Eyes of the Emperor
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Eyes of the Emperor

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Eddy Okana lies about his age and joins the Army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy--even the U.S. Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiers.
Then the Army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret mission to a small island off the coast of Mississippi...more
Paperback, 229 pages
Published February 1st 2007 by Laurel Leaf Library (first published August 9th 2005)
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i curse my elementary and high school education because it failed to teach me cool shit about world war II. or anything that wasn't related to the damn 13 colonies.i know everything there is to know about the mating rituals of the quakers (zzzzzzzzzzz) but i have no idea who won the civil war.

here are some things i have just learned today:

hawaii is moving toward japan at the rate of almost 4 inches per year - snapple plum-a-granate tea cap

during world war II, 25 american soldiers of japanese de...more
It was a very interesting story and i highly recommend it. It shows a new side of an intriguing subject. I thought it was very interesting because I was unaware that they used the American Japanese people as dog food. Literally they actually used them as the targets for training. I was astonished that although we attacked Germany for being unaccepting we were almost as bad. We killed threatened and ruined the lives of many American people just because of the shapes of their eyes. This informatio...more
Nicholas Wallenhorst
Eyes of the Emperor
Graham Salisbury
Five out of Five

I liked this book very much because of the action packed story that is also historical. What I mean is, I like how the story is about Japanese U.S soldiers from the army in World War II but is also actioned packed about the problems of the rasicm. I also liked this book because it's about a regular boy just like me (except that his family builds boats) and this could've happened to me.
One of my most favorite parts is in the end and if you...more
I saw this book on the shelf of a bookstore and decided to grab it. I am fascinated about all things World War II, and I live on Oahu so I knew I would recognize some of the geography it mentioned.

I was quite surprised by the book. The description on the back doesn't quite prepare you for the dehumanizing "mission" these guys are sent on. This part of our history as a nation will always be a black mark, and a warning to the future. Fearing a certain race (or culture, or religion for that matter...more
Zachary Mosher
Eddy Okubo is 16 his parents and family are from japan. Eddy was born in Hawaii and is patriotic. Eddy graduated high school and is working with his dad with boats and doesn't know what he wants to do in life. He makes a big step and decides to join the US army with his friends. But theres one problem he is only 17, nothing a little forging can't fix and he was 18.

His father doesn't really like the Idea and wants him to see his Japanese roots and does not talk to him for a while. On Eddys first...more
May 14, 2014 Maxl added it
Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury gave me a whole new view on what World War II was like for Japanese-Americans living in America. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in World War II or the United States Army. It could also interest people who would like to simply learn about how Japanese-American soldiers were treated in World War II. The book begins with Eddy Okubo talking to his friends Chik and Cobra about how they had just joined the United States Army. Wanting t...more
Jeni Enjaian
A review from my old blog...

I learned something about World War II history that I didn't know before by reading this book. I am ashamed of this part of my history as an American.

This book is narrated by Eddy Okubo who lies about his age to enter the US Army before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After America declares war on Japan Okubo and his fellow Japanese American soldiers encounter various trials including being sent to Cat Island off of the Mississippi coast to serve as the bait in an ill-fa...more
Alex Baugh
Eddy Okubo, 16, may have parents who were born in Japan, but he was born in Hawaii and considers himself strictly American. Eddy is a smart kid and has already graduated from high school. So far, though, all has been doing is helping his father out with his boat building business, not really know what he wants to do in life.

Now, Eddy thinks enlisting in the US Army might be something he would like to do after hearing about it from his friends, Chik and Cobra, both 18, who have just been drafted....more
Eyes of the Emperor By: Graham Salisbury Book Review Brian Bredemann
Reading 8-McG
Book Review 4/4/08

If you love to read history and adventure, then you will enjoy Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury. The historical fiction book is about sixteen year-old Eddy Okubo, a Hawaiian-American living with his family in Oahu in 1941, who is part- American and part-Japanese. He has two best friends, Chik & Cobra who are both eighteen.
The story begins with how the people of Hawaii are afraid of h...more
Nick Wong
What I thought about this book was that Eddy Okubo had a very smart decision because he wanted to become an American solider fighting against the Japanese because Japan was bombing Pearl Harbor so he wanted to help the Americans. Even though Eddy is Japanese, he is a true American and a true warrior because he didn't help his country he exactly helped the Americans who were getting bombed because he didn't like what the Japanese were doing. If I would Eddy Okubo I would be very courageous to go...more
Title: "The Eyes of the Emperor" by Graham Salisbury
Grade/interest level: 6th to 8th Grade
Guided Reading Level:W
Genre: Historical fiction

