How To Make People Like You In 90 Seconds Or Less: Library Edition
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How To Make People Like You In 90 Seconds Or Less: Library Edition

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"Whether it's business, social or personal, 90 Seconds will soon have you on your way to becoming a rapport-creating pro." -- Bookpage
Published March 1st 2008 by Listen & Live Audio (first published June 1st 1999)
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This book is like a "motivational" seminar: all gimmick and no substance. The message is common sense with some simplistic psychology. There are a few helpful things (ask questions that invite full answers, show you're listening to the person talking without parroting them, mimic their body language subtly to gain trust, etc.) but it's buried in the author's self-congratulation about what an awesome communicator he is and constant summaries of what he's mentioned. This book is written at an elem...more
The Knowledge Guy
I should have been more skeptical of a book titled How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less , but unfortunately for me I wasn’t. I found the book about 170 pages too long. The helpful material was the making of a pamphlet, not a book. There is very little in this work that is truly unique. Most material on this subject matter is usually a repackaging of Dale Carnegie’s 1930’s teachings and writings with some statistical information de jour tacked on to it. So, I’m going against the grai...more
I thought this was a really interesting read on NLP, with much of it about body language too. Being such a curious person, learning anything new makes me happy, but I really did learn a lot of stuff in here that I didn't already know. The stuff about visual, auditory and kinesthetic was brilliant, I had no idea that such a thing existed. So have I gained enough to put this into practice in my daily life? Yes, I think I probably have. It is all explained really simply and is very user friendly. E...more
Getting people to like you isn’t always easy, at least when you aren’t paying them. First impressions are important, especially when the encounter doesn’t include you pulling some big bills out of your wallet while you idle at a corner in a sleazy part of town. Think of this guide as a way to make your other inter-personal relationships as easy as picking up a transvestite street walker. If even that simple task poses a challenge for you then perhaps you should start with our primer book, How to...more
2.5 stars. This book is less annoying than the title might make you think. Starting from the basic premise that you have 90 seconds or less to make an impression, the author covers four different areas that can help to build rapport with someone: attitude, synchronization, conversation, and sensory preferences. Many of his suggestions are pretty commonsensical, but the sections on synchronization and sensory preferences were fairly new to me. He follows the general format of outlining an aspect...more
I just created a new Shelf - Didn't Finish - and this is the first book I'm putting on this shelf. I listened to 5 chapters of the audiobook and think it would be a good book, but not something I wanted to continue.

The author is in fact a world-renowned fashion photographer who became very interested in the topic and went on to earn a certification with leading doctors in this field. He shares his learnings in the book.

For someone who is shy, would like to improve his perception in the world,...more
I think it was worth it just to hear Nicholas say, "It's late" with different intonations. I don't think anything was groundbreaking, but the author did a good job of putting a lot of concepts together in a fairly digestible manor. I did listen to this book twice to pick up on somethings I missed the first time, and to reinforce other things.

I'm practicing asking open ended questions and mirroring right now. Well, at least I'm acutely aware when I'm doing a bad job of it.
It was an ok read. You learn about body language, open ended questions, visual-auditory-kinesthetic preferences that people have. Wish it had a section on connecting with a large group of people--everything is geared toward one-on-one communication. There was a good section on active listening that can be helpful. Nothing exceptional but a somewhat interesting and easy read.
An easy read/listening...The audio-book voice was terrible...Pretty much many things are just common sense and I think just one chapter could do the same job.
Steven Fouse
This is a good introduction to basic people skills, including being open and positive, using positive body language, listening when people are talking to you, and asking open-ended questions. Stuff you may not have heard of includes listening for and recognizing sensory preferences, and learning to speak in the sensory preference of the person you are with.

Overall great, easy read, especially if you are looking to connect more quickly and easily with those you encounter.
Right off the bat I didn't like this book. I had just finished another audio book with a pleasant voice and this one, in contrast, grated on my nerves. The reader was trying too hard to sound conversational, and the pauses were in all the wrong places. I'm glad I stuck it out, however, because in the end the the author proved his point (I scored "B" or auditory on all the questions), I agreed with a lot of the information, and enjoyed some new insight.
Interesting. I consult with a field of folks who are technically very skilled but don't always have an intuitive grasp on soft skills. I could see this book being helpful to those who struggle with interpersonal skills in that it gives concrete strategies and objectives to improve relationships (which might be a bit more instinctive to the average person).

