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DC vs. Marvel Comics
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DC vs. Marvel Comics (DC vs. Marvel)

3.49  ·  Rating Details ·  761 Ratings  ·  52 Reviews
The Battle readers have asked for and dreamed about, wished for and speculated upon, demanded but never expected, finally happens within these pages. DC Versus Marvel, the four issue blockbuster miniseries is now collected into this trade paperback. Heroes and villains cross over from each dimension into the other and celestial beings begin a strange and deadly cosmic ches ...more
Paperback, 167 pages
Published September 1st 1996 by DC Comics
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Scarlet Cameo
Jun 28, 2016 Scarlet Cameo rated it liked it
¿Alguien ha leído acerca del universo Amalgama? Esa curiosa fusión de los héroes y villanos de Marvel y DC que nos trajo joyas como Super-Soldier, Dark Claw, Dr. Strangefate, Amazon, Bullets and Bracelets y Spiderboy....bueno esta serie fue el inicio de todo. De hecho, si vas a iniciar este tomo deberías tener ya a la mano la línea Amalgama dado que a partir del tercer número te mandan directo a ese universo, así que el último número de esta historia es el cierre de ambas líneas.

Presentándonos u
RoChe Montoya
Jul 10, 2015 RoChe Montoya rated it it was amazing
This has happened before, but this time, they had the fans vote for the winners, but before the 4th and final issue, they came out with the Amalgam titles which I think were awesome. Anyway, you get some great match ups here, Hulk vs Superman and the best Captain America vs Batman, which goes on for like a week. It's always cool to see your favorite heroes go at it but remember they will always stop to fight the real problem, and of course there is some great power behind it all. Wow, I think i ...more
Jul 27, 2015 MadMaxx rated it it was amazing
Heroes always fight other heroes when they first meet, it's like a law or something. Then once they realize they are not enemies, they stop. Not here. Here they are forced to fight until there is a winner.
And to top off this grand event, the readers got to vote on the winners, or at least the Main Card. Let's see if I remember it all, been a while.
DC Comics vs Marvel
Darksied vs Thanos
Robin vs Jubilee
Black Canary vs Black Widow
Aquaman vs Namor
Joker vs Green Goblin
Nightwing vs Deadpool

Feb 22, 2012 Kevin rated it it was amazing
This series, and book now, was my very on inception into comics. It had all the elements necessary to cater to a kid that loved Saturday morning cartoons but couldn't understand why Batman and the X-Men never crossed paths or why Superman and Hulk never tried to see who was the strongest.
This clarified why those paths never crossed and it crossed them and even merged them into something that I thought was pretty creative. To top it off - in the back of the book, and the original books, were t
Luis Reséndiz
Jan 27, 2015 Luis Reséndiz rated it liked it
mucho más divertido que el híper solemne jla/avengers, aunque por momentos igual de ridículo. (ambos tienen esta justificación de la fusión de universos que es bastante naive, como de un grant morrison de capa caída.) lo que sí es que este fue un evento más completo: incluyó la creación del universo amalgam, que representa uno de mis más queridos recuerdos de infancia. vaya: mediocre, pero lleno de humor y buena onda.
James Bowman
A nice example of 1990s superhero crossovers at their peak. Funny thing is, while entertaining, the fights wind up being the least interesting thing about the story - particularly with a few only ending the way they could have due to fan votes (namely Lobo vs. Wolverine and Storm vs. Wonder Woman, where it's clear the writer couldn't justify it). Instead, it's moments like Wonder Woman wielding Mjolnir (although that costume was terrible) and Thanos reveling in the end of all things that make th ...more
Jun 22, 2009 Brandon rated it it was ok
Recommends it for: Comic book enthusiasts (DC and Marvel)
Shelves: own
When the greatest heroes from the DC universe are thrown in with those of the Marvel universe, you expect something epic...something spectacular. In my opinion, this miniseries from 1995 failed to deliver. I wasn't a fan of the plot; I thought it was a weak plot device thrown together for a reason to bring the universes together. I generally have a hard time trying to summarize the flimsy plot and it seemed the best explanation came in the form of an entry in Jubilee's diary in the second issue: ...more
Jul 09, 2013 Charles rated it it was amazing
This lengthy graphic novel/comic is a partial answer to what nearly all long-term comic fans have been hoping for, sometimes for decades. The DC and Marvel brands each have their superheroes and super villains with many of their powers being similar. Natural questions arise regarding which hero would win when a DC character is pitted against a Marvel character.
In this story, the barriers between multiple universes partially collapse and there is a ‘leaking” of superheroes from one universe to
Bookworm Amir
May 06, 2015 Bookworm Amir rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I never knew this book existed, where the DC and Marvel Universe coincided together in an 'amalgamation'.

