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Ghost (Paladin of Shadows #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  2,690 ratings  ·  151 reviews
Retired after 15 years in special ops due to a myriad of physical ailments, Michael Harmon is having trouble fitting into his new role as a University of Georgia undergrad. Instead, Ghost (named for his uncanny ability to "blend") likes to stalk unknowing coeds and speculate on the carnal possibilities. But when a van-load of men suddenly abduct a blonde that Ghost had bee ...more
Paperback, 528 pages
Published October 31st 2006 by Baen (first published October 1st 2005)
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mark monday

TO: X-1 Prime, Supreme Overlord of Robot Matrix, Grand Endeavor Cmdr.
FROM: Scientific Analyst SLJLK92349UO, Earth Invasion Exploratory Unit
CC: Prince BOB, Holy Prior of the Negativ Legion
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BCC: Shadowagent markmonday
ATTACHMENT 1: John Ringo, former Test Subject
ATTACHMENT 2: the novel Ghost by John Ringo


Target: John Ringo acquired by Shadowpuppet A. Coulter using Tactic 7-B3: Invi
Mike (the Paladin)
There are quite a range of "rating reactions" to this book. I think there are probably several reasons for this. I have several friends here who have nothing good to say about this book. Then I have others who gave it 5 stars. Why the disagreement(s).

I think There are (as I said) several reasons for this. The main character (Mike) and I have somewhat different definitions of the word Paladin, LOL. Had the entire book been more like the first half I could probably have gone much higher on my own
Mar 06, 2011 glitrbug rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who like military stories or thrillers. The Kindle Smut club
Shelves: kindle
Well, the author wrote his own review which I will quote:
"It is not PC. It is not PG-13. It is not understated. It is a raw, bawdy, kinky, violent, over-the-top story of an ex-SEAL who is approaching life, love and the pursuit of bad-guys with no-holds-barred. James Bond without the bedroom door closing. Dirk Pitt meets Harold Robbins. Jean Auel writes a Mack Bolan book. With details. Kinky, kinky details.

Since I had not previously been known for this sort of writing, I felt it germane to empla
Don't be fooled by the author's other books. This first book of the series is neither Science Fiction nor Fantasy (at least not in the classic sense). Fans of Ringo know he has a soft spot for military/action adventures and the Ghost series is definitely full of adventure.

If you are easily offended by graphic battle descriptions, stay away from these books. If you are easily offended by graphic sex (lots), then stay away. I'm not so easily offended by either and found all five (so far) books to
This book is split into 3 short stories, full of kickass terrorist wasting awesomeness. Initally we find Mike 'Ghost' Harmon, a former member of the SEALS disrupting a terrorist operation taking place in Athens Georgia and Syria. Watching him kill some high level terrorists, and bank some serious cash in the first story. Then we see him catch some fish, take a swim, bang some coeds and have a nuclear device set off somewhere in the Carribian. Lastly, we find ourselves in Paris, Ghost being torn ...more
Al Cormier
If you are a liberal, do not read this book!

If you are a feminist, do not read this book!

If you are a Baptist, do not read this book!

If it weren't for the great action sequences, in this offering, I would think you could only find GHOST in an ADULT book store. The book tells three stories revolving around a former SEAL who doesn't candy-coat the fact that he is a bad man. He has two ways of venting his frustration and relieving tension--he has to kill someone...or he has to rape someo
This was a messed up book. I started reading it and LOVED the first part. Great action, a flawed, but interesting character, lots of boobs.

The second part was like 100 page BDSM porno that ended with action similar to the first book. Very similar.

The third part was more action, but the flawed, but interesting character went over way over the edge with sexual violence.

I kept hoping that the book would return to the awesome start it had, but wow... it sunk a bit too low for me.
This is what you'd get if Laurel K. Hamilton wrote hardcore military fiction. Fantastic story line, with closer to realistic human reactions, and sex. Good enough that I'm reading the whole series through again.
Glenn Conley
Some stupid, hormone-infused teenager must have written this book. Because that's the only way I can explain all the hot naked chicks in this story. Why'd they have to be naked? I mean yes, of course I want them to be naked. But is there really any reason for them to be naked? Not really.

