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How to Rape a Straight Guy
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How to Rape a Straight Guy

3.58 of 5 stars 3.58  ·  rating details  ·  159 ratings  ·  64 reviews
Curt has been beaten, betrayed and brutalized by just about everyone hes known. And his mother once a prostitute, now born-again and married has banned him from the family. But six years in prison taught him a lot including how to force straight cons to ejaculate as he rapes them, and how that can be a very satisfying method of revenge. Now hes out and trying to stay strai ...more
Paperback, 145 pages
Published September 27th 2007 by Nazca Plains Corporation
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Nile Princess
Ok, so WOW. The title really doesn't do this book justice and it would probably get so many more sales if the author changed it. It, IN NO WAY, prepared me for how awesome this book is. I've read one other book that I tagged as psychological genius; this book makes two. It's kind of eerie how well written this book is considering the fact that Curt is an uneducated ex-con, who speaks in slang and broken English. But man, oh man, he lets you inside his head and doesn't let you go. The book is wri ...more
WARNING! The title of this book is not a joke. Very dark, raw read. This book explores a rapist's life and thought patterns through a period during and after he was released from prison. After his release, he makes friends with two men that are even sicker than he is and engages in a bet with these two creeps. It also shows what this convict thought about and what he did to other prisoners, and a guard before he was released. When he meets up with these two men on the outside, they dupe him into ...more
Okay, so this doesn't happen to me very often but I am kind of speechless. I honestly don't know how to tell you how I feel about this book, without making myself sound like a crazy bitch. But I'll give it a good go.
I just hope it makes sense. LOL

I will start by saying that yes, this book contains rape scenes, many of them in fact. So if you can't stomach that, I'd turn away now and not read it.
I know that a lot of people will be put off because of the title and that's fine, I don't blame yo
The title of this book, while probably being a little too bold in statement and a turn-off for readers, makes sense to me. Because while reading, I realized this isn’t a story by Kyle Michel Sullivan. Instead, this is Curt’s story. This is 144 pages into the psychological constructs of a man who is retelling his story, and the significance of these moments in his life. And when I think about it, the title seems fitting for what CURT would have chosen if he had published this snippet of his life ...more
4.5 stars

This story resonates with me as I read it during a breaking story (in real life) in the news about a young North Korean man who miraculously escaped from a prison camp in that country. His story is that he was born into slavery in the camp and knew no difference, knew nothing of love or compassion or basic humanity. We are left with a feeling of his being lost in the world with no solid anchor. It is a story that I won’t soon forget -- that such a place could exist in this world.

But suc
Danny Tyran
As Chekov thought, sometimes you're caught in your own destiny; and when this is not a good one, it is hard to get out of it. The author says that he would like to make movies. I hope he will make a movie out of this story. He would not need a lot of money because nearly everything happened inside jails or a garage. No special effects needed, just a real good actor to play Curt. Sure I would go to see such a movie.
The main character is criminal, with serious mental issues, and the story is so co
This is an intense, uncomfortable, eye-opening read. The first sign of genius is how the author manages to convey the fact that rape is not really about sex, it's about power. Who has it, who doesn't, who can get it and, more importantly, who can keep it. Then I found myself squirming in my seat, looking away from the book, thinking: "do I really want to be this deep into the mind of a rapist? Do I want to sympathize?"

Yes. Yes, I do.

Told in first person, from the POV of the rapist himself, thi
First off: this is not m/m. I have it categorized this way in my lists, but only because I don't want to make a category for one or two books. Gay fiction, yes. M/m, no.

Expect minor spoilery below -- if you are a stickler for no hints and complete freshness, you should probably not read this review:

This is a powerful read. Yeah, it's 'smutty', it's explicit, and it is essentially about what the title says. But it is an uncomfortable read (in the best of ways) and the explicit scenes are difficul
This book really gets under your skin. You can't help but feel for Curt, for all he's been through in his life that's made him into the person he is. Truly amazing, though really sad!
A.B. Gayle
There are two stories here, the up front tale of the ex-con being brutal and brutalised. This tale is sordid with rape, murder, torture... the whole bit.

Then there's the message behind the story, cries from the heart by the author about the police, best detailed in this quote:
“My bet is, he gets off on it,” he said. “Our Officer Shayes. He gets to wag his dick in our faces then toss us in jail for merely suggesting we want it. Then he goes home to his wife and says, ‘Honey, I had three men come
Apr 14, 2013 Danni added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: only people with a very strong stomach for sexual violence
I'm not going to rate this book for two reasons: 1)I didn't come close to finishing it, and 2) it's unfair to rate something that does exactly what it says on the tin, but with hindsight I should have taken note of what was on the tin and realised that it wasn't for me. Same reason I don't ever pick up a tin clearly labelled 'beetroot.'

With that in mind, I do usually have a vague star rating in the back of my mind when I start reading something, and this would have been a 4*. The plot is interes
I really don't know how I felt about this book, overall. I mean, 75% of the time I was too revolted and disturbed with the portrayal of rape in this book: it is brutal, unapologetic, and absolutely a exhibition of power/ownership. And, this is intentional- the author absolutely wanted you to feel this way. This isn't like many of the dark fics out there, where the rape is generally fictionalized and built into a fantasy. The point isn't to create the rape fantasy and build a relationship around ...more
Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)! (It's an "I can't believe I enjoyed this book, kind of wow!")

