Go Big or Go Home
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Go Big or Go Home

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A meteorite is hurtling toward the Black Hills of South Dakota. . . .

Brady Steele watches in awe as a fireball comes crashing through the roof of his house. Brady immediately calls up his cousin, Quinn. They both love all things extreme, and this is the most extreme thing ever!

Fred, as Brady names his space rock, turns out to be one of the rarest meteorites ever found. Pro...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published February 19th 2008 by HarperCollins
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Brady's life is changed by a meteroite - that crashes through the roof and lands on his bed. From that improbable beginning comes a story of Brady and his cousin Quinn and their constant quests for excitement. Brady gets a little more than he bargained for this time. The plot moves along nicely, but the writing was a little too plodding and the ending too pat. Lots of good information about the area around the Crazy Horse National Monument,but that's just what it felt like - an author giving us...more
Brady Steele watches in awe as a meteorite crashes through the roof of his bedroom. Brady immediately calls up his cousin, Quinn. They both love all things extreme, and this is the most extreme thing ever! The meteorite is one of the rarest meteorite ever found. Professor Rip Ripley wants to study a sliver of it in search of extraterrestrial bacteria. With each new day, Brady discovers that he's able to do strange and wonderful feats. At the same time, he's developing some frightening symptoms....more
This book was about a teen boy who was watching a meteorite shower one night and one crashed through his roof! He names it Fred. His cousin Quin and him both love extreame things and the meteorite is the most extreme thing that they have encountered yet! I loved this book. I was VERY action packed. I would recommend this book to boys and girls of anyage (even adults) who love action books but not violent action.
The only things about this book that I enjoyed... was that the main character named the meteorite FRED that crashed through his roof and went through his bed. Nearly killing him if it weren't for watching the skys that very night.
Byron S.
Go Big or Go Home is the name of the book it’s about a man named Brady Steele and his cousin Quinn. Go on the adventure of their life to get their superhuman power giving meteorite Fred. This meteorite is full of long-dormant microbes which give Brady superhuman power which helps him get Fred back from his rivals the Carver brothers. Two things I like are that they got Fred from the Carver brothers. And Fred was safe from harm. Two things I didn't like were that it wasn't long enough. And that i...more
The parts that were about the meteorite and possibility of Brady being infected by space microbes were very interesting; however, much of the book details Brady and his cousin's adventures in 'extreme sports' rather than the science-fiction. The plot can be explained by "boy finds rock, other boys want rock, professor says rock is valuable, boy loses rock, other boys find rock, SPACE GERMS!" ... and that's as deep and complex as it gets. The characters are all flat and cookie-cutter too... I don...more
I'm really having a hard time deciding what rating to give this book.

There are some things I really liked about it. The writing style is a breezy, slang-filled kidspeak. It definitely feels like a young teenage boy experience. I felt right there with the main character, Brady. Additionally, the relationships between the Brady and his cousin, as well as with his neighbors, seem perfect. The dialogue has just the right balance between caring and slamming.

It also has an interesting topic: unusual m...more
Will Hobbs is one of my favorite authors, and I had the chance to meet him once too. Our 6th grade used to use his book Far North when we studied Canada and one year, we invited him to speak to our kids. My husband and I picked him up from the airport and hosted him at our home for dinner. He was a charming conversationalist, and our students really enjoyed his presentation.