This book tells the story of some fucked-up terrorist organization that kidnaps several hot college chicks. They strip the girls naked, and chain them to a few rows of benches in a hot, sweaty room.

The terrorist
Morgan Engel
Aug 17, 2008 Morgan Engel rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: ehh...
Recommended to Morgan by: John Ringo
I've always laughed at romance novels, but I never imagined (naively) one would be written for a man. This is it. The male romance novel, personified. The story is ludicrous, the characters over the top, the sex sexy, the fighting fighty. If you're looking for something trashy to read, pick it up.
Faith Hunter
Well written, as are all of Ringo's books, but this one was a very difficult book to read. The anti-hero main character has the mindset of a serial rapist. Can't star it higher, but do suggest it as research for anyone writing an anti-hero novel .
I read this after disregarding the other reviews. Because honestly I am the only one fit to judge what I will like. That being said.
Not no but hell no.
As long as Harmon kept his fantasies to the realm of fantasies and consensual scenes I was fine. The bdsm element was boring and written from the view of someone who has perhaps played, or watched but was not involved in the life. Fine no problems there and I did enjoy the action scenes.
The rape and beating of Magdelena was pointless and served
chris tierney

Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world.
—Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

But as it was, there just wasn't time for anything but . . . stupid heroics.
—John Ringo, Ghost

I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into here thanks to, but I still wanted to see for myself how hilariously awful it could be. The answer is quite a bit, but not enough to ou
The main reason I'm admitting to reading this is to warn people away from it. It reads like a male wet dream--and that's it's problem. It's too much like a wet dream. The action sequences are over the top--one man being able to do all that? But they're fun, and guys read these for fun. The problem is the second third of the book--pure, hardcore porn. I made the mistake of giving this as a Christmas present to my older brother, without having read it. He just told me he didn't like it and sent it ...more
Timothy Maguire
Sep 16, 2013 Timothy Maguire rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
If there's one moment that sums up the entirety of Ghost, it's when our 'hero' kills Osama Bin Laden and cuts off his head for proof. Rather than being the cathartic finale of the novel, this is instead almost an aside to the main plot, which is the rescue of an entire army of kidnapped college girls. This minor plot element is an indicator of just what you're getting into with this novel.

Anyway, Ghost tells the story of Mike, an ex-Navy Seal who has the remarkable talent to fall over both nub
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Wow! was all I had to say at first. First half of the book was an interesting action, military and espionage tale of a rogue operative working for the United States black ops group. That alone was enough to keep me coming back for more of Mr. Ringo's imagination. Then we moved on to the second half of the book...holy cow! Mr. Ringo's imagination took a definite left turn into the S&M bondage theater of war. I thought I had opened a different book! As it turns out this is the dark side of our ...more
Our hero, Mike Harmon AKA “Ghost”, is an ex-SEAL trying to get by. Through somewhat random circumstances, he ends up foiling a terrorist plot to kidnap and torture American college girls. Now rich with reward money, he moves to the Keys. And ends up foiling a plot to place a nuke on American soil. After that, he ends up in Russia, where he… You get the picture. The book is episodic, with three quite distinct parts. Constant are the visceral, brutal, violent action scenes as well as the explicit ...more
Dec 14, 2007 Greg rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: nobody
I found this book so profoundly offensive I could not even finish it. Do NOT read or purchase this book. It is - at least the parts I managed to make it through - disgusting and astoundingly-misogynistic. This book has graphic descriptions of rape and sexual violence. It oozed hatred and racism in multiple forms from nearly every page I read.

Frankly, I'm surprised and deeply disappointed Baen published this this piece of pornographic offal. I will not be purchasing any more of John Ringo's book
William Ritch
Damn you, John Ringo!

I really wanted to hate this book. Or at least be bored by it. But it is too interesting and you are a very engaging writer. I was dragged along for every thing. And I do mean everything.

