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The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time
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The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (The Wheel of Time reference)

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  5,790 ratings  ·  122 reviews
Since the debut of Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling series in 1990, The Wheel of Time has transported readers to a world so strikingly real, so rich in detail and complexity, it seems to rise from memory rather than a printed page. This essential companion to The Wheel of Time is for the millions interested in the history and the background of this incredible se ...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published November 10th 2001 by Tor Books (first published 1997)
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This book is definitely only for WoT fans, for it has no story line; it is a comprehensive chronicle (best possible, sic!) of the universe in which WoT series events are taking place (prior and during them).

There are a lot of facts related to the lost Age of Legends, the Breaking, the Trolloc Wars, the Artur Hawkwing's reign and the War of the Hundred Years. But as the author says:

"This compilation of the world’s geography, sociology, and history uses information dating from the earliest availab
Gere Lewis
You have to be a special sort of reader to read and enjoy this book thoroughly. First of all, one needs to take a minute to grasp that all of this history and geography existed INSIDE THE AUTHOR'S HEAD. A lot of this was clearly never intended to be in the novels, it was background information that the author needed to shape the places, characters, and the decisions the characters made.

You are not going to find a story in this book. Basically, if you put yourself into the world of the Wheel, th
The information and history written in the book are great, but there's a reason it's called the Big White Book of Bad Art. >_<
Jeremy Preacher
Fondly (or at least accurately) known as the Big Book of Bad Art in Wheel of Time fanatic circles. The text is fine - a bit dry, mostly superceded (this was published barely halfway through the series, before quite a few mysteries were settled) but generally interesting, at least to completist nerds like me. The internet is a better resource for nerdery, though, which would make the only major virtue of the book the art.

And the art, she is bad. Sloppy, poorly-proportioned, irrelevant, generally
Boy, if you thought the artwork on the book covers was bad, this book will make you think again. Absolutely awful. The book is written from the point of view of a frustrated historian writing a synopsis of the known history through book... 7? Either way, this work, rather than encompassing the entire series, leaves off details from later books, and leaves question marks lingering over peoples, kingdoms, and events that become very well known throughout this world in the course of later books, in ...more
J. Argyl
Jan 24, 2010 J. Argyl rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: only people who are really obsessed with the Wheel of Time
This book is kind of silly. The illustrations are not very good and the information is claimed by Jordan to be only semi-accurate and intentionally so. This was kind of frustrating and so I didn't take it very seriously. There are some interesting bits of information about Shara, the Seanchan, and so on. However when you can't verify that the information is legitimate it seems like a fool's errand to read the thing.
Greg Strandberg
Like many of you, I never really 'read' this book so much as looked the hell out of it at the bookstore and maybe the library. The images of people leave a lot to be desired, but the world maps and other art is pretty good. You get some cool information about the world and the places and their peoples.

This is a great book for when you're dragging your feet on the main series. Let's face it - many of us drag our feet when it comes to starting a new book...because Jordan dragged things on so long.
A reference guide to Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series published about halfway through the series (around the time of the 7th book), this book is a fascinating reference for fans of the series. Due to several factors, I wouldn't recommend reading it before the series or before finishing at least the first few books - otherwise many references will not make sense and there are "spoilers." Unfortunately, the book is very incomplete in that several things that were left out of the book because ...more
There isn't much to discuss concerning this World Encyclopedia of the Wheel of Time.

I am guessing that the upcoming encyclopedia will expand greatly upon this book, since this book is limited by giving information stemming from the first seven books. This book contains such information in a streamlined way and information of the literal world. Although a lot of the info could be found in the books themselves.
This is a fascinating book - now I will admit that the version i have although the same ISBN number i suspect may have been an earlier edition as it was printed in 1997 and as such is very early on in the series - I figure out only the first handful of titles were published in fact where as now we are in to double digits and in fact have a new author after the passing of Robert Jordan.
The book is far better though than many of its kin- its not a mere lexicon or glossary repeating snippets from k
I got this book pretty late. Serves me right for not checking reviews first - sort of an impulse buy when I saw it. If you're planning of getting this book, try to find the smaller paperback instead (The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time). Why? Because the only worth it about this book is the text - unless you like big books. The artwork, as mentioned in so many reviews, is simply very amateurish, to put it politely.

The lore that you find in this book will definitely be of interest to a
A solid read for fans of the series, but non-fans probably won't have much interest. Full of tidbits not described or seen in the novels, this will enlighten any WoT afficionado with trivia as well as valuable history.

A word of warning: the artwork is mediocre at best and downright poor at worst. The characters have strange, alien-like faces with eyes spaced too far apart (even Loial's). I'm not sure if RJ approved the art, but it is not how I envisioned the characters and not at all like the co
The first three books are excellent epic fantasy. As the series progressed, it the books began to groan under the weight of so many plot threads and character arcs. Also, he relies on certain descriptive phrases that become really repetitive by the middle of the series. The low point in the series -- which occurs after you're hooked on the world he has created -- is doorstop sized book that covers one week of time in which the characters effectively do nothing of significance. Fortunately, thoug ...more
Lots of fascinating details for Wheel of Time buffs.

The art varied in quality...much of it seemed sub-par. There were also a surprising number of typos and minor inaccuracies. And among the historical information it would have been nice (and made sense) to include more information on the societies of the New Era, including a map showing vanished lands like Malkier, Almoth, Caralain, etc. Aside from those issues, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Laura Birks
I'm currently reading through the series - just got book 14 to go - and after a break from these books I wanted to remind myself of the world and the characters without having to re-read the series thus far. The World of the Wheel of Time allowed me to do just that.
As a reference book you can easily dip into it to refresh your memory on many aspects of the originals that you may have forgotten. I, however, decided to start at the beginning and work my way through, reminding myself of everything
David McAliley
This is an awesome and informative guide to one of the most detailed and impressive worlds ever crafted in the realm of high fantasy. Bravo all the way around.

