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The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family
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The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family (Dave Pelzer #2)

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  38,960 ratings  ·  2,091 reviews

Imagine a young boy who has never had a loving home. His only possesions are the old, torn clothes he carries in a paper bag. The only world he knows is one of isolation and fear. Although others had rescued this boy from his abusive alcoholic mother, his real hurt is just begining -- he has no place to call home.

This is Dave Pelzer's long-awaited sequel to A Child Calle

Paperback, 274 pages
Published August 1st 1997 by Health Communications (first published 1997)
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There Is Always Hope
The Lost Boy, written by bestselling author David Pelzer, is about David’s own struggle in foster care. In this book, David has a conflict internally and externally. The internal conflict is how he feels sad and worthless after all those early years of abuse. The external conflict is between David and his mother. When David was about seven to nine, he excessively abused by his mother. Therefore, with the frequent visits she pays him at his different foster homes, she acts as though he is still w...more
Katie Abbott Harris
"The Lost Boy" is the sequel to "A Child Called It," and it continues where the first memoir left off. This, the second installment, takes the reader through the author's years in foster care after being taken away from his sadistic mother. It is refreshing to hear positive commentary on the foster care system, since most of what is reported is horrible. Dave's strength, perseverence, and unshakeable spirit are extremely inspiring, and it is heartbreaking to learn of his experiences. This is a m...more
قصي بن خليفة
عندي هذا الكتاب منذ مدة طويلة ولم أعره اهتماماً
قلت ربما يكون رواية فيها معاناة ولا أحب الروايات المأساوية أو ربما يكون كتبه أحد التربويين عن طفل متشرد ولا يختلف الأمر كثيراً في نظري
ولكن ما إن تناولته لم استطع تركه! فهو كما قلت قصة مأساوية ولكن من الكاتب؟ الطفل نفسه
ولكن بالطبع كبر وأصبح هو نفسه مستشاراً تربوياًوكتب هذه القصة لا أدري متى هل دون ملاحظات أيام طفولته التعيسة وهو في منتهى الشقاء أم من ذاكرته وهذا استبعده لأن الأحداث كتبت بتفصيل وتعبير كأنها تحدث الآن ولكن أن يدون الطفل الصغير هذه الم...more
The Lost Boy is a sequel to "A Child Called It" which basically depicts the life of David (the author) at ages 12-18 years old.

The first book tells you about this little (literally) kid who was strong and determined enough to stay alive amidst all the abuse his mother had put him through.
This second part of the trilogy, however, tells you about a boy who's trying to become a man in order to fit in to the society that's all new to him.

After being rescued from his mother's abusive claws, Dave was...more
I had to read this one after The Child Called It. It was also compelling and opened my eyes to the foster care system.
A truly amazing story of Dave Pelzer, the little boy who was viciously abused by his mother. Again, I can’t come close to understanding the viciousness of this woman and how she could treat her own son this way. It is truly amazing that Dave survived and became successful as he did. Dave is so right about Foster Care and the System. I met a woman at work who became a Foster Parent and I truly looked at her in a different light. It takes an extraordinary person to commit themselves to something l...more
This is a book that explains the kids way of thinking, tells us how hard it is for anyone to fit in especially if everyone else thinks that you are different. I think the moral of the story is to understand, care and love children more.

David is a perfect example of a child craving for attention. Any child if not given the proper attention and guidance, even the most angelic and the nicest child in the world, can do things that may hurt others, destroy some property or worst destroy his own futu...more
This book was a very interesting and good book. It told me alot about how some kids just dont have the life they want. Alot of kids don't know how to appreciate something until they grow up. This book was about a little boy who had gotton beat all of his life. His mom doesn't treat him like a mom is suppose to: with care. She calls him names and mean things a mother shouldn't say Dave was the little boys name. I learned alot from this book. Soemtimes I think I'm living in hell and i don't learn...more
This is a continuation of the series from the book A Child Called It. This takes place after Mr. Pelzer is removed from his home and into foster care at the age of 12. The book starts off with a heart wrenching scene of the gross mistreatment to him by his mother. I couldn't even get through the first chapter without practically crying on the outside and screaming on the inside, "Why did this happen to him?" Throughout the book I wanted to know why his mother was such a monster and why did she s...more
In A Child Called ‘It’, David was abused by his alcoholic, abusive mother. After years of suffering, fortunately, his teacher discovered his scars and bruises and rescued him. In The Lost Boy , David had to overcome his past and start a new life – as a foster child.

