Girl 15, Charming But Insane
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Girl 15, Charming But Insane (Jess Jordan #1)

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Life was tragic enough before this spring started. With a distinct lack of boobage and an arse so big that birds of prey could nest within its shadows, Jess Jordan is saddled with the Goddess Flora for a best friend, a Britney Spears look-alike so gorgeous that one grain of her divine dandruff could make the blind see again. Jess knows that her soul mate is Ben Jones, a di...more
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Published August 24th 2004 by Listening Library (Audio) (first published 2004)
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Jun 30, 2011 Talyn rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who like teen girls growing up and British shenanigans
Recommended to Talyn by: English assignment
I'm not one for British literature, simply because I have a stigma against the stereotypical dry, oh so dry--oh God I'm gonna die from dehydration--humor. And usually, British people stay true to that stereotype and write in a way that I need to pause to breathe in some air from the mustiness of their prose.

Prejudices aside, I was actually surprised by this book. My classmate had to read it for a literature assignment with her group, and while I was supposed to be focusing on singing in Treble C...more
The book sweater reads FOR AGES 10 AND UP... though I am undecided that I’d recommend this book even for a twelve year old. Ha. It is an English book, maybe over there in England the children are much more mature. Most likely…
Jess (short for Jessica)- the main character who I am tremendously in love with, really likes this male boy called Ben. Though he’s a jerk so she really just fancies his looks… which is understandable… kind of. So Jess begins to question her own sexuality (as we all do at...more
This one gets two thumbs up for the narrator who does a brilliant job. I thoroughly enjoyed this much more listening to it than I would have just reading it as it is British and the narrator (also British) makes it a really fun read.

Instead of describing the plot, I will just say that there were some very funny moments in this book, like: Jess, the 15 year old narrator, naming her breasts Bonnie and Clyde and using minestrone soup poured into bags as inserts in her bra to add more cleavage only...more
Jess Jordan is a fifteen year old comedic genius. Unfortunately, her rapier wit is often eclipsed by her best friend Flora, who is gorgeous, brilliant, popular, and an expert in making Jess completely crazy. Jess finds refuge from the pains of her adolescence with her friend, Fred, but she’s dying (absolutely dying) to go out with the fantastically handsome Ben Jones. When Flora starts dating Ben’s best friend Mackenzie, Jess has an opportunity to hang out with Ben. He’s…a lot different than she...more
"When He created Flora, God was on tip-top form and really cooking on gas. On that day He also made the flamingos, the dolphins, the rainbows and a divine apple crumble with custard.
By the time He got around to creating Jess, however, He had rather run out of steam and had a slight headache, and could only manage a couple of other things - toads, baboons, and possibly methane - before needing to take an aspirin and have a lie-down."

You can read a multitude of truly...more
Jul 15, 2010 Posie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who need some light reading
Recommended to Posie by: The Ultimate Teen Book Guide
Shelves: summer-2010
OK. So today I went to the library today fully prepared to pick out a few light reading beach reads for my week long beach extravaganza starting tomorrow. I grabbed this book, along with a few others, and headed for the door. When I got home, if you know me, it's impossible to stay away from a book, so I started it. It's the kind of book that no matter how good it is, you're going to keep reading. Addictive.

Sooner or later I was finished, and this is what I thought: Nothing special. OK, so basic...more
This book was ugh... okay. I just read it a few hours ago and I can't even remember what happened. It was pretty bland. It just wasn't a page turner for me. It is about a girl named Jess who has a really beautiful friend who she is always comparing herself to, and a boy she really wants. And, she is trying to be fit in. I wouldn't recommend this book because it was boring and unexciting.
SO FUNNY! This author is hilarious! I laughed the entire time. It almost reminded me of all the neurotic characters on Scrubs forming one super person which happens to be a 15 year old girl. I can't wait to read the rest!
I laughed out loud in places at this British school girl. A lovely fresh voice. Recommend it for younger girls reading in the young adult section. 13 or 14 or so as it's pretty clean.
Fun, wicked, crazy, and after reading this I begin to hate Flora. A lot. But hey, the protagonist gets even in the end, so... :)
I ran into this book while setting up one of the lists on the Read Something New page and the title cracked me up, so I went out front and picked it up.

Jess Jordan seems pretty sure of her station in life: she’s got a big bum, and no boy will ever notice her because her best friend, Flora, looks like a blonde goddess. Two goddesses, in fact. Venus and Flora. But this is alright by Jess, as she wants nothing to do with boys in that fashion anyway.

