds that he has a lot of other problems then just cleaning th...more
Sal Rodriguez
When Ty gets dumped on his aunt and uncle his whole life will be change. Ty Lewis is related to Thane "Tiger" Lewis who is a well known football player out the University of Syracuse. He is predicted to be drafted in the NFL draft in the 1st round. This will cause some major probles throughout the story.

Ty works for his uncles cleaning company with his cousin while uncle Gus just sits around. After one of the owners of one of their stops tells uncle Gus that Ty could play football after uncle...more
Josh M
The book that I am going to tell you about is called Football Hero by Tim Green.

The first thing that I am going to tell you about is my favorite character and why. my favorite character in the book is Tyler. The reason that I like Tyler is because one he is the main character of the book and two he is a boy who looks up to his soon to be NFL player Thane. That is why I like him the best.

The second thing that I am going to tell you about is my favorite part of the book. My favorite or my 2 favori...more
Matt L.
Is worth two books. Football hero
By: Tim Green
To me this book was a great book because of the way the author put the book it made me think of me a little bit because of Ty the main character. In the book TY is amazing at football but people think he is bad because he is so skinny. I can relate to that because a lot of people think I can’t throw. But what they don’t know is that I can throw harder than them. So Ty is disappointed because of how people treat him so he goes to the football tryouts...more
Karen Simental
Football Hero is a pretty interesting story. I never saw myself reading it since its about football and mostly for guys, but hey it actually is pretty cool. Its about this boy named Ty. His parents died when he was a little boy, so now he's stuck living with his uncle Gus in an old beat down little trailer. Ty's dream has always been to play football and when Coach V recruits him for the football team, he cant believe it. Its his big chance to show how fast he is and that someday he'll be like...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jaglvr for

Ty Lewis' parents have died in an accident, so he has gone to live with his dad's sister, Aunt Virginia, and Uncle Gus. Ty's older brother is Thane (aka Tiger) Lewis, a hopeful NFL first-round draft pick from Syracuse University. Thane and Ty are close, but because Thane is finishing up his college degree, Ty is forced to remain with his aunt and uncle.

Living with his aunt and uncle is horrible. Ty remembers the loving home he came from, and misses his par...more
Jonathan Da-silva
Football Hero is about a 12 year old boy named Ty,who lives with his aunt and uncle ever since his parents died in a tragic car crash. Ty also has a brother who is leaving college and going into the NFL. When Ty tries out for the school football team,to follow in his brothers footsteps,and is placed as starting wide receiver. He will have to try as hard as he can to catch all the balls that are thrown at him in the games,and become the football hero!

This book was amazing! I like the way in the...more
Trevor Flease
Trevor Flease
3rd Hour

The book football hero is about a boy who lost his parents. He had to go live with his aunt and uncle and becomes a football hero. Ty is one of the fastest kids in his class but doesn't realize it. The coach comes up to him and wants him to join the team. Uncle Gus doesn't want him to play because he has alot of chores for Ty and Gus is a big gambler. Ty then talks Gus in to letting him play and becomes a great football player. Ty helps the team win a high school championshi...more
Jun 08, 2010 Tyrone added it
football hero was a good well not really it was a very good book it probally was one of the best football books i have ever read it was about two brothers who played football one who got drafted in the nfl and the other one was a younger kid who played football for his high school football team he was a good player and he had alot of heart for the game he wanted to be just like his brother the big time first round draft pick who went to the jets to play pro ball but sense i dont want to completl...more
Synopsis- Ty Lewis is a great football player ands trys to prove himself by giving his best and last energy using his speed to be a replacement for another player.

Audience:10+ aimed toward teens and up
Purpose: Mostly giving tips and advice
Medium: Graphic novel
genre- setting- realistic fiction
genre-style- idealism and historical

This book football hero is one of my favorite books because i love football and it gave me tips on how to be a better player and be more active....more
This is the 5th of 15 SSYRA (Sunshine State Young Reader Award) books for next year's 6th to 8th graders that I'll be reading over the summer. This was one of my favorites so far, a compelling story of two brothers (one 12, one 22) unwittingly drawn into a Mafia-based sports gambling ring. The football action seems very authentic, as it should be- the author is a veteran of many seasons as a defensive end with the Atlanta Falcons. This book is highly recommended for readers who are also sports f...more
Oct 02, 2010 Beverly rated it 3 of 5 stars Recommends it for: 12-14
A very predictable family drama with some pretty cool football action thrown in makes this a good choice for football loving reluctant readers. All American good guy Ty is living with crass, cranky, gambling addicted uncle while his older brother is a first round draft pick for the Jets. I am sure you know where the story goes from there. A very funny first time on the field game disaster for Ty along with some great descriptions of pro practice drills and behind the scenes football life will ap...more
I read this with my 6th grade literature circle group. Personally I think literature is too strong of a word for this book. However, if you are in 6th grade, you are male, and you love sports, you will think this is the best book ever written. If you are a middle-aged mother, you will probably think it is predictable, cheesy, and has some pretty lame writing. But hey, this book is written for 6th grade boys, so who am I too complain? It was slightly interesting and had some exciting parts. I gue...more
Matt Firuta
I loved this book. Its one of my favorite books i ever read. It has the action the good story line and characters that really pull the story together. I thought that it was cool how the book had the famous brother thane in the NFL and his little brother is just a skinny quite kid not many people pay attention to. Ty (the little brother) does start to get attention but I wouldn't say its very positive attention. Unless you would say mobsters and gambling is a good thing to get involved with. Its...more
Kameron Spencer
This book is about a boy named Thane Lewis. He's mom an dad both dies I forgot how they died but their dead. And he has
as to move in a unwanted home with his brother Ty that his uncle owns. His uncle is also a big gambler. The uncle is also associated with the mafia. Thats it.

