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A Boy No More (Adam Pelko, #2)
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A Boy No More (Adam Pelko #2)

3.75  ·  Rating Details ·  446 Ratings  ·  73 Reviews

Adam Pelko witnessed something horrible: the sinking of the USS "Arizona" during the attack on Pearl Harbor -- with his father aboard. Since then, Adam and his mother and sister have moved to California, where they are trying to rebuild their lives.

But no matter where Adam goes, he can't get away from the effec
Paperback, 136 pages
Published January 1st 2004 by Scholastic Book Services
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It'S Me
Jan 19, 2017 It'S Me rated it really liked it
"I'm looking for Frank Mori!" This is a quote said by the main character, Adam Pelion of the book a "Boy No More" written by Harry Mazer and sets the tone of the overall plot of the storyline. In this book our main character witnessed something horrible, the sinking of the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor— which his father aboard. Since then, Adam and his mom and little sister have to try to rebuild their lives. This is a historical fiction book about World War II and the bombing o ...more
Natalia Gendis
Dec 09, 2016 Natalia Gendis rated it liked it
Two boys took a fishing boat out to the middle of Pearl Harbor’s light blue water, it shone in the light. It was a cheerful summer day in Honolulu, no cloud seen in the sky for miles. Little did they know that their whole life would change. A Boy No More written by Harry Mazer, is a heart-pounding novel based on the World War II back in 1941. Adam Pelko, an American boy which grew up in Honolulu and is the main character of the story, takes us through his journey to Manzanar, a “prison” where al ...more
Dec 15, 2016 Lynn rated it it was ok
A story for young readers of a white American boy trying to help a Japanese American friend after Pearl Harbor. The friend can't find his father and suspects he's in the Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp. It would be best to test this book on a young reader. To me the words and storyline was empty but the facts and background of the story were fascinating.
Ryin Galaini
The Boy No More, by Harry Mazer, A historical fiction book od the time period of Pearl Harbor. This book is about a boy names Adan Pelko, hes a brave, mature and a very caring person. ( pg 14 - 15 ) Adam every day has to held his little sister to get ready, he does her hair, makes food and makes her over all day beter. ( pg 53. ) When Adam is being wreckless and does something suprising just to keep a simple promice. Adam has to move to Bakersfield California because of Pearl Harbor, his father ...more
Donnie V
Nov 12, 2012 Donnie V rated it liked it
After Adam witnesses his father’s ship get sunk in Pearl Harbor he and his family move from Hawaii to a multi-family house in Bakersfield California. At his new school everyone is amazed that Adam was in Pearl Harbor. Adams friend Davi, a Japanese American from Hawaii, sends him a letter to give to his uncle. Adam sets out to find him in Fresno, but he only finds Davi’s cousin. He tells Adam that to find his dad he has to go to a war camp in Manzanar. When Adam arrives at the camp there are hig ...more
Cj C
Nov 02, 2014 Cj C rated it really liked it

In A Boy No More by Harry Mazer, the reader comes to understand that boys in this time period had to mature fast and be ready for anything. The settings are at Pearl Harbor on a sunny day with clear skies, and boot camp, muddy and dreary. The point of view is first person omniscient from the boy Adam ,who is 13 years old, watched the bombing on Pearl Harbor while going fishing with his friends. After watching the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Adam knew that once his father died, he'd have to be his
Dean Deters
Apr 21, 2015 Dean Deters rated it it was amazing

summery:Its a boy and hes in a war With his family.

setting:He is in hawaii by the Pearl Harbor.

Character trait:He helps in the war.He like to go outside even wen the war is still going.

Most important event:I think in the war.

Recommendation:This for 4th and up


Summery-The story is about Adam he is in the middle of war and his dad is missing.

Setting-It is important to be safe in war. Adam helps in the war.

Character trait-Adam because he saves people and his friends and he knows what to do in
Sarah Crawford
Jan 24, 2016 Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it
Adam Pelko is fifteen and living in Hawaii. His father dies on the Arizona in the attack on Pearl Harbor and later he, his mother and Bea, his younger sister, move to the mainland. Adam had Japanese American friends, one of whom is Davi, and Davi wants Adam to deliver a letter to his cousin whose father was arrested after the start of the war.