Go Big or Go Home introduces us to Brady and Quinn, cousins who enjoy extreme adventure. Brady narrowly misses being hit by...more
Ian B
The book I read was "Go big or go home" this book was a science fiction book. Here's a brief summary of the book. There is a boy named Brady and his cousin Quinn is coming into town because they haven't seen each other in a while. The night before Quinn came in to see Brady, there was a meteor shower and one of the meteor rocks fell into Brady's bed. The very next day a dog named Attilia takes the rock and runs back to his house. The owners of Attilia are boys who Brady doesn't like. The big que...more
Aug 05, 2012 Heidi rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: mg, ya
Life takes on some interesting turns for Brady Steele when during an asteroid shower, he finds a rock flying through his roof and through his bed. The neighbor’s war dog becomes his friend, for one, but more amazing, his asthma not only disappears, but Brady can suddenly outrun, outbike, outplay his best friend/cousin/idol Quinn. When Quinn and Brady take the rock to a local, visiting geologist, they find the rock is extremely unique, and perhaps proof of life on nearby planets. But their luck c...more
*South Dakota*
This was a quick read, more of a boy book, probably middle school or early high school aged kids. I liked that this book was pretty current, focusing somewhat on America's economic problems. There is even mention of Michigan auto workers moving to Wyoming for work. Also, the building of the Crazy Horse memorial was mentioned frequently. I think the author paints a good picture of the state by including landmarks, like Mt. Rushmore and discussing things that the boys do; such as fis...more
Jace Fritz
Go Big or Go Home by Will Hobbs takes place in the modern day Black Hills. The main character Brady falls asleep one night and the next thing he knows, there is a hole in his roof where a meteorite crashed through that almost killed him. Right after that, his cousin Quinn comes to visit and that’s when he notices his new abilities. Amazing strength, speed, and jumping are some of the changes that happen to him. They find out that the meteorite might have something to do with his abilities when t...more
Feb 22, 2013 Alex added it

Have you ever seen a meteorite or more specific a meteorite that is one of the rarest of all kinds? Go Big or Go Home is a science fiction book because it has to do with a meteorite and cause Brady throughout the book get powers. The book takes place in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Two of the main Characters are Brady and his cousin Quinn they both love extreme things so when the meteorite crashed through Brady’ s house they were so excited. So in the book Brady and Quinn have the meteorite...more
Holdin Muniz
“Go BIG or Go Home”

Brady Steele was a simple boy who lived in Hill City, South Dakota. He lived with his dad who worked at Crazy Horse on the monument, his mom who stayed at home and his two little sisters Jodi and Rae. His family wasn’t poor but they were only an average family. Brady’s mom and sisters were in Iowa for the last few weeks of the summer with their grandparents but Brady didn’t go with them anymore cause of his asthma was so bad and they lived on a farm plus they had dogs and cats...more
Noah Charest
In the story a meteorite from Mars crashes into the home of a boy named Brady. Soon Brady and his cousin, Quinn, discover that the meteorite is rare and do everything in there power to protect it.The characters in this book seem very realistic to me. The main characters are Brady and Quinn. They are very adventurous and love to explore. They have two neighbors, the Carver twins, that are always tying to give them a hard time with everything, especially the meteorite. The story kept me on the edg...more
Chadron Lane
I've recently read the story Go Bigor Go Home this book is a science fiction and sport book. At first Quinn wakes up an leaves his room shortly after he hears a huge bang! As he walked in to his room he looked at his bed and there was a rock actually a meteor right then he told his best friend Brady to come over as soon as possible. His friend said ill be over tomarrow the next day he and his dad patched the hole in the roof and his dad asked him to go on a bike ride like they did every Sunday b...more
West Region,
Go Big or Go Home, by Will Hobbs

Brady lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota and enjoys high adventure and sports; basketball, mountain biking, fishing, exploring caves. He also enjoys watching the night sky and one evening he remembers that there will be a meteor shower and he steps outside to enjoy the show. All of a sudden a meteorite slams through his roof and rips through his mattress, leaving little doubt that Brady would be no longer Brady if he had been asleep.

Brady names the space roc...more
Karen Ball
Brady Steele lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and loves to go camping and for extreme mountain bike rides with his cousin, Quinn. One night during summer vacation, Brady climbs out onto his roof to watch the Perseid meteor shower, as his house is far out of town and there are no lights to clutter his view of the stars. The sky suddenly turns a bright blue, and a fireball comes crashing right through his roof -- and right through the bed where normally he would have been sleeping! Fred,...more
I thought that this book was very deceiving right from the start because i am the type that relates the book to the cover and this book was different. My view from the cover was a bike challenge or a mountain race due to the fact that the front cover is a man riding a bike down a hill. To be honest my favorite art was right at the start because that's when Brady the main character first seen the meteorite hit his bed, he was so thankful for watching this shower or he would of passed away lying i...more
Sandra Stiles
Brady Steele is home alone the night a meteorite comes crashing through his roof and goes through his bed. He can’t wait to tell his cousin all about it. The name the meteorite Fred, short for Far Roaming Earth Diver. What Brady and his cousin Quinn didn’t realize is that this meteorite is the rarest kind. They also didn’t realize that it would work wonders in Brady’s life for a day and then start working against him. The question is can Brady convince his cousin that he isn’t losing his mind? I...more
That's insane! And extreme!

