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Your Erroneous Zones
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Your Erroneous Zones

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  5,294 ratings  ·  208 reviews
¿Tienes a veces la sensación de estar desbordado por la existencia? ¿Paralizado por compromisos –afectivos, laborales...– que ya no te satisfacen? ¿Dominado por complejos de culpa o inseguridad? No proyectes tu insatisfacción en otros, la causa está en ti, en las zonas erróneas de tu personalidad, que te bloquean e impiden que te realices. Esta obra, quizá la más leída y r ...more
Published by Avon (first published August 1st 1976)
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Aug 29, 2007 Claudine rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those in need of answers
I read this book while in the midst of a nervous breakdown time in my life, I had alot of questions, without answers I began to suffer tremendously...Dr. Wayne Dyer helped me to understand the reasoning behind why I put my thoughts into play and how I can move to change the way I think without compromising myself. Amazing thought provoking writing and I read this book about once every three to four years, it is definitely therapeutic and insightful!
Read or watch any of Dr. Wayne Dyers publicatio
Reem Musaed
هذا الكتاب بلغته الأصليه وليس الترجمه ..
خرافي! لو أقدر أعطيه 10 نجوم من 5 عطيته ..
قرأته في 2006 ، تغيرت نفسيتي تماما وأذكر انيتخلصت من الكثير من المشاعر السلبيه اللي مالها سبب معين الا ترسبات قديمه .. جيد جدا لمن تكون في أسوأ مراحل حياتك النفسيه "2006" كانت بداية جيده بسبب هذا الكتاب.
كنت في أول سنه جامعيه والحياه متغيره لكن هذا الكتاب ساعدني اني أشوف وين المشكله وكيف احلها ..
أنصح فيه لأي أحد في أي عمر .. وأنصح بقرائته عدة مرات على حسب الحاجه :]
This book just makes a lot of sense. It completely blew my mind! Herein, Dyer presents us with a completely different paradigm, a new lens from which to look at ourselves and the world. He introduces very many fundamental principles on right living, most of which we are already aware of, but unwilling to apply or fear the consequences of doing so - being that we live in a society wherein we are constantly bombarded on a daily basis with hundreds of cultural messages that encourages us to obey, t ...more
honestly, I don't know why it received a 3 star rating. This book changed my outlook! Dyre teaches us that Approval seeking is engrained in our culture. Some feel guilt and shame and are constantly seeking approval doubting themselves and not being able to decide or process their feelings to acheive compromise or a rational result. They value peoples opinions more than they value their own especially if those people they seek approval of are close and important to them. This develops at a very y ...more
Gloria Elena .
Este es el único libro que recuerdo, que cambió mi vida, en su momento.
Yo lo leí a los 18 años. Empecé a ver mis relaciones con los demás de manera diferente.
En ese tiempo estaba lejos de tener las experiencias y el conocimiento que tengo hoy, más aún, después de estudiar psicología, por eso ese libro en su momento me ayudó a abrir los ojos, a no caer en las trampas de los demas (que quizas crean sin intención), a no manejar culpas ni dejarmelas imponer, a no caer en manipulaciones, etc., etc.
I love Wayne Dyer so when I was helping my MIL clear out and organize her huge book collection and found this old gem, I asked if I could have it. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint. Written in 1976 and his first book, it reads like he wrote it last week. Straight forward and real, this book will hit home for everyone! I'm going slow and learning, learning.
Gadeer Al-Shathry
الكتاب يساعدك على اكتشاف نقاط ضعفك ومعرفة مدى تأثيرها على حياتك و أسبابها وماتجنيه من حاجات نفسيه من وراء تمسك فيها ، ويلخص لك بعض الأساليب والتطبيقات للتحرر منها ..
يحتوي على 12 فصل ، كل فصل يتكلم عن نقطه ضعف ويعرضها عليك بطريقه جديده في كل مره ..
احببت طريقة عرض الكاتب للمشكله في انه يحللها ويعطيك امثله ممكن انت تقع فيها في حياتك اليوميه ، وآخر شي طُرق لتغييرها ..

