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Seinfeld. For more than 33 million viewers, the Emmy Award-winning television show has become a Thursday night ritual. Even though the show has ended, Jerry Seinfeld's distinct brand of humor can still be yours.

In his #1 New York Times bestselling book, SeinLanguage, Jerry Seinfeld has captured on the page his views on topics ranging from Raisinettes to relationships, fro
Mass Market Paperback, 180 pages
Published January 1st 1995 by Bantam (first published 1993)
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Let me preface this review by saying that I think Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious. I have watched Seinfeld episodes by the gallon and never seem to tire of them. And I always watch the comedy segment at the end, because he is so clever and everyone seems to be having such a good time.

However, something about his humor style translates very poorly to a book. I don't know what it is. But I read the entire thing, front to back, and counted one quiet chuckle and two smirks.

Seinfeld acknowledges this sh
For me, this book was an ‘inbetweener’. It helped lighten the load between Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time and an anthology of existentialist thought titled Existentialism. And lighten the load it did. I read just a couple pages each time I came to it, and put it down with a more cheerful and ‘breathable’ outlook.

Everyone knows Seinfeld’s humor (if you don’t, I don’t want to know you anymore…simple as that…just leave). He cracks jokes about everyday things that we take for granted, and helps u
This is simply a collection of several bits from Jerry Seinfeld's comic notebook. Most fans of the TV show Seinfeld or of Seinfeld's stand up act will recognize these bits. That doesn't make them any less funny. This is one of the only books I have ever laughed at while reading it. In my mind, I could hear Jerry's voice saying these bits and it was like my own personal Jerry Seinfeld stand up act.
There's a reason why it's called 'stand-up comedy' - because when you sit down and try to read it, it's not as funny as when you hear it.

(BTW, I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld and Jerry himself so my review's just 'OK' not because I don't get his sense of humour. I do but I'm not buying it wrapped in a book form.)
Adam Krause
The book “Seinlanguage” is an autobiography about Jerry Seinfeld and his everyday life, and thoughts. He covers relationships, transportation, and life as a kid. The thing that I liked most about the book was that most of the jokes made a lot of sense. I read the whole book in his voice. I then imagined him talking to Elaine and George inside of his apartment.

Seinfeld puts some good life lessons in his book but adds a little humor to it. I like reading autobiographies more than normal books. It
Saurabh Sharma
Jerry Seinfeld needs no introduction. He is arguably the best stand up comedian of our times and his show 'Seinfeld', that ran for 10 seasons and has since seen many re-runs on networks all over the world, a cult classic. So, when I ordered this book my expectations were really high because I absolutely adore Jerry. However, when I got the book I was a little disappointed because I was expecting this to be Jerry's autobiography or something similar but 'Sein Language' is simply a collection of j ...more
Arabian Rihanna
I understand that this book was a big hit in 1995, when the show was still airing. But in 2013, I find it a little too dull.

I watched the entire Seinfeld sitcom and I mostly liked it. I hated the end though, and I disliked how Jerry would always go, "and what's the deal with cars anyway? Right? I mean...".

Seinfeld has a unique style, except that you grow tired of it at some point. A sitcom and several comedy gigs were enough; a book compiling the material that was already used and re-used over s
Tarek Amr
It's hard to describe this one as a book. You know those few minutes at the beginning and at the end of the Seinfeld Sitcom shows, when Jerry gives some Stand Up Comedy sketches. This book is just a collection of those sketches.

People who like the show - like me - may find it nice to read those sketches, and keep the book on their shelves and treat it as a some kind of written video tape where they can play the sketches back in their minds whenever they want to watch them again.
There's no doubt that as a stand-up comedian, Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious. His material is fantastic, and his television show is one of the best of all time. This book is meant to capture his stand-up in writing in the form of what is essentially a collection of short jokes. Because of this, the book is a very fast read and is easy to pick back up on after being set down.

