The Voice on the Radio
Caroline B. Cooney
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The Voice on the Radio (Janie Johnson #3)

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The kidnapping is long past. Janie is relieved that life seems to be settling down but she misses Reeve Shields, who is away at college. As for Reeve, college life seems overwhelming; when the opportunity for fame in a late-night gig at the school radio station proves irresistible, he finds himself spilling Janie's story over the airwaves. Reeve is so sure Janie will never...more
Audio Cassette, 0 pages
Published July 1st 1998 by Recorded Books (first published September 1st 1996)
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Now that Janie has found out about her past, things finally seem to be falling into place, and she's slowly building a relationship with her original family.

Reeve, her boyfriend, has gone off to college to begin a new part of his life. He feels lost in college, but he thinks he might have found something that he can be good at. He becomes a DJ at the school radio station, and manages to get on the prime time slot. At first, he panics, having nothing to say, and then slowly, he begins to tell Jan...more
Shally Clark
Summary: It is the third book in the Janie Series, starting with The Face on the MIlk Carton. This book is about Reeves Shield's (Janie's boyfriend) college experience. He finds that he wants to do better at college since he didn't try hard in high school. He finds college life to be exhausting because of all of the pressure. He gets a job as a D.J. at the school's radio station. Feeling the pressure to come up with interesting things to talk about, he starts retelling Janie's whole life. He nev...more
Karissa Akey
"The Voice on the Radio" is a very interesting book. This book is very mysterious and suspenseful. This is a sequel to the series called "The Face on the Milk Carton". In this book it shows a high school love story where the boyfriend named Reeve goes to college. He is a very smart and masculine man. He is hardworking and he knows what he wants and he will achieve it. He is a loving man that would never intentionally hurt someone. Reeve's girlfriends name is Janie. She is also hardworking. She i...more
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I always knew Reeve was an ass.

There are a couple of things that keep bothering me about the series. Janie's lack of female friendship is one. She complains about her 'best friend', and even during the moments that person is being a great friend to her... Janie just talks about how she doesn't want a girlfriend... she wants her boyfriend. UGH. It's absolutely nauseating.

Also, why does everyone keep blaming Janie and needing to forgive her for deciding to live with the people who actually brough...more
If the first two books were about questions, this one is about answers, and about forgiveness.

But not in the way you think at the beginning . . .
Reese wasn't doing anything bad! janie needs to get over herself!!!!
Denise Nieves
Just like the first two books this book was amazing!!! I have loved this series so much . When Janie found out Reeve was talking about her on the radio . I liked how her brother and sister stood up for her and went against Reeve! Since the start Janie wanted to come down to go see Reeve ,and this was always his concern . Janie's mom and dad aren't as close to Janie anymore they have become old and have Brent thinking about everything . Janie's real parents moved into a new house for more room. T...more
Okay, so, in the continuing saga of Janie Johnson/Jennie Spring, the kidnapped wonder who is trying to figure out what family means, the boyfriend Reeve uses her story, her trust for material on the radio. As much as I understand the desire to hook people into listening to you (and, having briefly worked in radio, I really DO get how intoxicating that mike is; there is no stage fright in the usual sense, there is only this weird sensual connection. It's hard to explain) and as much as I apprecia...more
Gayle Francis Moffet
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Janie Johnson had once been kidnapped and given to another family, but that was all in the past, and Janie had previously decided to live with the Johnsons instead of her real family (the Springs). Janie thinks that her new large problem is that her boyfriend, Reeve, is going away to college this year. While Janie is devastated about the situation, Reeve is quite comfortable at college in Boston. Since Reeve is itching for popularity and a reputation at his new college, he decides to join his co...more
Paige Turner
This companion to The Face on the Milk Carton (Bantam, 1990) and Whatever Happened to Janie (Delacorte, 1993) provides more intimate details about characters that readers have come to know and care about. Janie Johnson first saw her face on a milk carton (as a 3 year old missing child). Her very existence as she knows it… is shattered! Who is she? What happened? Are the parents she dearly loves her kidnappers? And who are her real parents?

Reeve Shields, her boyfriend, is now a college freshman a...more
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The kidnapping conclusion has calmed with Janie adjusting to her new families. Unfortunately, her rock, her boyfriend Reeve, has gone off to college all the way in Boston, and the long distance relationship is taring her apart. Reeve, while he misses Janie is busy with his new gig as a disk jockey, on a local college station. On his first night he is welcomed with dead air, until he starts a story, Once Upon A Time a girl was kidnapped.... Reeve's "janies" become an instant sensation and famous...more
Natalie Rock
I really like this book because it got to the point very quickly. It really showed her feelings for Reeve and how she felt about what he did to her and how cruel it was. This book focused on Reeve and Brian allot more then in the other books. With Brian it was how he felt about his twin troubles with Brendan and how lost he felt, but he also found him self slowly throughout the book finding out who he was. With Reeve it was stoping something he shouldn't have started and his emotions with his re...more
Mar 11, 2013 Lola is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
Do you like mysteries? Well if you do you will immediately fall in love with The Face On The Milk Carton by Caroline B Cooney. This is a fiction book about a young girl named Janie who gets into a tough and confusing situation. Her and her friends never look at the faces on the milk carton but the first time she does she is confused. She sees herself. Trying to find her real parents and get the full story Janie cannot believe that she has been living off of a lie for 11 years. She doesn’t unders...more
Kathryn Powell
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ISBN: 978-0-385-74240-5
Cost: $7.99
Edition: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★☆

For me, these books are a call back to my childhood. I can remember being in the eight grade and reading the first two books with feelings of amazement that someone could have picked out that she was the victim of the child kidnapping. To be honest, the feeling of amazement didn't go away when I finished the first two books, and I was left with the question. What happens after that second...more
Beth Fred
First of all, the cover. There are multiple editions of this book, and the cover I actually read is not available on goodreads. Also, the goodreads blurb is different from the one on the back of my paperback, and in my opinion the back of the book is more enticing.

