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Me vs. Me
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Me vs. Me

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  1,346 ratings  ·  110 reviews
Gabby Wolf has pretty much, almost definitely (this close!) come to a decision: She's trading in Phoenix (nice but uneventful life with boyfriend) for Manhattan (dream job as producer for highly successful news show). Then Cam swoops in and gives her a sparkling engagement ring, making her decision even more impossible. Husband vs. career. Vera Wang wedding dress vs. sexy ...more
Paperback, 311 pages
Published July 18th 2006 by Red Dress Ink
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Gabby Wolf is leaving Arizona for New York City, to pursue a career as a producer at the Number 1 News channel in New York. Two nights before she's supposed to leave, her wonderful boyfriend, Cam, takes her out to the desert to watch a meteor shower...and proposes. Suddenly, Gabby has an ultimatum: settle down and have the American dream with a wonderful guy or pursue a chic career and be sexy and single in the city that never sleeps. That night, in the bed of Cam's truck she wishes upon a shoot ...more
A cute entry in the "chick lit" genre -- a young woman, about to move across the country to start her dream job, is surprised by a marriage proposal from her boyfriend who has refused to move with her. She wishes on a star that she wouldn't have to choose, and suddenly finds herself living each day twice -- once as if she'd turned him down and taken the job in New York, and once as if she'd accepted and stayed in Arizona, jobless, to plan her wedding and deal with her unbelievably controlling fu ...more
This was not good. I despised the main character. Apparently it was typical "chick lit" and now that I am aware of the genre, I will attempt to avoid it. I wanted to puch Gabby in the face. Clearly, the only way to be happy is to be married. She almost redeemed herself at the end, but no. Shut up Sarah Mlynowski.
I'm giving this one a five because it surprised me in a lot of good ways. Yes, it's chick-lit, but what's wrong with that? Some of my favorite people are chicks and if they write a good book, well then, so be it.
There is a lot more depth to this story than what one might expect if you merely label it as chick-lit. The characters are well-drawn and believable and I could truly feel for Gabby in her dilemma of which life to choose.
One of the things that I liked best is that neither life was perfec

Mlynowski's latest novel is a clever look at what happens to one woman when her wish comes true and she's able to choose both paths that open in front of her. Gabby Wolf isn't sure what she wants most: to marry her devoted boyfriend, Cam, and stay in Arizona or move to New York for her dream job, producing a popular news show. She wishes she could have it both ways and the next thing she knows, she's living two lives, going back and forth between planning her wedding to Cam in Arizona an
I'm a big fan of chick lit, but the biggest drawback to the genre is how it mistakenly empowers women. Sometimes the victories aren't the victories I want to see these women make. Often times they end with the woman sacrificing her own life/career to be with her man. The whole idea behind Me vs. Me is that the main character doesn't have to choose between man and career - through some strange time-vortex/wish-come-true scenario, she's able to live both lives at the same time, on different sides ...more
Kathryn Schrumpf
I'd honestly give it a 3.5 if given the option. I more than liked it, but I don't think I would ever read it again, which is my requirement for a 4-star book.

This is your typical chick lit title (which is a genre I really enjoy), a quick read with a nice cast of characters, and an interesting - if predictable - plot. Great if you're looking for something light and entertaining.

Basically, the protagonist (Gabby) is facing a crossroads in life, brought on by an ultimatum in the form of a proposal
Qui n'a pas rêvé de vivre deux vies et ainsi de pouvoir décider laquelle nous préférons? Gaby Wolf a un grand souci, elle ne sait pas prendre LA décision importante de sa vie car lorsque son fiancé lui propose le mariage alors qu'elle a obtenu une promotion à NY , c'est le dilemme . Doit elle privilégier sa vie sentimentale ou sa vie professionnelle? Elle fait le souhait de pouvoir vivre les deux et ainsi ne pas devoir se décider. Et quand son souhait se réalise, ses journées durent 48h et elle ...more
Heather Bokon
It was an entertaining story. Arizona Gabby got a little annoying at times, being as wishy-washy and mousy as she was, but the story was entertaining. I would read more by this author, although I would put her on my keeper shelf.
Good researchin'. Seriously, this is a book where the viewpoints swap and are done really well. If I ever try swapping viewpoints in my chick lit noveling adventures, I will use this book as a guide.
This was fluff but it was fun fluff. The night before she's due to leave Phoenix for New York to start an amazing new job, Gabby's boyfriend proposes. The catch is that he won't leave Phoenix; he wants to live near his family. Gabby's going to have to give up either her career or her man. She wishes on a star that she could live both lives...and her wish is granted!

