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Kristall der Finsternis (Die Vergessenen Welten, #11)
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Kristall der Finsternis (Paths of Darkness #1)

4.1 of 5 stars 4.10  ·  rating details  ·  11,393 ratings  ·  95 reviews
Cuando se descubre la marca del gran martillo de guerra Aegis-fang grabada en la espalda de un peligroso forajido, Drizzt ya no puede contentarse con suponer que Wulfgar está a salvo. El elfo oscuro y sus compañeros parten para encontrar al bárbaro de una vez por todas. A medida que van descubriendo fragmentos del rompecabezas en que se ha convertido la vida de su amigo, c ...more
Paperback, 383 pages
Published July 1st 2000 by Goldmann (first published 1998)
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A.N. Vidrine
I've always liked most of R.A. Salvatore's work. But I have to admit, this series starts to go downhill at this book. I don't like Wulfgar, and his decent into madness and drink feels a little bit overused. Gee...that also happened to an overly-tall warrior in another fantasy series (Dragonlance). And Drizzt's role (the only one I truly care about) starts to decrease. But Jarlaxle is a great villian, so he kind of makes up for it. And he continues into the next books, so that is one bonus.

I just
Drizzt wall. Even though I still really enjoyed the story, I ended up hitting the Drizzt wall.

So yes, the story was entertaining and enjoyable, which I expect from a Drizzt novel. What I didn't expect, though (and ultimately, what I ended up struggling with) was the three different story lines. Drizzt and his traveling companions made up one part, Entreri and his dealings in Calimport and with Jarlaxle made up the second part, and Wulfgar and his whoring around Luskan made up the third.

I unders
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
Wow, I'm pretty sure this is the lowest rating I have ever given a Drizzt book! And it really is a character issue rather than a writing/storyline issue. As always, I love Salvatore's writing style, I love his detailed action scenes and setting descriptions, and I love Drizzt, Catti-brie, Bruenor, Gwen, and even Regis. But I've never liked Wulfgar, and that feeling just exploded in this book. He was a bit of a sexist pig in previous books, but he got a lot worse in this book. I'm sorry that you ...more
Jeremy Stephens
I would like to start off by saying that I'm tired of Drizzt Do'urden. He was cool for about the first seven or eight books in which he appeared but as the series goes on he has become a rather repetitive and boring character. Years ago I found myself enthralled by the many fight scenes in which he goes around slaughtering orcs, goblins or whatever else with his mighty scimitars but it has gotten to the point now to where such scenes are so common place and repetitive that they seem like filler ...more
This book feels like a one big filler, I don't even know why. It just plods along, there's no big climax or anything. It follows three story lines: Drizzt, Catti-brie, Regis and Bruenor's, then Wulfgar's and Entreri's. It's a good book but, I don't know, the spark's missing, I guess.

Also, what really irked me was how Drizzt and Catti-brie, mostly it was those two, were all about how they wanted to give Wulfgar time and space to get better - and at the same time they kept nagging and nagging, wan
I enjoy Salvatore's writing, it does not require much thought or effort to read his books, which make them easy to just sit back and relish them. They are a simple and easy read. I have to say that I am not too excited about this series however. The same villians just keep coming back. Don't you have any new contendors for the Drow or do you have to keep recycling the same old bad guys again and again. Dont get me wrong I like Entreri, but at times I can't help but think that his time has past. ...more
I feel sooo bad. But I am just not in the mood for this book. I have about 80 pages left but am going to give up and move onto another book.

Edit* I have decided to not go back and finish this book. When I jump on the Drizzt bandwagon again I will just skip this one. With 80 pages left I simply look up what ends up happening.

This book is all filler and I can't take it!
Fantasy Literature
The Silent Blade is in every regard an improvement over the LEGEND OF DRIZZT’s preceding installment, Passage to Dawn. The plot is tighter, the characterization is subtler, and – stressing this point most of all – the prose has taken leaps and bounds forward. However, this is also the installment of THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT that finally convinced me that the series has not only jumped the shark, but is doing Evel Knievel motorcycle flips over whole tanks of great whites.

