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Up Till Now

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William Shatner gets the joke about William Shatner. In fact, most of the time he's the one telling it. His self-effacing attitude, so perfectly parodied in the bombastic character he now plays on "Boston Legal," Denny Crane, is one of the reasons for his huge popularity. While best known for his creation of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the starship Enterprise on "S...more
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd (first published January 1st 2008)
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It's official: William Shatner is awesome.

Okay, I know the book jumps around sometimes, and once in a while he repeats things--normally, that would really bother me. This time it enhanced the experience of reading the book so much. I felt like he was telling me his story himself; it made the book seem much more casual and intimate. I really, really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Für eine Biografie ist das Buch sehr gut. Es strotzt nur so vor Humor und Ironie und sogar ein bisschen ehrliche Selbstkritik ist drinnen.

Was das Buch auch noch inhaltlich spannend macht, ist das Lebensmotto von Shatner kein "Taugenichts" zu sein und fast alle Jobs, die man ihm anbot, als Gelegenheit zu sehen, sich weiterzuentwickeln. Daher gibt es auch Geschichten über seine Ausflüge in die Musik, Werbung, Gameshows und ins Wrestling - was für eine Schauspieler Bio dann doch etwas ungewöhlich...more
So far Shatner tells interesting stories.

I like biographies. I like to learn where people came from and what experiences made them who they are today. And I'm a huge TOS Trek fan, though far more of Spock then Kirk. So I wanted to read Trek stories from the horse's mouth, I wanted to put more flesh on the experiences of those years. That didn't happen nearly as much as I wanted. So don't read the book if all you want is Trek lore, there is some but not in depth. (I guess should have known he had...more
Clark Hallman
William Shatner provided a surprisingly candid and detailed portrait of his life. He reveals his insatiable desire to continuously work as an actor, no matter how strange the parts may be. He freely admits that many of his stage, television, movie, and singing/talking recordings were, not only panned by the critics, but were actually awful. However, he recognizes that even these kept his work in the public eye (and ear) and resulted in other opportunities, some of which turned out to be very wel...more
John G.
I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did, come away having learned something about the man I didn't know before, and also having learned something about life and living as well. Shatner actually has quite a command of words and language and surprisingly, comedic insight and timing. I'm trying to put together a comedy curriculum/workshop and found a lot that will be useful in this book, see some sharp parallels between acting and comedy. Getting an insider's view of both TV series and...more
Jun 21, 2013 Yvensong rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Yvensong by: S.
This was a very enjoyable read. Shatner's wit showed through this candid look into his life. I, rarely, read biographies and autobiographies. Even more rarely do I enjoy one enough to want to continue reading it. Up Till Now surprised me. I found myself looking forward to the moments I could sit down and read and easily lost myself in his story.
JoAnna Spring
Up till I read his autobiography, I would have said that William Shatner was #1 on my list of coolest dudes on the planet. Now, I realize he is only playing the coolest dude on the planet. There is a saying, "never meet your heroes." I would like to add "cautiously read the autobiography of the dude that you think is the coolest on the planet."

It's not that I won't enjoy Shatner's work in the future, it's just now I realize he's actually... human. And an actor. A very funny, intelligent and inte...more
The satirical magazine ‘Private Eye’ is well known, in its book pages, for slagging off every book it comes near. Letters have appeared asking which books its reviewers actually like. The answer to that question maybe became a bit clearer last year when it actually published two positive reviews – one for Paul O’Grady’s memoirs and one for William Shatner’s. (In fact ‘Private Eye’ is quoted on the back of the UK paperback edition.) So perhaps the answer to the question is autobiographies of men...more
A great listen. I've been a Shatner fan as an offshoot of being a Star Trek: TOS fan, but just loved Boston Legal when that was airing. This was written in Shatner's expected jokey style, he's not afraid to take a good swing at his own caricature. He does a good job of it too, in this autobiography, never crossing from self-effacing into maudlin, nor often swinging too far the other way into what I always identify with the young, cocky James T. Kirk.

He narrates his own audiobook, which gives it...more
When I was young, I was a pretty fanatical Star Trek fan. As I got older, I grew disenchanted, for many of the reasons Martin Luther grew disenchanted with Catholicism ;-). Right now (mid-2008), I find it a little hard to work up enthusiasm for Trek, though I'm sure I'll get my enthusiasm back in the future.