So now Gabby's living in two realities (switching back and forth every time she goes to sleep). In one she's unemployed and planning
Ce roman possède un très bon sujet de base, assez bien exploité dans l'ensemble, mais le tout reste classique, jusqu'à l'utilisation de clichés propres au genre. L'alternance des lieux et vies de l'héroïne amène un rythme certain à l'histoire, même si les événements racontés ne sont pas mémorables, ils font leur job de divertir et quelques passages très sympas sont de la partie. Les seconds rôles manquent un peu d'éclat et la fin est trop rapide pour moi, mais ce roman fait office de bonne lectu ...more
If you're looking for a deep read, this is not it. However, this chick lit book has more going on than meets the eye.

Gabby has been offered her dream job in New York, but the night before she leaves Arizona her boyfriend Cam proposes. He has already made it clear he won't leave Arizona, so Gabby has a choice: her dream job or Cam. She wishes on a shooting star that she won't have to choose, and that's what happens.

She ends up living a day in New York, then waking up the next morning and living t
I like the story, it was different among the chic-lit books I've read but there are annoying parts of this book.

It's about Gabby Wolf having two worlds, One in Arizona, where she accepted her engagement with her long time boyfriend Cam Winston. Her dream to marry a man that will love her for the rest of her life. The other one is her New York-life where she got her dream job as a producer, but she decline her engagement which made her sad and so is her boyfriend because Cam doesn't want to lea
Sep 18, 2008 Norabee rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: chick lit fans,people who like alternate universe stories
If YOU Had a Chance to live TWO Lives, Would You?

Gabby is a charming young woman who receives a marriage proposal from her boyfriend the night before she's about to move to NYC for a new job and a new life. She loves the guy and wants to marry him but she's also really excited about her new city life so she wishes "upon a star" and asks for a way to be able to do both and live both lives and she gets her wish!

The book alternates between her life at home with her new fiancé' and her life in NY.
Gabby is thrilled when she lands her dream job as a TV news producer for one of the Nation's top anchors. The only glitch is that the job is New York, the city that she always dreamed of living in, however, she didn't plan on meeting the love of her life in her Arizona home town. Now on the eve of her move to NYC her boyfriend Cam decided to pop the question and ask Gabby to marry him! This is problem No.1, Cam is not willing to move to New York and give up his law practice or leave his overbear ...more
Lisa W.
Chick lit. Doesn't make sense, don't think about it too much :) Fun enough for what it is.

PW Annex Reviews
Gabby Wolf, 24, is all set to move to from Arizona to New York for the job of her dreams when her boyfriend, Cam, proposes to her 36 hours before her flight. Forced to choose between a $125K cable news production job and being a Southwestern wife with a less flashy career, Gabby makes an ambivalent gesture that Cam interprets as a yes. Distracted during their celebratory snog, Gabby makes
The plot is about Gabby, who the night before she is suppose to leave for a great new job in New York her boyfriend proposes. During that evening Gabby wishes she didn't have to choose between the job and the boy, Cam. The next morning she wakes up and chooses NY, but that night she goes to bed and wakes up being able to choose Cam. From that point on she lives each day twice in NY succeeding at her career and in Arizona with her fiance and Mother in Law planning a wedding. The book follows Gabb ...more
This is a GREAT read. I have been reading Sarah Mlynowski's books since her first novel, Milkrun was published. She never disappoints! Me vs. Me explores what happens when the book's protagonist, Gabby, ultimately has to decide between a once in a lifetime career move to NYC or to get married to her current boyfriend and live with him in Arizona. Luckily, Gabby makes a wish before going to sleep one night that she wouldn't have to make a choice between her two options. When Gabby wakes up the ne ...more
Good: examination of personal growth, self-determination and how one can get trapped into shitty relationship patterns through little fault of their own.

Bad: Cam is less than compelling, Heather (what the fuck is up with Heather?).
I've read several of Sarah Mlynowski's teen books, and they are fun and light and clean.

I didn't realize this was an adult book. So that means there's language and sleeping around and innuendos. Not cool, but that's not why this gets two stars.

