The Remnant (Left Behind, #10)
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The Remnant (Left Behind #10)

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The Great Tribulation unfolds as the forces of evil and the armies of God prepare for mankind's ultimate battle. Millions of Christians are protected by God as the anger of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, burns against them. The biggest novel of 2002 is highly anticipated by consumers worldwide.
Paperback, 432 pages
Published February 1st 2003 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (first published 2002)
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David Nichols
Features one of the most awesomely-bad sentences I've ever read: "The perverse nightmare of the sheer volume of it lay atop him longer than the orange ball rode his eyeballs."
Pamela Hubbard
The Great Tribulation continues and the Tribulation Force is now scattered all over the world as they lose their safe house. Various members go on different missions and the group at Petra continues to bask in God's favour and provision.
The first half of the book dragged...the same story went on and on and I think the first half of the book only covered 2 days. Then, the second half sped on, flying through different tribulations like darkness, sun flares, etc. I felt like the authors were tryin...more
Mackenzie Dare
This was a very interesting book. It really grabbed and held my attention! I kept looking for spare moments to pick it up to see what was going to happen next. It is filled with action and suspense. It embraced joy and astonishment at the power of God. It made me feel the awe! It was very realistic, and seemed quite close to Revelations. It is filled with countless surprises, and never failed to keep me guessing and wanting more.

It's very clean, though there was some violence. There were a coup...more
I started reading this series for the fiction appeal and really enjoyed the first 4 or 5 books. I kept reading them because I felt that I needed to finish the story and up until now I have enjoyed them a little. I did not like this one at all though. In between sermons the characters were put in impossible situations that they keep getting out of because they are being protected by God. Things like bullets and missiles shooting through planes no matter what they do doesn't appeal to me because t...more
Will Byrnes
More of the adventures of the righteous in the days after the rapture. Competently written fantasy that is meant to be taken literally. I couldn't bring myself to force down another of these, so stopped here.
In general I have been enjoying this series, but this one seemed kind of like the authors just threw it together. In many of the other books, the time was drawn out (perhaps too much in some places), and one book might cover a few days or a few months. This one spans several years and tends to abruptly jump around in time. Every few chapters, you get an update: "Four years into the tribulation..." "Five years into the tribulation..." "Six months later..." and so on.

What I like about the Left Beh...more
Carla René
This again, was another poorly-written work by Jenkins. I will not fault Tim LaHaye for the mistakes of the one who is supposed to be the best-selling NYT author. He should know better.

Nearly all throughout, the events that the Tribulation Force endure are thinly-contrived; merely tossed in so as to give them something to do. Jenkins takes too many liberties with plausibility, and almost seems to forget that his readers are not morons. I got highly irritated with his way of "preaching" to the re...more
This was actually a good story,with alot of action.I enjoyed reading it.The fact that people actually believe this is going to happen is a little disturbing to me though!I've been approached by enough religious zealots,with their shiny crazed eyes to be disturbed!But it's good fiction and worth reading.
Niki M
This is such a long sega, I wish that they could have put a few of the books togeather. I am starting to get board when I should be so elated that I have only one book left.
I'm really beginning to get tired of this series. At this point, I'm only reading them in order to finish the series because I've already committed so much time to get to this point, I might as well finish the last two. The writing in these books is average at best and substandard most of the time. The dialogue is annoying and unrealistic and, at times, difficult to follow. there is a whole conversation between Leah, Hannah, and Rick that is nearly impossible to follow as to who is talking. Also...more
The Remnant , book ten of the Left Behind Series, begins with a miracle reminiscent of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's story as the million believers gathered at Petra come through a bombing unscathed. Actually, a few among their number are not yet believers but have not taken the mark of the beast. Many accept Christ after they are miraculously saved from the fire.

Tsion, Rayford, and Chaim become the leaders of the largest group of the faithful left on earth. This poses its own problems since...more
I didn't enjoy this book, and stopped reading the series at this point. The books went downhill fast after the third or fourth book, which is shame. The authors have a nice writing style, but they lack ideas. They preach to their readers, their characters are literally invincible because of God's protection, and it's getting more and more difficult to relate to the characters. The authors have more filler than anything else. They drag scenes on well past the point they should've ended. I stand b...more
Paul Lunger
The 10th installment in Left Behind, "The Remnant", moves us ever closer to the final face off between Carpathia & the Tribulation Force. LaHaye this time around shows the build up of the believers in Petra which contains the remnant of the Jewish faith & shows the continual plans to keep trying to convert people into believers. We also see the determined plans of the Carpathia regime to have people worship his image & take the mark of the beast. This novel is a bit more graphic in n...more
Evident that God provides for his people sparing them from the suffering of the unbelievers, Tsion's encouraging voice can be heard throughout causing rejoicing among the believers. Carpathia and his evil constituants were not pleased when their efforts to destroy the gathered believers at Petra failed. Carpathia calls Leon to appoint others to perform great stunts in an effort to further bring more devotees to worship his image. He steps up his tortuous punishment regime for the Jewish people i...more
This book had such a slow start to it that I thought I would be highly disappointed. Just keep going with it though, because the second half of the book is much more interesting than the first. Things are really coming to a head as we near the end of the Tribulation. All of the water in the oceans and now the rivers and lakes have turned to blood, causing thousands and thousands of deaths. The million Jews at Petra are saved by God from an attack by the GC, yet many are still doubtful as to whom...more
Left Behind Series #10 Lots of action and suspense in this one. The Trib Force had to move out of their safe house building in Chicago and dispersed across the world. The Antichrist is killing everyone that he can that won't take his mark & bow down to him. The 3rd bowl is the turning of the lakes & rivers to blood, after that the oceans turned back to salt water. The 4th bowl was the sun heating up and burning up everything except it didn't hurt the believers. Now the 5th bowl is the to...more
Carpathia has his enemies where he wants them: massed a Petra, a million strong — within reach of two bombs and a missile no one could survive without a miracle.

