Negeri Bahagia (City of Joy)
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Negeri Bahagia (City of Joy)

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  2,519 ratings  ·  244 reviews
Di tengah buruknya sanitasi, ketiadaan fasilitas, Lapar (dengan L besar--sangat lapar hingga tubuh layu dan mengerut bagai buah yang mengering), serta perih pedih getir yang setiap saat harus ditelan oleh orang-orang Anand Nagar dalam kehidupan keseharian, justru di tempat inilah aura spiritualitas meraja, seperti angin alami yang berhembus di dada masing-masing penghuniny...more
Paperback, 816 pages
Published 2007 by Bentang Pustaka (first published 1985)
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Jul 16, 2007 Emon rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: everyone
This book inspired by true story. To write this book, Dominique Lappier had to live in slum area in Calcutta, India for about two years. So that this slum area became the setting of the book.

The book told about the story of epic in a place called Anand Nagar or City of Joy. For Brother Stephan - a priest from Poland - came to this place made him to a suprise. He had to live in such filtry condition: a few water to share, bad sanition, etc. But, here, Stephan found the light of God that he seeked...more
Ok, so I know they made some movie based on this book with Patrick Swayze, but that is irrelevant. This book tells the story of life in India and the struggles of a family forced to leave their country home and migrate to the crowded city of Calcutta if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure that it is not a true story, but based on real events-maybe it's historical fiction. Anyway, I thought it was great.
Abi barlow
probably my favorite book ever. I read it in 1999 whilst i was in India, and perhaps the fact that i was there made the scenes more vivid and real for me. Its an amazing depiction of how joy love and kindness can exist in povery, squalor and hardship.
I am not sure how to start in my review for this book. As a read it was written in a style that keeps you engaged. Alternating most chapters back and forth between two story lines allows you to become involved with the current and still be expectant about the coming chapter. Eventually both of these stories weave into one. Having just recently been to India I found the details to be accurate and he paints a viable image so you can see the story as you read it.

From a social standpoint, I was rep...more
India...Selalu menarik dijadikan latar belakang cerita. Sarat dengan beragam budayanya yang unik. Sebut saja Interpreter of Maladies, God of the Small things, Rumah untuk tuan Biswas, Namesake, dll. Ditambah lagi buku yang satu ini.

Membaca buku ini termasuk menguras emosi, ada saat kita merasa ikut terharu, miris, marah, jijik, gemas, dan takjub.

Dari buku ini kita juga bisa belajar lebih banyak tentang makna 'joy'/bahagia. Bahwa kebahagiaan bisa muncul dan ada di mana saja. Termasuk di Calcuta,...more
Bunga Mawar
Bayangkan di pertengahan 1980-an itu ada seorang anak kelas dua SD, di Jakarta pinggiran.
Bayangkan anak itu hanya mendapat uang jajan duapuluhlima rupiah seminggu, sedangkan teman sekelasnya ada yang menghabiskan jajan seratus rupiah sehari.
Bayangkan anak ini belum boleh membaca cerpen di "Kompas Minggu", hingga ia setia menunggu jatah membaca cerbungnya saja, menanti kisah Musashi, Kane & Abel, dan juga City of Joy ini.

Bayangkan anak sekecil itu kemudian jadi trauma dan bertekad tidak mau m...more
This was one of the most amazing books I read; it changed my life! What sticks out in my mind to this day was reading about the poor giving the very last of their food to another who was even more poor and had less.

I finished this book in the Denver International airport between flights and cried my eyes out! Such a beautiful book, I recomend everyone to read it!
I haven't read such a beautiful book in recent times. Not that the writing is all that good, but the content and the real stories of struggle,pain and the spirit to life that strives even in the worst of conditions makes you wonder about the sheer mental strength it takes to be one among the original "City of Joy".

