バガボンド: 原作吉川英治「宮本武蔵」より 1
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バガボンド: 原作吉川英治「宮本武蔵」より 1 (Vagabond #1)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  2,315 ratings  ·  73 reviews
Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword-saint, Miyamoto Musashi- perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time. For now, Takezo is cold-hearted killer, who will take anyone in mortal combat to make name for himself. This is the journey of a wild young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword-fighting on the edge of the death.

This beauti...more
246 pages
Published March 23rd 1999 by 講談社
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في البداية دعني أقول ..اممم ..بالاحري..أصرخ عاااااااااه ..لماذا يجب أن أكتب هذا الريفيو مجددًا! إجابة سهلة لأنني لم أحفظ الريفيو XD
اممم .. لنحاول الكتابة من جديد.
ندخل بالتعبيرات الأول المكررة

يا للهول " ثلاث مرات تتكرر" o.O
ينبغي أن أقول في البداية منذ عامين وهذه المانغا على قائمة الانتظار بفضل ترشيح أحد الأصدقاء ولكن ما كان يجعلني أتردد في متابعتها هو عدم انتظام صدور الشابترز لها في السنتين الماضيتين.
لكن أتعلم!
لقد آن الوقت لأخذ المخاطرة، ومن يعلم ماذا يمكن أن يحدث لاحقًا!
إن كنت من...more
Sam Quixote
“Vagabond” is Takehiko Inoue’s graphic novel adaptation of the 1930s historical novel “Musashi” by Eiji Yoshikawa, about a real life historical figure from 17th century Japan, Shinmen Takezo, who would go on to become the legendary sword saint Miyamoto Musashi. We meet Takezo awakening from unconsciousness after the Battle of Sekigahara, somehow still alive with his best friend Matahachi: they are both 17 years old. They set off on the path homewards but encounter enemy soldiers, scavengers and...more
Only the strongest survive in this award-winning manga about samurai in the Sengoku era. Shinmen Takezou is one such man. His descent into beasthood, and eventual redemption through the efforts of the monk Takeun and love-interest Otsuu captivates, setting the way for his rise to invincibility and undying legend.

Vagabond is the typical action-type story, where the primary character strives for ever greatest strength, fighting increasingly difficult opponents, with ever more unique fighting moves...more
Hmmm... not sure about this. It's interesting, but I can never tell with one volume anyways. I like the art though, I really, really like the art. It looks like it's going to be very gory, so, ummm... it'll take me a while, just like Battle Royale.

This is based on some historical swordsman, who is considered like, super amazing and...
Okay, I don't know much. Hopefully I will be able to tell you after I'm done.

Anyways, because I love, love the artwork, and really, really loved Slam Dunk, I have...more
Patrick Artazu
A more sedate "Naruto" or "Dragon Ball Z" based on real historical factoids, wherein main character and genius swordsman Miyamoto Musashi defeats progressively more invincible enemies on his way to the top. Meanwhile, his best friend and fellow traveler on the warrior's path survives via cowardly deception, theft, and dunderheaded good fortune and is maybe the more interesting and relatable story. The art is lovingly detailed.
Federiken Masters
Mar 09, 2010 Federiken Masters rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Todo el mundo.
Recommended to Federiken by: Mi novia de entonces.
Obra maestra, poesía dibujada, cátedra de historia, hay mil formas de llamar a este comic y todas quedan cortas. Excelente comienzo para uno de los mangas más logrados de la historia. Culpable absoluto de que yo me volviera incondicional de Inoue. Lo debo haber leído más de cuatro veces, pero cuando lo pueda leer una quinta, seguro se gane una reseña mucho más elaborada que esta simple enumeración de virtudes.
The story is an adaptation of Musashi; the art is very strong. But I'm not feeling inspired to read more; the thought of plodding many more volumes of it makes me feel vaguely weary. In contrast, when I read Blade of the Immortal, the thought of reading many more volumes of it made me go, "Eeee!" Filing this one under "Not My Thing."
Nathalie Andrews
I was drawn in by the beautiful artwork and the samurai theme and loved this when I read the story. The characters are savage and not always very nice, but they have redemptive and very human qualities. For all that Takezo (later to become Miyamoto Musashi) is barbaric, he's also young and inexperienced, and Matahachi, his companion, has dreams of glory but struggles to overcome cowardice as well as other...temptations. The female characters, the thieves, Oko and her daughter, and Matahachi's fi...more
M Elsehry
عاوز تقرا مانجا
تعالى ابدأ من هنا
رسم روعه
كلام قليل
قصه مشوقه(ممكن الفوليوم ده التشويق فيه قليل)بعد كده أظن اعلى
شكرا صديقى معتز للترشيح
Harry Roberts
Finally started this series. Currently own the first 3 vizbig editions and completely loving the story and even more so, the art style!
**EDIT: Read volume 2 before you decided whether or not this series is worth your time. Major changes occur and I believe you'll read further if, like me, you weren't really impressed with this volume.**

2.5 (Somewhere between being meh about it and liking it.)

Perhaps it's because I went in with high expectations, but...

I expected more.