This book ticked me off. I like the premise. But, her Arizona self is just such a WIMP. Her mother in law is a HORRIFIC know it all, and controlling and belittling. And she can't stand up for herself for ANYTHING. And then her "perfect" fiance just starts
What a fun book and a very creative concept! I really enjoyed how this chick lit book took its own twists and turns and didn't alwasy follow the "chick lit formula" to a T. I also liked the element of fantasy in it. With a little bit of magic, Me vs Me is a modern day fairy tale. Caught between the love of her life and the love of her career, Gabby literally must decide whether she's coming or going. Coming to a life of marriage and overbearing mother-in-laws in Arizona or going to a new job at ...more
Kate S.
I wish I hadn't finished this book as quick as I did! Gabby Wolf (main character) has sharp wit, ambition, and is just a fun-loving person to be around. Something that I loved about this book was that it had science fiction/fantasy in it, but based on reality, without the heaviness of space, wizards, etc. She lives two lives- One in Arizona (if she had said yes to her boyfriend when he proposed) planning her wedding, and dealing with a crazy mother in law. The other, as her going to New York lik ...more
When Gabby Wolf wishes she could keep her fiance AND move to New York, she gets what she asked for in the way of living two seperate lives. Each night, she goes to sleep in one life and then wakes up in the other.

The double-life aspect of this was interesting. Like other reviewers have mentioned, I found myself loathing one Gabby and wishing she would grow a backbone. While one version of her grew, the other became more shrew-like and timid.

When the two "universes" collide, which of the Gabbys
In this book, Gabrielle is about to move across the country for her dream job in New York. Then her boyfriend proposes. She can't decide if she should stay in Arizona and get married or move to New York for her career. She wishes on a shooting star that she didn't have to choose--that she could have both. Her wish comes true, and she lives each day twice, once in Arizona and once in New York. It's an interesting idea and I enjoyed reading about her two different lives. Arizona Gabby got really a ...more
I really enjoyed reading this book! I was a little weary in the beginning because of the two different realms she was in, but I quickly got very involved and really started to relate well with the main character, Gabbie. I feel like so many of us struggle each and everyday with decisions that can impact us significantly and sometimes we really feel as though we are living two lives. I can really relate to what this character was going through and found this book really hard to put down! I wanted ...more
Definitely a chick book. Has some racy innuendo but I thought its concept was interesting. What if every decision we make creates a parallel universe where versions of us live out the decision we didn't choose . This girl gives up an engagement for a New York job. Every time she goes to sleep, she wakes up in the other universe. She gets to see what would happen in her life if she stayed and got married AND she gets to see what happens if she takes off for her dream job. It was interesting to me ...more
Have you ever wished you could have something both ways? Gabby Wolf’s loyal boyfriend Cam has just proposed, and she just received the job offer of a lifetime producing the news in Manhattan. After Cam refuses to follow her to New York, Gabby gets her dream come true after wishing on a star in the Arizona desert. She gets to work at her new dream job and she gets to plan her wedding and her life with Cam in Arizona. Every time she falls asleep, Gabby switches between her two lives. Eventually Ga ...more
Did you ever wish you didnt have to choose between one life one way with that special someone, or what it would be like to pursue a totally different path? Well, thats exactly what happens in this book. The main character doesnt have to choose, because one day is split into 2. Day 1 she wakes up in the life she chose with her beau. The next day is what its like had she walked away. And the book continues like this. I dont want to give away the ending (which is excellent and sure to please) so I ...more
An interesting premise ... too bad the main character is an insufferable twit.
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Sarah is the author of BRAS & BROOMSTICKS, FROGS & FRENCH KISSES, SPELLS & SLEEPING BAGS and PARTIES & POTIONS—all in the YA ‘Magic in Manhattan’ series, as well as GIMME A CALL and the upcoming TEN THINGS WE DID (AND PROBABLY SHOULDN'T HAVE). Along with Lauren Myracle and E. Lockhart, she also wrote HOW TO BE BAD.

Sarah’s five novels for adults, MILKRUN, FISHBOWL, AS SEEN ON TV, MO
More about Sarah Mlynowski...
Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) Bras & Broomsticks (Magic in Manhattan, #1) Frogs & French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, #2) Parties & Potions (Magic in Manhattan, #4) Spells & Sleeping Bags (Magic in Manhattan, #3)

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