There's definitely some pseudoscience going on ("research proves" that people prefer one sense over the others) as well as some seminar-sales...more
Probably a 2.5. Parts of it were fine and parts of it (most?) was strange (his idea of rapport) or confusing (his definitions of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Yeah, yeah, I know I need all the help I can get, but whatever-I know how to smile, have nice attitude, and try and that was the main helpful concept that I received from this book.
Mike Allebach
Dispite the cheesy title. This is one of the strongest business / human relation books I've ever read. This is about succeeding in business and in life and not making excuses. It's not a pep talk. It's real exercises that help you win at everything. I've read this book 3 times. It's quick and easy.
..وكتاب جميل .. يهدف للنجاح بإقامة علاقة جيدة مع الناس وترك انطباع أول جيد .. قسم الأشخاص إلى 3أصناف "سمعي وبصير وحركي "..تحدث عن طرق التعامل مع كل صنف .. وطرق التعرف على الحاسة المفضلة لدى كل منا.. رغم أن الكتاب يميل لإعطاء قواعد ونصائح إلا انني استفدت منه
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I think the parts of this book I found useful could have been condensed into a chapter. And those parts I did like. The rest of it... not as much. I found myself snickering at statements telling me to point my heart and towards another person's heart for the magic to happen. It was an easy read though and only took a few hours.

Firing Energy

"You'll need a partner to work with. Stand about eight feet apart, facing each other like two gunfighters in a cowboy movie. As you say "Hi!" clap your hands...more
Heather Murphy
informative. true principles. well put in a concise, entertaining-enough way. I have been feeling so incredibly awkward socially as of late. hopefully I can remember some of the ideas I learned here even if only "a really useful attitude" meaning it is helpful to be positive. another main point that has stuck out for me was the one of three communicative languages people use: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I was surprised to discover that although I like to learn and organize my goals visual...more

An introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the cheesiest author photo you'll see all week! Nicholas Boothman's book is a summary form of lectures and workshops he gives on techniques that will help people make better connections faster. Boothman is writing about personal, face-to-face connecting, but he's such a likeable guy that the likeable-ness drips off every page of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less. But do his techniques add up to anything truly useful for the rea

I found this book (which I listened to as an audiobook) both enjoyable and enlightening. Its title sounds, perhaps, like a trite self-help book, and maybe for some its information was obvious. I, for one, am not particularly observant of other people, and thus found the author's observations and insights fascinating. Many of his suggestions are things we do naturally when we meet people for the first time, and include things I do intentionally, and things I do subconsciously. I think I get along...more
the four basic areas of making
people like you in 90 seconds or less: attitude, synchronization,
conversation and sensory preferences.
so Helpful and informative book,I find it interesting that I'm kinesthetic I've never knew that before ,it all boils down to make dealing with other ppl effortless by matching their preferences.
Roxane Lapa
Nicholas Boothman is a former fashion photographer who is now an NLP practitioner. I found his book as a whole, only 'ok'. There were some very good parts, as well as some solid NLP methods like creating rapport, but I'm not convinced that people are either 'Visual', 'Auditory', or 'Kinetic'. I use various sensory terms like "I see your point", "I hear you" and "I feel you" - sometimes all 3 in the same day. So either I'm equal parts of the 3 types, or it's as I suspect, basically nonsense. I re...more
Even though the title of this audiobook is pretty cheesy, it provided a good listening experience for a few days of my short work commute. The author reminds us to adopt A Really Useful Attitude and the world would be a pleasanter place if we all did that.
CRUCIAL and FAMILIAR knowledge, but this audiobook goes into greater depth. This is one I will be listening to on a regular basis as a reminder. Important for every person seeking to connect with others, especially by those in business . Highly, highly recommended.
Emily Reagan
A quick listen, but mostly a waste of time. It would be useful for people who have REAL trouble connecting with people, and severe, maybe autistic, social skills. Everything was common sense.

A few key pointers: People feel more comfortable when you "synchronize" aka mimic them and are like them. Establish rapport. Ask open-ended questions. I think too many of us are just waiting to talk next and talk about ourselves and miss opportunities to connect. I'm always shocked when people don't know how...more
Cassandra Hawkins-Wilson
I bought How to Make People Like You in 90 seconds or less by Nicholas Boothman years ago, after Judge Banks suggested that I read it when he found out I was interested in becoming an attorney. I met him around my junior year at Jackson State University. He helped me get an summer job at Phelps and Dunbar as a file clerk. I am now happy to say that I finished it today. Much of what Boothman proposes is common sense. However, I do like that his approach includes scientific research to accommodate...more
Boothman enlightens the reader about how to connect with others in the first minutes of an introduction via the 'rapport by design' method. I didn't agree with 100% of what he said but I can see how the vast majority of his instructions might be credible. For me this method is more difficult to implement than I had originally thought it would be but, once mastered, I'm sure could be a powerful tool that results in interpersonal likability. These skills clearly take practice and while the author...more
This book has lots of helpful tips to enhance personal and professional relationships.
Mesa Brewer
This was soooo0oo cool, I feel like I can really mentalize and read people!
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