It's not that simple, though, as the person he's supposed to deliver the letter to isn't in San Francisco any more. Davi goes to an assembly center, but t
Dec 06, 2011 Amanda rated it it was ok
The story of 14-year-old Adam is clear and straightforward. The year is 1941, and Adam's family has left Hawaii. Having just lost his father in the Pearl Harbor attacks, Adam is adjusting to a new life with new friends and scenery in California. He develops positive relationships rapidly while struggling to fulfill a request from his Hawaiian and Japanese-American best friend. Undertones and overtones of racism as well as classic coming of age struggles pepper the plot.
The writing in this book
Jan 24, 2015 Theresa rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: review
A Boy No More
Mazer, Harry
surviving pearl harbor was difficult. Living with the knowledge that his family will never be the same is harder. Going to school and making friends while his family decentegrates may distory him. His mother is not eating, working, then staying out partying with new friends makes Adam question if his family can survive. Then a letter comes from his friend at Pearl harbor, asking for help. He feels the tug of honor, and goes to deliver the letter only to find that he was
Jake Sistek
Mar 26, 2014 Jake Sistek rated it really liked it
Shelves: grade-8
This was a good book even though the first one was better it still is a good book. the them of this book is determination because he has to deliver the letter to Davies Dad that is in one of the Japanese camps in the U.S.A. the thing that makes it determination is all of the things in his way like: his mom, school and his job. the reason he had to deliver the message was because he wanted to tell his dad (Davies Dad) that he's ok. this book shows so much determination for a small favor his frien ...more
Andrew Hartze
A Boy No More By: Harry Mazer

Good reads review

By: Andrew Hartze

I read A boy No More for my lit circle book. It was a decent book and I’m glad I got a chance to read it. It’s about a boy named Adam, who is struggling with the loss of his dad, who died at Pearl Harbor. Adam knows that he has to buck up and now be the man of the house.

My favorite part of the book was when Adam was being a dork and asked his “friend” if he could kiss her. So I thought that it was odd that he asked to kiss her. She
Apr 14, 2010 Max rated it liked it
This book was good but not great. I thought that it had a good story to it but I alwawys thought that there would be more to the whole Pearl Harbor incident rather than him just telling everyone about it. It would have been alot better of a story explanation for them to have started the book with him being at the scene of when that happened. That was the only thing that bugged me throughout the book. Other than that they were very good with story telling and this was definitely a book that I did ...more
Tyler Mcelroy
Nov 17, 2014 Tyler Mcelroy rated it really liked it
I enjoyed reading the historical fiction book "A Boy No More" By: Henry Mazer. This book was about the life for a Japanese American in America in World War II. The life of a 'Jap' in America was not very pleasant. Americans were prejudice against the Japanese. They thought all Japanese Americans were spies and criminals that were spying for the Japanese army, and they wanted to kill them. Even though it was an excellent historically fictional story of a 15 year-old Japanese American who had to t ...more
Michael Anderson
Jan 30, 2013 Michael Anderson rated it it was amazing
Title: A Boy No More
Lexile: 530
I loved this book because it mainly focused on the friendship between Adam and the friend who he left when he moved from Honolulu, Davi. An example of their unbreakable bond is when Adam receives a letter from Davi stating that his dad, Mr.Mori, was moved to a Japanese interrogation camp and asks him if he can find him. Adam does that.

