Inside Steve's Brain
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Inside Steve's Brain

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Steve Jobs has turned his personality traits into a business philosophy. Here’s how he does it.

It’s hard to believe that one man revolutionized computers in the 1970s and ’80s (with the Apple II and the Mac), animated movies in the 1990s (with Pixar), and digital music in the 2000s (with the iPod and iTunes). No wonder some people worship him like a god. On the other hand...more
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published April 17th 2008 by Portfolio Hardcover (first published January 1st 2008)
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Aug 30, 2008 Tim rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone in business
Shelves: business
While there's not much new here for someone who's followed Apple for years, Leander does a great job of pulling it all together. This is a book I want to make sure lots of people in my company read. It's a compelling portrait of a man who is, by all accounts, extremely difficult. But he is also a great, recurring genius. Understanding what makes him tick is valuable for anyone in business.

The key takeaway that I want my employees to read the book for is the idea that marketing isn't something yo...more
Jr Bacdayan
This part (supposed) biography, part (again supposed) leadership guide, is a hollow metal pitcher. You're duped by the weight of it, thinking that it's full. But there's nothing to be gained no matter how much you try pouring something out. If anything, it's full of itself. It reflects Steve Jobs' image, but that of a distorted one. You see, the negative outweigh the positive so much in this book, that you'd end up wishing you hadn't read it. Firstly, the biography part was too praising. It was...more
Jul 26, 2013 Sheila rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: The Curious, business readers, Apple / Pixar fans
Recommended to Sheila by: Apple fan, bookworm auntie
Shelves: biography, business
I find this book very informative in that it details how a visionary created something great that it distinguishes not only Apple and Pixar from other tech companies, but also Steve Jobs from other CEOs or C-level executives who walked this earth and who can only claim that they run a company. Steve Jobs didn't just run a company, that's plain to see. He produced hit after hit of high-tech consumer products as the author and tech writer Leander Kahney explains in this 9-chapter, almost 300-page,...more
Nothing really new here --much of the material is based on already published sources. But still, it's a nice compilation of how Steve Jobs built (and rebuilt) Apple, and some of his interesting ideas about product development and management.

Loved the deet about the Jobs family taking 2 weeks to purchase a washing machine and dryer (got to keep those black turtle necks clean), as they had dinner-time discussions on design, function, and eco-friendliness of the various products.

Also was reminded t...more
Tariq A
لم أتعوّد أن أقرأ كتابا بهذا التوثيق الدقيق، فهو في نهاية كل معلومة يُضيف رقمًا يدل على مصدرها، وفي نهاية الكتاب فصل كامل للمراجع يُمكنك من خلاله
معرفة مصدر كل معلومة بشكل مفصّل
الكتاب رائع، يكشف معلومات جديدة، ويتعمق في شخصية ستيف وطبيعة عمله، حتى يُصبح واضحا للقارئ،
وأظنّ أن أكثر الناس لايعرف حقيقة ستيف وطبيعة عمله الفعلية، فهو ليس بمبرمج، ولا مُصمم، إنه شخص دقيق يمتلك رؤية فنية وجمالية

الترجمة سيئة، وربما تمت الاستعانة ببرنامج ترجمة الكتروني
وهذا سبب الترجمة الحرفية لبعض مصطلحات التقنية التي تحت...more
I started using iTunes in 2011 for downloading podcasts by several pastors of USA (Joel Osteen and Erwin McManus to name some) and thinking that I owe a lot to Apple, the company that made iTunes, I decided to read Inside Apple and this book, so that I may learn a thing or two concerning the man who made Apple achieve something so significant. I'm aware of Apple due to its reputation, and since I'm a student of Information System, I want to know what impact they actually have made on the Digital...more
Kahney's writing style is a little clunky, and insights were difficult to come by. I read this before Isaacson's book, and was surprised how many of the stories in Kahney's book are reprised in Isaacson's. There was more personal stuff in Isaacson's (naturally, he was given family access and Jobs's blessing), but both rely heavily on early Apple and Macintosh stories. The most obviously reproduced bit was the iMac launch keynote rehearsal where Jobs wanted the lights adjusted just so the iMac wo...more
Fernanda La Salye
É difícil acreditar que um homem revolucionou os computadores nos anos 1970 e 1980, o cinema de animação e a música digital nos anos 1990. Por outro lado, são lendárias as histórias de seus repentinos acessos de raiva, revelando o verdadeiro Steve Jobs. Então, o que há, realmente, dentro do cérebro de Steve? Segundo Leander Kahney, é um fascinante feixe de contradições.

