Callander Square
Anne Perry
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Callander Square (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt #2)

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Seit seinem ersten Erscheinen in DuMonts Kriminal-Bibliothek wurde Callander Square mehr als 80.000 Mal verkauft – jetzt erscheint der Band als Neuausgabe. Am vornehmen Callander Square tauchen bei Gärtnerarbeiten zwei Kinderskelette auf – ein Skandal? Die verzweifelte Tat eines Dienstmädchens? Die Herrschaften des viktorianischen London versuchen die Ermittlungen von Insp...more
Paperback, 284 pages
Published October 31st 2003 by Dumont (first published 1980)
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Kathy Davie
Second in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series set in Victorian London and revolving around a police inspector and his wife.

My Take
Each of the murders revolves around babies while the instigator is sex. It's an interesting look at the double standards of the times and the expectations of the wives' behaviors as most of the families on the square are torn apart. Expectations and beliefs are torn asunder although, I suspect, several of the women affected end up being much happier. I did...more
Second in this series. Charlotte has married Thomas, and finds a way to get around Victorian gender rules about the reaspectable wife remaining in the home to get out and help him solve a series of murders that begin with the discovery of some buried infant skeletons in the shared garden of a fashionable cul-de-sac where some well-to-do Londoners reside, Callander Square. Who put those dead babies there, and why? I liked Charlotte's sister Emily even more in this volume, for she uses her skills...more
I admit I am not much able to understand much of this story. Nor interested. I think it has a good story near the end, however. Even if, when you read it, you will not like how it spirals to an end. But its literal and descriptive conclusion after following literal actions of Pitt’s so long that it makes it kind of worthy. Pitt found too few clues, he could not support the investigation, and there were no real leads. At first I read and reread for instances of circumstantial evidence or missing...more
Lindsey Duncan
When the skeletons of two infants are found buried in fashionable Callander Square, it's up to three people to negotiate the labyrinth of social mores, scandal and deceit: Inspector Pitt, his intrepid wife Charlotte, and her redoubtable sister Emily ... who arguably is the real sleuth through much of the first half of the book.

Overall, this is an intriguing and often disturbing study of Victorian high society, but it suffers from the (also Victorian) attributes of being somewhat dry and reserved...more
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Book #2 of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Victorian mystery series. The bodies of two infants are found buried in a park near a wealthy neighborhood, and Inspector Pitt begins interviewing the servants of nearby households, hoping to spot a maid who has secretly given birth and disposed of her baby. Charlotte’s sister, bored with her high society life, decides to help by exchanging gossip with the local ladies, in case the infants were born to a higher-class woman.

The Victorian social ill in the...more
This second book in the series has Charlotte and Thomas married and Charlotte expecting their first child. The discovery of two infants buried in the shared garden of an upscale neighborhood opens up a host of scandals involving the repressed and double-standard sexual mores of Victorian England. The ending was a bit weak but a very good story overall.
I liked this more than the first book; although there was a nasty ARRGH WHAT moment at the beginning to do with Charlotte and Thomas' marriage (she's super happy that he intends to be the master of the house and secretly glad to obey), I really liked their relationship and interactions. I LOVED getting more of Emily, who was my favourite character in the first book. Could definitely read more of the crime-solving team of Emily, clever and ambitious socialite aristocrat, and Charlotte, principled...more
I'm not sure why I'm apparently embarked on a tear through this series, except that it's been cold and rainy, and nothing says "kill some lazy, cold, rainy hours" like adequately-written Victorian mysteries?

But the editing is KILLING me. Apparently the versions I'm reading are relatively recent reprintings of the series (new / slightly different publisher, maybe, or just less dated covers?) and they are RIDDLED with copy-editing errors. Like, seriously egregious sh*t. For example, unless it's (a...more
I liked this book, particularly the characterization of the people who lived in Callander Square, as demonstrated by their assumptions about who might have murdered two babies and buried them in the central green of the square, and the things they knew, didn't know, and didn't know others knew, about each other. Social class mattered at the time, and this is important in the book, as Charlotte mixes with both the upper class and the servants in her quest for information.

I really liked the Balant...more
So, I just kept feeling that this book was a bit soap-opera-y for my taste. It was okay, though, and still proved to be a diversion, just not thoroughly enlightening and uplifting like some other of Perry's.