Though the setting is quite similar to largely explored themes in Indian movies and books by now, the sheer intensity of involvement of the main characters with the many heroes of the...more
Kim Godard
This book is as eye-opening as a trip to another planet. And that is what the Calcutta of the story is: a place so far removed from the average American's experience that to go there would be life-changing. The resiliency and inner peace of its inhabitants are marvelous to behold as story after heart-wrenching story unfolds. The stark differences between first-world and third-world problems is almost incomprehensible, but my thanks for this book and the attempts of its author to make me fully ap...more
Aug 12, 2007 Steel rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Bleeding Hearts
This book is the story of a Catholic priest who goes to live in Calcutta and decides to suffer along with the very poor. It's deliberately sentimental, heartwrenching, and written in a basic journalistic style. It was certainly an awakening, and was deeply motivating as well as being frequently very sad. A wonderful kind of crusader book with very clear heroes, villains, and saints.
It is a beautiful story of Calcutta. For anyone who knows me - there's a scene with a Nestle poster in a clinic which reads "Nestle will make your baby healthy" which resonated with me and highlighted the frustrations felt by the doctor working in the slums. But also a really nice story of family and hope.
Harendera Chauhan
Dominique has done the best to picture the situation of Calcutta of that time, The way he have displayed his characters to justify circumstances of poverty stricken people is amazing. He brought out the heart wrenching of human beings and their deeds in poverty.
Kristen Ringman
Loved it - read it - then went to Calcutta where I got to ride past THIS ACTUAL PLACE in a bus after hugging the second largest Banyan tree in the world and - wow...powerful story and even more powerful city.
Francesco Stufare Mecarelli
Non ci si può ritenere amanti della letteratura se non si ha letto mai un libro di D. La. Pierre. In questo romanzo poi descrive l'India e la mentalità dei suoi abitanti in maniera unica!
Hanya tiga hari bagiku untuk menyelesaikan buku ini. 'The Classic New York Times Bestseller-Terjual Lebih dari 6 juta kopi dan telah diterjemahkan ke dalam 31 bahasa'. Hanya satu kata untuk menggambarkan buku ini. 'Amazing'. Suatu kisah nyata dari pengarang.

Buku setebal 749 ini mengangkat kehidupan orang yang dilupakan di Calcutta. Secara garis besar hanya ada 2 tokoh utama dalam buku ini yaitu Hasari Pal dan Stephan Kovalski.
Tokoh pertama adalah Hasari adalah 'mantan' petani dari Desa Bengkuli,...more
Bahwa India adalah sebuah negeri dengan jumlah penduduk sangat besar, saya sudah tahu. Juga bahwa negeri besar itu penuh dengan orang miskin, bukanlah berita baru. Itu hal biasa yang kita jumpai pada banyak negara dunia ketiga. Tetapi bahwa di sana ada sebuah perkampungan kumuh bernama Anand Nagar yang berarti Negeri Bahagia (The City of Joy) dengan penghuninya yang berada pada tingkat kemiskinan paling mengerikan di dunia, saya baru mengetahuinya setelah membaca buku ini. Nama yang sungguh berl...more
Although this is a novel, it is based on two years of 'up close and personal' research by Dominique Lapierre. The City of Joy referred to is one of the most poverty stricken slums of 1980's Bombay. This is a place of murder, riots, sewage that flows into houses, scorpions and death through exhaustion. It is also a place of many, many acts of selfless kindness, love and moments of spiritual transcendence. All of this is captured in Dominique's expert writing, and at times moved this reader to tea...more
This is also one of the most talked about book that became more famous after the movie adaptation. This was the first book that I had read from Dominique Lapierre and at that time I was not sure on what to expect. But the reviews about the book made me curious. On one hand it was a popular book but at the same time it was based on slum dwellers of Kolkata and written in documentary style. But this is where the unique way of writing of Dominique Lapierre scores way...more
The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a young Polish priest, Stephan Kovalski, the hardships endured by a rickshaw puller, Hasari Pal (the sufferer) in Calcutta (Kolkata), India and the experiences of a young, American doctor, Max Lowe.The book chronicles not only the separation of the wealthy from the poor but the separation of the different levels of poverty, caste divisions, and the differences of the many religions living side by side in the slums. It touches on Mother Ter...more
[Publicado originalmente en]

Mi primer encuentro con Dominique Lapierre fue, como todo lo bueno en esta vida, puramente casual. O lo casual que puede ser encontrarse un libro suyo en la estantería de tu cuarto. Ese libro, que debía de ser de mi padre, era Más grandes que el amor, un impresionante testimonio de la lucha de varios médicos de EEUU contra el virus más fatídico de nuestros días: el sida. Conocido ya el autor no era difícil prever que, como la c...more
Just finished reading The City of Joy and although difficult to get into for the first half of the book its ending was poignant and left me really wanting to know more about Calcutta and its people.