تقسيم الفصول:
1- كن مسئولا عن نفسك
2- الحب الأول
3- لست في حاجة إلى استحسان الآخرين
4- التحرر من قيود الماضي
5- مشاعر وأحاسيس لانفع من و
Misa Escobedo
Aunque por lo general no disfruto mucho de leer libros considerados de auto-ayuda, este libro logró atraparme con su objetividad y su realismo, me encantó la forma en que se ejemplifican las zonas erróneas con casos de la vida real, debo admitir que me sentí identificado con bastantes zonas erróneas en las que debo trabajar. Lo recomiendo mucho para cualquier persona.
أذكر أنني قرأته قبل ثلاثة أعوام ..
وكان واحد من أفضل الكتب التي ساعدتني على فهم
بعض نقاطي السيئة ، ومواطن ضعفي ..
أعتبرته كتاب ملهم ، وساعدني في الحقيقة على إيجاد
الحلول الكثيرة ..
ومازلت حتى الآن أقوم بقراءة بعض إقتباساته بين فترة وآخرى ..
Ahmad Badghaish
الكتاب لطيف بالعموم يخبرك ببعض المشاكل اتي يتعرض لها الناس, كلامه كثير في أمور لا تستحق كثرة الكلام, أعجبني الجانب العملي فيه, بالنسبة لي .. كتب د.فيليب ماكجرو كانت أفضل وأعمق ؛ استراتيجيات الحياة و اهتم بذاتك :)
"إنني أعتقد أن عناصر الحياة الفعالة هي خليط (متوازن) من العمل الجاد والتفكير السليم و وروح الفكاهة والثقة بالنفس "

كانت هذه العبارة في أوائل أوراق الكتاب .. وأعتقد أن د.واين كان يريد من قارئه أن تكون حياته متوازنه بعد قرائته للكتاب لأن تركيزه على الأغلب في العوامل المؤثرة على عناصر الخليط ..

صدقاً وبدون مباغة الكتاب غيّرني كثيراً رغم أنني لم أركز في قرائته لأنه ليس الكتب التي أحب أن أقرأها ، لكني وجدته ذات فراغ في مكتبة أخي فالتقطته وشرعت في قرائته ،
من المهم ذكره هنا أن بيئة الكاتب تختلف عن بيئاتن
Ha sido mi 1º libro de autoayuda y no ha estado nada mal, y además tiene párrafos interesantes. Por lo menos no es aburrido, y se pueden sacar varios consejos útiles.

Lo importante para conseguir la autoconfianza, la felicidad, y eliminar esas zonas erróneas, es tener fuerza de voluntad y espíritu de sacrificio. Algo que por otra parte es elemental y básico para afrontar cualquier problema.
Uno de los asuntos principales es analizar los diversos comportamientos negativos, como son: la culpa, el r
Regina Andreassen

Fantastic! I read it when I was still a teen and then I have read it again a few years ago. The best book of its kind. All those new cheesy, overly simplistic authors who are proclaming they 'know how to find happiness and will take you there'and are now at Harvard delivering subjects on 'Happiness', should probably learn from Dyer. That said, Dyer's writing style has changed and I don't enjoy his actual work as much as I enjoyed his early work...but I don't buy 'happiness' books anymore, anyway
While the ideas were revolutionary back in 1976 when it was first published. Today this kind of ideas have been over exploited and is difficult to judge based on who published his book first, who has the better system or who goes into more detail.

The true thing is that no matter who you like or how many self-help books you read. Is until you give it a try and start living by these ideas that you'll notice how you are actually and truly able to accomplish whatever you want.
Sandra Steffy
Self-help books are a low-cost, important tool for individuals who have the will to change and are able to use the prescription with discernment, courage and tenacity. Of course, that's always easier said than done, especially in a world where enculturation is highly promoted and individualism discouraged. I read Your Erroneous Zones years ago and just finished rereading it. Both times, I found it to be helpful. In it, Wayne Dyer candidly explains our negative thought processes, the payoffs for ...more
I read this book while Im so upset cuz of negative ppl around me. I start thinking about each question he asks .I took a long breath before answering a question cuz these questions are more closer to the situation I were. I love it , it opended many doors of thinking ahead to me. I felt Im really an adult and has power to change wat I want.
M. J.
I admit to being skeptical of this book before I began. I needed a non-fiction book of some sort to balance my reading diet, and this one had somehow found its way into our bedroom and been staring at me from the dresser for--well, I suspect several years--so I decided I would at least see what it said. I expected it to be a lot of psychobabble pablum of little value. It was so much worse than that.

It hit me wrong twice within the first few pages. First, it made the argument that since we are mo
Tammy Williams
If there's one thing that can tweak a good self's a breakup! Just means there is always SO much to learn about oneself!
I am loving this book so far - very empowering to claiming one's self worth and I'm not that far in. I am loving who I am becoming!
Jun 19, 2010 Chris is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
90 percent of our happiness is our own reaction to things and only 10 percent what happens to us.

