To Die For
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To Die For (Blair Mallory #1)

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Blair Mallory lives the good life. She�s pretty, confident, and the owner of a thriving upscale fitness center. But in the shadow of success, a troubled member of the club develops a strange fixation on her, imitating her style and dress. Matters take a darker turn when the look-alike is shot dead - and Blair witnesses the horror.

As the media speculate on the tawdry detail...more
Audio CD, Abridged, 4 pages
Published November 1st 2005 by Brilliance Audio (first published January 1st 2004)
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♡Karlyn P♡
OMG, this was funny. Written in first person and narrated by the heroine Blair. She was a hoot. I’d summarize it as a strong romantic sexy comedy with a very light mystery. Blair witnesses a murder, which brings Lt. Wyatt Bloodsworth back into her life. He was someone she dated a few years back, but it abruptly ended after only three dates. For me, the bigger mystery was finding out what happened between Blair and Wyatt two years earlier, and not who was trying to kill her. Wyatt was such a grea...more
Blacky *Romance Addict*

This is one of the most unique POVs I have ever read!  photo 279453.gif
The woman here is so epic, it's beyond words  photo 355146.gif
I loved every minute being in her brain, it was lots of fun and craziness  photo 706146.gif
The main guy is uber uber yummy  photo 72866.gif

Well, I went into this book without knowing a single thing about it, and I'm glad for it cause everything was a surprise :D
Huge rec for everyone who likes weird humor, here are a few quotes so you can see what it's like:

"I mean, show-business people are naming their kids things like Homer, for
My second Linda Howard novel was enjoyable read - humor and banter between main characters were the best part, but unlike After the Night, this book had more similarities with Kristen Ashley writing.
Beginning was the weakest point for me because it took me a while to get into the story and at times it was hard to follow narrator's train of thoughts.
I'd give it 4 stars because it made me laugh like crazy, and 3 stars for the writing.
*Buddy read with Blacky <3<3<3*

To Die For is the thirty-fourth book out of hers 54 I've read by Linda Howard and saying that I had a lot of fun reading it is an understatement.

Unlike her other books this one is written in the first person. Blair's POV. She's hilarious (among other things her lists of transgressions made me LMAO), sometimes ridiculous (in a funny way), or outrageous but never boring. I also really loved her no nonsense attitude and that she took shit from no one.

Hmm, I'm having a hard time describing how I feel about this book. I liked it enough, Blair was a decent character, but there was something (or things) missing. I'm not one of those who hate first person narratives (I really have no preference - both first and third person narratives are fine with me, as long as they work for the book), but for some reason it felt weird in this book and didn't quite work for me. Also, I don't know how I feel about Wyatt. His reason for leaving Blair two years ag...more
Jane Stewart
Not enjoyable because I did not like the heroine. The heroine, Blair, was mouthy, snotty and unpleasant.

My take on Blair is if you're beautiful, you don't need kindness or sincerity. Following is an example of her personality from page 344. She wakes up early at 5 am. She then wakes up her fiance, asking him to leave the room to turn down the thermostat and get her something warm to wear so she can get out of bed. He does so and returns to bed to sleep. She then gets up and tiptoes out of the be...more
Hanife Albayrak

Bu yorum aynı zamanda Romancekolikte yayınlanmıştır.

Öncelikle bu kitabı okumamda ısrarcı olan bütün arkadaşlarıma çok teşekkürler!

Rating 5/5

Linda Howard'ın espritüel tarafınıda gördüm ya ben bu yazarı daha bırakmam!

Kimi yerde içimden kıs kıs güldüğüm - bunlar tamamen anneme deli olmadığımı göstermek için bastırılmış kahkahalardır - kimi zaman ise dayanamadım kahkaha attığım çok eğlenceli bir kitap. Yazarın benli anlatımını ilk başta yargılasamda Blair'in iç düşünceleri beni kitabın içine çekmey
OMG. I don't think I've ever read a book whose main character I hated as much as I hated Blair Malory. I'm a big Linda Howard fan, by the way. I was excited to find a few of her books that I hadn't read yet. By the end of the first chapter, I was rolling my eyes and skipping long-winded monologues that were intended to sound witty but fell flat for me. It went downhill from there.

Blair Mallory, the heroine of this novel and it's sequel "Drop Dead Gorgeous", is a selfish, self-centered, spoiled b...more
I really hated this book. Not because of its feminist tone, but because of it's MASCULINE tone. You read that right.

Even though this book was supposed to be from Blair Mallory's POV, it was really from Wyatt Bloodsworth's. He goes out with the main character twice, and gets cold feet because he thinks she's high maintenance. From what I could see (and I am a man), all he wanted was lots of great sex. But since he didn't get it right away, he exercised his "right" to run to calmer (and easier) wa...more
I have to admit that when I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure if I would like it. The main character, Blair Mallory just seemed so shallow and ditzy and ridiculous, but then as soon as Wyatt Bloodsworth came onto the scene, things turned around and really started getting interesting.