I love Seinfeld. However, without his signature delivery style, his material (however hilarious it may be) just doesn't feel
Aaron Danke
The book “Seinlanguage” is an autobiography about Jerry Seinfeld and his everyday life, and thoughts. This book is divided into different sections. Each section has it’s own topic. He covers relationships, transportation, life as a kid, money, and more. The book was basically a big comedy act. After a joke a new paragraph starts. The thing that I liked most about the book was that most of the jokes I could relate to, and they made a lot of sense. I like Jerry Seinfeld’s sense of humor. He never ...more
Gak ada bosen2nya baca buku ini. I am silly, like him. In the book, Jerry describes few situation that happened to me also. Hilarious !!Banyak keresahan2 Jerry yang gak pernah terpikirkan sebelumnya, tapi Jerry ngemas itu dengan situasi komedi. Kalo bener-bener kejadian di cerita ini hampir sama dengan kehidupan kita sehari-hari, coba deh baca … bikin kamu ngetawain diri sendiri…

I think, he is quite feminine…
“ The tuxedo is a wedding safety device. Because they know that men are undependable.
I loved the show! And I love this book! Hilarious funny.

I read some passages in my "American Accent Training"-exam at uni, and it worked. The teacher (comes from New York) loves Jerry and my reading, and I passed.

Here are three passages from the book:
The fact of life is that people will try and take your possessions. People are going to steal from you. Everybody has their own little personal security things. Things that they think will foil the crooks. You go to the beach, go into the water, put
¿Han escuchado el disco 'I'm Telling You for the Last Time'?, ¿Si?, ¿No?, no importa, en teoría, puede que nadie lea esto.

Si eres fan de Seinfeld (la serie o el comediante), tienes que leer esto, no tiene narrativa, pero básicamente es un stand up escrito, con cosas que se ven en la serie, y que se escuchan en el disco.

Los chistes ahí estan, solo es de leerlo con el ritmo necesario.

Hay muy buenas observaciones de la vida, la muerte, la homofobia, y el consumismo.

Me gustó un chingo, porque es com
I read the book "Sein Language," by Jerry Seinfeld. I thought this was a great book that was quite interesting and entertaining to read.

There really isn't a plot. Jerry just talks about all aspects of his life and his day to day basis. He talks about relationships, girls, guys, employment, childhood, adulthood, growing old and everything else you could ever imagine.

The main and only character in the story is Jerry, who is a very creative humorous individual. He is random and sometimes confusing.
DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! Unless you have watched enough Seinfeld lately to properly duplicate Jerry's comedic timing as you read the book aloud. The common element of all of Jerry's jokes is that they are painfully unfunny...until you have Jerry telling them. So do yourself a favor. Binge on a few DVDs of Seinfeld and then read the book outloud in Jerry's voice. Then it will earn two more stars.
Joy H.
I remember laughing out loud while I was reading this book, _SeinLanguage_ by Jerry Seinfeld. I recently gave it away to our library's fundraiser and I'm sorry I did. So now I'm going to borrow it from the library so that I can read it again. It's a short, skinny little book. So it won't take me long.
Ashwin Ramakrishnan
An absolutely hilarious collection of Seinfeld's thoughts on everything. Honestly, it's like reading stand-up, especially if you slow down to read it with his voice and timing. It's amazing how he finds the absurdity in everyday life.
I have added another book to my currently-reading list. But this one I think I might finish soonest. An easy read, hilarious at times, and definitely a light read. Just what I need for the moment.
Very funny and easy read- I think I finished it in a day. His humor in the book mimics his stand up routine and television show...which is why it's so good.
Dec 12, 2014 Blake added it

