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If the Shoe Fits
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If the Shoe Fits

3.95  ·  Rating Details ·  124 Ratings  ·  123 Reviews
Rigo doesn't like being the youngest brother. He always has to wear his big brothers' hand-me-downs. Plus, his brothers-Hector, Manuel, and Carlos-always seem to lose buttons, rip holes, and wear the clothes out before they get to Rigo! But Rigo's luck changes on his birthday when his mom gives him a pair of shoes. He loves them for their shine and style, but most of all ...more
Paperback, 32 pages
Published March 17th 2005 by Puffin Books (first published 2002)
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Alma Loredo
Rigo was ashamed of always having to wear hand-me-down clothes from his brothers. He was the fourth to use it so the clothes were faded and missing button by that time. For his birthday his parents, gave him a brand new pair of shoes he was very happy. After a minute he grew out of them. When he realized that he was a little taller than his uncle he passed them down. His uncle was very happy even though they were hand-me-downs. Rigo learned to appreciate his belongings more even if they are ...more
Caroline Petty
Oct 18, 2010 Caroline Petty rated it liked it
Shelves: social-emotional
This is a fun book that really teaches us to appreciate what we have. Many children can relate to having to wear to hand me downs instead of brand new clothes, especially when there is always a feeling of peer pressure and high expecations for acceptance. I think that this book is suitable for anyday read-alouds as the topic is something that never gets old and is always relevant to the lives of children.
Nov 07, 2016 Bri rated it it was amazing
Summary: This book is about a young boy named Rigo who lives with his older brothers, parents, and his uncle. Rigo continuously gets hand me downs from his brothers and he gets frustrated that he never gets new clothes of his own. His uncle wants to help him but doesn’t have the money to accomplish this. For Rigo’s ninth birthday he gets his first pair of brand new shoes and they’re fancy loafers. He is so excited to wear them and show them off at school and he puts nickels in the slot instead ...more
Julie Cirucci
Nov 13, 2016 Julie Cirucci rated it it was amazing
The story If the Shoe Fits begins by describing the crowded house that Rigo lives in. Unfortunately for Rigo, all of his clothing is passed down from oldest to youngest, and he was the youngest. Rigo really wanted new clothing and pleaded to his mother, but she just said that new clothing costs money. Rigo's mom brought his brand new loafers for his birthday, and he was so excited. He tucked nickels in his shoes. This caught the eye of a bully, who tore the nickels out of his shoes, and when ...more
Allison Michael
Nov 16, 2016 Allison Michael rated it it was amazing
Rigo is a child who always gets hand-me-downs from his older brothers. He is constantly frustrated, because he does not get new clothing of his own. The family wants to help Rigo get his own clothing, but they do not have enough money to accomplish this. For his ninth birthday, Rigo is gifted a brand new pair of loafers. Rigo is extremely excited and wears his brand new shoes to school the next day. He even puts nickels in the slots instead of pennies, because he thinks this is much cooler. As ...more
Nov 15, 2016 Angela rated it liked it
In If the Shoe Fits we are quickly introduced to the main character and get to know his family. Staying true to traditional children’s literature we aren’t provided many details about the characters, but from the simple text and illustrations we know that Rigo has older siblings who pass down their old worn clothing to him, and he is not a fan. One day that changes when Rigo is gifted a pair of fancy brand new loafers for his birthday. Rigo doesn’t hesitate to put nickels where most would put ...more
Elizabeth Carpio
Nov 12, 2016 Elizabeth Carpio rated it really liked it
If the Shoe Fits begins with describing the big family of Rigo. Rigo hated that since he was the youngest of his family he was always given hand downs from his older siblings. The article of clothing or shoes would be passed down from the oldest to the second oldest all the way down the line until it got to Rigo. Rigo hated the fact that the clothes were always beat up once it reached Rigo. Rigo asked his mom for new clothes but she explained to him that they could not afford to give Rigo new ...more
Nov 15, 2016 Virginia rated it really liked it
It is hard to be the youngest child in a large, not wealthy, Hispanic family! When Rigo, who is upset with always getting hand-me-down clothing, finally gets his first new pair of shoes on his 9th birthday he seems fulfilled. If the Shoe fits, tells of Rigos adventures before and after the shoes and how his Uncle shows him just how happy he can be with hand-me-downs.