When Blair witnesses a murder outside of her business, the murder of an annoying copy-cat who went to great pains to imitate Blair's style and look, she soon realizes that she might have been the intend...more
ஐ Canan ஐ `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._
Linda'nın böylesi eğlenceli tarzda yazdığı bir kitap okumamıştım ama bu konuda oldukça başarılı olduğunu söylemeliyim :)
Blair Malory karakterini sevdim...oldukça eğlenceli ve yaratıcı fikirliydi...Liste tutmakta üstüne yoktur hem...
wyatt'ta Blair'in hakkından gelecek kadar sivri zekalı bir karakterdi...Ortada güzel bir denge vardı..
Konusuna değinecek olursa çiftimiz iki yıl önce çıkmaya başlar ama 3. çıkmalarından sonra Wyaat'tan ses seda kesilir...Ve Blair kendisini bir daha görmez..
Ama kader a...more
Pat Cromwell
Love Linda Howard but I will never ever by another Howard book with Blair Witch as the heroine. She is every girl I hated in preschool, grade school, junior high, highschool, college, on the job, at the grocery, visiting the beauty shop.....

I absolutely hated her and I hated Wyatt because he was with her. I wanted her stalker to kill her! The book is collecting dust in my garage.

Yes she is memorable which is one the my criteria as to if I think a book is good are not. In this case, thinking of...more
εlﻨբ ツ
İsim ciddi.. Konu ciddi.. Kapak eh işte.. Ama bu kitaptaki karakterler kesinlikle çok eğlenceliii :D Hep tebessümle hatırlayacağım bu kitabı :) Öyle yoğunlaşmışım ki, çok ciddi bir polisiye okumayı bekliyorum böyle.. Sayfalar ilerledikçe bendeki ciddiyet yerini sırıtmaya bıraktı :D. Çok keyif alarak okudum. Katili tahmin ettim demeyeceğim. Katili, cinayeti unuttum çünkü. Diyaloglar çok hoştu. Tamamen onlara odaklandım. ''Sıkıldım, bunaldım, yok mu şöyle eğlenceli bir şeyler ? '' diyorsanız alıp...more
Jamie~Book Boyfriend Ho♥
5 stars the 2nd time around! Blaire and Wyatt are one of my all time fav book couples
Funny, quirky and outrageous. That's Blair Mallory and this women's mind does not stop. It's told in first person, and when she analyzes or thinks about something, she takes it to a whole new level. She gets so off base sometimes you almost forget what she's trying to hash out in her mind in the first place. It's not for everyone, but I happen to enjoy this kind of humor. Oh Wyatt, he is pushy and persuasive, but not in a bad way, it's his way of being charming. He wants Blair and he's not takin...more
Büşra Bal
Linda'yı severim, iyidir yani baş ucu yazarım değildir ama ara sıra okurum yani. Ama bu kitabıyla beni bi-tir-di. Çene kaslarım hala ağrıyor sırıtmaktan. Çok zevkli,çok komik,çok tutkulu bir hikayeydi. Wyatt'a öldüm bittim yani :D Zaten polislere karşı ( üniformasız Nypt çalışanı olacak ) bir zaafım var, ama bu adamla tavan yaptı.O nasıl bir seksapeldir allah aşkına. Blair ölümüne komik zaten. Çok özendim kendisine,yaşam görüşüne, o sarsak hallerine herşeyine yani :D Alın okuyun :D
This is rather surprising for a Linda Howard book. It's humorous and light with a heroine that comes off as petulant and somewhat superficial. She's a cheerleader who applies cheerleading rules to her life even as an adult. For me, Blair's thought process turns out to be both hilarious and frustrating, but overall, Blair is more than she appears to be on the surface. The romance is hot with amusing dialogue to help it along. If there is something I find tired in this romance it is Blair's tenden...more
Lea's Audiobooks Hensley
Review after listening a few times:

I featured this in an earlier Speaking of Audiobooks column (below review) but felt like it deserved its own review and wrote one for the 6/21/11 column:

Narrated by Fran Liebow
Easily sitting in my top five favorite contemporaries, I fell in love with Blair and Wyatt in the print version and read To Die For twice before discovering in audio. I excitedly purchased a copy online only to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail (no digital downloads at the time)....more
Jill Dunlop
Blair Mallory had been on three dates with Wyatt Bloodsworth when he leaves and never calls her back. He doesn't explain why he walked away, from what was turning into a very serious relationship. For two years Blair hadn't had nary a word from him until she witnesses a murder in the parking lot of the gym she owns. Wyatt is a lieutenant on the police force. After fearing that it was Blair who has been shot, he narrows his focus to one thing, and that is to get Blair back. Blair however is havin...more
Shannon C.
'To Die For' is a mix of romantic suspense, mystery and humor. It reminds me in style to 'Mr Perfect' (one of Howard's better books) but it has an annoying lead character. She was vain, shallow and materialistic. It was told in first person from only her perspective, which doesn't work as well for a romance. I would have liked to have the hero's point of view sometimes.

I love some of this author's books, but I don't think this series is one of her best ones. My favorites by her (4-5 stars) inclu...more
Ana T.
A few years ago I was a devoted fan of Linda Howard; I read quite a few of her books, looked for her backlist and although not all of them were winners most were. Then, new authors came along, my mood changed a bit and I've been reading other things. But at the beginning of the year I decided to pick up the ones I already had, this time it was To Die For's turn.

