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Night Chills
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Night Chills

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  17,193 ratings  ·  181 reviews
Glen drove the Land Rover into a stone wall at just over 100mph. Alice stuck a meat fork through her hand and pinned it to the chopping board. Brenda took off all her clothes. She did whatever she was told...

They were compelled by a fear too great to be remembered, enslaved by a power that no man should ever wield.
Paperback, 334 pages
Published 1978 by Star (first published January 1st 1976)
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Most Dean Koontz novels are a source of brain candy for me...think the gooey, dripping kind that parents never want their kids to have because they know they'll be the ones scrubbing it off the couch or inside of the car. After I read them I usually forget about them in a month or so; I might keep one or two details that make me smirk whenever I see the cover of that book.

NIGHT CHILLS was a bit different. This book disturbed me. I have no problem with violence within the confines of a horror nov
I wasn't supposed to read Night Chills (since I already have a lot of other books planned to read), but my eyes found it in a pile of books at home and I just felt the need for a Koontz and I'm happy I followed my instinct since it was a really good novel.

Black River is a sleepy little town in Maine (Stephen King vibes) where the population starts getting night chills and suddenly all hell breaks loose. In the middle of the chaos stands a family that doesn't get the night chills and have to figh
Now and again I read a Dean Koontz novel. They're good for that five or ten minute read before turning out the light at night or while killing time waiting. Not heavy reading and Koontz basically writes from a template making a change here or there.I find that I can skim through sections that are not catching my interest and not miss out on anything. I speculate that he might have a ghost writer now, but who knows? Maybe he's just a spectacular workaholic.

Anyway Night Chills is one of his earli
If this was the first Koontz novel I read, I would not have read another one of his books. The violence to women was over the top. I am not a prude but I feel like this was excessive and it took away from the the interesting part of the story, subliminal messaging. I just felt that Koontz took the less creative way to show the evils of mind control and when science takes a wrong turn. Very disappointing.
Kyra Dune
I was very disappointed by this book because I usually really like Dean Koontz. Night Chills started out okay in the first couple of chapters, but after that it went downhill. To begin with, the second half of the blurb is bogus. Except for in one instance, the people in Black River don't really do anything much at all. And after those first few chapters, the biggest chunk of the book is dedicated to an in-depth explanation on how subliminal messaging works.

Most of the time when I write a revi
Mike (the Paladin)
My daughter came through the living-room the other day and observed, "I just read another one of Koontz's early books, and he really has improved, a lot."

Now that's not a blanket truth, a few of his early books are pretty good. I don't, personally, think this is one of them.

It may be that I would have given the book 2 stars rather than 1 had the account of the "romance" not completely driven me up the wall and away from the book, so I put the book down. I went so far as to put it on my to be tra
Scott Rhee
It's been a while since I read this (I'm pretty sure I was still in high school), but I do recall, even then, that it was crap. Granted, it was highly readable and entertaining crap, but crap nonetheless. I remember thinking, as I read it: "Koontz is pretty much projecting every sick, sexually perverted male fantasy he's ever had into this story and passing it off as entertainment.". The story, I think, had something to do with some kind of government project that turns the inhabitants of a smal ...more
Hannah O.
This book was about a man who took his kids to the mountains for their annual vacation. He starts to fall in love with this woman after his wife's tragic death. Then a doctor showed up in the mountains and started asking strange questions. It turns out he had been studying subliminal messaging and he'd come across a major discovery. He would now have control of the whole world.

I would recommend this book to people who like scary-ish stories. It kept me on my toes most of the time. It was also ki
Alex Gherzo
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Patrick Gibson
There was a time when I thought Dean Koontz wrote circles around Stephen King. He wasn’t famous. He had a cult following and he made you feel like you just discovered someone cool. He was the anti-King you could keep to yourself or share with a selected few. Koontz, of course, went the way of all flesh and began cranking them out and repeating himself. Fame? Well, if ‘Family Guy’ rips on you, fame has become your enemy. I haven’t read a Koontz novel since Odd Thomas became a regular character. T ...more
Traci Steele
This is the only Dean Koontz book I have read that I truly disliked. Too much detailed description of the evil acts and personal violations that happen in the town. I felt like the author was caught up in the philosophy of the day that "sex sells." And not just sex, but raunchy violations of sex. And I just don't need to read every detail of that to get the picture that there are atrocities happening in this town. I'm so relieved that Koontz no longer relies on that trick to try and sell his boo ...more
This story was really hard to get into in the beginning, I almost gave up on it. It's a story about 3 guys that want to control all the people in this small town by using mind control. They simply have to say one phrase and it transforms the people into zombies and they are given orders that they fulfill without having a memory of doing it. This experiment didn't work on everyone. So the three guys are looking for the ones it didn't work on so they can test them to find out why so they can make ...more
Book of the month for Koontzland group.

I was surprised how explicit this book was; surprised, not shocked. The author's books are usually tamer. I prefer the humor and character development of his later books.