This is the sequel to The Face on The Milk Carton. If you've been around for a while, you may remember my thoughts on the first book from A-Z. If not, you can find them here.

I loved The Face on the Milk Carton and have often wondered...more
As if Janie didn't have enough problems trying to juggle two families, trying to love both, and trying to keep her story private, her boyfriend, Reeve, who is now a college freshman, tells Janie's story over the air on WSCK, the student radio station. Reeve is suddenly famous. He tells more and more Janie stories, basking in the glory of being a star. All of Boston is listening to him. Everything is cool. Reeve knows he can quit at any time. But the Janie stories are an addiction. Instead of qui...more
Viktoria Jean
Oct 28, 2007 Viktoria Jean rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: MILK CARTONS
My Favourite Lines from the JANIE QUARTET:
'Pretending was fine when you were little and pretended with dolls or blocks or wooden trains. But to pretend forever? To find, once more, that her life was a fantasy spun by the people who supposedly loved her?'
'Janie Johnson hated her father at that moment with hatred that was wallpaper on every wall of every room she had ever lived in: stripes and circles and colours of hate pasted over every other emotion.'
'It took control to be gentle. Her finger...more
This book wasn't as good as the other two. In fact I kinda felt this book was an unnecessary book in the series. While it was still good, it was not even much about Janie and her family, it was about Reeve and his betrayal to Janie. I will read the next book in the series because I have it and want to finish the series but I'm not expecting much from that one either. It was a good book for what it was which is why I gave it 3 stars, but as part of the series it wasn't the best.
In The Voice on the Radio, Reeve becomes the biggest jerk when he finally gets a good spot on his college radio station. The jerk part comes in because he tells Janie’s story without her permission and the does not tell her about it himself. She finds out when she goes to Boston with Jodie and Brian and hears him doing one of his janies, or stories about her. My favorite part of The Voice on the Radio is the when Janie is actually able to call her birth parents mom and dad. She realizes that she...more
Kelly Hager
In this one, Janie's found a way to have a relationship with both families and her life's going pretty well. The only really bad thing is that her boyfriend, Reeve, is away at college in Boston.

Her sister and one of her brothers (Jodie and Brian) decide to head to Boston to see about some colleges for Jodie and her Connecticut parents let Janie go with them. They end up hearing Reeve's show (he's a DJ) and it turns out the reason he's so popular is that he discusses Janie and the kidnapping. And...more
The third in the Face on the Milk Carton series finds Janie back in Connecticut with the family she's grown up with. Things are starting to settle down in Janie's life and she's developing a better relationship with her New Jersey family. Her biggest problem now is that her boy-next-door boyfriend has moved to Boston for college and she misses him tremendously. Reeve is trying to find his niche in college and in life and is drawn to the college radio station where one night, when faced with dead...more
Anne Osterlund
Janie can count on Reeve. He’s the only one who knows her whole story. How she discovered that she had been kidnapped. The agony of trying to sort out allegiances between two families. The mystery of her kidnapper, Hannah.

But when Reeve arrives at college, he faces his own demon. Dead air. As a brand new freshman deejay, it’s talk or sink. And Reeve needs a story he can run with. A story that will grip listeners. In short, he needs Janie’s story.

I first read The Face on the Milk Carton in middle...more
Janie desperately want's to finish high school so she can join Reeve in collage. As time slips away Janie would love to visit Reeve and one day her wish finally comes true. Janie, her sister and her younger brother all drive to Reeve who is in Boston for collage. They finally got to a hotel were all of them can lay down and sleep. Janie's younger brother turn's on radio, and they all hear a familiar voice, It's Reeve! Janie had known that he played at that time at night. She began to listen as h...more
{my thoguhts} - This book covers what happens after Reeve goes off to college and Janie went back to live with the Johnson’s. She decided to work things out with the Spring’s and she finally realizes that things are okay and she has enough love to go around. Jodie makes a trip to look at colleges in Boston and Janie tags along. They discover that Reeve isn’t the person they had thought he was in fact they discover he’s a jerk. And Janie finally comes to terms with having four parents that she ca...more
I just finished reading Voice on the radio by Coroline b Cooney. this book is about the main character named janie in the early 1900,s when they were creating the radio. these people are learning how these people managed to create the first radio and how they made a voice come from another location.the book is about how her friend named steven finds the voice on the radio and gets really excited and researching about how these people were able to create a voice that can travel from destination t...more
Book 3 is a bit different from the first 2. Reeve is away at college, and gets the chance to be a DJ on a talk show on the college radio station (that NOBODY listens to). Trying to think of something to say, he starts to tell Janie's incredible story--and he's an instant hit. Like a soap opera, he shares just a little more each time (and goes back and forth in the story so the audience doesn't hear the whole story). He loves the interest and power he feels when people ask him to tell "a janie."...more
Isabelle G
I think that this book was a great book, because I learned a lot more about the charcaters I alredy knew in this book. I thought that Janie's boyfriend Reeve was a very reliable person to Janie, but he told Janie's story on his collage radio station (I didn't see that coming!) I also found out that the Springs (Janie's original family) sent their oldest son off to colage in another state. I never thougt that they'd let any oftheir kids go to another state by themselves- they can't suffer having...more
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Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when "the best teacher I ever had in my life" made writing her main focus. "He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got. I started writing then and never stopped!"
When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people -- with rem...more
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