Foster care was not only an escape, but literally a whole new world.

It is brave of David to share his story. In this book, he was desperate for attention, acceptance and love. While I was reading the book, I wanted to hug him, cons...more
Katie Siehr
I read the book "The Lost Boy", which is a sequel to the book, "A Child Called It" it was about a man named Dave Pelzer's, and life as a foster child. "The Lost Boy" is an autobiography. In this book I read about how Dave had changed over the years of being a foster child because of the things he had gone through.

David Pelzer's life as a kid wasn't exactly perfect. He was abused by his parents for most of his life. His mother wasn't nice to him and his father was an alcoholic. His mother would...more
Cam Rogers
The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer

Rating: 7


In his sequel to the haunting and devastating A Child Called “It”, Dave Pelzer takes us through the journey of his removal from his mother’s cruel home and into the world of a foster child. As an “F-Child” in Northern California in the early 1970s, Dave often faces hostility and prejudice from other children, teachers, and the community at large. Dave describes the various foster homes in which he was placed, ongoing court battles with his mother, and h...more
Lindsay Bui
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Reading Response #16

I fell in love with this book. It was amazing. This book is a sequel to the first book called 'The Child Called It'. Some kids, teens or adults are afraid to talk about their abusive childhood past. The author does an autobiography about his past, how his mother made him drink washing detergent and make him vomit food. I cannot even imagine that this could even happen. Pelzer's father never bothered to help his own son, I cried when I read this book. It shocked me just to rea...more
Aimee O'Donnell
The book I read for quarter three was “The Lost Boy”, by Dave Pelzer. This book is the sequel to the series of, “A Child Called It”. The author’s purpose of writing this novel was to show that God can give you any struggle in your life; however he will not give you any difficulty that you cannot handle. He has a plan for everybody, and it will all work out in the end. I feel that David tries to tell everyone who is reading the story that you should never give up on something even if it is the li...more
Begun this with hesitation after not being terribly impressed by the first book in this memoir trilogy, but since it was a library book and it was fairly short, I was curious to see how Pelzer's story continued. There were many issues left unresolved after the first book, and this one addressed many of them and was a vast improvement. Pelzer's style does tend to the melodrama (lots of exclamation points and declarations that a moment was a turning point in his future) but I respect what he has o...more
Emily Smarjesse
The author’s purpose in writing The Lost Boy is to show how one boy finds ways to survive in his life. He tries to find his strengthens and weaknesses to balance out his daily routine. The boy is telling the story, which is easier for him to express how he feels.
The theme of The Lost Boy is to fight your way through life’s struggles because struggles make you stronger. In the beginning of the book, the struggle begins like this, “I’m alone. I’m hungry and I’m shivering in the dark…My neck and...more
The Lost Boy

The book, The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer, tells a story of a boy named David and his personal experiences through the search for the love of a family. It is a sad story based around his physical and mental abuse that he receives from his mother. David is eventually placed into multiple foster homes, seeking for the safety and love from others. An important theme in this story tells us about the importance of staying strong and never giving up.

David received the strength to run away fro...more
Dee Toomey
To say that David Pelzer came from "a dysfunctinal home" would be like saying the Jews were "treated badly" during the holacaust! How he literally survived is a puzzle, but how he survived to go one to live a "normal" life is a miracle. We all have baggage, but this man carries a whole set of luggage!