The Trib Force’s aliases and their Strong tower safe house have been compromised, so Rayford, Buck, and all members have to flee for their lives.

Things are coming to a head and more woes are scheduled to be poured out on the inhabitants of the Earth.
This tenth book in the Left Behind series is just as good as the preceding work...more
I enjoyed seeing the characters gather at Petra and finally meet. I wished there would have been a bit more focus on the undecided in Petra; when they finally decided, I found things to be a bit too generic. You get to know Satan as Carpathia more, whom I found to be a bit too childish for my taste. I would think he'd be more adult in his manipulation and slaughter than his childish excitement for beheadings. I'm still not used to the books randomly skipping time, from one book lasting a couple...more
After getting wrapped up in the characters and feeling the need to find out what happens to them was the only reason I continued to read all the books in the series. The authors definately knew how to draw someone in and keep it just entertaining enough for them not to put it down and never think of it again - barely. I read the series for it's fiction appeal, not the biblical meanings, so was a bit disappointed in the writings. If the authors had cut some of the scripture and backstory each boo...more
Sandy (WI girl at heart)
Just finished Tim LaHaye's book "The Remnant". It's the 10th book in the "Left Behind" series.

While I really liked the book I could only give it a 4 out of 5 stars for 1 glaring reason. It got a bit carried away with a "preachy" type of story-line. Overload on biblical quotes bogged down the read. I felt if those could have been dialed back some the read would have flowed better. The story would have still told well on it's own after that change.

Well written and very interesting to say the least...more
This was another great installment in the Left Behind series. The first two-thirds of the books were exciting, thrilling, and suspenseful. Also, I was surprisingly moved and saddened by Steve Plank's storyline here. His conversation with his friend Vasily just before his death up until he died was powerful and completely touched me. I was even saddened by Vasily's subsequent suicide. My reason for only giving 4 stars was because of the last third of the book where I felt that even though so many...more
Lee Anne
A little better-paced than last 2 offerings. Still trite conversations! Nice use of scripture in "teaching sessions" by a couple of the characters.
Ryan Parman
I read this back in 2003, so my memory is pretty fuzzy. I remember this book being pretty dumb. I had invested my time into the previous 9 books, so I had to make myself get through this one, but this was a terrible ending to an otherwise descent series.

This book is a work of fiction. It's not a research book, nor is it 100% accurate according to the Bible. But I remember the overall story being pretty entertaining for an end-times-after-the-Christians-have-been-raptured sort of universe. Severa...more
Very good as the entire series is. This one included a lot of scripture and explanations.
I'm really enjoying this series. I will admit that sometimes I get tired of the series having 12 books, and the fact that they would never show up in the library catalogs anywhere, (I had to find and buy them at yard sales, book sales or someone who knew I was looking for the series would give one as a gift) So I have spent 2 years just trying to finish this series in order to not skip the correct order for any of the books. Now I finally own all 12 books and I am on the 11th book, "Armegeddon"....more
For the first time in the series I was bored. There was action to be sure, but it was meted out slowly and it wasn't with the same excitement as the past books. This book did not fulfill the expectations created by the earlier books and I lost interest at certain parts. The mimicry of the old testament stories of Moses and the time the Jews spent in the wilderness is a nice nod, as is the presence of Michael and Gabriel, but overall this just wasn't a great book. The last few pages were the most...more
Nikolay Rubashka
All 13 great! +Glorious Appearing +Kingdom Come
Peggy Trotter
Read all of these years ago. Loved all of them.
Due to my personal belief in the Bible, I have found this entire series to be extremely entertaining and sometimes a little scary. I strongly recommend reading the series in chronological order, or there will be a lot of details that won't make sense. I realize atheists, agnostics, other religions, and even some Christian sects will scoff at the whole concept of the series, and that is their prerogative. I still think they might find the books entertaining, regardless of their theistic leaning....more
J.b. Smith
The whole series is fantastic!!
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Timothy F. LaHaye is an American conservative evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker. He is best-known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co-wrote with Jerry B. Jenkins. He has written over fifty books, both fiction and non-fiction.
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