I am a great fan of literature that is set in India and this book seemed to portray a very real and raw sense of what it is really like living in the slums. The main characters, a Polish priest (Kovalski) and a refugee from outside of Calcutta (Hasari Pal) share so many parallels as they come to the...more
Dina P.
This book was first published in 1985. The plot centered on three main characters who live in the slum area, City of Joy of Calcutta: Hasari Pal, a peasant turned out into a rickshaw puller whose family spent years living in the pavement, Stephan Kovalski, a Poland priest who live in the slum area just because he wants to “really know anything about poor people”, and Max Loeb, a rich American young doctor who naively came to Calcutta to “help people who need help”.

The life in Calcutta was so ter...more
May 05, 2012 Babyunagi rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Any
Recommended to Babyunagi by: friend
In spite of what the blurb on Goodreads may have you believe, this book does not revolve around an American doctor's trip to India, although that is a minor plot detail, and I would venture to guess the actual doctor probably didn't look like Patrick Swayze, either. Rather, this book concentrates primarily on the inhabitants of the streets and slums of Calcutta, and on a Polish priest whose self-appointed mission in life is to live as one of them in order to better serve them. Its chapters alter...more
I read this more than 20 years ago and it clarified for me what a real saint is all about. Grandjean, the real life model for the main character, a Polish priest, helps me to keep believing in redemption for humanity.

I'm thinking about this after a day working on making clothes for myself, cooking and cleaning with modern conveniences, an hour's walk on the beach, and packing up an expensive purchase that I didn't need, so I can return it Tuesday. Then, a reminder about this book pops up! There...more
Culccuta was alwys a highly interesting city for me..I have aways wanted to visit there,live there,be part of the mysterious city.This book just makes me fall in love with the city and its people.Even being an Indian,iI was ashamed to know that i had no idea,nothing about the life of other Indians.But,how they could be so damn happy is quite beyond me.But I think it would have been even more powerful if the author had written it in first person.There were times when i had dreams about the people...more
I took a long time to read this one.
Based at heart of slums of calcutta, the city of joy, "Anandnagar" is a depressing yet full of hope kind of book. It is story of how giving is receiving, how life transform even in the most wretched places, it is an epitome of humanity, it is the real insight to the lives of people of the slums which is a constant struggle.
Death is treated as so common in such a setting yet every effort is made to save every inch of life by saints like Kovalski and doctors li...more
(Momentaneamente) abbandonato, in attesa di un'ispirazione divina.. Formalmente il motivo è che non è periodo, non mi ha catturato sin dall'inizio e quel poco che ho letto (circa il dieci per cento) è stato leeeento e difficile.

In pratica ci aggiungerei anche che non trovo la copia cartacea, e la cosa mi disturba molto. MOLTISSIMO.
(Con mio padre che fa il simpaticone: "Non trovi il libro???? Ahi ahi, non è bello, soprattutto per una collezionista come te..". SI GRAZIE PAPA' DEL PREZIOSO AIUTO CH...more
setelah menyangka buku ini ga bakalan ada karena segitu susahnya dicari.. walaupun sering denger judulnya city of joy tapi ga perna nemuin wujudnya di toko buku, sampai pada akhirnya
menemukannya juga tergeletak pasrah di gunung agung awal september lalu..
cerdas dalam menembus emosi, mencengkeram nurani penjahat paling kejam
selesai membaca bab 30nya bisa membuat ibu-ibu geram
di bab 38, membuat dosa sebagai manusia seakan tumpah.. hiks
It's a must read for anyone wantting to really learn and compare our lives with that what is truly suffering. In the book it's not just the suffing of people which is so sould opening, but it is the witnessing of people suffering and not being able to do anything about it. I think it also demonstrates, these people never asked for a hand out, they simply wanted and worked for an opportunity to sustain themselves. In fact, I believe these people would not have accepted handouts, it was disgracefu...more
I was very conflicted about whether to give this one 3 or 4 stars. It started to seem a little nebulous in the middle, without a clear and progressing storyline. There are lots of characters introduced for only a chapter or two, which I generally find unappealing in a book. But it was just too compelling of a book overall, that in the end I just had to give the extra star. It's worth a read, but be warned that the satisfaction is in the journey of the story, not so much the artistry of the story...more
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