Previously, on Drizzt and Fri
Ricky Ganci
High quality Salvatore and Drizzt, and, lo and behold, the secondary plots were excellent: Wulfgar’s incredibly profound and difficult inner turmoil in the aftermath of his seven years’ torture at the hands of Errtu, and the refuge that all too many people in the real world turn to when their “inner and past demons” come raging: alcohol. Wulfgar has turned to violence, sex, and booze to forget his tortures, and this conflict has raised his stock for me in the saga—he’s so much different than he ...more
Matthew Miller
My previous review of this book put it in a more favorable light, but now that I've had some time to really think it over, I'm changing some things. The ending was really good, so I think that was the only thing I was remembering about when I wrote my first review.

R. A. Salvatore continues to be an interesting and original writer despite the fact that this is the 11th book about the same character. His writing style is quick and easy to understand, without being unclear, and his combat scenes ar
The Silent Blade 1998 yılında R.A. Salvatore tarafından yazılmış Forgotten Realms dünyasında geçen bir fantastik kurgu kitabıdır.

Uzun bir seri olduğu için serilerdeki yerini açıklamak gerekirse, Path of Darkness serisinin ilk kitabı ve büyük The Legend of Drizzt (Drizzt Efsanesi) serisinin ise 11. kitabıdır.

Seriye başlamamış insanlar nasıl olurda bu kadar çok kitap çıkmış demesin, 2014 yılında serinin 26. kitabı da çıkmış bulunmakta.

Bu kitapta yine ana karakterimiz Drizzt bir türlü kurtulamadık
Thus begins the waning of the series. Salvatore first engaged us with an exotic culture, with clever plots to decipher in the wondrously detailed world of the drow. Through Menzoberranzan, Icewind Dale and Mithril Hall the story unfolded.

Now, with The Silent Blade, we have slouched to dumbed-down explanations of plot currents, hazy, ill-described emotional subplots, and increasingly lackluster swordplay. Calishite politics are interesting (though much better described in Servant of the Shard), a
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
This is a bad book in my opinion.
This is a filler in my opinion. A repetitive book with everything that happened in other books. More of Drizzt self introspection. I stopped reading for several months, a year a I guess, until I had the mental strenght to come back and finish reading. This book is only valuable because of Entreri.

This book made me get away from the Realms. I want to return and probably will with the War of Spider Queen. I really hope it's better (written by other writers).

I have
4.5 Stars! Drizzt and company travel with Crenshinibon, an evil artifact that brings deadly enemies to the group, while Wulfgar hovers on the brink of insanity, and Artemis Entreri makes his return the to guilds of Calimport.

The Silent Blade has got to be the best Drizzt novel up until this point, with the possible exception of Homeland. After his return from the Abyss, Wulfgar has to face down his inner demons, and somehow finds himself still building upon his own legend. The return of Wulfgar
Xoxe Garcia
Otra nueva fantástica obra de R.A. Salvatore con unos grupos claramente separados y con uno de los finales más frenéticos de toda la Saga de El Elfo Oscuro.

El estigma de Errtu cierra posibles interrogantes que quedaron pendientes en el libro anterior pero especialmente, el impacto que tuvo el regreso de Errtu a la superficie y, sobre todo, como afectó al grupo de amigos de Drizzt, como Wulfar, Bruenor, el Halfling o Catty-Brie.