Thane aka tiger an ty is very depressed about his parents lost. An so they have to live with his uncle mean while. An thane is a great football player.

Thane realizes that he's really good at it. The uncles m...more
I love this book. This is a young adult book with a lot of football involved. My first book by Tim Green and as you can see 5 stars, it was amazing. Already read Football Genious By Tim Green. Great sports/football book with some gambling. Two brothers and a bad uncle.

The book Football Hero was a good book. It has some things i didn't like about it like it reminded me so much about my life. Other than that it was good and it was cool to see Tim Green go play for the Atlanta Falcons. Tim Green is a very good football player and he was a Defensive End. He was a pro at football.

I recommend this book to people that play sports and like to watch sports. It would be a better book if football is your favorite sport to play or to watch because you will understand it...more
fun book to read amazing it is based off his children

Harut Musaderyan
I chose this book because from the cover I saw that it was about sports. This story is basically about a young kid thats in high school and gets the chance to be in the school football team. Although he is nerdy and weak, he's brother is well known as one of the best football players. My favorite quote is "It’s not over until it’s over, Thane said, speaking slowly, the way he did when he wanted Ty to remember. You want to be a champion, you have to think that way, in everything you do. You never...more
Paul Streeter

Paul Streeter

Football Hero is about these two boys Thane and Ty. Ty is the youngest and Thane is the oldest. Thane is getting ready to go to the NFL draft picks to see what team he will play on.Thane ends up not getting the first round pick he wanted but he still got third round pick to the New York Giants.
The author Tim Green has a good ways of writing books from the expierence with the one book I have read. ButI have heard they all are really good books.I really liked this book because I lov...more
Ian Goldberg
I thought this book was just ok. I don't really like sports books. I havn't read one in a while so I tried reading this to see if my taste has changed. Apparently it hasn't. I think this book would be better if I liked sports books. I think this books is good for anyone who enjoys reading sports books.
Ty is a kid. His parents died when he was young. He now lives with his Aunt and Uncle. His brother Thane gts drafted in the NFL. That maked Ty motivated to play football. He starts to play footba...more
Emily Helmer
What if you had a chance to play football (you'd be really good at it) on a team once a week instead of cleaning toilets that day? Which would you choose? Where would your choice take you? Would your family member(s) effect what happens? Tim Green's 'Football Hero' is an interesting sports page turner, so much suspense that I never wanted to put it down.

The book was easy to read because it was only told from one point of view, Ty Lewis'. Tim Green has good voice. He writes from 1 point of view...more
Dylan R
The fantastic novel, Football Hero, by Tim Green is a fantastic novel. It is about a boy named Ty who lives with his aunt and uncle and has a desire to play football.
Ty’s parents died in an accident when he was young and now he has to live with his horrible Uncle Gus and annoying Aunt Virginia. Ty has a brother that has a great talent. His brother is Thane, or Tiger, Lewis who goes to Syracuse University and is predicted to be picked high in the NFL Draft. Ty’s gym coach, Coach V, talked to Ty...more
Abe Seldowitz
The book Football Hero by Tim Green is all about a boy named Ty Lewis. Ty is a wide receiver on his high school football team. He is shocked when Coach V, his high school football team reaches out to him to ask if he could join the team. For Ty, his time to show his talent and speed on the football team has come, and he needs to take advantage of it. Ty plans to be hopefully one day as good as his older brother, Thane who is also a wide receiver and is being highly scouted out of college to NFL...more
Thane “Tiger” Lewis is being drafted into the NFL this summer, and his younger brother Ty has just been recruited to play for his high school football team. Ty is very eager to join the team because he will finally be able to show his athletic ability to the world, but his guardian, Uncle Gus, won’t let him play because he needs Ty to wash floors and tables with him at work. Now Ty, a very driven and ambiguous person, isn’t going to let this stop him, and he really wants to pursue the sport his...more
Ty, a upcoming young athlete is forced to live with his aunt and uncle. His parents died and Ty has no where else to go. He does not like it because his uncle, Gus, does not care or support Ty in his football goals. Gus only cares that Ty makes it to work for his job scrubbing dirty floors and toilets at his car wash. Meanwhile Ty wishes to show his wide receiver talents on the field. He hopes to be just like his super star brother Thane, who is an all-star for Syracuse and is predicted to be a...more
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Tim Green, for many years a star defensive end with the Atlanta Falcons, is a man of many talents. He's the author of such gripping books for adults as the New York Times bestselling The Dark Side of the Game and a dozen suspense novels, including Exact Revenge and Kingdom Come. Tim graduated covaledictorian from Syracuse University and was a first-round NFL draft pick. He later earned his law deg...more
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