She’s rather fond of daydreaming away, instead of...more
Joanna Price
9th-12th grade. This British young adult novel features the fearless, witty Jess who struggles her way through her fifteenth year, with the help of best friends Flora and Fred. The protagonist is hilarious, causing the reader to laugh out loud in various places. She faces many a debacle, including her grandmother moving in, the mystery of why her parents split up, whether Ben does or does not like her back, whether her bum or her cleavage will ever be satisfactory, and other incredibly important...more
Jess Jordan has a crazy wild imagination that amplifies ordinary situations into hilarious comedies. She's obsessed with the size of her rear end (massive) and her chest (minuscule) and loves her best friend Flora dearly--except that Flora's so beautiful Jess is sure she looks like a baboon in comparison. She rarely sees her father, but he sends her made-up horoscope text messages every day. Her mother works as a librarian by day and an activist the rest of the time, so she doesn't even notice t...more
Alexandria Jakupovic
The audio book is great! If I read this book, I might not have enjoyed it as much because at times I don't get the British humor, but no, this was great. Jess is a 15 year old girl who is a little boy obsessed who is trying to get through life with her best friend Flora and her used to be best friend Fred. I think what I enjoyed most is that Jess's mom is a librarian, feminist, war protestor. Other great things that happen in this book: Jess's grandma moves in with her and her mum, Jess goes to...more
April Helms
As 15-year-old Jess goes through the school year, she realizes that she has her own gifts. A comic tale of a 15-year-old, her dissatisfaction with her looks, how she copes with a best friend whom she perceives as perfect and dealing with her high school crush.

This reads very much like a sitcom, or three or four episodes in that sitcom. It’s told third-person, but I kept wondering if it would have been better as first-person, the writing almost slips into first person at times. I thought it was...more
Striratna  Nityahayu
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Aug 19, 2007 Sookie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: ages 14+
I got this very charming (but insane!) book on a dare. I'm not usually a fan of chick-lit (with an exception with Meg Cabot's books though). But I have to admit-this one was pretty good!
It was fun reading about the hilarious situations Jess always gets herself into (also, her dad sends her hilarious joke horoscopes throughout, though he's sort of a mystery man because he doesn't show up at all in this book).
She wants to be a standd-up comedian-and appropriately so!
I did have a few problems with...more
I honestly had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book at the library. I just glanced at the back read a little of the synopsis and said, “Sure, why not”. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the witty repartee of Jess, especially with ‘longtime friend Fred’. Jess had a huge imagination that leaked over into real her life in so many ways. It was a refreshing change of pace reading this obviously British book because of the different terms and slang used throughout the story. The story...more
I loved this. Normally I take umbrage with books that try to squeeze a laugh into every possible nook and cranny, but something about Jess's slightly odd sense of humour and blunt way of putting things had me giggling madly the whole time. She's a great character, and I would certainly hunt down the rest of the books in this series and read them if I wasn't morally opposed to sequels. I don't know why but I really DREAD them. The thought fills me not just with a dreary 'will it ever END??' sort...more
what a funny book. I love how neurotic her worrying could get and how much she could just wind up her own story. Very good at showing how your point of view can be total tunnel vision!!!

But, I am still floored by how many teen books there are where the main character is a habitual liar? What makes lying...pointless and, even, harmful to yourself! How is that easier than the truth? I know when I was younger (I know, a different time, different generation, yadda yadda) I loved the brutal and uglin...more
Jess Jordan is a typical teenage girl who worries about looks and boys. All she wants to do is to get the guy of her dreams which just so happens to be Ben Johnson. she struggles with paying attention in class and getting good grades. Her mum is a librarian with a passion for causes, and her dad is an artist who lives 200 miles way in St. Ives, and he connects with her through text messages of daily horror scopes. Her best friend Flora is a beautiful rich girl who gets what she wants, Jess is al...more
Joe Young
Girl, 15, Charming but Insane follows the adventures of Jess Johnson, the self-described charming-but-insane 15 year old girl of the title. Jess is funny, intelligent beyond her years, and plagued by the same adolescent insecurities that affect us all at that age. Jess's best friend Flora is studious, blond and popular, and just happens to be dating the best friend of Jess's not-so-secret crush, Ben Jones! Will Jess win the affection of her crush, Ben Jones? Or will her world be turned upside-do...more
Jan 14, 2008 treehugger rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: funny ya fans, British culture/language groupies, anyone looking for an enjoyable audiobook!
This was a book that was rollicking good fun to listen to - the narrator is just FANTASTIC, the dialogue hilarious, and the characters so ordinary yet so over-the-top...I just loved them :).