As of this volume, the art is really nice. Detailed and fully flushed-out. That's more than I can say about many manga. However.... I generally want either the c...more
Jeff Powers
An amazing story of historical violence and tension. Vagabond is a dark, graphic tale set in the battle torn countryside of feudal era Japan. The tale of two friends who can never go home is not to be missed by manga and graphic novel fans alike.
The story kept me captivated through out
with a very beautiful drawing
It does have mature content which may not be suitable for young people
But overall I gave this book 4.5 stars
Violence à la limite du gore, longue scène d'un des héros qui fait caca, vulgarité... Pas du tout mon truc. J'ai laissé tomber avant la fin du premier tome.
Eleazar Herrera
Gran sorpresa. Devorado en menos de una hora.
Si os gustó La Espada del Inmortal, esta también os va a encantar. El dibujo me parece más bonito. Y qué decir, es la vida de Musashi, ¿no?
I've read up to chapter 256. Since I've already read Yoshikawa's Musashi (though it was many years ago), I had a pretty good idea of what the story was and I remembered most of the main characters as well. So I find this spin on that story very interesting. And though this might sound really bad, I think it is nice to see the carnage and the havoc of the age depicted so graphically. It makes the story and its characters seem more real somehow. It also helps to keep some of our romantic notions a...more
Rating for volumes 1-36.
Skyler Walrath
Takehiko Inoue's artwork is flat-out fantastic! The story, at least in the first volume, wasn't anything too exciting, but I guess it is setting up the story for further volumes. I think I'll continue to read 'Vagabond', even if the story is only mediocre so far, simply because of the artwork.
Alex Sinclair
Vagabond is an amazing story. I picked it up after reading Seven Samurai. This is one of the best stories ever written on perhaps the most famous samurai that has ever graced the planet. Miyamoto Musashi was a sword genius and this story really does capture the philosophy of his style. This was based on an earlier novel, but I have read both and this takes the original, makes it more current and develops it even more. This is the greatest samurai based story I have ever read.
Very captivating story, but the pace of it greatly varies and that gets in the way of the reading flow occasionally: for example about halfway through the story so far another protagonist is introduced over the course of at least 30 chapters which throws you of since you dont know he is gonna be that important to the story. Apart from that this work is entertaining to say the least and a great example for a more serious manga, which is rare even in the seinen genre
Annchan Maulana
This is an adaptation from the fictionalized biography of "sword saint" Miyamoto Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa.

its for adult because this book is much of blood and complicated character. this series is tell about Tokunaga-era Japan, a new government that has just taken power and the land. A young man sets out on a journey seeking spriritual enlightement by way of the soword, prepared to slay anyone who gets in his way.... but sometime with empty brain and brutality way >.<
This is an ongoing manga with 27 volumes released in the U.S. at this point. At ten bucks a pop, I just can't bring myself to keep following it. Had it been a shorter series I would have stuck with it, but as it is I'd be dropping too much cash. It is a recession after all.

That being said, the illustration is stunning. Many of the panels take your breath away with the gorgeous detail. Musashi is one saucy samurai, albeit a touch insane in this version.
I am very doubtful... This sounds like a good story when reading the synopsis, I am intrigued... but this volume... it feels a lot like slash and gore, all for the funz of killing. I didn't see a clear storyline in this first volume, I am a bit confused, but I am willing to give it another shot. I'm picking up the second volume as we speak and hopefully I'll get into the story. After all, you should read a few volumes before blowing off a manga series.
Mark Ames
Great samurai action. Can get philosophical at times so not all action and injects humor from time to time. The black and white line drawings are stupendous, when the artist injects colour it seems to a lose a bit of impact. Story is a classic journey of self discovery. So overall I rate it highly for those looking for action, one fight scene goes on for two or three chapters!, and great artwork with a solid storyline.
This book is awesome. As a fan of the book Musashi, I was stoked to discover this the other day. The artwork is amazing and the pacing is good. You could take any page of the book, blow it up, frame it and hang it in your living room. There are several more volumes, and I look forward to savoring each of them.
cimaco yoshioka
Vagabond is the story that I described the life of Musashi Miyamoto in. It is description of "the silence" that I appreciate these comics. As for some cuts, the scene without lines continues so that there is it. Still a story becomes available. It is my personal interpretation, but a Japanese movie director can grasp this "silence", too. I think that it is one of the Japanese aesthetics.
Annchan Maulana
its for adult because this book is much of blood and complicated character. this series is tell about Tokunaga-era Japan, a new government that has just taken power and the land. A young man sets out on a journey seeking spriritual enlightement by way of the soword, prepared to slay anyone who gets in his way.... but sometime with empty brain and brutality way >.<
Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko is one of few manga titles I read many times. I don't even know how many times in total. Mr. Inoue's look at Miyamoto Musashi's story is fierce and interesting. I regard first volume as one of best of whole series so far. It's strong and beautiful "ticket" into story about Takezo Shinmen.
Cameron Raymer
Takehiko Inoue is officially my hero. Seriously. How can anyone be that good at drawing? Every single panel looked amazing. The story was great, but the art was what really stood out to me.

Matahachi sucks. (I felt that it needed to be said, although I think anyone who's read this will agree with me.)
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Takehiko Inoue (井上雄彦) is a Japanese manga artist, best known for the basketball manga Slam Dunk, which has become a success both in Japan and overseas. Many of his works are about basketball, Inoue himself being a huge fan of the sport, and many Japanese children started to play basketball because they read the manga. This in turn helped make basketball popular in Japan and across East Asia.

More about Takehiko Inoue...
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