I had to ask my husband (who had a course on Victorian times) if indeed all the 'sleeping around' went on between servents, with the head of the house and his parlor maid, etc. He encountered the same situations in his studies, so I can't fault Perry for spicing things up for the sake of a st...more
Anne Hawn Smith
Two infants are found while some digging was done on Callander Square. The coroner can't tell if the infants were dead before they were born or if they were murdered. One thing is for sure, one of them was badly deformed. Thomas is forced to painstakingly interview the upper class inhabitants of Callander Square who unquestionably believe that the babies must have belonged to one or even two different servants. When none of the young maids seems to be likely candidates Pitt is forced to begin th...more
Andrea Santucci
Nei giardinetti di fronte a Callander Square vengono scoperti gli scheletri di due neonati (non tre, come erroneamente scritto in quarta di copertina) e l'ispettore Pitt, qui alla sua seconda indagine, è incaricato di scoprire chi dei borghesissimi abitanti della piazza sia in realtà uno spietato assassino.

Il secondo romanzo della Perry è migliore del precedente (Il boia di Carter Street) perché è meno Harmony e più Giallo Mondadori. C'è più spazio per le indagini ufficiali dell'ispettore Pitt,...more
First of all I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. Perry's devices in forwarding the plot could not be more different while being in the same genre. Doyle's detective is all about the detail and, through Watson, takes you step by step through his process once a conclusion has been reached. I was so used to this method that I wasn't sure what to think of "The Cater Street Hangman". This second book follows the same formula and so, while I liked the plot of the first one better, I am beginning to ge...more
Susan Anderson
Skeletal remains of two infants are unearthed by workers in a small plot fronting Callander Square, a stuffy, rule-laden, class-conscious London neighborhood, and it’s only page one of Anne Perry’s historical mystery, Callander Square, the second book in the Thomas Pitt series.

It is 1883, two years after the events of The Cater Street Hangman. Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, now married, are expecting their first child, and Pitt is called in to investigate.

With the help of her wealthy sister, Emily (...more
Simon Mcleish
Originally published on my blog here in January 1999.

Like The Cater Street Hangman, the first of Anne Perry's Inspector Pitt novels, Callander Square is a tale of the worst of Victorian society's vice and hypocrisy. Other than Charlotte, Pitt's wife, there is scarcely a member of the upper classes without a disreputable secret; Perry's is surely an exaggerated version of Victorian London. (By their very nature, it is impossible to accurately know how many people have disreputable secrets.) Some...more
This is my first audiobook, and it's been an interesting experience. My husband says it's reminiscent of the old radio plays. Despite all the flaws in plot and in Davina Porter's delivery, I was enrapt, and have spent many, many hours listening. I'd have raced through the print edition in no time. :-)

This is a mystery, but 'reads' more like a soap opera. The families and staff of this middle class Victorian neighbourhood are linked by class loyalties, business dealings and social ties, but Perry...more
J'avoue qu'au début, j'ai eu du mal à comprendre pourquoi la review du Library Journal sur la quatrième de couverture était si élogieuse alors que j'avais moi-même quelques difficultés à entrer dans le livre. Durant les dix ou vingt premières pages, j'ai plusieurs fois failli reposer le livre pour ne plus l'ouvrir ; mais je ne sais pas, quelque chose m'a fait continuer et ce bouquin s'est avéré excellent - et passionnant.

La review susmentionnée ne dévoile absolument rien de l'histoire et ne four...more
Je suis un peu déçue par cette lecture. En effet, après avoir été complètement envoûtée par le premier tome de cette longue série d'Anne Perry, je m'attendais à un peu mieux car j'ai trouvé l'enquête longue, elle n'avance que très lentement et donc, quelques passages sont un peu ennuyeux. Ce sera le seul point négatif que j'énoncerai mais je trouve que ça a un peu gâché ma lecture.

Malgré cela, j'ai apprécié découvrir les indices au fil des commérages, des discussions avec le personnel.

J'ai aimé...more
A.G. Lindsay
Actually, I think this rating should be between 3 and 4.

The writing was good, but it seemed that the main "discoveries" of the mystery were not revealed by the "detectives" in the story, but by the characters in "the Square" talking amongst themselves without any of the investigators hearing of them. It made the solution by the policeman {Pitt) seem to come out of left field.