Now I've got to read the next ones!
Oh John Ringo no!

While most books by John Ringo are literary equivalent of a bag full of potato crisps stamped all over with right-wing Republican propaganda, they are also entertaining and readable.

Well, this one not only blew my circuit breakers (I only managed to read about half of the book before giving up in disgust, and I rarely do that), it also coloured my subsequent view of any other books by Ringo. Now I tend to notice the undercurrents of BDSM and despair over the 18 years old age o
Gabe S
Balls out, insane action that I couldn't believe John Ringo had the balls to publish.

Suspension of disbelief is not only required but has to keep increasing as Ghost 'just don't give a S#@!t'. A hilarious reading experience not for the faint hearted or morally prudish.

Hard for someone as Left leaning as myself to justify my enjoyment of this series but so much bug nut crazy in here, I was laughing in shocked outrage almost all the way through but funnily enough, didn't think it was particularly
John Onoda
This was not what I expected or was led to expect by the book cover and synopsis on the inside flap. What I thought I was going to read was a thriller about a former Navy SEAL accidently caught up in a terrorist operation which he then foils. In other words, the Die Hard formula with a more overt military flavor.

What I read was a soft-core, misogynistic fantasy of the type 15-year-old boys indulge in when the play shoot-em-up video games, complete with naked, beautiful, women, both willing and s
First and most important, this book is very fun to read.

Yes, it's got some really dark, gritty elements. One could say that the main protagonist is actually a bad guy despite being nominally a good guy. He certainly has his demons. He is also politically, ethically, morally, sexually incorrect. Some parts are definitely intended for 18+ audience. Some of the story parts are really naive.

All of the above people are using to rate the book low. My primary criteria is if the book is fun. And the ans
Apr 04, 2009 Dave rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: war
At first I was happy. It was a fast paced hero-soldier story where the hero had a few rough edges. And then it was a little weird, moving to a S&M guide. And then it got sickening. The hero does something to an unwilling teenage girl in great detail. After being sick, I stopped reading. I understand what the author was trying to do, present a hero with flaws. However, these flaws were too much for me to look past.
Darryl Branning
I really liked this book. Too bad it's more of a right-wing misogynistic sexual fantasy rather than an action spy thriller. I can't decide if it's a brilliant parody of our existing patriarchy, or blatant wish fulfillment.

90+ naked women just hang around for hours waiting for rescuers to bring them something to cover up. Not a single one of them thought to loot the numerous available dead bodies for clothing. I don't believe that would happen.

Every woman who shows up in the story is submissive a
Niels Bugge
White man accidentally fix people's problems and is entitled to respect, loads of money, fucking any girl he wants and generally doing nasty things because the good guys are completely incompetent. And it's boringly easy for him, because the bad guys are even more incompetent.

In the book, the world is arranged as a hierarchy, where the people in the third world have lost their humanity by living in dirt and it's ok to kill them if they hate USA, the second world is inhabited by corrupt slavers a
Uh .. ............ ..... ......
I actually cant describe it, part one, yes military action on steroids.. Yes! Some singing poetry that got me confuse.. Okay..

Part two, wait this is written by the same author? Romance? Talk? Lucid conversation? No longer sexist? Who the heck written this part?? No action till almost the end? Wut??

Part three, i just need a break, contemplating should or shouldn't i continue, people promise me of better book on the series.. But i need to finish this first.. What to
This book was the last book that I read by Ringo as I found the main character a little too much to handle and the treatment of women offensive.

The action scenes are very good.
The book opens with our hero stalking coeds on the University of Georgia campus, and I thought, 'been there done that.'
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John Ringo is a prolific author who has written in a wide variety of genres. His early life included a great deal of travel. He visited 23 foreign countries, and attended fourteen different schools. After graduation Ringo enlisted in the US military for four years, after which he studied marine biology.

In 1999 he wrote and published his first novel "A Hymn Before Battle", which proved successful.
More about John Ringo...

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