You get to be inside the head of a's kind of a mind fuck! I enjoyed it very much, Curt is on crazy ass bastard...whom I found myself feeling sorry for and hoping good things for him instead of bad. Is that crazy?!!

Kyle, I will definitely check out more of your work!

Smith Barney
If you read fiction for enjoyment, relaxation, comfort, stimulation, for entertainment purposes...this is none of those things.

Unless you enjoy and are entertained by reading depraved and disturbing brutality.

I do not.

Even approaching this from a detached clinical intellect is challenging as it rambles in exceedingly nonsensical violence.

It's reminiscent of a romanticized prison pen-pal confession.

I searched for redemption but was delivered only profound melancholy and a senseless kind of m
Laci "Sammy's Bitch"
I'm not sure what it says about me that I enjoyed this book, but I did. It's not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it made me question how I felt about certain situations. I would have to say that this book was enlightening and entertaining. If you like darker reads, you would definitely enjoy this.
I am curious if this were titled HOW TO RAPE A STRIGHT GAL.

Any thoughts?
Isa K.
Nov 05, 2012 Isa K. marked it as to-read
I may need a new shelf to describe how badly I want this :D
WOW! Just WOW! Kyle Michel Sullivan's writing is just brilliant in depicting the emotional and intense plot of a serial rapist who gets caught up in a twisted situation like a runaway train. Written in first-person, I was able to actually feel empathy and scarily enough, relate to a man who has lost his sense of morality. The internal struggle of the main character, Curt, left me breathless and questioning if some people are just fated to have a screwed-up existence. Very well done and highly re ...more
Anna  (Bananas!)
A very distinct point of view and not unsympathetic, despite the subject matter. Still, I didn't really feel for the main character until the last few pages.

Also, some of the dialogue sounded like the author on his soapbox rather than the character's POV, and it took me out of the story.
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

I thought I knew what to expect going into this. I did know that there was obviously going to be rape in this story and described in detail. Still, it was so much more than that.

In this book, we're told a story by Curt, an ex-con who hooks up with two gay men to prove that he can get a straight man off while he's raping him. See, Curt learned he could do this while he was in prison. He makes a bet with Lenny that he can get any guy off whether they want to get off or not. So Lenny comes up w
One of the best gay novels ever. Dark, hard, but with believable characters and a page turner plot.
A well told story about Curt. Curt's screwed up. Bad childhood leads to bad adulthood and bad decisions. Bad decisions lead him to more bad circumstances, and then yes, more bad decisions. I hurt for him, wanted to cry for the messed up life he had, felt bad for him and was really pissed off at those few people he looked to for guidance through his life and received none. I felt so bad for Curt and what he'd become... Then I'd get mad at myself. Curt's a rapist... how can I feel any sort of comp ...more
I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to read this. The title sums up the subject. It is not m/m romance. It is rape. It is brutal.

It is well written and told in an almost clinical fashion. I would advise to read the blurb to find out more about the story to assist in determining if you want to read it. It has some high ratings but is not necessarily an easy read.

Note: My rating represents some of my discomfort at reading this book i.e.. the subject matter, rather than the quality of
I want to read this book, but the in-your-face title REALLY holds me back and makes it sound like a freaking manual?

3.5 Stars

The story tells of Curt and his brutal experience in life that led him to prison. From a tender age of fifteen, he was thrust into a world of domination where he was forced to fend for himself and learn to adapt in order to survive. After getting out on parole and setting out on getting his life back, it seemed that his need to dominate never really left him. More so, he had this long standing grudge against the people who made his life miserable.

One night as two strangers approach in
The UHQ Nasanta
2.5 - 3 stars

I recently added "Party-Pooping" to my handle, and as I finish this book and rate it, I certainly feel as if I've lived up to the descriptor. Sorry, buddies! This book just didn't blow me away. If anything, it probably rated no higher than a 2.75 for me, but I decided to be generous and rate upward because it had been interesting.

One of the positive aspects of the book was Curt. This book was in his first person POV, and it was an interesting one: 1) He thought and sounded like an
Kyle Sullivan
Nov 09, 2014 Kyle Sullivan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)  ·  review of another edition
Okay...the new editions of all my e-books are up and running on and the first 3 titles' e-books can be bought through The e-book for "Bobby Carapisi" is available through;; and

How To Rape A Straight Guy.

Rape In Holding Cell 6.

Porno Manifesto.

Bobby Carapisi.

The Lyons' Den (my lightest, weirdest, most convoluted book)

And if you want something light and sweet, "David Martin" is my fable
Sue bowdley
Well i really don't know what to say about this....Feel strange saying I enjoyed it but I did...It was written really well...was fair warned what it was about...The ending....yeah was a perfect ending....I never felt sorry for Curt (well apart from that one time)......You get inside his head and kind of understand what he did..why he did it...and what he deserved....A good read x
Bridget R.
I find myself at a loss for words to describe how this book made me feel.

I feel numb right now. Curt's journey played with my emotions and in the end I was left feeling depressed.

Do I regret reading it?

No. No I do not.

Despite how awful I feel right now, despite that Curt's voice is still stuck in my head and I know I'll be thinking about this story months from now...

I do not regret reading it.
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