I like this book. I don't agree with all of it but I like it. Good, positive message.
مواطن الضعف كتاب يستحق الاحتفاظ به بعد الانتهاء من التعمق به .. اسلوب فكري راقي سلس، يشرح ما هي مواطن ضعف كل واحد على حدى و يساعدك لفهم مواطن ضعفك وكيفيةالتخلص منها...اعجبني ^_^
This is a free therapy session for all.
Very straight forward, and you learn how to recognize your problem areas and how to correct them. Guilt, worry, you don't need others approval, taking charge of your life. He doesn't fill the book with a lot of "people examples or stories" which I have always hated.

This book is as if you were sitting in front of him, very straight talk. Can't say enough good things about this book. Everyone will close the book having learned a little something about thems
Bibhu Ashish
Of late all the self help books look like a monologue to me. All the books advocate almost same stuff. Be yourself, don't follow others to make your rules, you are unique in all respect etc. etc.. This book advocates the same stuffs but in a different way. I also did not like the over emphasis of the author on conjugal life of human beings. If you come across this book any time, just read the last chapter of the book. It is a summary of all that the book has to offer. Don't bother to read other ...more
Malcolm Alexander
This book completely changed my life. You MUST read it!!
Claudia Ossa
Terrible title. Life changing book if you are open.
I have about 50 pages left to this book (for a 235 page book) and although I've enjoyed parts of it and find it useful, I still don't think I'll be finishing it. I like Dr. Dyer but also feel that he's come a long way since writing this book. The book was written in 1976 and is terribly dated, both in some of the psychological "counseling" and also in the cultural references he makes. I also think that it's very dated in that, while reading one chapter, I kept thinking that Dr. Dyer has since gr ...more
This is the very first "inspirational" or "personal growth" book I read. I read it when I was a senior at the University of Miami and I was taking an inter-personal communications course, and we were required to give a presentation on a book that may have changed our life in some way. I absolutely loved this book, and to this day I still love Wayne Dyer's philosophy. I think a lot of the information in this book may be outdated now (or maybe not), but Wayne has written so many books since this o ...more

Your Erroneous Zones is simply one of the greatest self-help books ever written. For people just beginning to read self-help or spiritual books, this book is a great place to start. It is nearly imperative that if one reads any book by Dr. Wayne Dyer that they start with this book. By reading his books in order of copyright, the amazing shift in his philosophy and interests over the years can be witnessed.

Dr. Dyer has written so many books, but important books to follow with this one are "Pulli
Eu já li e reli esse livro várias vezes. Eu literalmente faço terapia com ele. Eu vou lendo com um caderno do lado. Quando eu leio algo que me lembra a minha a vida, eu anoto e reflito sobre isso comigo mesma ou com a minha psicóloga. Isso me ajudou várias vezes e continua me ajudando.
Quando eu gosto muito de um livro, eu procuro ler todos os livros que são citados no livro. Neste caso, li apenas um dos livros referenciados ( A Morte de Ivan Ilitch, meu favorito).Mas segue a lista de todos os l
Lise Baltzer
Lise Baltzer om:

Forny dig selv - vejen til bedre adfærdsmønstre" af Wayne Dyer. ISBN 87-418-4654-0

Det må absolut være den bedste selvhjælpsbog, der er skrevet: "Forny dig selv". Med undertitlen "Vejen til bedre adfærdsmønstre".

Det er en gammel bog (1976). Men den er mere aktuel end nogensinde.

Dyer demonstrerer i bogen, hvordan vi fungerer som marionetter: Bundet op af regler, der i bedste fald er unødvendige. Og som i værste fald ødelægger vores liv.

Bogen demonstrerer også, hvordan vi kan gøre
Printable Tire
While I admit if you fostered every single piece of advice in this book you'd probably become a big fat smelly bore (or like cousin Larry when he took that self-help class on Perfect Strangers), I did find this book rather stimulating and honest. I haven't read any other self-help books that I can think of (other than maybe Quarterlife Crisis and Hero with a Thousand Faces) and I found Dyer's book surprisingly thoughtful, insightful, literary and incredibly not stupid. He is sometimes contradict ...more
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Wayne Walter Dyer is a popular American self-help advocate, author and lecturer. His 1976 book Your Erroneous Zones has sold over 30 million copies and is one of the best-selling books of all time. It is said to have "[brought] humanistic ideas to the masses".

He received his D.Ed. degree in counseling from Wayne State University. He was a guidance counselor in Detroit at the high school level and
More about Wayne W. Dyer...
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“Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing.” 7 likes
“Não é a injustiça que conta, é o que você faz a respeito dela.” 3 likes
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