Superman fights The Hulk, Batman and Captain America, The Flash and Quicksilver, Aquaman and Namor Wolverine and Lobo, Thanos and Darkseid, Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, Robin and Jubilee, Shazam (Captain Marvel) and Thor, Wonder Woman and Storm, Spiderman and Superboy - all the equivalent of the other but in different comic universes.

Its fun to see that all these characters kind of shar
Kelly Brown
Books from the 90's aren't much of a fun read to me anymore. The idea of these two companies having a crossover is nothing more than panels of cool ideas like Captain America meeting Bane.... But the story is so weak, I just waited for something more. The harder part of reading this is the story is being told to us block after block as the narrator needs to tell us everything.... And the actual conversations in the book are down to things like "not this time", or "I'm stronger than you". This is ...more
Victor Orozco
Apr 12, 2015 Victor Orozco rated it really liked it
A dream come true. That's what I have to say is the basic idea behind this book. The great two comic companies coming to together in one comic book story.

Basically the premise is that the presence of two cosmic lords (obviously representing DC Comics and Marvel Comics) cause a massive universal rift between DC Earth and Marvel Earth with the convergence point in an alley in an east coast city.

The rift sends heroes and villains from both universes to each other, eventually leading to a battle of
Jedi JC Daquis
Dc versus Marvel has the elements of a boombastic epic fight between the two big giant publishers, DC and Marvel. Their mecha-counterparts in the graphic novel, are two monstrous but very similar (save the color and some details) robot brothers who, since time forgotten the existence of each other.

The story isn't clear the first time you read it. There are dc vs marvel fights between paired heroes and villains with one from each universe, there is this amalgamated universe from which the charact
Umesh Rao
Nov 13, 2012 Umesh Rao rated it it was amazing
A wonderful tale bringing together the superheroes from both Marvel and DC Comics in this epic mini-series. The Marvel or DC Universe are on the verge of complete annihilation, as the cosmic brothers - Yin and Yang, who embody both these universes are caught in a tussle and they decide to end their tussle by pitting their best superheroes against each other and based on the result of this, the fate of the universe would be decided. So the battles are set - Superman vs The Hulk, Spiderman vs Supe ...more
Aug 12, 2011 Guillermo rated it really liked it
Following the story line two "gods" becoming aware of each other and deciding to pit their heroes against each other, the epic also spawned the Amalgam Universe, in which characters from both "worlds" were combined to make new heroes - my personal favorite being Dark Claw (Batman & Wolverine). This also means that while the epic is presented in full - the battles plus the resolving of the two universes - it also lacks the Amalgam comics that followed. And while these comics are available in ...more
Lobo DeSade
Jul 08, 2012 Lobo DeSade rated it it was ok
I rated this two stars for three reasons. The first reason is because it brings me back to my childhood when comics where magical and colourful and full of stuff that brought you to new worlds filled with endless possibilities. The second reason is because, well the art was good, the storyline sucked, there was so much pointless things going on, like heroes appearing for a panel or two, and the fact that all the fights that took place where fan voted so the fights didn't count, remove the votes ...more
Callie Rose Tyler
Jul 31, 2014 Callie Rose Tyler rated it liked it
Shelves: comics, dc, marvel
The only thing I enjoy more than crossovers are mash-ups, this comic has both.

The story arch seems sketchy and thin but to be honest the story is not the reason to read this comic. The point is to see Storm Battling Wonder Woman and to enjoy the witty banter between Aqua Man and Namor, and to see who is faster The Flash or Quicksliver. In the end it is about a celebration of comic books and their the characters that we love. In a sense the plot of the two brothers with two waring universes is ve
B. Jay
Feb 27, 2013 B. Jay rated it it was ok

Although I like Peter David and the other creators involved, and the fanboy in me still enjoys musing about the power match ups in the 'largest' crossover ever, this DC/Marvel series just stinks. The storyline is as flimsy and overbearing as when I read it in the nineties, and parts of the artwork and dialogue make me ill with how awful they are. And yet, my ten year old and I enjoyed reading them together, and they served as a good gateway to these characters, even if they appear here at the h
May 27, 2016 Rachel rated it it was ok
Oh I SO wanted to enjoy this mashup...but that's exactly what it was. A mashup. No story to speak of just an insitant, mind melting colour storm of every major superhero figure that could be chucked at a page. Using a marvel artist and DC artist ensured that precisiely no consistency and all the characters looked a little...well...odd. They just looked a little off, the constant frame after frame of one DC versus one Marvel, hero, the back and forth between a universe busting box desperately bei ...more
Andrew Ives
Aug 03, 2011 Andrew Ives rated it liked it
Some quite decent artwork in places, but the story is somewhere between crazy and woeful. I found it a chore to read after about halfway. It became everyone fights everyone plus some silly giant blokes - much like any episode of Power Rangers. Some characters feature in one or two panels, then no more (so why include them?) and then there are stupid fights everywhere with eg Hulk v Superman ends up being a big battle, neither gets hurt, totally pointless. Considering it took about 40 top people ...more
Jul 18, 2015 Rok rated it really liked it
Comics can be something weird at times, for example cartoons. The 2 Teen Titan shows were and are way to kid-ish, you can even tell by the art, were as Young Justice show was for the older kids. Again you can tell by the art.
That is what I thought of this, It was kind of a story for kids, but art for the kids, a little too cartoony. Not that I didn't like it, of all the DC/Marvel crossovers, this was among my favorites. I even loved the Amalgam titles. Even if those were also geared towards kids
B. Jay
Feb 27, 2013 B. Jay rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition

Although I like Peter David's work, and the fanboy in me still enjoys musing about the power match ups in the 'largest' crossover ever, this DC/Marvel series just stinks. The storyline is as flimsy and overbearing as when I read it in the nineties, and parts of the artwork and dialogue make me ill with how awful they are. And yet, my ten year old and I enjoyed reading them together, and they served as a good gateway to these characters, even if they appear here at the height of their 1990's car
May 27, 2014 Laura rated it really liked it
I'm not a huge fan of Marvel comics *gasp* but this graphic novel one-shot story actually made me a fan of a couple of their characters. I thought it was a really cool idea, maybe got a little to philosophical at parts, but the art was awesome and my fave DC characters made quite a splash (view spoiler). A nice intro to anyone getting into either DC or Marvel for the first time, but should be read by someone who know ...more
Nov 21, 2012 David rated it really liked it
I dont see why alot of peapol dont like the book it has an itresting story(but it is sometimes confusing) resanbole figths like the one agenset superman and hulk althougth im not going to spoil it at the end now for a quick summary so basicle this homless guy is trying to close a glowing box then suddnely a teen pass by and he said he needs help and then spider-man can see a glowing ligth and heads over and then he suddnely with a flash of light hes gone Im going to end it there so you can actol ...more
Chris Schaben
Oct 29, 2015 Chris Schaben rated it liked it
I would give it a 3.5 if this site allowed to do halves, but it's not quite a 4. Seeing Marvel and DC characters together and battling is SUPER awesome! However, I'm not a fan of the confusing, over-complicated story behind it. I wish they would have devoted more pages to the fights rather than focusing on that new character that can sort out the universes and the confusing amalgam universe. Just show me meaningless fights for the fun of it instead! Still, outstanding artwork and solid devotion ...more
Jeff Mazurek
Aug 14, 2013 Jeff Mazurek rated it did not like it
I read pieces of this when I was 14, and stumbled into the trade paperback a few weeks ago at a used bookstore.

This work has not aged well, and is cluttered with exposition to excuse each interstellar encounter. With approximately four pages donated to each battle, all of the characters--with exception to Batman and Captain America, perhaps--come off as caricatures of themselves.

On the other hand, the premise of the book is meant to be more fun than weighty. And parts are fun.
William Adams
Jul 01, 2013 William Adams rated it liked it
It's everything a 12 year old could want in a fan-service comic; your favorite superheroes clash! Who will win? Who has the greater powers? Will Wonder Woman ever be interesting? Only time will tell...that and a decent mini-series that panders to fans of comics at a delightfully superficial level, but fails to reach any farther than skin-deep.
Jun 25, 2014 Timo rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics
Kuinka huonon ne saivatkaan aikaan tästä, missä piti vastata kaltaisteni nörttien ikiaikaiseen kysymykseen "Kumpi voittais jos tappelis".
Filosofointia ja sitäkin tylsästi, kömpelöä kuvaa ja tylsiä tilanteita sekä rukoilemista.
Tvrtko Balić
Aug 31, 2016 Tvrtko Balić rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
The plot is just an excuse to have a lot of cool stuff in the book and silly jokes. The book is nothing more than silly fun, but even the fights are poorly executed and I feel like it could have been a lot better.
Apr 11, 2016 Rigoberto rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites
A pretty good read. Nice to see a crossover between DC and Marvel from this time, and worth the time to read it. Not one character is out of their proper behaviors of this time period, and the fights were entertaining.
There's no way to say this a great comic; it barely qualifies as good (it has a few unique ideas that push it into that category). Still, I'm fanboy enough to enjoy all the characters crashing into each other, even if most of the match ups aren't given enough time.
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Marz is well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens. He also worked on the CrossGen Comics series Scion, Mystic, Sojourn, and The Path. At Dark Horse Comics he created Samurai: Heaven and Earth and various Star Wars comics. He has also done work for Devil’s Due Publishing’s Aftermath line, namely Blade of Kumori. In 1995, he h ...more
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