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Star Wars Dark Empire
Tom Veitch
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Star Wars Dark Empire (Star Wars: Dark Empire #1)

3.55 of 5 stars 3.55  ·  rating details  ·  1,167 ratings  ·  57 reviews
Six years after the Battle of Endor (from Return of the Jedi), the fight for freedom rages on. While Luke Skywalker delves deeper into the mysteries of the Force, Han Solo and Princess Leia, now married, struggle to protect their twin children from danger. Darth Vader is dead, but a reborn Empire--guided by a mysterious new leader--strikes back against the Rebel Alliance. ...more
Paperback, 0 pages
Published March 28th 1993 by Dark Horse Comics
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A fun way I found to read this story is to listen to various John William's Star Wars movie soundtrack songs as you read. I also imagined/heard Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher's voices as I read their characters dialogue in an attempt to connect the story in that way to the original trilogy of movies. Especially since this story takes place after Return of the Jedi. It was nice to think of this story as a MOVIE that could have come after Return of the Jedi, the movie as a fan I wou ...more
Now that Dark Horse Comic’s tenure with the Star Wars license is starting to wind down, I wanted to take some time to go back and reread some of the bigger, bolder titles that have seen release throughout the years. Like many longtime readers, I’m immeasurably bummed about the move of the comics from the Horse to the Mouse House of Marvel (I’m really not looking forward to the Vader/Wolvie crossover); and – in order to keep it real – I’m revisiting some of the yarns that made waves.

One of the fi
David Dalton
I read and loved this series years ago in the classic Dark Horse comics. Have them all bagged and sealed. But I get to re-read them again on my Kindle Fire. Still very good. All of the old Star Wars characters we love and hate. Jedi action, storm troopers, Han, Leia and the whole gang.
Interesting from an anthropological point-of-view. The combination of speculation for Episode VII and the new Marvel comics led me to start looking back at old Dark Horse titles. When I was running a KOTOR RPG for my buddies in Ames, I devoured all of the Old Republic and Sith titles. I never really read more than a few post-ROTJ books. I suppose after reading the Zahn trilogy, most of the other titles were a disappointment. It was long after that until Episode I was announced.

I will say that t
This book gets talked up a lot, but it's actually pretty bad. I love just about everything Star Wars related, but this graphic novel is kind of a mess. The dialogue is awful, minor characters are shoehorned in for no reason, the coloring is terrible, and the art is pretty bad as well. There are a few fairly cool moments in it, but the basic idea of the Emperor coming back as a clone is just... weird, and the solution to the problem is idiotic. Definitely the most disappointing part of the Star W ...more
After many years of reading Star Wars, I decided to finally get around to Dark Empire, the first comic released based after Return of the Jedi, which was around the same time as Timothy Zahn’s first set of novels hitting the bookshelves. Overall, it’s a real hit and miss. The story begins just after the Thrawn campaign with a confusing battle seemingly waged on Coruscant between the Empire and New Republic. No explanation is ever offered as to how the Imperials were able to invade again after th ...more
Thom Foolery
You think I would have figured it out after seeing the three "prequel" episodes: the reason I love the first three Star Wars movies is not because they are such great cinema (although I would assert that The Empire Strikes Back was an excellent film), but because I saw them when I was a little kid, back when everything was fresh and wonderful and filled with awe. Storybooks, Underoos, crappy plastic playsets, and tons of action figures (including the free Boba Fett I got in the mail after collec ...more
Après la défaite du Grand Amiral Thrawn, il n'y avait plus beaucoup d'espoir de voir renaître l'Empire. La Nouvelle République était à un pas de la victoire. Malheureusement, une nouvelle vague impériale encore plus agressive est arrivée. Elle était entourée d'une grande aura du Côté obscur. Luke est emporté dans la tourmente et voit son pire cauchemar se produire. L'empereur est encore vivant. Il avait une réserve de clones de lui-même prêts à recevoir son esprit. Il est donc quasi-immortel. Lu ...more
Christopher Rush
I understand George Lucas approved of the storyline, but there's also a good chance George Lucas approved of Jar-Jar Binks, Boss Nass, a petulant Anakin Skywalker, and, well, everything else about Episodes 1-3, so saying "George Lucas approved" doesn't quite have the same currency as it may have in 1991. I take it Cam Kennedy loves the color green, since almost everything in the trade feels like it is green-coated (most of it is, in fact, green). Perhaps he was a Nickelodeon fan as a child, but ...more
Christina Brummett
*** Review contains spoilers ***