All the basic elements for realistic fiction are present in this story. The familiar settings of home, school and playground are c
Nov 15, 2016 Maggie rated it it was amazing
Rigo is a young boy who has grown up in a fairly large middle class Hispanic family. He lives with his two brothers, sister, mother, father and uncle. Since Rigo is the youngest and money is quite tight he always gets the passed down clothing. One day Rigo expresses his sad feelings towards not ever getting new things. His uncle offered him five dollars to go get something new, but Rigo knew that was not enough and did not feel comfortable taking his uncle's five dollars. Rigo then receives ...more
Jesus Campa
Nov 15, 2016 Jesus Campa rated it it was amazing
If the Shoes Fits starts by explaining that Rigo the main character, had three brothers and one sister. His house had many family members living inside the house so it was very crowded. Since Rigo was the youngest, he was also given handy downs from his older siblings. Rigo hated this since the clothes were always worn out and beat up. Rigo decided to ask his mom for some new clothes but she explained to him that they did not have enough money for that. For Rigo’s birthday he received brand new ...more
Stephen Matos
If the Shoe Fits was about Rigo, who lives at home with his family as well as his extended family. There is not a lot of room for Rigo which at times makes things complicated. Rigo is often the one that is given clothing that have been brought down year after year which bothers him. This story was about a low income family trying to provide and survive every day. Rigo was presented with a new pair of shoes on his birthday that he wanted to take a walk in. Rigo ran into a boy named Angel that ...more
Mandy Dooley
Nov 13, 2016 Mandy Dooley rated it liked it
If the show fits is about a boy name Rigo. He lives with three brothers, one sister, his uncle, and his parents. Because the family was so large and the parents did not have much money Rigo always got hand-me downs. He didn't really like that because the clothes he got were always too big or had buttons missing. For his ninth birthday Rigo got brand new shoes. He was so excited he couldn't wait to wear them. Unfortunately that didn't last long because a guy named Angel made fun of his shoes. ...more
Mackenzie DuVall
Nov 15, 2016 Mackenzie DuVall rated it really liked it
This novel was a good read and definitely had a good message behind it. At the beginning, we find out that Rigo gets all of his clothes and shoes from his older brothers, as hand-me-downs. Rigo hates that he never gets anything new and refuses to wear the clothes that his brothers give him. On his ninth birthday, his uncle buys him a brand new pair of loafers that he sticks some nickels in. On the playground, an older boy, named Angel, steals the coins and makes fun of the shoes. Rigo decides ...more
Jeremy Aley
Nov 15, 2016 Jeremy Aley rated it liked it
If the Shoe Fits is a story about a Hispanic family. Rico, our main character, gets tired of wearing hand-me-downs. After complaining about not having anything new to him, a surprise present is given to him on his 9th birthday, a new pair of shoes! He loves his new shoes but only wears them once because a bully makes fun of him. Much later, he tries to wear them again, but they are too small, he forces his feet into them, much to the disdain of his feet. He realizes through different situations ...more
Mariela Pooley
Nov 13, 2016 Mariela Pooley rated it it was amazing
If the Shoe Fits is a story about Rigo and him always receiving hand-me-down clothes from this three older brothers. He asks his mother for new clothes but they are not able to afford it. Then on his birthday Rigo receives brand new loafers, he places a nickel in the slots and he loves them. He immediately puts them on but runs into a neighborhood bully who demands makes fun of Rigo's new shoes and demands for the nickels. After the bully rips out the nickels, Rigo goes home and threw his new ...more
Laura Tobin
Nov 15, 2016 Laura Tobin rated it really liked it