If you liked Bridget Jones' Diary, and you appreciate British humor and some of the quirky language they use, you'll like this book. It's just about being a very imaginative teenager in suburban England with wacky parents, a too-perfect best friend, and a 'bum that's too big'.

I laughed out loud lots of times...more
I really enjoyed the humor in this book. Jess Jordan is a talented writer who finds school a bore; daydreams over her crush,Ben Jones; and secretly resents her skinny and popular best friend. A glimpse at the humor: When assigned to write an essay on why Charles I was unpopular, she lets her imagine wander and creates this list:
1. He never changed his pants.
2. He refused to grow.
3. He passed a law saying everybody taller than him had to have their legs cut off.
4. He slurped his soup.
5. He used...more
Ever think back to highschool and wish you were still there? Well, any thoughts of that in my camp was quickly erased when I read Sue Limb's Girl, 15, Charming but Insane.

Our protaganist, Jess, who is rather manic and hilariously funny, is also, unfortunately, very unfocused and living in the shadow of her "blindly gorgeous" best friend, Flora. Things are finally starting to look up a bit (her crush seems to be paying her a little more attention), when she's plunged into drama. Completely, hila...more
Karina Crabb
this book is about a girl who trys with all shes got to be the hot chick at school, even though her friend flora thinks she is pretty and has got "it", jess doesn't think so. so she trys everything she can to fit in and be that girl, so she resorts to trying to date Ben Jones, maybe that will make her more popular and pretty in everyones eyes. her best guy friend is the "freak" and she only lives with her weird mother and now grandmother,and loses her pride and joy, her bedroom, so that they can...more
Any reader who enjoyed Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging or My Cup Runneth Over will fall in love with Jess's hysterical narration. While Jess struggles with the classic love triangle (the hot boy who remains distant or the endearing best friend?), her humorous take on life keeps the story from becoming trite. Jess's struggles aren't dealt with in a complex way, but they are still relatable and entertaining. She struggles to understand why her father moved so far away after the divorce, w...more
Oct 18, 2009 Jana rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone willing to skip from chapter 3 to chapter 21.
I got this book for free. From the promo shelf at Border's. So, to quote my mother-in-law, "that (fill in the blank) doesn't owe you a thing!" In other words, I already got more than my money's worth.

I picked it because I love the title. I envy the title. And because coming-of-age stories are my genre. That said, I still love the title! But the story went badly wrong from chapter 3 to chapter 21. The rest of the story was completely engaging. The characters were charming. And insane. But those 1...more
sinta nisfuanna
Jess Jordan, tokoh remaja dalam buku ini mengingatkan dengan Alice in [not:] Wonderland. Remaja yang sedang dalam krisis percaya diri, sekaligus memiliki imajinasi yang sangat liar. Alice dan Jess sama-sama memiliki cita-cita yang unik, Kritikus Budaya dan Stand-up Comedian.

Seperti Alice, Jess juga memiliki keluarga yang eksentrik. Jess tinggal bersama ibu dan Neneknya. Ibunya yang seorang feminis, penjaga perpustakaan sekaligus aktivis perdamaian, sedangkan neneknya adalah orang yang tergila-gi...more
Maggy Farrell
There's a lot of average chick lit for teens out there - but this one is fantastic. Jess Jordan is a truly loveable and entertaining character of the Bridget Jones/Elizabeth Bennet ilk, with whom we share the glorious highs and hideously embarrassing lows of being 15. Addictive reading - I loved this book and didn't want it to end!
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“Virgo: Your teddy bear will reveal that he is pregnant and will require counseling. ” 14 likes
“Jess actually dreaded having a boyfriend, because of having to tell her mum. Perhaps she would just avoid it until her mum eighty or something and in an old-people's home, and then Jess, who would by then be about fifty, would drop by and casually remark, "Oh, by the way, Mum, I've got a boyfriend." And even then her mum would probebly hurtle out of her wheelchair and smack her hard across the face, crying "You trash! You whore! Get outta my house--I mean, my room!" It was hard sometimes, being the daughter of a radical feminist who hated men. ” 11 likes
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