The only word to describe Jordan's masterpiece of high fantasy incarnated in the Wheel of Time is Epic.... and even that barely scratches the surface. Outside of Tolkien, who occupies a seat of his own as a pioneer in this genre, Jordan stands unmatched by any author I've read to date. It is a shame he did not live long enough to see the e
This book would have been much more enjoyable if not 'set in time' when it was. As it is, it assumes the world from roundabout book 7. Removing the few spoilers from prior books to make it 'ageless' would far enhance its content. Also, the content is very uneven: Age of Legends featuring heavily (which was nice to get a bigger glimpse than the books show) but the 'World at Present' gives huge amounts to certain factions and peoples while mostly ignoring others. The book is nice mostly for the ex ...more
Better maps, interesting tidbits, infamously terrible illustrations.
Jordan's Wheel of Time companion is a useful reference for the first books of his fantasy epic.

Pro: Consolidated information about several characters, places, and plots. Because this book was written early in the series, don't be too afraid of spoilers! Additional maps showing "obsolete" countries and alliances are helpful in picturing the much-discussed history of the Wheel universe. Some illustrations are helpful in picturing how people and objects were meant to look from Jordan's written desc
Brian Schiebout
The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Teresa Patterson is a reference guide to that world. The book was written after Jordan had finished writing A Crown of Thorns and so the details of current world events end with what occurred in that book. Overall this book gives a good background on which the sometimes convoluted and rich tapestry of the story has been written. The book starts with a historical overview of the world in the time of legends when only the evil in ...more
J.R.C. Salter
A word of warning, read this after A Crown of Swords as there are a few plot spoilers in here.

Overall, this is a good book, though could only be of interest to people who have read the series and is not for newcomers. I tend to like fictional encyclopaedias like this, it gives a lot of information about the world that you didn't know before. The most interesting is the beginning where it gives a detailed account of life in the Age of Legends, the creation of the Bore, and the strike at Shayol Gh
Ian Massey
Bought this when it first came out (around about the same time as book seven of the series, iirc) and only got round to reading it when I had completed The Wheel Of Time itself.

Dry and uninspring? You betcha. Lots of background on the world of TWOT, but not much to excite the more casual reader. At times more of a (fictitious) history text book than anything else, I slogged through it until I reached the end.

Often with these types of books it is the art that lifts them above the average. In this
I like the idea of having at my disposal the ability to delve deeper into the wheel of time series and this book certainly offers as much. The reality is that some people will find resorting to a reference guide such as this one a bit lame, if not simply a waste of time, but for me it helped instill a passion for the world I otherwise may not of had prior to purchasing this book. I enjoy the idea of resorting to the maps while reading the novels because it makes me feel like I'm really there for ...more

Il mondo della Ruota del Tempo è a dir poco vasto.

Oltre al continente dove si svolgono le vicende, ci sono altri continenti: Shara, Seanchan, la Terra degli Uomini Pazzi.
Il continente stesso è diviso in tanti piccoli stati: Andor, Arafel, Taer, Cairhien, le Marche di Confine e molti altri... ognuno dei quali ha il proprio popolo con le proprie usanze, il proprio esercito, la propria bandiera e le proprie storie.

The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time contiene tutto ciò che riguarda la geo

Never have i ever read a book that's so amazingly written. I get goosebumps every time i read it. I love the way that the 'badguys' aren't always inherently evil and even the 'goodguys' sometimes have deeds and thoughts that are questionarry, maybe even wicked. I commiserated so much with the characters and fell in love with the serie immidiately!
Martijn Lommen
it was nice to read about the large amount of history. but it lacks the information from the last few books. because book 14 of the Wheel of time doesn't have a apendix of some sort, I mis some background info about things I mis. I still like the book but a updated version with the info from the last book would be nice, and I would definitely buy that one as well.
The Hermit's
This was a good intro/background on the 10,000+ page series I will attempt to read in the future. Some parts after the Trolloc War were kind of boring but my interest picked up again in the later half of the book. No point in trying to memorize the sheer amount of names and places...
Okay, so when you first pick it up it looks like a textbook. That will probably turn some people off. For those people who've read all the WOT books, however, this might be a really helpful book. It explains the WOT world, describes the main players, and actually gives some new information that's not in the books. Sadly, it was written sometime in the middle of the series so it's not completely comprehensive but it's still extremely helpful. And as I'm one of those Robert Jordan readers who read ...more
I've started Jordan's WoT series again. I forgot I had this book on a shelf in my basement. I received it for Christmas years ago when I first started this series. It really comes in handy when you want to double check a character, town, object, etc...the only drawback is that if you haven't finished the series, which I haven't, there are spoilers:(
The illustrations are wonderful as Mr. Jordan was a part of the process.
Michelle Morrell
An addition to the Wheel of Time series, this works more as an encyclopedia, delving in-depth to various elements of the books. More than just a gathering of facts, it expands the stories of the characters, the places, the times. I particularly enjoyed the section on the Age of Legends, with stories of the "wonders" of the time. I also liked the sections on the Forsaken, with backgrounds and details that aren't shown in the books.

This was a reread, I scanned before but read cover-to-cover this t
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Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr., under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time fantasy series. He also wrote under the names Reagan O'Neal and Jackson O'Reilly.

Jordan was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He served two tours in Vietnam (from 1968 to
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