This story is about Rigo who is the youngest of four brothers and basically gets the short hand of the stick. He is in a large family and constantly gets the hand me downs. I can totally relate to him because I am the youngest of five children and I always was stuck with the older clothes, but I was excited to get them because I looked up to my older sisters and always wanted their style! In the story however, Rico wanted “new.” On his ninth birthday, he gets his own pair of fancy shoes that ...more
Rachel Tidwell
Nov 15, 2016 Rachel Tidwell rated it really liked it
Rigo, the youngest of four boys in his family is tired of hand-me-downs. In this tale of Rigo's journey in learning to look past where things come from to appreciate what he has and be true to himself, we venture through the wonderfully illustrated world of his home, the playground, and the neighborhood. It is evident by the occasional and well placed Spanish phrasing in the dialogue throughout the book of their Mexican heritage. The book shows the culture somewhat in the family unit piece of a ...more
Krisstina Harrell
Nov 15, 2016 Krisstina Harrell rated it really liked it
Rigo has a very large family. They all live together in a small house. A large family takes a lot of money to sustain so the children rely on hand me downs for clothes and shoes. Since Rigo is the youngest he is the last one to get hand me downs. He wishes that he could get new clothes. On his 9th birthday he receives a brand new pair of loafers. He is so excited to wear them until a bully named Angel makes him feel bad about them. Rigo puts them away until summer time, but by that time he has ...more
Stephanie McNally
Nov 15, 2016 Stephanie McNally rated it liked it
If the Shoe Fits is a realistic fiction picture book. It is about a Hispanic boy named Rio and his family. Rio is the youngest in his family. He always gets hand me downs from his brothers and it bothers him. On his 9th birthday, he gets a brand new pair of loafers. He put 2 nickels in them. Shortly after, and meant boy took the nickels, made fun of the shoes, and Rio threw them in the closet. When he was invited to a party months later, he pulls them out, but finds they were too small. He wears ...more
Alexa Esposito
Nov 15, 2016 Alexa Esposito rated it it was amazing
If the Shoe Fits is a heartwarming story of a young boy named Rigo who always gets hand me down clothes from his older siblings. Rigo is tired of always getting clothes that are faded, ripped or missing buttons. For his ninth birthday, he gets a beautiful new pair of loafers; the nicest shoes he had ever seen. After getting teased by another boy and having the nickels stolen from his loafers, he throws them in his closet. By the time he takes them out to wear to a party, he has outgrown his ...more
Jessica Reigel
Nov 15, 2016 Jessica Reigel rated it really liked it
This book was aout a young boy who was tired of always getting the'hand me downs' when it came to clothing. One day, he gets a brand new pair of shoes that are all his own. He feels very special in them, until one day a bully at school makes fun of him for wearing them with a nickel instead of a penny, and he decides not to wear them anymore. Without giving away too much, he decides that the bully's thoughts of him do not matter. The realistic elements of this story are the way that the boy ...more
Nov 14, 2016 Mitchell rated it it was amazing
If the Shoe Fits is a multicultural children’s book that is based on a Hispanic family that doesn’t have enough money to get Rigo new clothes. Because he is the younger of his siblings, he always gets hand-me-down clothes from his older brothers. When it is Rigo’s 9th birthday, his mom gets him a brand new pair of shoes that he loves because they are new. Later on in the story, we are introduced to the antagonist of the book, Angel. Angel is a bully and he steals the nickels from Rigo’s loafers, ...more
Kali Guest
Nov 16, 2016 Kali Guest rated it really liked it
If the Shoe Fits by Gary Soto is a book about a young boy who constantly gets hand me downs from his brothers. On his birthday his mom buys him a very nice pair of shoes which are brand new. His siblings convinced him to put a penny in his shoes, but instead he put nickels. At school the next day he is bullied for his shoes, and he decided to no longer wear them. At the end of summer, he decided to try them again, but they didn't fit anymore. He decided to give them to his uncle who really ...more
Nov 10, 2016 Lucas rated it it was amazing
