Chasing The Falconers (On The Run, #1)
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Chasing The Falconers (On The Run #1)

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Two kids break out of a juvenile detention center and become fugitives in order to clear their convicted parents' names in this heartstopping series from kid-read master Gordon Korman.
Aidan and Meg Falconer are their parents' only hope. The Falconers are facing life in prison -- unless Aidan and Meg can follow a trail of clues to prove their innocence. The problem? Right...more
Paperback, 154 pages
Published April 1st 2005 by Scholastic
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On the Run is a series about young juvenile delinquents on the streets trying to survive. They escape a prison farm that they were put in. It was burned down. Now the two juveniles (The Falconers) are out to find evidence of their parents being innocent. Their parents were believed to be helping terrorists when really they were secret agents.

A text to world connection in this book is between Osama Benladin and the Falconers. The Falconers were blamed of being terrorists. Also Osama Bin laden w...more
Sarah S.
I think that this book had a lot of suspense in it. It was definitely a book for someone who liked to read about like mystery and clues. I would suggest this book to maybe 10 to 14 year olds because it had some confusing parts in it. I thought this was a great book and cannot wait to read more of his work.
This book has two main characters. Aidan and his little sister Meg. Well his parents were doctors and then they were convicted of giving our enemy’s like the terrorist our defense plans. Well t...more
My favorite character was Miguel because he goes with the flow. He does what he wants to do. He does not care what other people think about him.
This book is a very good book. It describes each scene like you are one of the characters. This book is action-packed with some sad feelings. Gordon keeps you on the edge of your seat every time you read a chapter. I would recommend this book to kids ages 10-16. The reason why is because the story takes place during the life of 10 and a 15 year old child...more
Apr 14, 2009 Kevin added it
After reading ,Chasing the Falconers by Gordon Korman, I was left with the need to read the second book to the series. It's a decently written story about two children, a brother and sister, who find themselves wrongly placed in a juvenile correctional facility due to accusations placed upon their parents. In a nutshell, they escape, but face many more dangers than they bargained for. I enjoyed the storyline in this book, however I was a little disappointed by the level of difficulty. The enter...more
I saw my third grader reading this series and it piqued my interest having been an avid Gordon Korman fan when I was a kid growing up in Canada (I now live in the States, as does Korman incidentally). I picked up the first book and could not stop reading. No doubt it is a quick read, not just because it's written for kids but also because it's a real page turner. My daughter obliged me by bringing home the rest of the series so I could see how the Falconer's adventures turned out. There are lots...more
Barb Middleton
A fast-paced, straightforward adventure story with engaging characters, but lacks a logical premise and has a predictable plot. At 160 pages this is written for readers who are not ready for advanced sentence structure and vocabulary with a complex plot. Readers who are intimidated by thick books and are working toward fluency will enjoy this adventure.

Aiden, age 15, and Meg, age 11, are at a juvenile detention center because they have no where to go after their parents are sentenced to life in...more
Carrie Slager
I admit it: this book is way too young for me. I wasn’t in the target age group when I read it and I’m certainly not now, but it’s still a book I like to re-read about once a year. Why? Because it’s a well-written book with a cliché yet interesting premise.

It’s kind of predictable, but I’ve read a lo of books and watched a lot of movies with a similar premise. However, for the target age group, this would be their first exposure to a premise like this (proving the innocence of someone who’s been...more
Mason Demoss
1. The type of person it was written was teenage boys and teenage girls.
2. The book deserves 4 stars.
3. Book Evaluation: I felt like the first book of the series was interesting on how the Falconers(2 kids) kept on escaping the police in any situation. But yet I wish there were more action in it so it dosnt become repetitive. An idea I had after reading the book was to put more action in to it by one of the kids to get captured by the police and the other kid find a way to get him or her back. O...more
I never was a fan of Gordon Korman's books. This book just satisfied my inquiry. It was a rather humdrum book, nothing really special about it really. Basically, a few kids escape from a juvenile delinquent center and go breaking laws with one thing in mind: to save their parents. Although their parents are behind bars for life, these kids decide that they need to go save them. All I say is, keep dreaming.
When Aiden and Margret Falconer's parents, two profesors, get put into jail for treason, their life gets thrown out of wack! Since none of their family members will take them in, they get sent to Sunnydale Farm, a juvenile corrections center.They get sent on a life long journey after they leave Sunnydale in ashes.
(1) Describe the main character's physical and personality traits.