Main Characters: Eddy Okubo
Setting: The story takes place in Hawaii during World War II
P.O.V: from Eddy

Summary: This is book is about a Japanese-American living in Hawaii. He decides to lie about his age and join the army after his family experiences some hate crimes. His family is being looked down upon by some people for being of Japanese heritage at this per...more
Payton Chin
My book, “Eyes of the Emperor”, written by Graham Salisbury, was a historical fiction book set in World War II. It was told through the eyes of Eddy Okubo, a young 16-year old Japanese American who enlists in the U.S army. However, because of his race, he is faced with prejudice from the country he holds so high in respect. I think that this book had a good idea in mind, but there weren’t enough details to fully describe their feelings. I liked how the author described some traditional Japan val...more
The book, The Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury, is told from the perspective of a Japanese American soldier, Eddy, during World War II. This book is unlike other World War II books that I have read because it shows how the Japanese American soldiers were treated during the war. One part of the book explains how the Japanese soldiers were bait for attack dogs in training. This perspective shows how the American soldiers were treated differently from the Japanese soldiers. It also shows wha...more
Javier Perez
Grade/interest level: 6th Grade
Reading level: Scholastic Grade Equivalent - 5.8
Genre: Historical fiction

Main Characters: Eddy
Setting: The story takes place in Hawaii during World War II
POV: from Eddy

Summary: This is a story about an under-aged Japanese-American living in Hawaii. He decides to lie about his age and join the army after his family experiences some hate crimes against them. The family is being looked down upon by some people for being of Japanese heritage at this period in time. Edd...more
Taylor G.
I thought Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury, was a decent read. I really enjoyed the historical aspect of the book. Pearl Harbor is a very interesting topic to me, and I wanted to learn more about it before reading the book. While reading I almost felt like I was in Eddy Okubo’s shoes during Pearl Harbor. The author used a lot of detail and described action scenes so precisely you felt like you were a bystander in the scene.
The book really stood out to me because Eddy was a Japanese Ame...more
I don't usually read historical fiction. It's not that I have anything against the genre (really, I have great respect for such authors who devote large amounts of time throwing themselves into research about such topics), but I usually gravitate towards fantasy and science fiction novels in which I can escape the world and imagine something different. Eyes of the Emperor was a required reading for my Young Adult Literature class though, and through reading this book I realized that sometimes ou...more
Salisbury, G. EYES OF THE EMPEROR. New York, MY: Wendy Lamb Books. ISBN 0385729715

The Eyes of the Emperor” written by Graham Salisbury is a vivid glimpse into World War II from the perspective of the Japanese Americans living in Hawaii during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Eddy Okubo is a 16-year-old American who love his country. Unfortunately he is also of Japanese descent and American's are not happy about that. Everyone sees him as the enemy. When he joins the army he i...more
I was so upset during and after reading this book that my government would do such a thing, that multiple people including doctors, would think and carry out such a stupid plan. Different races of people do not smell different! What men, following orders so they would be serving their country, stupid as it is, even while most other Americans would have spat on their faces or locked them up in camps. I wondered while reading this book how many other Americans not pictured in movies or popular tho...more
Stella Pollard
Wow.. What an Amazing read!! As an aspiring teacher, I have been asked to read 35 young adult books this semester. This week was the Historical Fiction genre. I have read this book in 2 and a half hours, I couldn't put it down.