I had no idea what it was about and what genre it was. After reading it I am not sure if this is a comedy with romantic suspense element...more

Reread, 9/30/12. I forgot how much I enjoyed this book. When LH is o. Her game, she's so on her game.
Kara Jorges
I can’t remember the last time I hated a book this much.

The story begins, rather chattily, in a faux-Evanovich or –Kinsella style, with über-fit, ex-cheerleading, health club owner Blair Mallory. Blair wouldn’t have been so bad, though, had she come equipped with a spine. Because she can do backflips, Blair thinks she’s tough. Oh, and because she bought a health club with her ex-husband’s money, too. Blair is on her way home for the night when she sees a crazy club member who’s been copying her...more
I’m having mixed feelings about this book. Is that good or bad?

I liked Blair - to a certain extent. Yes, she’s a strong woman who goes the extra mile to get what she wants, and works hard for it. When Wyatt accused her of being ‘fluffy’, to which she became furious and adamantly denying it, I thought it was an apt description of her. As she is the narrator of the book, the way she talks and thinks… the only word I can use to describe it is ‘fluffy’.

I liked Wyatt. Strong, cares right down to the...more
Cover & Title - 4/5
Favorite line - "She can't forgive him?" he asked in a strained tone. "She tried to kill him!" "Well yeah" I said. Mom said, "He redecorated her bedroom."
Favorite Character - Blair

I did enjoy this book & I did like the story. I was happy with the way everything turned out in the ending. There was enough content i enjoyed to make me rate it 4 but I did however find the book really annoying at times. I did laugh quite a few times when i was reading it & I found the r...more
Janset Atacan

Kitabın anlatımına bayıldım! Kahkaha atmadığım tek bir satır yoktu diyebilirim.Belki de Ally McBeal'den sonra (Gelecek vaat eden : New Girl/Jess) en sempatik karakter,Mallory.Howard'ın erkek karakterlerindeki benzerlikler hoşuma gitmiyor açıkçası.Wyatt'da tıpkı Richard,Gray vb'leri gibi ekonomik geliri yüksek,iyi bir görünüşe sahip,şehvetli bir adam.Bu açıdan biraz farklılık aradığım doğru.Aynı tip karakterleri okumaktan sıkıldım.

Konusuna gelecek olursak,ana karakter Blair Mallory.Başarılı bir i...more
Carolyn F.
I loved the actual audiobook itself but the narrator did Blair's voice, a 30ish woman, as a quivery elderly Southern woman which did not fit. The rest of the voices she did well and the quivery-ness was fine for Blair's mom, but not for Blair.

Blair Mallory sees a member she recently kicked out of her work-out club killed and one of the police that came to the scene is a man she dated about two years ago who walked away with no reason why on their third date when she felt they had a connection....more
Blair emang keliatan nyebelin. Mungkin karena ceritanya ini sudut pandangnya dari dia, jadinya sulit mau simpati.
Tapi nyebelinnya ini emang bikin ngakak.
Sifatnya yang Paris-Hilton-wannabe ma high maintenance itu emang menimbulkan dua reaksi. Either you hate it or laugh because of it.
BTW, kayaknya ini pertama kalinya Linda Howard nulis dari segi POV pertama. Menjadikan seri Blair Mallory ini macam chicklit dengan elemen suspense. Dan jangan lupakan elemen Pak Pulisi Ganteng, Keren nan Menawan yan...more
Alors, je l'ai trouvé bof, bof. Premièrement, il ne m'a pas du tout fait rire. Ensuite, les héros étaient OK à petites doses, mais j'ai vite fini par les trouver lourds. Elle m'a énervée à constamment contester juste pour l'emmerder. Franchement, ses réactions étaient parfois à la limite de la gaminerie. Lui, c'est pas mieux. Deux choses m'ont agacée : son côté obsédé sexuel et son manque de respect vis-à-vis de l'héroïne (il la quitte comme un voleur et il se ramène deux ans plus tard comme si...more
Bu kitap yazarın Bay Mükemmel kitabıyla benzerlikler taşıyor, en başta çözememiştim ama nihayet kavradım. Asıl karakter Blair gayet komikti ve okumak çok zevkliydi. Erkeğimiz de tipik erkeklerdendi-hani bir türlü kadınların bazı şeyleri neden yaptıklarını anlayamayanlardan. Ama olaylar iyi işlenmişti, katil konusundaki merak unsuru da iyi yansıtılmıştı. Ayrıca kitabın sonundaki monitör parçalama kısmı süperdi, anneye bayıldım, Wyatt'a da acıdım tabi biraz :D Kısacası güzel bir Linda örneğiydi, h...more
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Linda S. Howington was born on August 3, 1950 in Alabama, United States. She began to write at nine years old, and wrote for twenty years for her own enjoyment. She worked at a trucking company where she met her husband, and then decided to try and get her work published in 1980. [1:] Her first work was publishe...more
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