I'm interested enough to keep "up to date" with Shatner's memoirs, however, at least in part because I loved the movie Free Enterprise.

I hadn't heard of this book until I saw in in an SFBC fl...more
Best known for his work as Captain James T. Kirk in the original (and best) Star Trek, William Shatner has had a healthy career beyond the confines of the starship Enterprise. That career is detailed here in Shatner's latest autobiography that takes a look at his entire career, unlike his last two memoirs that focused on his time as Captain Kirk.

Some of the stories about his time of Kirk repeat and overlap, but the rest of the book is a fascinating portrait of a man who is driven by an insatiabl...more
I was rather afraid that William Shatner's autobiography would be pompous like he was accused of being bak in his Captain Kirk days. And reading the first chapter/paragraphs I was thinking I was correct. But, after settling in and continueing the read I found a marvelous story! Begining when Shatner was a poor struggling actor in minor plays it leads right through to his Emmy winning portrayal of the ever loveable Denny Crane.

My only other complaint was the love-in for his deceased wife Nerine....more
Jason Reeser
This may be the funniest book I've read in years. But beyond that, this book will show you a side of Shatner that you might not have known existed. He is over-the-top, we've always known that, but he is also a man who has fought through some very tough times in life. Even the great Captain Kirk could not get through life without losing at love and struggling with acceptance and fearing financial failure. It is always nice to know that icons of this type are not immune to the same daily problems...more
What fun! I loved Captain Kirk, and then came to really appreciate Shatner on Boston Legal. I listened to Shatner read this book on CD. It was as if I was sitting on the deck listening to Shatner telling stories to James Spader as they both smoked cigars and drank their whiskey (or whatever they drank). Pure candy.
No matter what you may think of his acting, the man definitely has a sense of humor, and knows how to tell a story.

I'm amused at how many people felt in necessary to say "I'm not a Star Trek fan" in their reviews here. I am a Star Trek (original series, please) fan. So there. :-Þ
Doris Pearson
Wonderful story about a wonderful man...
A very candid and detailed overview of Shatner's career. I appreciate the fact that Shatner skips over his childhood and begins the book as a young man trying to break into the acting business. Shatner touches on a lot more aspects of his career than I would have expected, and the writing is also much less dry than you would find in your standard autobiography. He does, however, come across as a bit spoiled and pompous (and, at times, just flat-out ridiculous--such as when he hires a psychic to...more
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: I love William Shatner and there was no doubt I'd be reading his autobiography!

Comments: William Shatner's autobiography covers his entire life from growing up in Montreal, Canada to virtually the present with his thoughts on not being invited to participate in the recent new Star Trek movie. His childhood is briefly summarized though his acting ventures as a child, in high school and university and then book focuses on his career as an actor starting with his days on the Ca...more
Angela McMurray
Whilst reading this book, I mentally pictured Shatner pacing the room, talking incessantly and gesticulating wildly, as Fisher chuckled to himself and clicked away patiently on the keyboard.

I like William Shatner and 'Up until now' does nothing to hinder that feeling. He is warm, good natured and human. He speaks chiefly of his professional career and the life of an actor through the last 70 years, although about two thirds of the way through he touches on the tragedy of his third marriage which...more
I thoroughly enjoyed this audio book. Yes, it was stream of conscious, but listening to it in audio was like sitting in the Shatner home listening to William telling stories about his life. It may play better in audio than in print (Shatner himself was the reader). The book is full of anecdotes, humor, and pathos. It was interesting to hear that, despite working constantly, in the early years Shatner lived paycheck to paycheck as many of us do. He’d make money while working, but between gigs, he...more
Emmett Spain
William Shatner has lived. This much cannot be doubted. His life has been spent acting on the stage, hosting quiz shows, shilling dozens of products, starring in movies and TV shows, riding horses, doing spoken word versions of popular songs, releasing two albums, flying planes, dating a prostitute, directing films, writing books, getting married four times... he's had a wild ride. And it's not over yet.