One of my favorite parts is when Adam attempts to find Mr.Mori even through all the hardships he had to go through because that show
Megan Witmer
I like this book because it told a story of a boy name Adam Pelko who moved from Hawaii to California during WWII after his father died at Pearl Harbor. The story was about someones life who saw Pearl Harbor happen and Adam saw his fathers ship go down and promised himself to live up to his fathers standards and support his mother. Adam moved to a townhouse in Bakersfield, California and decided to get a job to support his mother and help his friends that were put into Jap-Camp. Adam ended up he ...more
May 05, 2014 Cassaundra rated it it was amazing
Shelves: red-317
1. Awards: 2003 ALAN Award
2. Interest Level: 6-8th grade
3. Brief Summary: After Pearl Harbor Adam and his family move to Bakersfield, California. Stilling trying to move on from his father’s death, Adam’s friend Davi asks him to help find his father who was taken from Hawaii and put in an internment camp in California. As Adam journey’s off to find Davi’s father Adam learns more about himself then he expected.
4. Connection: I would connect this to History because this takes place during World Wa
This book wasn't like any of the other books I have read recently but it was okay. When I was done with this book and I tried to think back on what happened it seemed a little confusing. When I got into the book while I was reading it it always would change the subject but was still on the main story line too often and too fast. I liked what happened in the book and some of the people in it were inspiring and some not. Also while I was reading it I would have liked it to have more detail like so ...more
Jessie R
May 01, 2016 Jessie R marked it as to-read
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Aug 31, 2010 Ender2010 rated it really liked it
This book is the sequel to Harry Mazer's book, A Boy At War.
It is a good book because it shows how Adam starts to become a man.
While this is a good book, its not perfect because at parts it is kind of slow, and sometimes the hero's actions do not make sense.
In the book Adam is almost always at odds with his mother, and when Adam is offered by his grandfather to come and live with him things get tough.
The book closes on Adam deciding to stay with his mother.
Sam M
I liked this book alot because it was about a family that had their dad in the forces like my dad was so i could relate to this book also. I thought that their was going to be more action in the book than their was like the book before this one.This book was ok becacuse it was set in the time of WW2. It was cool that the USA was against the Japanese and Adam had a friend that was Japanese. Overall it was a pretty good book.
In book 2:A Boy No More In this book Adam, his mom, and sister move to California. Here Adam tries to help his friend Davi by taking a message to Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp.

I like that Mazer includes historical information. Pacific War - 1942, a concise time line. (I thought the Doolittle event and Midway were the sae thing.) Home Front - 1942 and Historical Documents. Images would have added value.
Logan L
Mar 09, 2011 Logan L rated it it was amazing
I thought this book was really good because I chose it to read and I thought it was a smart pick. I thought it taught me a life lesson of how to lisent to your parents and to help friends in there time of need. My group really liked it also. When we talked about what had happend for that section it made it interesting to hear what they had to say. I really liked this book a lot and if you ever have a chance to read this book you should.
Sep 23, 2010 Theo rated it it was ok
I liked the first one better but I would probably give these two books combined a three star rating. I don't really like this because the kid makes some stupid choices. I think that they are so stupid that they could influence some of our weaker minded. He makes his mom worry, worry, worry, and worry some more. He doesn't realize that what he is doing is hurting her so much. Read, and review, and please, please criticize
Bailey H
May 15, 2012 Bailey H rated it liked it
I gave this book 3 stars because it was a pretty good book and it would be hard because they didnt know if there famliy could survive. Adams dad was not seen for a while so they didnt know if he was dead or alive. While they were moving adam tryed to make friends. It was also hard because his mom was struggling she wasnt eating and didnt have a job.
Scott Whitney
Mar 29, 2015 Scott Whitney rated it it was amazing
My seventh grade ELA students loved the other books so much that I finally assigned this book to them. They liked the other two books more, but this one is the one which shows what friendship is and the one which shows us the maturing Adam Pelko. My students are heartbroken that there is not a fourth book.
Mar 09, 2011 Ryan rated it liked it
A boy no more is about a boy name Adam who finds it hard to live life with all the war and losing his father who was a soilder that died at Pearl Harbor while also dealing with his best frend being kicked out of his town for being Japanese.All in all its about the bond between two friends and a wild adventure.
Justin Kesto
Jan 09, 2008 Justin Kesto rated it liked it
Recommends it for: teens
This book was an very good book. Its also very sad that his dad died. This book was about a boy who seen his father die at pearl harbor. he now helps the family the most. He gets a job. Then he goes to a misson to give a note to davi's dad. But that misson turns out to be an whole new adventure for
Jacob M
It is really slow and boring, but speeds up when you get closer to the end. I liked this book because I've read the book after this (A Boy At War) and that's why I picked this book to read in the first place. it is a great book and you should read it too.
Robert Conn
Feb 26, 2013 Robert Conn rated it it was ok
I really liked this book. It was the book that I got for Lit Circles. It was very interesting. I didn't really know what it was about because the title is a little different from the story. But in the end it was very good. That is my review of A Boy No More.
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Harry Mazer is an American author of books for children and young adults, acclaimed for his 'realistic' novels. He has written twenty-two novels, including The Solid Gold Kid, The Island Keeper, Heroes Don't Run, and Snow Bound, which was adapted as an NBC After school special, as well as one work of poetry and a few short stories.

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