O autor destila os princípios que guiam Jobs ao lançar produtos arrasadores, ao atrair compradores fanaticamente fiéis e ao admi...more
The book i read was inside man the script this is not it because it was close to it. the inside man was about a bank robbery with the four robber in an van dressed in genator suit acting like they are cleaning the bank but really they are robbing the place.

i could make a text to world connection because all the time people rob people in the bank or people.

i gave this book a five star because i liked the movie and i like how the robbers was smart how they dress to trick the people in the bank.
Kaheny does a good job synthesizing the leadership lessons of, and success drivers behind, Steve Jobs into a fast reading book. However, if you're looking for a play-by-play of what happened behind closed doors at Apple since Steve Jobs returned, this is not it. He goes into more depth than say your average magazine article, but the book is about how Steve works, not a history of Apple. Very fast reading - perfect for round trip plane travel of any reasonable length.
"Inside Steve's Brain" is much more about Apple than it is about Steve Jobs. I don’t remember the book including any personal interviews with Jobs, nor does the writer provide any behind-the-scene knowledge about how Jobs me makes decisions concerning his company. This is a useful book if you want to find out more about Apple in general, but it won't give you much insight about Jobs the man.
Luciano Palma
Uma boa biografia que reflete a impressionante capacidade de inovação deste gênio que definitivamente entrou para a história com seu espírito revolucionário.
Leitura que vale a pena, para perceber que mesmo admirando um ícone, você pode descobrir características dele com as quais você não concorda. E viva a diferença! :)
O ponto mais fraco é a tradução. Esta deixa bastante a desejar.
Apr 19, 2014 Renata marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Saiba o que faz e o que pensa Steve Jobs, o empreendedor que revolucionou a indústria dos computadores, da música e do entretenimento e criou produtos que tornaram-se objetos do desejo no mundo todo. Por trás do sucesso da Apple e da Pixar está um obsessivo, de pavio curto, que constrói parcerias sólidas e duradouras com gênios criativos.
É budista e antimaterialista, mas faz produtos para mercados de massa e os promove com domínio absoluto da linguagem da propaganda. "A Cabeça de Steve Jobs - As...more
Una interesante visión de la obra de Steve Jobs. Está algo incompleta porque sólo cubre hasta la aparición del iPhone, y hecha años antes de su muerte, pero es disfrutable de todas formas.
Rex Draconis Sr
Articolone agiografico. Qualche aneddoto interessante (full disclaimer: biografie di imprenditori viventi non è un genere che frequento, quindi il mio giudizio può essere non equilibrato!)
Steve Jobs, pendiri Apple Inc memang seorang maestro teknologi. Bukan sebagai insinyur atau programmer, Steve Jobs lebih sebagai visioner, motivator dan leader yang betul-betul handal. Ditambah lagi ketekunan dan keuletan dalam hal mendesain produk-produk digital yang elegan.Sebut saja Apple II, Macintosh saat awal era PC. Adalah mesin-mesin komputasi yang elegan (dijamannya). Dan yang paling gres adalah iPhone 4G dan iPad yang fenomenal.

Setelah Steve "ditendang" keluar dari Apple, perusahaan t...more

Affirmation of Rygh's Law: Apple has become the perfect vehicle to realize Jobs' long-held dreams: developing easy-to-use technology for individuals. He's made-and remade-Apple in his own image. "Apple is Steve Jobs with ten thousand lives," Guy Kawasaki, Apple's former chief evangelist, told me. Few corporations are such close mirror images of their founders. "Apple had always reflected the best and worst of Steve's character," said Gil Amelio.

At Apple, the corporate culture trickles down from...more
Bruno Cunha
Apesar desse livro ter frequentado, por muito tempo, o top 10 dos Bets-sellers de carreira da revista Você S/A, não pensei que fosse grandes coisas. Ledo engano…

A cabeça de Steve Jobs

O livro tem um foco maior sobre a personalidade de Steve Jobs, pessoa que criou a Apple e imaginou/acompanhou todos os produtos que hoje fazem sucesso em todo o mundo (iPod, iPhone, Apple Store, Mac OS X, etc.), revelando um jeito perfeccionista e elitista de ser. Com certeza Steve Jobs ainda não leu “O Monge e o Ex...more
Henri Hämäläinen
I have to start with the negative side of the book. It promises in the name that it would be "inside Steve's brain" and would really tell why Steve Jobs behaves as he does, what are his motives and driving forces. Unfortunately this is not what the book really is about. Book really is an entertaining and excellent one, but it doesn't really fulfill it's promise from the name. I expected it to be different than it was, but when I got over the disappointment, I realised there's lot of good in this...more
I made the conversion to MAC two years ago and I've never regretted it. Because of my Apple's role in post-production, the quality of my photography feels vastly improved. I manage much of my music through my
iPOD and iTUNES. Of big time importance, my iMAC does not crash or get infested by all the plagues that had haunted my previous P.C.s.
Thus for me, Inside Steve's Brain was an informative and interesting read. I'm now aware that we live in "the digital lifestyle" era. Apple has been the bi...more
Bojan Tunguz
There have been plenty of books that tell the story of Apple Computers' origins and the early days, and as correctly pointed out by some other reviewers there has been a lot of press about Steve Jobs and Apple over the years. However, I find it useful and interesting to have many of those stories collected in a single book, especially if it mostly deals with Apple's recent resurgence. Steve Jobs, somewhat predictably, does not feature too prominently in this book. This may be surprising consider...more
Steve is, perhaps obviously, Steve Jobs and Kahney's book provides a fascinating and revisionist look at Jobs's management philosophy. The actions taken at Apple after Steve returned to the company in 1996, when Apple was teetering on the edge of failure and their astounding turnaround are detailed in succinct and illuminating fashion. Kahney's revisionist take is that Jobs is not the crazy-ass megalomaniac that rumor has painted him. He's a marketing genius/control freak with the smarts to look...more
4 to 4.5 stars.