Told with self-deprecating wit and a tendency to flit back and forth in time and between anec...more
Craig Williams
After having read, and thoroughly enjoyed, Leonard Nimoy's "I am Spock", I felt it was only appropriate to balance it out with Shatner's autobiography "Up Till Now". I can't decide which I enjoyed more, but Shatner's book was very entertaining. He writes the book in such a natural way it almost comes off as tape recorded ramblings being transcribed verbatim (which is, in all likelihood, exactly how the book was written). As Shatner often admits in the book, he's usually the first person to poke...more
I feel like I should be ashamed to admit that I enjoyed Up Till Now. The jokes are so obvious and the Shatner is so ubiquitous. But it was a lot of fun!

I don't think I need to really explain what this book is about, since it's all in the title. I'm pretty sure this isn't Bill Shatner's first autobiography, although the previous ones may have focused on different things? Maybe they were ~~memoirs~~ instead? Anyway, this one mostly covers his career, from the beginning up to "Boston Legal." Thankf...more
Andrew Georgiadis
I was expecting more.

Is a list an autobiography? If you were to take the thorough listing of an actor's full filmography at IMDB, shake it, and compose with the resulting material a litany of paragraph-long summaries of each -- does this qualify as storytelling? An actor already difficult to like and appreciate because of his notorious pig-headedness and thorough egomania, Shatner doesn't succeed in dispelling much of that ill-will here. Nor does he really have to.

There is more about his favorit...more
William Shatner is a funny man. He's also underrated as a serious actor, despite having logged more than 50 years on stage and screen. The only thing that irked me about this autobiography is that Shatner indulged himself in frequent pitches for the Shatner web site and its astonishing collection of Shatneriana. Granted, the man long ago made the transition from actor to pop culture phenomenon, but even iconic status wears thin when set-piece anecdotes are interrupted by vaudeville-style salesma...more
Nicole Chu
I’ll admit it: I am not a particularly devoted Shatner fan; I have always preferred Leonard Nimoy. I read Nimoy’s autobiography I am Spock earlier this summer and loved it. Only then, propelled by my love of all things Star Trek, did I feel compelled to read something of Shatner’s as well. So I did – and I found myself rather disappointed on the whole.

Perhaps I lack the requisite attention span to appreciate the book. Shatner frequently interrupts the narrative flow with tangentially related ane...more
Isabel H.
BY William Shatner
358 pages

William Shatner had been an actor for about 60 years. Now William is one of the most famous entertainers. The Star Trek series and the other films that made him a beloved figure. He didn't begin or end with his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek. He has always been loved in the theater and in the new world of television. He took the role for Christopher Plummer in Shakespeare’s Henry V. Also, he starred in “Something on the Wing” which is a classic episode...more
I don’t often make it a habit of reading autobiographies. I’m not one prone to taking solace or refuge in the exploits of others. I’d much rather be committing my own exploits worthy of the written word and eventual best seller status according to the New York Times.

However, once in a blue moon a truly transcendental person comes along to shock and awe those around them. This Renaissance individual has lived a life so glorious, so meaningful, so emotionally resonant that I can’t help but wonder...more
This is a pretty good autobiography. How much Shatner wrote and how much his ghost writer wrote will remain a mystery but I think this is pretty damned good. The anecdotes about Star Trek were funny and interesting as was his time on other TV shows which I didn't necessarily watch. I never watched an episode of 'TJ Hooker' or 'Boston Legal' but Shatner still managed to capture my interest with details about life on the sets of those shows. I would almost consider watching them now. Shatner opens...more
Sarah Olson
Up Till Now is a fairly entertaining read and a candid look into Shatner beyond Star Trek.

The Good: Shatner's tales of how he became a successful actor (basically taking every job he could) as well as his personal experiences are fascinating and touching and give us a window into his life away from the captain's helm. Some of the stories are particularly stirring; when he talks about his wife's death you can't help but feel for him. He also uses self-deprecating humor to keep the tone light thr...more
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William Shatner is the author of nine Star Trek novels, including the New York Times bestsellers The Ashes of Eden and The Return. He is also the author of several nonfiction books, including Get a Life! and I'm Working on That. In addition to his role as Captain James T. Kirk, he stars as Denny Crane in the hit television series from David E. Kelley, Boston Legal -- a role for which he has won tw...more
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