Hey, I just realized that I like things at the end of the book to be different than they were at the beginning. So if something cool happens and then it goes away, I'm not as into it as if the cool thing stayed and permanently changed reality.

Anyway, There were some interesting things that happened, but the ending didn't really wow me.
Mr. Z
Jul 22, 2009 Mr. Z rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Middle schoolers
Recommended to Mr. Z by: 2009-2010 Sunshine State Book
A 2009-2010 Sunshine State Book for Grades 6-8.

Brady can't believe when he returns from watching an asteroid shower and finds that an asteroid landed directly on the bed which he normally would have been sleeping in! He is so enamored with the asteroid under his bed that he gives it a loving name (okay, well, sort of) and can't wait to show his best friend. But Brady has no idea just how much that asteriod is about to change his life.

This story packs a lot of adventure into a short number of pag...more
Ruth Hanks
As Brady sits on the roof of his Black Hills South Dakota home, he witnesses an meteorite crashing through the roof and through his bed. He names the baked potato-sized meteorite, Fred ("Far Roaming Earth Diver") and calls his cousin Quinn to come and check it out. The cousins are deeply into extreme sports and anything they deem "insane." They set out for a variety of adventures on their bikes, in a boat and even rescue a small boy from a large buffalo. Brady seems to be stronger than he ever w...more
I was surprised at how much I liked this book. That's the sign of a good writer! A 14 year old in South Dakota is affected adversely by a meteorite that has fallen through his house. First he becomes super strong and agile, easily beating his stronger cousin in any contest, basketball, mountain biking, etc. but then he begins to lose feeling in his limbs. The outcome is not realistic but I enjoyed everything else..the extreme sports stuff, the Black Hills/Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse stuff, and t...more
This was an interesting read. And definitely fits the idea of "don't judge a book by it's cover." I picked it up thinking it was going to be about extreme sports and bike stunts, only to discover it's about a meteor crashing into a kid's room and nearly killing him...oh and the idea of life elsewhere in the universe and its possible repercussions on earth.
Well, this does have a meteor crashing through the roof, and subsequent superhuman powers--but it's not really a science fiction book.

It's much more a buddy story about Brady and his cousin Quinn, as they fish, ride bikes and spelunk--all extreme adventures in the Black Hills of South Dakota--almost a character here. Dealings with their devious neighbors (and their "Turkish war dog" Attila)and the catapult they've built only adds to the fun.

Give this to kids who like Gary Paulsen and outdoor l...more
I thought It was a good and fun book to read because it was was weird but at the same time it was funny.
This speedy read combines science fiction with extreme sports, telling of a boy who discovers that he has enhanced physical abilities after drooling on a space rock that crashed through his bedroom ceiling. The sci-fi element exists almost exclusively to support the sports element, so hardcore sci-fi fans might not find much to like in it, but viewed independently of the sci-fi genre, it's not too bad a read. Many of my students enjoyed reading it over the summer.
Max Shahir-motlagh
"Go Big or Go Home" is a book about a kid who has a natural talent for basketball. The morale of the story is that you should you should try your best at everything you do or don't do it. The main character's name is Max and he is an amazing basketball player. When he joined the school team he helped the team win the championship.
The story line and quality of writing was not great. It was a chore to read this book. I don't really recommend this book.
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WILL HOBBS is the author of seventeen novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories. Seven of his novels, Bearstone, Downriver, The Big Wander, Beardance, Far North, The Maze, and Jason's Gold, were named Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association. ALA also named Far North and Downriver to their list of the 100 Best You...more
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