When Eddy Okubo's two best friends are drafted into the war, Eddy is jealous. He's only sixteen, so he finds away to lie about his age and enlists. This books ties together the happenings of Pearl Harbor and fiction beautifully. Eddy has many trials along his way and is tr...more
Fran Toolan
My 7th grade sons were given this book as an assignment, and I read it so we could discuss. This is the semi-true story of a Hawaiian-born American of Japanese decent, who enlisted in the army (faking his true age of 16) just a short time prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The book portrays the challenges that the main character, and several of his friends had, during the first years of the war. the prejudice and humiliation they needed to put up with and the ways that they needed to put their...more
Khristopher J.
May 18, 2011 Khristopher J. rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Deprina Godboldo
Shelves: fancy-fiction
Here's the truth about this book. Eyes of the Emperor is an amazing idea and premise for a book, but Salisbury doesn't write it well. The book is only 222 pages, but it's spaced out into 44 chapters. The author can't keep an idea, scene or thought for longer than two paragraphs and uses the same imagery for every setting change. His dialogue is decent; his characters are so-so, but taking a look into the Pearl Harbor bombings and the eventual starting of WWII from the Japanese perspective was a...more
Just finished reading this last night. I read it for "Battle of the Books" at my school. I'm on a teacher team. All the books this year are Oregonion authors. Some better than others. This one keeps you going through the whole story. A 16 year old Japanese-American boy in Hawaii joins the army right before the attack on Pearl Harbor. I expected a book about the internment camps during the war. What I got was a far more vibrant story. It was difficult to read at times for me because of the ultima...more
Read it in seventh grade about four years ago.

This book isn't even 250 pages long, which is just inexcusable given the amount of time it covers and that it's supposed to be a historical. I'm used to historicals that are at least 400 pages long and full of intricate details and world-building. I've read middle grade books with longer scenes and chapters! It's hard to truly get lost in the story when it keeps hopping from scene to scene after only a few paragraphs or pages. And I never really conn...more
A fascinating look into a slice of WWII history that most Americans aren't aware of. The story centers around Eddy, a Japanese American who joined the Army just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eddy and other Japanese Americans are immediately feared and sequestered from other Americans. The surreal quality of "But I'm an American soldier!!" was the clear cry of Eddy and his friends. Only when they are sent on a bizarre mission, one of bigotry and fear, Eddy has the chance to prove the type of...more
Sep 15, 2008 Nick rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: someone how loves to read about WWII
Recommended to Nick by: Seth
Shelves: book-club
This book takes place during World War II. If your like me and enjoy reading fictional books during World War II, this is the book for you. It's totally different from what you would expect from looking at the front cover. The main character is a 16 year old how lives in Hawaii with his parents how came to America from Japan before his brother and him were born. After he sees the Japenese planes flying over his house to bomb Pearl Harbor, he joins the U.S. army to make money for his family, and...more
Wendy E.
Wow. This is an interesting story about some of the poor choices the US made with Japanese Americans during WWII. The author based it on actual events. YIKES!
This is a companion book by the same author of "Under the Blood-Red Sun". It realistically portrays a true and horrifying US Army experiment during WWII. 26 Hawaiian soldiers of Japanese descent are chosen for a secret experiment because they are of Japanese ancestry, after they have been humiliated and degraded by the army following Pearl Harbor. I won't spoil it, but as I listened to the book, it accurately portrayed the fear of the soldiers as they obeyed their orders and I wondered how the A...more
Jennifer Cornelius
I really like this book. I have actually read it about four times now. I teach U.S. History and have my kids read it while we are studying World War II. Even my non-readers really get into this book. By their junior year of high school the kids have learned about the Holocaust a lot. This is an area of U.S. History that many would rather just skip right over. However, I feel that it is important for our young adults to learn about the bravery of these men and how our government treated them. Eve...more
Apr 30, 2013 Alecnakano added it
Shelves: top-25
-"Eyes of the Emperor" sheds an unappealing light on the training of attack dogs by Americans to fight in world war two.
-I read this book because I heard the author speak. I ended up really enjoying the novel. Being Japanese I was very interested in what the Japanese went through and were thought off after pearl harbor. This novel told about the racism and loss that the Japanese went through. It focuses on the journey of a man who is essentially enslaved to train attack dogs who are given to the...more
Ms. Wayne
Apr 19, 2007 Ms. Wayne added it
Shelves: japan
From the Publisher

Eddy Okubo lies about his age and joins the army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy—even the U.S. Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiers.

Then the army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret mission to a small island off the coast of Mississippi. Here they are given a special job, one that only they can do. Eddy's going to help train attack dogs. He's...more
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Graham Salisbury comes from a 100-year line of newspapermen, all associated with Hawaii's morning paper, the Honolulu Advertiser. Although a career as a newsman could have been possible, Salisbury chose to imagine rather than report. "I enjoy writing about characters who might have been. To me, exploring fictional themes, situations, and lives is a quietly exhilarating experience. There are times...more
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