“Seinlanguage,” by Jerry Seinfeld, is a very comical book. Jerry is a stand up comedian who makes jokes about problems that go on in everyone’s everyday lives. The book is mainly his jokes combined with some explanation to the each of them. He does talk about his everyday life throughout some of the book. He goes over relationship advice, money advice, life as a kid, and the issues he strongly disagrees with. He did not have to say much to make you laugh or have to do much explaining to make you
Jerry Seinfeld is a name that everyone knows. Jerry is a classic comedian, and he is also the star of his own sitcom titled "Seinfeld."
I've grown up revolving Jerry Seinfeld; my dad and mom are both die hard Seinfeld fanatics, so i've adapted to his presence throughout my house. The book SeinLanguage is overflowing with Jerry's most memorable comedy acts. But Jerry isn't just a comedian, he is a genius. His usage of logics and outlook on different perspectives is amazing. SeinLanguage is a coll
Taryn Brittany
I am a huge fan of Seinfeld and watch the reruns on TV all the time. I have probably seen every episode! So when I spied this book in a used bookstore, I had to grab it. It was published way back in 1993, but I think it's just as funny today. If you enjoy Seinfeld's comedy, you will enjoy this book. This book is basically a collection of his observations about life, categorized into thematic chapters like "Freeway of Love," "Shut Up and Drive," and "Job Security" to name a few. I found myself th ...more
Diana Olshevskaya
Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book. It was a light read and gave me many laughs. This “book” did not have a plot or conventional beginning, middle, or end. It consisted of 8 disconnected chapters named Freedom of Love, Personal Maintenance, Paldom, Shut Up and Drive, Job Security, The Thing is The Thing, Out and Back, and The Ride of Your Life. Each had random paragraphs inspired by the authors life. The things he wrote about ranged from explaining how dates compared to job interviews, to ...more
So, yeah. My reading tastes are varied. I just finished reading a book about astrophysics and then went right into reading this collection of Jerry Seinfeld anecdotes. It only took me two hours to read the whole book, but it was time well spent.

First of all, I Jerry Seinfeld. He never fails to make me laugh. There is no one on this planet who, for me, can make the mundane more hilarious than he can.

This book is basically a collection of the stand-up excerpts that used to appear in his sitcom. A
"SeinLanguage" was great to read, much of the book is from Seinfeld’s stand-up comedy. The book covers many everyday topics including tensions on first dates and transportation. It flows well and gives you the visualization that you area watching his stand-up act.

Jerry Seinfeld was the only main character in this book. Other people were mentioned including Jerry’s parents and his close friends, no names were mentioned.

Most of the comedy takes place in New York as it is referenced throughout the

If you're a fan of Jerry Seinfeld's unique style of observational humor, enjoy his stand-up, his show, or are just in the mood for something light-hearted, go ahead and pick this up. SeinLanguage is an easy read, but the voice of Seinfeld is clear and present in every word; reading it is like watching him on stage, pacing back and forth, doing his thing, only this time it's all in your head.

From dating, to personal maintenance, to attempting to find a spot in a New York parking lot, the book's s

Similar to the monologue parts of Seinfeld, some are probably word for word the same.

Favorite quotes from the book:
I believe we’re all secretly happy we can’t figure out relationships out. It keeps our minds working. I think we have to be grateful for the one thing in our lives that keeps us from being totally focused on eating.

It’s very important for human beings to feel they are popular and well-liked amongst a large group of people that they have no interest in.

The people that get onto the mo
It's a 180-page monologue, fun if you like the subtle and dry humor of Jerry Seinfeld. I do -- or else I wouldn't have read the book. I picked it up for a buck in a library book sale and just dropped it in as a breather between more heavyweight reading.

I don't claim to be an ardent Jerry Seinfeld fanboy or anything. I've never even seen but a few scenes from his legendary TV series. His monologues have been known to make me laugh. And I like good comedians, particularly the ones who don't depend
Oct 22, 2007 Scott rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Seinfeld fans
I got this book because I lived in asia during the whole Seinfeld boom and hardly ever saw it on TV. It seemed to have become part of the US culture that I completely missed. Who the heck is the Soup Nazi? People explained it to me and I was even more perplexed. I tried in vain to catch it in hotels and during trips to the states. But EVERY SINGLE time I made it a point to watch Seinfeld, it would ALWAYS be the same exact episode - the one where they lose the car in the parking garage. How ironi ...more
Apu Borealis
This was more of the sitcom Seinfeld in book form, but less funny. By itself, I don't think it is 4 star material, although I can't get enough of Jerry on that TV sitcom, I've not found him seriously funny anywhere else. It was a mix of Larry David's bite and Jerry Seinfeld's mainstream humor that made it such a hit. And Larry without Jerry is a tad sour sounding, or at least a different genre of humor, like organic chocolate without sugar. In fact, all fans of the show realize what a tremendous ...more
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Jerome Allen "Jerry" Seinfeld (born April 29, 1954) is an American comedian, actor and writer, whose style is often described as observational comedy. He is best known for playing a semi-fictional version of himself in the situation comedy, Seinfeld, (1989-1998), which he co-created, helped write and, in the show's final two seasons, executive produced. In his first major foray back into the media ...more
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