This book was written in 3rd person perspective so it's not clear if Meg Falconer is the main character or Aiden Falconer is the main character. But since it's not clear who i rather write about both of them. Meg Falconer is the one that will go along with anything as long as it makes sense. On the other hand where Aiden is the one coming up with these plans to get themselves out of trouble. Both of the Falconers will take the oat...more
I have read Gordon's work before (Shipwreck & The Contest series) and enjoyed it. It's refreshing to see books set where teens survive on their own without adults and turn out okay without rules being enforced - although there are always reactions to every action.

I liked the brother -sister duo, they are very clearly victoms cast as villains to the rest of the world. There is this mind set people have where if a family member (mother, father, brother, sister, cousin) does something hateful...more
Michael Emond
I was remembering back fondly on the Macdonald Hall series and stand alone "I Want to Go Home" by ex-Canadian Gordon Korman who was a bit of a child prodigy and wrote the first draft of his first (outstanding) book at the age of twelve and decided to check out one of his more recent series "On the Run". I am approaching this review as an adult reader not an adult reader speculating if a young teen would like this. Take that for what you will but some children's books are very readable as an adul...more
Dylan Unruh
I thought that On the Run book 1 was a great book in the series by Gordon Korman. He also has many series that are amazing that I have read and think you should read too.

At the beginning you learn that Meg and Aiden’s parents were framed for treason. They were both put in jail and none of Meg and Aiden’s family would take them in so they tried foster care didn’t work so they were sent to a camp for juveniles Called Sunnydale. They are both split up but Meg never really followed the rules so th...more
You know, I should set up a blog entitled Adventures in the Reading Corner because, seriously, there are a lot of WTF books in there—such as this one.

When they announced that we'd have a reading corner on our classroom, I expected a lot of things: I expected Twilight; I expected Hush, Hush,; and, despite the endless shit of YA books that I came to expect from my classmates (and the local shit that we call Wattpad books, which should never have seen the light of day), I even expected some quality...more
Madisyn M
Plot Summary: Aiden and Meg Falconer escape from a juvenile prison to prove that their parents, who got put in prison for a crime they did not commit, are innocent. They begin their new lives as fugitives and never stay in one place for too long. When suddenly Aiden remembers that their uncle, Frank Lindenauer is the one who framed their parents and got them arrested. So the brother and sister set off to find Frank and prove that their parents are innocent

Aiden Falconer: 15 years old...more
154 pages
Realistic Fiction
by Gordon Korman

Aiden and Meg Falconer's parents have been arrested for treason - which they didn't commit. When their parents are arrested, the kids have nowhere to go, since their relatives are embarassed to have them. Therefore, the siblings are sent to Sunnydale Farm: a juvinile corrections center. They didn't do anything, but they were placed there so they are safe from people who are holding grudges against their parents. When they finally get the chance, they esc...more
After their parents are arrested for a crime they didn't commit, Aiden and Meg are sent to juvenile hall for their own protection, and given new last names to hide their identities. In fact, this is actually backstory; the first chapter begins with them already having been in juvie for a while, and with Meg wanting desperately to escape. They get their chance quite by accident when the place - actually a large farm - catches on fire due to an accident. But it's too late; Aiden and Meg are now fu...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Me for

Gordon Korman's ON THE RUN series starts off with a bang with CHASING THE FALCONERS, an action-adventure thriller with serious overtones. The opening of the story finds Aidan Falconer, 15, and his younger sister, Meg, 11, ensconced at Sunnydale Farm, a so-called minimum-security rehabilitation alternative for delinquent youths. Although Aidan and Meg haven't committed any crimes, their parents, Drs. John and Louise Falconer, both Professors and criminologists,...more
I love to read with my children. One of my sisters gave this series of books to us (On the Run by Gordon Korman) and we finally got around to starting it. Chasing the Falconers is the first book in the series.

Aiden and Meg Falconer live at Sunnydale Farm, a juvenile corrections center. They're good kids, though, so why are they there? Their parents were tried and convicted as traitors so are serving prison time and none of the relatives wanted to take the kids in because it was too embarrassing...more
Aden and Meg's parents were sentenced to life in jail for the crime of the century, one they didn't even commit. Now their children have broken out of their Juvenile Corrections facility in Nebraska and are traveling across the country, eluding police officers as they go, in order to prove their parents innocence.