This was a great culturally filled realistic fiction about a Hispanic boy named Rigo who was the youngest of his family. Rigo’s family was not the richest family; most of the clothing Rigo would receive was hamydowns, which for kids in that situation is a great form of bibliotheorapy. As someone who was in that exact situation growing up I can say that children in that situation can really relate. One day for Rigo’s birthday he received a brand new pair of shoes, they were the nicest things he ...more
Gerardo Rodriguez
This was a nice little story. Definitely appropriate for elementary school students who want new things, but come from a family where "new" is not affordable. Growing up many students find that they need to have a name brand on them to fit in or they need to be decked out in the flyest of clothing, but in all actuality, it is a true realization that most families where there is an older child use hand-me-downs and there is nothing wrong with that. The idea is that it is about getting kids to ...more
Nov 15, 2016 Megan rated it it was amazing
If the Shoe Fits is a story of a young boy, the youngest boy of 4 boys actually. He felt very unlucky because he would always get the hand-me down clothing from his oldest brother, but it would have to go through all three brothers before getting to him! The clothes would either be worn to the bone, missing buttons, small holes, or just two big for him. He went to his mother one day asking for money for new clothes! His uncle who lived with him offered him five whole dollars, but Rego knew it ...more
Sierra Willis
Nov 09, 2016 Sierra Willis rated it liked it
Rigo, the youngest brother, is always receiving hand-me downs. Like anyone, he begins to grow ill of it and wishes for his own, new clothes. His luck changes when his mother gifts him a brand-new pair of shiny shoes. He falls in love with the shoes and is delighted. His luck draws to an end when he grows out of the shoes and begins to trade them for other items. Rigo really learns his lesson that maybe his hand-me downs were not too terrible after all.
The pictures in this book used dull colors
Sarah Jane
Nov 15, 2016 Sarah Jane rated it really liked it
Rigo is always getting old worn out hand-me-downs from his bigger brothers. For once he just wishes he could have new clothes of his own. Then, on Rigo’s ninth birthday, he gets a brand new pair of the nicest shoes he’s ever seen. Soon after putting on his new loafers, a bully takes the shiny nickels that Rigo had slipped into them. Rigo goes home and decides to toss the shoes in the closet and forget about them. At the end of the summer, Rigo is invited to a birthday party and takes the shoes ...more
Nov 10, 2016 Brittany rated it it was amazing
Being the youngest of a large family Rigo wears all of his older siblings hand me down clothes and shoes, but on his birthday he gets a pair of fancy new shoes. Rigo is excited until a kid down the street makes fun of his shoes and he decided to put them away.

The story of Rigo is one that any young child with older siblings can relate to. It also deals with the idea of bullying and it effects , Rigo's desire to hide the shoes away, as well and the idea of pride, Rigo's distaste for hand me downs
Melissa Brown
Nov 15, 2016 Melissa Brown rated it really liked it
Rigo hates being the youngest brother because he is always getting his brother's hand me downs. The hand me downs often had holes and missing buttons. On his birthday, his mother bought him a pair of new shoes. He was so excited that he finally had something that was new and not a hand me down. Rigo outgrew his new shoes and traded his them for two Mexican coins.

The story is about a large Mexican family that does not have a lot of money. The story contains a few common Spanish words to make it s
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Gary Soto, born April 12, 1952, was raised in Fresno, California. He is the author of eleven poetry collections for adults, most notably New and Selected Poems, a 1995 finalist for both the Los Angeles Times Book Award and the National Book Award. His poems have appeared in many literary magazines, including Ploughshares, Michigan Quarterly, Poetry International, and Poetry, which

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