Hay aspectos de otros elfos oscuros que no son Drizzt realmente bonit
Priest Apostate
Salvatore doesn't disappoint - he still seemlessly develops the characters (making sure to portray them in all their glory (or tragedy), injects some decent amounts of introspection from Drizzt's perspective (which still acts as a profound observation into the human condition), and of course, definitely brings the action.
Justin Anthony
This book was fantastic and brought back many of the characters I really enjoyed reading about in the previous books. On top of the return of previously loved characters, Salvatore sends some of them in such varying paths that I'm excited to once again see where everything ends up.
Salvatore returns us to the adventures of Drizzt and his companions. This series starts off with some dark tones hinting at what the future holds. This could be a grim tale for the companions, as seen by Wulfgar's torment.
Amazing book, well writen, always surprising you in new ways in the wonderful world they put the characters in. A band of friends set out on a journey to destroy Crenchinibon, a corrupting crystal with dark magics trapped inside.
Best companions of the hall book since the crystal shard. Artemis and Wulfgar have both evolved beautifully, and Salvatore has cemented his place as my favorite author with this and the precedding books
This book literally stole my breath away at the end. I won't post spoilers, but this book was great. I could not put it down without thinking and wondering what was going to happen next.
Great start to another 4 book Drizzt series. Still a feel good adventure story for in between. Wulfgar with PTSD is hilarious.
Ethan Slack
In R. A. Salvatore's novel, The Silent Blade, the reader is once again pulled into the world of magic and mystery as the party of protagonists seek to find a way to destroy the ever elusive Crystal Shard, Crenshinibon. As the hero's journey takes them throughout their land they are faced with the loss of a friend the just got back and swarms of monsters that come to the call of the crystal shard. As they fight their way twards The Spirit Soaring on the quest to destroy the shard an unexpected en ...more
How much pointless, boring combat can one book contain?
Adrian Shuffler
El is felejtettem, hogy egy trilógia első része, hisz egy magányos könyv utolsó harminc oldala nem tudta volna megformálni a történet befejezését. És akkor ott a következő könyv, és a borító. Minden világos!

Bár több ilyen intim jelenetet nem igazán szeretnék, hisz elég zavarba ejtő.

"Csak most ismerte fel a lányt, aki félig ruhátlanul, vérző orral tápászkodott fel.
A bűntudat súlya kis híján megroggyantotta a barbár erős lábait.
- Én nem... - hebegte. - Sosem akartam... - elfojtott kiáltást
P. Aaron Potter
Here's a conundrum: how to write a review for a book that you finished only a few months ago, but have forgotten so entirely that you can't actually remember even a little of what it was about?

I have a fine memory for detail and actually enjoy this particular author, often quite a bit. When he's writing well, Salvatore still misses greatness, but he can pen as good a potboiler as anyone, and really, who needs a steady diet of Faulkner? When you're eating popcorn, it should taste like popcorn, no
Solid action, it's one of the things R. A. Salvatore does unerringly and consistently; however, the most curious thing about this book, in my mind, is the co-author. Philip Athans, certainly an accomplished member of the D&D fiction stable, contributes to this book... but to what end? I wonder what parts of the tale are Athans and what parts are Salvatore... Regardless, the best part of The Silent Blade is the Artemis Entreri side story. Both Entreri and Jarlaxle are, in this -- the eleventh ...more
David Williams
At the end of Passage to Dawn it was discovered that Wulfgar was not dead. Instead he had been held prisoner for many years by the demon Errtu. He was freed during the battle between Errtu and Drizzt. At the end of the battle Drizzt also gained control of Crenshinibon, the sentient crystal shard. Drizzt hopes that Cadderly will be able to help him destroy the evil artifact once and for all. The five companion, Drizzt, Bruenor, Regis, Catti-Brie, and Wulfgar head out for Spirit Soaring, Cadderly’ ...more
The Silent Blade, the eleventh Drizzt book, begins a fresh new adventure for the Companions of the Hall. As Drizzt and company head out to Spirit Soaring to have Cadderly destroy the (same old) Crystal Shard, monsters hound them at every turn. Wulfgar struggles with inner demons until he finds a place as a bouncer for a rough tavern in Luskan, where he has a great time bashing heads and drinking booze. Artemis Entreri travels back to his roots in Calimport to begin reestablishing his name and fo ...more
I felt like this book was a rehash of old themes and nemeses. I mean [slight spoiler alert] Artemis fights Drizzt, Jarxale plays things to his advantage, the crystal shard attracts evil, Wulfgar struggles with people picking fights with him and his relationship with Catti-brie. [okay spoilers over] Overall it was predictable and didn't really advance much plot or character. Basically I'd like something new, especially with Wulfgar's return feeling so much like a backtrack.
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As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors, R.A. Salvatore enjoys an ever-expanding and tremendously loyal following. His books regularly appear on The New York Times best-seller lists and have sold more than 10,000,000 copies. Salvatore’s most recent original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy (October 2004) debuted at # 1 on The Wall Street Journal best- ...more
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