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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)
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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (Politically Incorrect Guides)

3.96  ·  Rating Details ·  484 Ratings  ·  53 Reviews
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)
Paperback, 350 pages
Published February 12th 2007 by Regnery Publishing (first published 2006)
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Apr 05, 2012 Michael rated it did not like it
Shelves: 2000s
Are you looking for examples of logical fallacies? Search no further! In this volume, you can find multiple examples of all of them.

I would like to point out that, when I read (most of) this sucker, I had no firm "opinion" about what our climate was doing. I was still trying to make my way through the different positions in the discussion. I'm a contrarian, so I would've been ecstatic to have one more anti-establishment position to be smug about! Alas, this P.O.S. could've been more accurately
Deb Seksay
Sep 23, 2007 Deb Seksay rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Members in the church of global warming (faith based)
Even though it is a slow read, it has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you need to address a global warming fanatic with. Solid scientific evidence, along with the distorted evidence pwned into consensus material. I slogged through the whole thing, and yes, it went slow, but there is only so much I can take in at once.

My favorite quote? "Farting trees, THAT we'd notice." (p58)

I feel competently armed to logically refute anyone that addresses my nonchalant life with alarmism about climate chang
Matthew Barron
Jul 29, 2013 Matthew Barron rated it did not like it
According to this author, environmentalists or “greens” are greedy anti-capitalists out to take over the world. There is no science in this book. The author instead attacks the motivations of environmentalists. Despite the title, global warming is barely mentioned, which is ironic since the author attacks “greens” for using the words “global warming” to get attention and make money. The snarky language in this book would be better suited to an internet blog rather than a professionally written b ...more
Jan 14, 2012 Dale rated it it was amazing
"Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing."

Published in 2007 by Regnery Publishing
366 pages

I am a former environmentalist.

Quotes like the one in my title (from Tim Wirth, a former Senator and Clinton State Department official) pushed me to be a FORMER environmentalist.

Now I am a conservationist. I do believe some wild spaces should be saved. I recycle (A lot!). I coordinate my school's paper recycling program. I own several of those little fluorescent bulbs
Dec 12, 2012 John rated it really liked it
Shelves: science
Oh, the dangers of politicized science. This book clearly shows how politicians abuse science by distorting it and turning it into a tool for ramming home otherwise unconscionable legislation. Author Christopher Horner reviews the actual evidence for what causes global warming and shows why the answers aren't as clear cut as people in the green movement would have you believe. He also demonstrates how the incredibly invasive "solutions" politicians propose actually do nothing toward addressing t ...more
Sep 30, 2008 Rmtjournal is currently reading it
"The sky is falling...literally!" Is global warming as obvious as we are being told?
Douglas Wilson
Jan 14, 2009 Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it
Dennis Fay
Dec 11, 2012 Dennis Fay rated it it was amazing
A GREAT book about the lies and false statements about "Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change! This shows how much money is made by the doomsday prophets of climate change. Climate and weather has always changed and always will.....

It shows how liberals (socialist) want to control nearly every aspect of our lives. Watch out for the "Inteligrid," coming to your house soon!

I use this book as my classroom TEXTBOOK!!!!!!!
Kyle Grindberg
Nov 30, 2015 Kyle Grindberg rated it really liked it
It was an excellent and well-written reference in debunking the claims of the global warming agenda. The only issue was that it was written in 2007, so it was responding to issues of that time.
Roberto Guzman
Feb 10, 2016 Roberto Guzman rated it really liked it
I found this book interesting enough that I finished the whole thing in a little more than a week. With that said, it is not perfect. For this review, keep in mind that I was suspicious of the environmentalist movement and had my doubts about global warming prior to reading it, so I did not open the cover fully tabula rasa. After finishing it, I have to conclude that not only did this book provide some detailed justification for my doubts, but I suspect if more people heard the facts that it pos ...more
Jul 09, 2009 Ken rated it really liked it
In the past few weeks I read three books and several articles on both sides of the global warming issue. "Unstoppable Global Warming" is written by one of the better known global warming skeptics(Singer)and is full of notes to many other articles and scientific papers supporting the argument that global warming is not real, that if it is happening it is minor and a normal part of climate variablity, and that it is not man made. He presents a lot of evidence supporting his point of view that is c ...more
Jun 15, 2009 Rich rated it really liked it
Many claim the science on global warming is decided and the time for debate has ended. We're all going to bake to death unless we move back into caves immediately. Here's my problem with this issue (and I've had it since long before I read this book): 30 years ago when I was a junior high and high school student, the very same organizations, and some times the very same people, who are now telling us the planet is becoming one big oven, were telling us the planet was about to become one big refr ...more
Aug 30, 2011 Robert rated it it was ok
Shelves: science
I didn't disagree with the author but as others have indicated the book was rather boring and repetitive. It has a lot of rhetoric in it and many arguments were restated several times. I think most people understand that Al Gore is not a scientist and isn't credible arguing about this issue but it got ridiculous after the third time with the Gore bashing (even though he does deserve it). Because of those issues the people who need to read the book wont which is a shame.