I did like the main characters, Pitt, Charlotte, and her sister Emily, but felt that the Pitts were a bit "flat" compared...more
Ana T.
Callander Square is book 2 in Anne Perry's Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series. Once again it brings us to Victorian London, it's rich neighbourhoods full of secrets and where everyone seems to have something to hide.

Murders just didn't take place in fashionable Callander Square, so Inspector Pitt's well-bred wife Charlotte couldn't resist finding out why one had. Suddenly there she was, rattling the closets of the very rich, listening to backstair gossip, and unearthing truths that could push ev...more
In Anne Perry's second Pitt mystery, she's still showing signs of warming up to her series. It was not as awkward as the first novel, but it was still not as good as some of the later ones that I have read, partly because the urgency of solving the crime was almost absent. I wish that Perry were less repetitive. I do not need to be reminded once a chapter (or sometimes twice) that men of the aristocratic class could carry on affairs with the maids of their house without fear of recourse. I also...more
Kelly Belvis
This is the second in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels. I enjoy this series due to the setting and the interesting married couple, Chalotte and Thomas. Having said that I feel both the first book in the series and this one end very abruptly. I would like to see a little more of the interactions between Inspector Pitt and his wife and less of Charlotte's sister, Emily. I will continue reading the series to see how the characters develop.

In this book I particularly enjoyed the change and growt...more
Rhonda Pickens
I am really thrilled to have found and started this series. These are so much more than "cozy mysteries." Anne Perry uses it as a vehicle for exploring human nature, Victorian history, the relationships between men and women. This one in particular addresses the pain of lost illusions, a process that is at first painful, but ultimately freeing and a path toward a deeper, more real existence. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
Second in the Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series. They are now married and expecthing their first child when Thomas draws a case of two dead babies buried in Callender square. As I suspect with any continuing books in the Pitt series the British class system plays a big part. The people who live around the square are obviously monied and influential enough to think that they can control the direction of Thomas's investigation. Thomas is aided behind the scenes by Charlotte and sister-in-law Emil...more
The bodies of two babies have been found in a garden bed in toney Callander Square. Inspector Pitt is sent into investigate, but finds the inhabitants close-lipped and snobbish. To that end, his wife, Charlotte, with the help of her sister Emily, goes undercover in one of the big houses to help her husband catch a murderer. What she finds is layers of scandal, gossip and old wounds that indicate that almost anyone could be guilty.

Second of the Pitt mysteries, this one's ending is a bit quick and...more
Enjoyable. The book allows you to think without straining yourself. You can look at all the different suspects and make a decision before everything is revealed in the end.
I find the endings to be a bit sudden. It ends with the solution and then boom, the book is finished.
I would recommend the series to anyone interested in reading a mystery and doesn't mind historical novels.
The rigid class distinctions and rampant hypocrisy amongst the middle and upper classes of the Victorian era make for good reading. The whole time I was following Pitt as he investigated, I wanted to smack characters like Reggie Southerton who are immoral and indulgent, but figure it's okay because they're upper middle class. Of course those dead babies in the square must belong to a servant girl. Servant girls have no morals and no lady or woman of quality would do such a thing. And, since thos...more
Jul 30, 2008 Laura rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: mystery novel lovers, Anne Perry fans,
This is the second book in Anne Perry's Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series. The story begins with 2 gardeners digging an area in a very well-healed neighborhood in London. During the course of their labors they come across the bodies of 2 dead babies. Thus, the mystery begins. Thomas begins to investigate why and how those bodies came to be buried there. This book doesn't introduce, but brings more into focus and prominence in the story, Charlotte's well-off sister Emily, who is one of my favorite...more
Listened to audio narrated by Davina Porter. Excellent mystery with historical details I greatly enjoyed - although I question whether all of the language is authentic - there were a few phrases that struck me as a bit too modern although I can't recall any actual examples of course. Also, if every book features someone falling in love with Charlotte that's going to get old awfully fast.
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Anne Perry (born Juliet Hulme) is a British historical novelist.

Juliet took the name "Anne Perry", the latter being her stepfather's surname. Her first novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published under this name in 1979. Her works generally fall into one of several cate...more
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