This story picks up where "A Child Called It" left off. At 12 years old, he finally escapes the hell he lived in as a child. Yet, as an adolescent, foster-home juggling can bring trials and troubles...more
It is such an inspiring and addictive book. I have really enjoyed reading it. The book was written in a child's viewpoints yet the language wasn't written in a childish way. As a reporter from “the times" said: “It is the cool tone that makes what he has to say even more compelling.” The book is about the author's real life. It is a sequel the two books; A Child Called It and A Man Named Dave. The book is about a boy named David who was abused by his own mother. It takes you through his life exp...more
كتاب رائع، المعاناة مؤلمة جدا، كان تائها حقا بين تلك العوائل التي لا تشعرك بالاستقرار، خصوصا في تذبذب التربية في كل عائلة أحدها متساهلة والثانية حازمة والثالث مترفة فلا يعتاد على جو معين إلا وينتقل إلى جو آخر، ناهيك عن الآثار النفسية المؤلمة التي تسببت بها أمه التي لا أدري كيف أصبحت أما؟ ما كان ينقصه وقتها هو الإيمان الحقيقي بالله الذي يستطيع اللجوء إليه عند كل محنة، الترجمة جيدة، وعموما فالترجمة التي تنقل لي المعنى الصحيح بشيء من الأدب الرفيع تكفيني، لأني لا أستطيع مقارنتها بما كتب بالعربية ابت...more
Brit McCarthy
The second book in the Dave Pelzer trilogy is The Lost Boy, chronicling Dave’s life in foster homes from the age of twelve to eighteen. Again I have come to the end and feel immediately like I have to put a few other books in between this and the next and final book, A Man Named Dave. I don’t feel like another book is necessary but have decided to read it for the sake of completeness.

At the start of the book, Dave insists this one is written using the language and perspective he had at that age....more
Desiree Zempel

It was a foster boy who was going through hell. It had his struggles as a young child. He was extremely abused. His father left him, and his mother was the one abusing him. It went to a foster home after going through hell for so many years of his life. When It was in the foster home, he still faced struggles with what has happened to him, and had trust issues. It got old enough to the point where he was allowed to leave the foster home. That will lead into the next book called “A Man Named Davi...more
Mercedez Mills
The book is a good drama and really touches your heart. It is the 2nd book to the "Child Called It" about a boy whose mother would beat him, and didn't treat him with love. In this book it is about him getting away from her and trying to over come the harsh times in his live and learn how to move on from what has happen to him in the past.
I love this book! To read his emotions and thoughts was amazing and it really touch my heart. There wasn't anything I could say I didn't like about it. Othe...more
Krystal Chihuahua
I recommend this book because it has a very detailed description about a very young boys life named David. Lives in a physical and verbal abuse home with an alcoholic mother that has so much hate towards her son David. His mother doesn't give him the "identity" of a child. Just imagine 7 year old getting hit and beaten everyday without any cry out for help. Terrified of everything and anything that surrounds him. His only possession that he can call his own is his torn up clothes that he has in...more
To me this book was sad because i couldnt believe that a mother would treat her own flesh and blood like an animal.I couldnt believe that a mother would hurt her child the way david pelzer mother hurt him for so many years.I feel that this book is a good way to get children that are going through some of the things that david go through out of this situation.This book an so many ways could be helpful because at the very end of the book theres like an phone book of numbers that can be of some hel...more
The sequel to the tragic story of David Pelzer's childhood is a great sequel and you wouldn't think that he would go on the path that he does. David gets a second chance at living a normal life, but he doesn't make it easy for the people who come to love and care for him. Even though David is on a foster home with a another family his mom and dad play a big part in his life. His mom, after all that she did to David, tries to keep him and explain her horrible behavior to the cops. David has to st...more
I Would give this book a 5 being the best. It was a really good book i liked it alot but the only thing it was sad what the little kid in the book was going thru. I choose this book because i heard people telling me it was a nice book. This book i read was about a kid who got abused by his mother. The characters in the story were the boy named David, his Mother, his Father, Grandmother,Brother,Sister and Aunt Mary. His mom didnt like him at all. David pelzer's life as a kid wasnt exactly perfec...more
Derek Hunter
Ms. Romaniuk
Reading/L.A. Book Review #6
7 December 2010
The Lost Boy
A desperate boy in need for a home
Both emotional yet suspenseful The Lost Boy is by the author Dave Pelzer, The Lost Boy is an autobiography based in Daly City, California. The main characters are David Pelzer, Mrs. Pelzer, Alice, Aunt Mary, the Catanzes family, Nulls family, Jones family, Walsh family, and Ms. Gold. In this book David, had escaped his abusive and alcoholic mother and now resides in foster care where...more
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An author best known for his 1995 memoir of childhood abuse, A Child Called It.

At the age of 12, Dave was removed from an abusive home and placed in a series of foster homes. In 1979, he joined the Air Force and later became an author of memoirs and self-improvement books.
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