Why Do People Hate America?
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Why Do People Hate America? (Why Do People Hate America #1)

3.37 of 5 stars 3.37  ·  rating details  ·  303 ratings  ·  36 reviews
Many people do hate America, in the Middle East and the developing countries as well as in Europe. Sardar and Davies explore the global impact of America's foreign policy and its corporate and cultural power.
Paperback, 231 pages
Published May 1st 2005 by Icon Books (first published 2002)
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Very insightful book on our culture of dominance militarily, economically, scientifically, and globally. American corporations have the backing of our military and their global influence around the world effects every culture on earth. We have created much riches around the world as well as severe poverty which brings much despair and frustration. Our interests come first whether it's with a country with a democratic election or a dictator and we sometimes decide who will protect out interests a...more
Oct 26, 2007 Paul rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: my American friends
Well, in some chapters the authors choose very bizarre aspects of American TV culture to focus on, and their style isn't especially inviting - in fact it's rather horrible - and in every way I would have preferred someone else to write this necessary book. But they didn't. Anyway, Americans should take a peek at this just to get a little flavour of the way a whole swathe of the world's population thinks about their great - and frightening - country.
اعجبني كثيراً .. تكلّم بموضوعية وتوضيح كبير للحركات السياسية التي تقوم بها أمريكا مع العالم خاصة مع الشرق الأوسط وأثرها السلبي على الشعوب والحضارات.. يغيّر كثيرًا من فكرة الامريكيين بأن العالم أشرار يكرهون أمريكا ! دون أن يعوا ما معنى أمريكا في الاجزاء الأخرى من العالم !
Sof Kabuki
Five stars for knowledge shared.
All through the read was...
really? Really? And really??
True controversial yet self revelation about the world on the influential media.
Scott Worden
Chapters 1 and 2 discuss how Americans look at themselves through movies and TV shows and how it considers itself as the hero and doesn't listen to views of other world leaders. It will go alone if it has to. The points are valid but a bit of a stretch if you are getting those ideas from movies so I wasn't convinced at that point. It quoted people like Ann Coulter and Rich Lowry (extreme cases) and how they felt we needed to bomb Muslim countries after 9-11. The book fails to mention that most p...more
Jesse Gonko
I read the book "Why Do People Hate America?" this book was written by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies. The authors purposes for writing this book was to inform the people of the educated world of the wrong doings of America. The wrong doings that this book speaks of gives Americans the reasons why other countries hate America so much. It also exposed the hold the America has over other countries. The authors clearly stated there purpose in the title and many times throughout the book, "W...more
I found this book quite frustrating. It has this awful gimmick of introducing its points through TV shows and movies. It didn’t really get into anything of substance until chapter 3. After you get passed the synopsis of Alias and how it related to Amercias view of the world, you finally get some meat. Our military intervention is outlined, our manipulative economic sanctions are brought to light, our tactics for keeping poor countries poor are exposed.

But the author also likes to throw in quest...more
I expected more from this.
I was sold on the idea of a book dissecting why 'America' (read: the USA) has earned the acrimony and animosity of many people around the world.
I thought it would be an incisive analytical diagnosis of American foreign policy and other such political pebbles dropped in the proverbial pond, seeing how the ripples affected the way America was viewed.

What I got was a wishy-washy book meandering through ramshackle avoidances of causing any possible offence to anyone, tryin...more
Michele Bergadano
Pretende di analizzare la realtà americana basandosi sugli episodi della serie TV Alias; e quel che è peggio è la posizione antiscientifica verso le biotecnologie
Tank Green
Feb 09, 2010 Tank Green rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: all americans, right-wing brits.
Shelves: media, history
funner than fun for the most part. he says something like, in the post-modern world, the only universalism left is a generalised loathing of america. ha! too true, me thinks. sometimes i feel ashamed i lived in (and loved) such a greedy place/people for so long... :(

chapters 1-4 & 7 were excellent (if sometimes simplistic), but 5 & 6 were pretty weak. his analysis of current affairs is much better than his historical analysis (which was often off, imo).

anyway, a good read and i'd really...more
قرأت ترجمة عربية لهذا الكتاب بعنوان لماذا يكره العالم أمريكا