What I appreciated about t
Mar 09, 2008 goddess rated it really liked it
Shelves: politics, own
Interesting facts completely ignored by our politicians and biased press. Satirically written (perhaps a little overboard), Horner (an acknowledged expert on global warming) outlines many of the misconceptions about emissions, green-house gases, and the Kyoto Treaty; small details left out of Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'. For instance, how 'convenient' that many areas in the former Soviet Union--some of the coldest places on the planet--have been excluded from average global temperatures. It seem ...more
Nov 10, 2013 Alan rated it it was amazing
Shelves: politics, science
Christopher Horner does a beautiful job of describing the 'global warming' situation from an objective point of view. While it is objective in its presentation of the facts and voluminous evidence, it is obviously clear that the thesis of the book is to demonstrate why 'global warming' (or more accurately, man-made global warming) is largely a product of hyper-environmentalist activists bent on manipulating the facts to suit their politically-charged and monetary purposes. Not only is the book f ...more
Sep 25, 2008 Jim rated it it was amazing
If you're convinced the global warming crisis is real, then you need to read this book. Author Christopher C. Horner explains, with factual evidence, the politics of, and the hidden environmentalist agenda behind the movement to stop global warming. Horner tells how the Medieval Warm Period was much warmer than today's temperatures which made it an ideal time for agriculture, innovation and lifespan. Horner exposes the "truth" about the facts Al Gore "conveniently" omitted from his movie in orde ...more
Jun 24, 2008 Jeffrey rated it it was amazing
Like I tell my students all the time, belive nothing you hear and less than half of what you say. Intereting? My issue regarding Global Warming is that so many non-scientists glibly believe GW is true, hands down. How many things have we been told over the years by the government, scientists, doctors, officials, experts, geniuses, and so on that are not true. I'm not a scientisit. Are you a scientist? Science is complicated. If even scientists can't agree then how can we simply just jump in with ...more
Void lon iXaarii
Aug 09, 2011 Void lon iXaarii rated it liked it
It's a shame to realize so many poor people across the world are suffering and even dying as a result of misguided "good intentions" who's good effects even if their rhetoric was true would result in 0.01% type influences... people need to realize that we can't control nature, we can only adapt to it and the way to do that is to grow, not to throw the world into another age of starvation, which seems to be the only way de-industrialization could be achieved, despite the myths of "modern technolo ...more
Apr 28, 2008 Kelley rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: anyone interested in a balanced view
For those that want to try to get both sides of the Global Warming issue, this is a pretty good "other side" look. The author makes an excellent case that the radical "Green" movement is much more interested in political power and influence than in actually saving the Earth. He examines how the Greens have manipulated the media by giving the media which sells newspapers and creates TV ratings.

The author makes a point to delineate between the Radical Greens (watermelons: green on the outside and
Dec 15, 2007 Paul rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: R, global warming fans
If you are a global warming fan, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

It seems like after reading this book that you can realize clearly that what Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" did for Global Warming understanding/reality is similar to what Oliver Stone's "JFK" did for assassination understanding/reality.