Mad scientist, mad general, mad millionaire, small town = mayhem.

I think Koontz needs to work on his endings. The first 3/4 of the book is really interesting and then the last 1/4 felt rushed and the ending was a little lame. Like the other Koontz book I read it was like he was going to go over his 330 page limit so he just had to round it off quickly.
Paul Anderson
I'm usually not too thrilled by Koontz's early works, but this book was shockingly original. For its time, I imagine this book was quite frightening, and unique. I really enjoyed it, as I was surprised by this originality.
Melissa Kent
This book was very exciting. At times, very disturbing. Koontz can be verrry descriptive, so sometimes I found myself skipping through paragraphs. But I still reccomend this, it was really good.
So I liked the subject but I hated the hero. The idea of a conspiracy involving mind control through subliminal messages is fascinating and the chapters involving the bad guys developing it had me engaged. But every time the hero and his family were the main focus I would quickly scan for more of Ogden.

Seriously, who likes a dude that claims to have loved his wife more than anything yet goes into the woods to have sex with his emo girlfriend, propose to her and proceed to join her in trash talk
so far its quite entertaining...
Es un libro distraído pero sin más.

La historia tiene interés especialmente por tener un fondo de realidad científica sobre el cual se basa la ficción escrita por el autor. Una base real que al final del libro relaciona con todos los libros y artículos que leyó para informarse sobre el tema. El libro es un thriller con algunos pasajes violentos, pero en ningún caso una novela enmarcable exclusivamente dentro del terror.
Se lee muy rápido y de forma amena, tanto los escasos fragmentos descriptivos
Anna Ligtenberg
ISBN 0425098648 - Before the story begins, Koontz gives a little history of mind control and subliminal advertising. This is, one assumes, to give greater credence to the tale he spins and, to a degree, it succeeds. At the very least, I started the book willing to believe that the technology in it was real or possible.

Paul and Annie Annendale had vacationed in Black River every summer with their two children, hoping to instill in them love and respect for nature. They'd met and befriended Sam Ed
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
been a few years since i read this story from koontz, a story that i loved, a story that i reread. there's some "stuff" in it about subliminal suggestions, or whatever the word for it is--i'd seen a movie that had to do w/this, as well. and perhaps you've seen the "things" that suggest the package of camel cigarettes (no, you need not sin and go and buy a pack, you can take my word for it)...okay, the pack of camels...a man is in the camel...or the playboy ads...all that sexual innuendo in the i ...more
I cant say everything in this book was done exceptionally well but in the end it did its job. I was entertained through 95% of the book and its fast pace. From the get go, Koontz started the few chapters about subliminal messaging which kept me reading. This is still being used by companies today except it is a little more rare than it used to be. Anyway, the characters had a 70's feel, especially with the dialogue. Then again this was probably written in the late 60's early 70's which doesn't b ...more
Can't say I loved (or even liked) this book as much as Koontz's other novels, for some reason I couldn't quite put my finger on. I attribute it to it being one of his earlier works.

Anyhow, the plot itself was very interesting - mind control. How can that not be interesting? Salisbury was a pretty good villain, and in his own Bible-twisting ways, so was Dawson. The protagonists, on the other hand, were kind of boring. Very 2D, never really had any inner conflict.

The first half of the book was a l
Benjamin Thomas
"Night Chills" by Dean Koontz, was one of the books given to me by a co-worker who knew I "liked to read". Dean Koontz is mostly a hit-or-miss author for me but I tend to like his earlier works better, probably because they are usually more of a straight forward horror story than his later work.

This novel is a bit dated, having been written in the 1970s and concerns the phenomenon of subliminal advertising, taken to the extreme where it can actually be used for mind control. Three people of vary
Scott Rachui
I like most everything I've read by Dean Koontz. His writings are up there, in my opinion, with Stephen King. Just phenomenal writing, fantastic dialog, wonderful plots...all the ingredients that make it a treat to pick up a work of fiction.

In this book, a small isolated mountain community is the subject of an experiment at subliminal advertising. Through a series of subliminal ads on the TVs in the town, mixed with a chemical in the water supply to ensure that the viewer is open to suggestion,
Alexa Jensen
The title of this book, Night Chills, says all you need to know about this book. With quite a few main characters, some good and some bad, it can be a little confusing sometimes when it jumps between the people, but get into it a little bit, and what happens to who suddenly becomes very clear. While some people go out and explore, others betray the government and try to take over the minds of other people, and that is exactly what is going on in this book. Due to revenge, anger, hatred, and an i ...more
The book gets off to a chilling start and Koontz does an excellent job of creating the setting for impending doom. By the middle and ending of the book, however, I am disturbed by several situations that just don't pan out quite right and the characters seem not fully fleshed out. The evil is unleashed when a behavior modification program via subliminal perception is being used by disturbed men who plan to take over the world. Even scarier, is the fact that the technology exists to perform this ...more
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Acknowledged as "America's most popular suspense novelist" (Rolling Stone) and as one of today's most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.

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