I'd heard of this comic series many years ago when some friends and I were very into the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, starting with Zahn's Heir to the Empire series. However, I never got an opportunity to read it until recently, when I found the sites compiled into a graphic novel on the clearance rack at Half-price Books. Honestly, I don't think I missed much.

Dark Empire feels like a piece of fan fiction written by someone with grand ideas, but no clue how
Mark Oppenlander
I began reading the Jedi Academy trilogy recently and ran across several references to the resurrected Emperor and to Luke Skywalker being turned to the Dark Side of the Force. A quick on-line search revealed that I had not missed any books in the EU sequence, but that the references were to a series of comics entitled Dark Empire. So I picked up this, the first volume of the collected series, to get caught up on the missing plot points.

I don't read comics on a regular basis now, but I did as a
William Redd
I remember really enjoying this story when I first read it, of course that was years ago and I think it was the first Expanded Universe story I ever read. Reading it now after finishing Timothy Zahn's fantastic trilogy, it falls a bit flat. The back cover says it is now six years after Return of the Jedi, but didn't the Thrawn trilogy run that long? And the events of Zahn's series, even though Veitch claims in the introduction to have communicated with Zahn to get details right, feels like it's ...more
Timothy McNeil
Mar 30, 2012 Timothy McNeil rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Diehard Star Wars fans
With dialogue as bad as anything from the prequel trilogy, Tom Veitch's Dark Empire reads like an attempt to add more story to an already finished tale. But, since it is effectively canon (at least as far as the RPGs went), I figured I may as well give it a shot. Since graphic novels can be read in a day (faster readers can no doubt finish the Star Wars novels in a day, but I can't), even if this was bad it wouldn't be that much of a waste of time.

Unfortunately, much like Rockne S. O'Bannon with
Aug 19, 2007 Chad rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: NO ONE!!!
This graphic novel was absolute TRASH! I usually ignore how other people rate Star Wars novels, because I've loved every one so far...this is one that should be avoided at all costs! Here's my review I put on Amazon.

"I bought Dark Empire 1 and 2 to find out what happened to Luke between the Zahn series and the Jedi Academy series. What I discovered, was a Death Star sized hole in the wonderful Star Wars story.

Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy should be dragged to the streets and shot for the sin again
I’ve often heard that DARK EMPIRE is the gold standard by which all other Star Wars comics are to be judged. After reading this collection, I can only assume I was misinformed. Don't get me wrong; I've been a huge fan of Star Wars since childhood. And that nostalgic love for Star Wars is the only reason I graciously rated this book 2 stars instead of 1. As far as I'm concerned, DARK EMPIRE gets it all wrong.

STORY: Like all Star Wars stories, the plot is pretty epic. Sneaking around Imperial cit
Cómic que continúa la historia de la primera (aunque cuando se publicó era la única) trilogía de películas de "La guerra de las galaxias". En ella se cuenta la historia de Luke, Leia y Han Solo después de la derrota del Imperio. Esta derrota sólo ha sido en parte, y una nueva amenaza aún más peligrosa se cierne sobre la Galaxia.