It would have gotten a 5 because what the author says is true, but the way he says it is unbelievably bad. He tries to be glib and cute, but he comes across at time as condescending. His to
May 19, 2008 Sarah rated it liked it
Shelves: non-fiction
I appreciated the presentation of the other side of the global warming debate, especially since the existence of such a side is being violently denied these days. It was concise, presented in a readable manner, and cited sources. The only draw back was the antagonistic tone of the book. In a debate, I have greater respect for the one who gives her opponent a fair and respectful representation. This tone can be attributed to the fact that this book is reacting to the almost total dismissal any vi ...more
Aug 05, 2007 Slightly rated it liked it
Recommends it for: libertarians
this book was rather dull. It used twenty pages to explain articles of little significance. The main points and concepts were interesting and I recommend anyone to skim over it, taking for granted that the facts are well researched and the claims are properly argumented.
the best quote used was
"Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it."
mark twain
they also make reference to watermelons: Green on the outside, but Red on the inside. Damn those communist tree huggers
Apr 28, 2008 Bob added it
This book was just OK. He had some surprising and interesting statistics, such as that 97% of C02 comes from Mother Nature: Plants, Trees, Oceans, Volcanos, etc. So the alarmism over the 3% of human contribution needs to be taken into context. The book was too much wrapped in current events, however, for my taste. Lots of talk about Sen. Clinton said this, Sen. Kerry did that, etc. Which is fine, but should be left for an article. Methinks the book will be dated relatively quickly. He should ha ...more
Mar 05, 2009 Christine rated it it was ok
This book had some very informative information and was well-researched. It had some excellent points! I agree with the book and it's views on global warming 100%. But I admit I was pretty darn bored during most of it, so my score might not be fair.

The author's constant bashing on Al Gore got annoying. Bashing Al Gore is like bashing someone who is mentally handicapped. I mean the guy calls himself a global warming expert but he isn't even a scientist. He can't even properly defend himself. Jus
May 14, 2008 Emilypalenske rated it really liked it
Although the first chapter starts out seeming VERY blaringly conspiracy theorist, the subsequent chapters do a very thorough job outlining the wealth of evidence contradicting the so-called consensus regarding the reality of anthropogenic global warming. Admittedly, the author is not the best technical writer I've ever read, but the substance of the book was the important part, and I give it a definite thumbs up for anyone interested in reading the side of the story the media rarely tells. And i ...more
Oct 14, 2007 Danielle rated it liked it
this book, bless my father, has gone on the reference shelf in my office. it's really a perfect compliment to the environmental niche (global climate change) i've been studying the past year. and, as we typically represent the developers (and not "the greenies"), it's even better. on that note -- take care of the earth, be moderate, and remember that we are just a very small part of the universe. sometimes i think (most of the time i think) perspective is everything.
Oct 15, 2012 Kelli rated it really liked it
Required reading in my Economics of Environment and Natural Resources class, Chapters on Big Money of Climate Alarmism and The Kyoto Protocol. Very interesting. It's hard to be a good advocate for anything if you don't face the actual, possibly persuasive reasons people might think differently than you.
Mar 17, 2012 Boris rated it liked it
This is more of a polemic than a recitation of the facts that contradict the anthropogenic global warming theory. The polemical arguments seemed unrelenting and I would have preferred a greater focus on the science.
Feb 10, 2012 Jonathan rated it liked it
Interesting book. Still confused. Would like an updated review of the topic from a conservative point of view. The book uses arguments to attack the movement rather than science facts. However, they do a lot of countering of scientific facts too.
Mar 09, 2009 Terry rated it really liked it
Shelves: recommended
Anybody who is tempted to get caught up in the hysteria around global warming must read this book. The author documents the inconsistencies of the elites who push radical change to correct the problem....which doesn't really exist! It is a very interesting read!
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“Some of my colleagues…acknowledge that the earth is warming, but insist that such warming (and cooling) is nothing unusual, and it’s not catastrophic. The end result is that the skeptics tend to be tolerant of dispute and dissent because we do not necessarily agree among ourselves. The believers are not only intolerant of dissent—they are convinced that all skeptics must be motivated by greed or other evil forces….” 1 likes
“Today’s temperatures are about the same as in the 1930s and cooler than a thousand years ago.” 1 likes
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