There are two main characters in this book, Aden and Meg Falconer. This book gives you no clear right or wrong standpoint, because the majority of the book is being told from the fugiti...more
Casey B.
I'm not usually one for short books. I'm not saying that all short books are bad but from my experience, most of them don't develop a sufficient plot in the short amount of pages that they contain. Granted, it's pretty hard to do that, which is why I usually go for the longer books.

I picked up Chasing the Falconers on a whim just looking for a quick read to hold me off for the day it would take me to get down to the library.

Much to my suprise, I found that Gordon Korman managed to do what many a...more
Chasing The Falconers On The Run #1 by Gordon Korman is a great book. It is about Aidan and Meg Falconer who are in jail at this farm in Nebraska. All they want to do is get out of there so they can prove their parents are innocent. Their parents are in jail because they brought terrorists into the country and gave them special information. The Falconers break out and now are on the run. Find out what happens to Aidan and Meg in Chasing The Falconers On The Run #1 by Gordon Korman.

I really like...more
Meg and Aiden Falconer's parents are in prison for treason, suspected of helping terrorists. After bouncing around from foster home to foster home, they finally are dumped at this work farm place where their roommates are juvenile delinquents. (I found that really surprising. They didn't even do anything yet they're housed with JDs? That seems totally unfair.) Anyway. .

Eventually Meg and Aiden run away from the work farm, and are now on the run from the authorities. They work to find evidence t...more
I picked this book up having nothing much else to do and the blurb was interesting, so I borrowed it from a library. I took it home and read it, and I like this one so much I read it in two sittings. Its very interesting and has a nice reading style, so it'll get you sub-consciously thinking while you read it.

To summarize the plot, Two kids, Aiden and Meg, are stuck in Jevenile Detention temporarily because their parents were wrongly accused of being terrorists and betraying their country. The k...more
I actually really enjoyed the book as an older reader!

I suspect it was aimed much younger purely because of its length however the book never spoke down to its audience despite the subject.

There were some genuinely nail-biting close-calls as the kids made it on the run.

There were also some very engaging characters, relationships and subplots that would satisfy a much older audience.

I only wish the book had been longer. I'm going to read the next three but I'm guessing they could have been all...more
Chasing the Falconers was about a boy named Aiden and a girl named meg they are both brother and sister. They're parents got blamed for a crime they didn't commit. They're parents went to jail and since no one wanted Aiden and meg they got put into sunnydale its like a Juvenile but its a farm. The farm mysteriously caught on fire. Aiden and meg take that chance and escape from sunnydale.

I cant really connect to this because i never actually got into trouble like that. My parents never did anyth...more
This book started out kinda giving information after information trying to keep it on balance when the elephant was on one side of the scale and the pencil on the other. The problem was that the elephant was the one who was at the top trying to get off the scale while the pencil was strong and keeping the elephant at the top. Soon it started to balance off making it boring and the carecters boring also. Sometimes the author would give information on how to survive when he didn't know what it was...more
Michele Velthuizen
Interest level: 5th +
Reading level: easy, short
Genre: Adventure, suspense
Series: On the Run
Read-Alikes: Kidnapped

Here's an exciting series by Gordon Korman (he also wrote the series "Dive", "Everest", "Island" and, more recently, the "Son of the Mob" series).

"Chasing the Falconers" is the first of the "On the Run" series. It's an easy, fast read about Aiden and Meg Falconer (brother and sister) who escape from a juvenile detention home which they had wrongfully been put into. As they run for th...more
The children’s novel Chasing the Falconers has the kind of premise that sounds silly to grown-up ears: two kids are on the run from the authorities and out to prove their parents’ innocence. I can just see the movie poster now, with quotes like “pint-sized the Fugitive,” bumbling lawmen and Home Alone-style slapstick. This book, however, is cleverer than that. It keeps its focus down-to-earth, focusing on practical details. Who hasn’t idly wondered about what YOU would do if you were on the run....more
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Korman wrote his first book, "This Can't be Happening at Macdonald Hall", when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English. He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in "The Sixth Grade Nickname Game", wherein Mr. Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.

Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing. While i...more
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