Summary: Steve Jobs has turned his personality traits into a business philosophy. Here is how he does it.

It’s hard to believe that one man revolutionized computers in the 1970s and ‘80s (with the Apple II and the Mac), animated movies in the 1990s (with Pixar), and digital music in the 2000s (with the iPod and iTunes). No wonder some people worship him like a god. On the other hand, stories of his epic tantrums and general bad behavior are legendary.

Inside Steve’s Brain cuts throu...more
Loy Machedo
Let me surprise you with something.
No wait.
Allow me to do it at the end.
So read on………

From his authorized biography to his Presentation secrets, from his management style to even a book on his famous quotes – I have them all. So it should be of no surprise to you that I read this expanded edition of the book titled ‘Inside Steve’s Brain’ by Wired News editor Leander Kahney.

If it’s about Jobs, the reading it is my job.

But here is surprise number 1.
I happened to find out that there was a bit of...more
The book starts with the failure of the APPLE company, and how Steve jobs entered as CEO and turned everything around. The book tells you how mr.Jobs used to handle his problems and how he turned this company from selling cheap computers in garages to a multimillion dollar company. He fired more than half his employees just so he could save up money to produce a new product. Steve's aim was simplicity. He looked around and saw all the computer giants like Microsoft, Sony and saw how complex thei...more
steve jobs memang orang hebat.
saya terkesan ketika ia memromosikan ipad: tampil sederhana tapi jelas bahwa presentasi seperti itu butuh persiapan matang dan lama. cocok buat produk yang sempurna disainnya, seperti halnya ipod, dan laptop apple yang saya tahu selama ini.
ternyata betul. dari buku ini ia diperkenalkan sebagai pribadi yang perfeksionis dan hebat sehingga membaca buku ini sosok steven tampil sesempurna produk-produk yang dihasilkan isi kepalanya.

buku ini menambah koleksi buku2 yg dit...more
irfan darian
At first glance, people would have thought that this book is just about Steve Jobs. The truth is, is that this book is NOT just about Steve perse, but also about the person that runs a tight ship, and being able to run it pretty well. No denying that one can't run away from noting that Steve and Apple are one and the same, but what I do find different is the humanness of the former, and the tenacity of this entity called Apple. Though seemingly polar opposites in their characters, what I do take...more
Karen Mardahl
I have given up on this book. I feel bad about doing so - I tend to never stop reading a book. I have two books in my list that I didn't like much, but I finished them. They were fiction. This, however, has been to hard to get through. I am listening to a Danish audio version. I can hear certain graphic conventions, like lists or headings, but I get the impression that sometimes there is too much "staccato". That is, too many sound bites and not a longer continous thread of a story. Audio-wise,...more
Very weak writing obscures an incredibly interesting (to me) story of Steve Jobs and the way he runs Apple. Firstly, it would be better just to tell the story chronologically; as it is, the author goes back and forth in time and repeats items now and again. Other parts of the story of Apple are omitted, when Jobs was not at the company. And the author has an annoying habit of extracting meaningless "lessons" from Jobs.

More importantly, the writing is limp and weak. It's not detailed enough; for...more
William Blair
This is the book to read if you're an Apple / Mac bigot, Apple shareholder, even a Microsoft Windows bigot, software or hardware engineer, someone who likes design, or simply curious about how Silicon Valley really works. It's entertaining, and a light read (no great technical sophistication is required). It completely changed my mind about how I thought about Steve Jobs. Most of what I've read about him in the past is probably the same stuff you've read. But while this book is NOT by an insider...more
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Leander Kahney is managing editor, formerly a senior reporter at Wired News, the online sister publication of Wired. He is the author of The Cult of Mac , Cult of iPod and Inside Steve's Brain. Kahney is best known for his popular blog, Cult of Mac (The Cult of Mac Blog). As a prominent writer on Apple- and Mac-related topics, Kahney was once theorized (incorrectly) to be the identity of Fake Stev...more
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