لكن لم استمتع بقرائته و أرى أنه ممل بعض الشيئ .
Mohammed Bazara
الكتاب جميل جداً ,,
كانت عندي بعض الشك حول بعض الأمور في العالم ,,وأثبت صحتها هذا لكتاب.
بداينه كانت حلوة وسط الكتاب كان ممل نوعاً ما ,آخر فصل كان أفضل فصل لخص فيه كل الكتاب ,, لكنه لا يغنيك عن قرأة باقي الكتاب
Drew Pyke
The publishers say this isn't another 911 narrative but its difficult to argue the pretext for this book other than the threat of Islamic terrorism on the US. Style of book is more essay formatted but not academic in the slightest to put you off. You do learn lots from this but would definitely recommend reading this with Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations. The general point I think this book offers is that the world doesn't hate America or Americans or culture, just the hawk like foreig...more
Interesting perspective written by Western Europeans. They attempt to explain the Middle East's view of America as well but I took that with a grain of salt - I would rather hear it from a Middle Easterner. Offensive and a bit too elementary at times. This was written shortly after 911 in response to Americans asking why other countries hate us. According to the authors, the attack should have been absolutely no surprise.
Feb 03, 2008 Eyun rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: American Patriots, Anyone interested in world politics
Ever wonder why other 'terrorist' countries attack the United States? This book gives some insightful history regarding the US' foreign policy and what it has done to make others mad.

I will warn you that by reading this book, people will assume you hate America. It is an unfortunate title, but a worthy read. It opened my eyes and give a view of world politics beyond what major network news is willing to tell.
Ibrahim Al heraish
الكاتب يضع كتابه لتعريف " لماذا يكره العالم امريكا " ويتلوى الاسباب فسياسة امريكا الخارجية هي ما سببت هذا الكره في اوروبا واسيا ومعظم دول العالم ، وكره المسلمين لامريكاهي بسبب دعم اسرائيل ، ضد الفلسطنيين وايضا سياسة الاقتصاد التي اهلكت دول العالم النامي فهي تبحث عن مصالحها .. واقفة على برج عاجي لا يهمها إلا مصلحتها ، يسهب الكاتب كثيرا في تأثيرالافلام على السياسة الامريكية واظن اسهب اكثر من اللازم ، كتاب قيم
Michael O'Donnell
A fine read. It adds a different perspective to events of the world and the media.

The use of the popular movies and TV shows as examples detracted a little but I guess it was written for an American audience. These were analogies they could readily understand.

It provides reasons why the rest of the world should be concerned with America and its actions but provides no real hope that this will change.

Insightful, while the book is kind of one-sided, i guess you cant really delve into all the wrongs while laminating all the good things. Its really easy to simplify why terrorist and others hate America but this book breaks it down and shares some eye opening research. Living in countries where i have seen first hand how America is both loved an hated by the same people it was an interesting read.
This is another book I read while living in Thailand. I read it right around the time the US decided to invade Iraq. While the information in this book may not entirely be accurate, it was worthwhile to read an outside perspective of opinions and attitudes of why people both envy and fear the United States.

I have not found this book sold anywhere in the United States.
Ziauddin Sardar should really look at the size of his co-author (Merryl Wyn Davies) before he dismisses American culture as 'Fast Food Imperialism.'

Also, Noam Chomsky says this book "contains valuable information that we should know, over here, for our own good, and the world's." Was he on crack when he said this?
Paul Boyle
I read this a few years ago now,but I won´t forget it.
A look inside the imperialistic mind of the US and A,and how it is pursuing the goal of total control throughout the world.
And why....well why it gets up people´s noses.
I read this one several years ago. At the time, it was pretty enlightening. I would recommend it if you consider yourself ignorant on America's dealings abroad.
Faisal Elbeheiry
من الكتب القلائل التي تعد علي أصابع اليد الواحدة التي لم أكملها
بسبب كثرة إستشهاد المؤلف بمشاهد من أفلام في السينما الأمريكية لم أشاهدها فلم أفهم عن ماذا يتحدث؟
jadi mau tulis buku: kenapa people of the world underestimate Indonesia and why its people feel / do the same:).
I think a good starting place would be the 43rd president and then you could work out from there...
Christa Huffman
Very bizarre metaphors and tenuous examples. weak arguments, poorly defended.
Zeta T.
The question ought to be a bit of a no brainer but this is pretty insightful.
Important info for foreign policy. Should be obvious stuff though.
Wisteria Leigh
American history,US foreign policy,globalization,Fairfield
A must-read for every American. Quite the eye-opener.
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Ziauddin Sardar has written or edited 45 books over a period of 30 years, many with his long-time co-author Merryl Wyn Davies. Recent titles include Balti Britain: a Journey Through the British Asian Experience (Granta, 2008); and How Do You Know: Reading Ziauddin Sardar on Islam, Science and Cultural Relations (Pluto, 2006). The first volume of his memoirs is Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journey...more
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