El principal interés es la curiosidad sobre cómo se había imaginado el destino de los protagonistas antes de que Disney nos de su propia versión. Desgraciadamente el cómi
Jeff Seymour
A bit cornball in places for my tastes. Made me appreciate Sandman (contemporary to this) a whole heckuvalot more. A fun read that really picked up at the end (and the foreword by Kevin J. Anderson was a fascinating look behind the scenes of the Expanded Universe), but the Tales of the Jedi books are a better way to feed your '90s-era Star Wars graphic novel monkey.
I guess my rating says it all. There are definitely good things about this book, but there's also a lot holding it back. The story is OK. In light of the things that have happened after the publication of this story, it's logical and fitting that the emperor would resurrect himself using cloning technology and that he would still be trying to get a hold of Luke and Leia to bring over to the Dark Side. Some of the other weapons, like the World Devastators and the huge Star Destroyer are a bit ove ...more
Mark Desrosiers
I'm not sure why I read this, probably because I figured Tom Veitch would be as twisted and odd as his brother Rick. No such luck. Luke Skywalker is the dullest epic hero in the history of the human imagination, and here he experimentally goes over to the Dark Side in order to find its secrets, or stop it, or conquer it. Or something. Anyway, grimacing pale-irised Dark Side Luke is good for a laugh, while the reincarnated Emperor Palpatine (he clones himself, talk about your doofus ex machina pl ...more
Maybe my memory of Star Wars Books is just in error, but this was really terrible. Lots of bad dialog, massive plot holes, stupid characters who apparently never change, and weird nonsense. Just not a winner at all. Going to pass on the other 2 as well. At least this was capable of standing alone.
A series from my long ago past, this was one of the early continuations of the Star Wars saga after the events of Return of the Jedi. I remember the rumors ("This is going to be what they make the movies out of, it's just a test,") which were then applied to Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire series and just about any other post-Jedi book that featured the original characters.

Anyway, a fun series to revisit, even if the overt references to dialogue, mannerisms and in-jokes from the original trilo
Picked this up at a shop at Universal Studios in Hollywood during a cross-country trip. Remember my mind being totally blown with this story! Really enjoyed the early additions to the expanded Star Wars universe, especially this one.
and we all thought that the star wars experiment was over! not so, two more books and i am calling it a series. i think this book might be where the next series picks up, but really i have no idea.
José Pedro Gomes
Very good visual style of turning 70s to 80s, but plain as full of clichés and reviving characters that already had their specific Eras. I put it as a colored bubble gum without flavor.
Great Story

This w as s an amazing story I have been trying to read it for a while. I was not disappointed at all it's a really great story for all ages.
Sorry to say it folks, turns out, this was terrible. It is a shame, because as an idea, Luke becoming a Vader figure could be compelling. However, in this execution, to say the writing is formulaic is a gross understatement- it reads like poor fan fiction, where all the dialogue is directly ripped from the film. Moreover, plot is secondary to contrived scenes, like the obligatory Boba-Fett-is-after-Han-Solo chase, or Lando-and-Wedge-are-leading-a-rebel-assualt. The only redeeming grace is the ar ...more
Matthew Bowers
I know a lot of Star Wars fans don't like this one, and I understand why: it's weird, it's dark, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the EU, and the dialogue can feel somewhat stilted.

That said, I really enjoyed it. The art, while not feeling very Star Wars-esque, is gorgeous, and I enjoyed the brash & bold style of dialogue, which is reflected in the overall storytelling. Again, it doesn't much look or feel like Star Wars, but Veitch does have the voices of the characters down, and if
In a pretty solid metaphor, the sweeping visuals are stunning, but the characters are totally unrecognizable. The dialogue's pretty clunky, especially when it has to exposit. Also? I guess because everyone was writing at the same time, this comic is really oddly vague about what else is going on in the characters lives. Like Han saying to Leia "But our children are safe on New Alderaan(?)". They do this the whole book- what kind of parents never say their children's names? At a certain point I w ...more
Ricky Ganci
It reads quick, because the art is definitely less-than-memorable (oh Ed Benes, where art thou?). Cool story, but a bit too much of an excuse to bring the Emperor back. Vader was supposed to be the one to ultimately defeat him (a la the Chosen One), so the story doesn’t really seem to fit with my idea of the big picture of Star Wars. It was all right, but I think I’m ready for a break from SWEU novels for a while after reading the sequel to this one.
Two things stuck out for me. One, the art reminded me of Frank Miller's Ronin and it gave this whole volume a cyberpunk feel, which was pretty cool for a Star Wars story. The second was that any part of this story that didn't deal with Luke vs. Sideous was boring as all get out. The whole thing is a bit rushed, but it has a strange vibe that I found I enjoyed more often than not.
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